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Evidence in 1842 Report to the Children's Employment Commission - Eastern Scotland

The following gave evidence in this report (NB Fife section to be updated):

Midlothian Collieries Sheriff-Hall and Somerside, parishes of Newton, Dalkeith, and Liberton. - (Sir John Hope, of Pinkie, Bart.)

No.1 Janet Cumming, 11 year old, bears coals
No.2 Agnes Reid, age 14, coal-bearer
No.3 George Reid, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.4 John King, age 12 years, coal-hewer
No.5 John Jamieson, age 12, picks coal
No.6 David Naysmith, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.7 Alexander Reid, 12 years old
No.8 William Woods, 14 years of age, coal-hewer
No.9 Mr. William Bennett, Sheriff-hall.

Edmonstone, parish of Newton. - (Alexander & Mowbray Stenhouse, of Whitehill, Esq.)
No.10. Rev. John Adamson, Minister of Newton
No.11 Phillis Flockhart, 12 years old, road-clearer
No.12. Alison Adam, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.13 Jesse Wright, 11 years old, coal-bearer
No.14 Isabella Read, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.15 Emma Bennet, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.16 William Adam, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.17 James Archibald, 12 years old. coal-hewer
No.18 James Jaques, 15 years old, coal-hewer
No.19 Isabella Read, 11 years old, coal-bearer
No.20 Agnes Phinn, 17 years old, coal-bearer
No.21 David Brown, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.22 Edward Bennet, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.23 Agnes Moffatt, 17 years of age, coal-bearer
No.24 William Neilson, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.25 Margaret Jaques, 17 years of age, coal-bearer
No.26 - Helen Reid, 16 years old, coal-bearer
No.27 Mr. David Adams, overseer to the Edmonstone Colliery, in the occupation of Messrs. Alexander and Mowbray Stenhouse, of Whitehill, near Edmontone.

Dalkeith Collieries (Duke of Buccleugh)
No.28 Mr. James Wright, Manager of the Collieries belonging to his Grace the Duke ofDalkeith.
No.29 Joseph Fraser, aged 37, coal-hewer
No.30 William Gillon, 13 years old, putter of coals
No.31 Alexander Fraser, 12 years, coal-putter
No.32 William Smith, 11 years old, coal-putter
No.33 Joseph Fraser, 14 years old, coal-putter
No.34 Walter Cossar, 15 years old, coal-putter
No.35 George M’Neil, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.36 Robert Hogg, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.37 James Hogg, carpenter in the Duke of Buccleugh's Works

East & West Bryants Collieries, parish of Newbattle. - (The Most Noble the Marquis of Lothian, heritor.)
No.38 John Duncan, 10 years of age, trapper
No.39 Andrew Brown, 10 years old, putter
No.40 Janet Meek, 12 years old, putter
No.41 Jane Brown, 13 years old, putter
No.42 Thomas Duncan, 11 years of age, trapper
No.43 George Smith, collier at East Bryants
No.44 Thomas Summers, 10 years old, coal-putter
No.45 James Dennison, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.46 Margaret Galloway, 13 years old, coal-putter and bearer
No.47 Peter Moffatt, under-ground overseer, East Bryants colliery
No.48 John Syme, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.49 Margaret Drysdale, 15 years old, coal-putter
No.50 Ann Smith, 17 years old, coal-putter
No.51 John Wilson, late overseer to the Newbattle colliery
No.52 Mr. Gibson, Manager of the East and West Bryant’s Mines, belonging to the Most Noble the Marquis of Lothian.
No.53 Mr. Robert Noble, Teacher, Newbattle Parish Colliery School, East Houses.

Loanhead Colliery.- (Sir George Clerk, Bart., M.P., &c., &c., of Pennicuik)
No.54 Mary Macqueen, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.55 Ellison Jack, 11 years old, coal-bearer
No.56 David Burnside, l2 years old, coal-hewer
No.57 William Burnside, 10 years old, coal-bearer
No.58 Agnes Fuller, 17 years old, coal-bearer
No.59 Mary Smith, 17 years old, coal-bearer
No.60 Elizabeth Pentland, 13 years old, coal-bearer
No.61 George Hunter, 15 years old, coal-hewer

Dryden Colliery- (Messrs. Taylor, Kenneth, and Co.)
No.62. Mr. Kenneth, Managing Partner of the Dryden Glen Colliery Company
No.63. Jane Young, 11 years old, coal-bearer
No.64. Jane Kerr, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.65. Agnes Kerr, 15 years old, coal-bearer
No.66. Jane Kerr, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.67. Alexander Kenny, 10 years old, coal-bearer

New Craighall Colliery -parish of Inveresk.-(Sir John Hope, of Pinkie, Baronet.)
No.68. Alexander Gray, 10 years old, below-ground pump-boy
No.69. Robert Thomson, 11 years old, horse-driver
No.70. Janet Moffatt, 12 years old, coal-putter
No.71. James M’Kinley, 9 years old, below-ground pumper
No.72. Mr Thomas King, mining overseer, New Craighall Colliery
No.73. Ellspee Thomson, 40 years old, coal-bearer
No.74. Mr. David Wilson, overseer to the New Craighall Colliery
No.75. Walter Pryde, aged 81 years, coal-hewer
No.76. David Gordon, 17 years old, coal-hewer, Craighall Coal-Town
No.77. Agnes Johnson, aged 17 years, road-redder
No.78. Robert Inglis, aged 82

Rosewell and Barley Dean Collieries - parish of Lasswade. - (R. B Wardlaw Ramsey, Esq., Proprietor of Whitehill.)
No.79. Mr John Wright, Manager of the Rosewell and Barley Dean Coal Mines
No.80. Robert Seton, 11 years old, coal-putter
No.81. Andrew Salton, aged 39, coal-hewer
No.82. William Naysmith, 12 years old, putter
No.83. Henry Naysmith, 65 years of age, collier
No.84. David Penman, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.85. William Muckle, 70 years old, coal-hewer

Arniston Colliery -in Stobhill, parish of Cockpen (Trustees of Robert Dundas, Esq., of Arniston)
No.86. Mr. Alexander Maxton
No.87. Andrew Young, 11 years of age, coal-putter
No.88. Thomas Hynd, 49 years of age, coal-hewer
No.89. William Hunter, mining oversman, Arniston Colliery
No.90. Alexander Farmer, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.91. Andrew Young, 63 years of age, collier

Vogrie Colliery, parish of Borthwick. - (Mr. James Lees, Loquehariot Mains, Leaseholder.)
No.92. John Thomson, mining oversman, Vogrie Colliery
No.93. James Logan, 11 or 12 years old, coal-putter
No.94. Nancy Morrison, 17 years of age, coal-putter
No.95. Katherine Logan, 16 years old, coal-putter
No.96. George M'Culloch, aged 37 years, coal-miner

Edgehead Colliery, parish of Cranston. - (Messrs. Williamson and Company, Leaseholders.)
No.97. Archibald Muckle, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.98. Robert Dickson, 12 years old, coal-filler
No.99. Elizabeth Meek, 12 years old, coal-putter
No.100. David Hynde, 9 years old, coal-putter and hewer
No.101. Ann Crookston, 10 years old, coal-filler
No.102. Elizabeth Dickson, 12 years old, draws coals
No.103. David Woddell, 11 years old, picks and draws
No.104. John Blyth, Mining Overseer, Edgehead Colliery

Preston-Hall Colliery, parish of Cranston. - (Mr. William Lindsay, Leaseholder.)
No.105. Joseph Davison, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.106, David Smith, 12 years old, draws coal
No.107. Jane Johnson, age 29, draws coal
No.108. William Walkinshaw, Mining Overseer, Preston-hall Colliery
No.109. Janet Selkirk, 18 years of age, draws coal
No.110. Margaret Grant, 15 years of age, draws coal

Haugh Lynn Colliery, parish of Cranston. - (Messrs. Forster and Co., Leaseholders.)
No.111. Elizabeth Selkirk, 11 years old, coal-drawer
No.112. James Foster, age 13 years, coal-hewer
No.113. George Oliver, Mining Overman, Haugh Lynn colliery
No.114. John Selkirk, 14 years old, coal-hewer

Bearing Pits, Harlaw Muir, Coaly Burn parish of West Linton, Peebleshire.- (Rev. J. J. Beresford, Leaseholder and Heritor.)
No.115. Margaret Watson, 16 years of age, coal-bearer
No.116. Margaret Leveston, 6 years old, coal-bearer
No.117. Jane Peacock Watson, age 40, coal-bearer
No.118. Jesse Coutte, 13 years old, coal-bearer
No.119. Mary Neilson, 10 years old, coal-bearer
No.120. Rev. A. M. Forrester, Minister of West Linton, Peebleshire


East Lothian Collieries
Penston Colliery- parish of Gladsmuir. - (James Deans, Esq., Leaseholder.)
No.121. Mr. Thomas Moore, manager
No.122. John Hogg, 10 years old, putter
No.123. Euphemet Davison, 13 years old, putter
No.124. William Adams, 10 years old, putter
No.125. James Fairgrieve, 12 years old, putter
No.126. Esther Peacock, 12 years old, putter
No.127. Robert Young, 63 years old, coal-hewer
No.128. Peter Fairdrie, age uncertain, coal-hewer
No.129. Mary Hogg, 15 years old, coal-putter
No.130. Janet Duncan, 17 years old, coal-putter
No.131. Isabel Hogg, 53 years of age, was a coal-bearer

Elphingston Colliery parish of Tranent. - (Messrs. Durie and Nessbit, Leaseholders.)
No.l32. Mr. William Shearer, manager of the Elphingstone Colliery, East Lothian
No.133. William Wilson, 8 years old, coal-putter
No.134. Isabel Wilson, 38 years old, coal putter
No.135. Betsy Sharp, 11 years old, draws coal
No.136. Elizabeth M'Neil, age 38 years, coal-putter
No.137. John Scott, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.138. John Haddon, 9 years old, coal filler
No.139. Martha M'Neil, 16 years old, draws coal
No.140. Janet Dawson, 17 years old, draws coals
No.141. Margaret Crookston, 16 years old, draws coal

Pencaitland Colliery parish of Pencaitland. - (A. G. Cuthbertson, Esq., Pencaitland House.)
No.142. Mr. Robert Henderson, manager of Pencaitland Colliery
No.143. Mr. Adam Kent, teacher, New Pencaitland
No.144. Robert Robinson, 14 years old, draws coal
No.145. Andrew Gray, 11 years old, draws coal
No.146. John Duncan, age 11 years, coal-bearer
No.147. Andrew Grey, aged 57 years, coal-hewer
No.148. David Wood, 15 years old, coal-hewer
No.149. Jane Wood, wife of James Wood, formerly a coal-drawer and bearer
No.150. John Duncan, aged 59, was a coal-hewer
No. 151. John Robinson, 10 years old, draws coal
No.152. John Duncan, 57 years old, coal-hewer
No.153. George Hogg, 32 years of age, coal-hewer
No.154. Agnes Grey, 14 years old, draws coals

Blindwells, St. Germains, Bearing Pit
No.155. Mary Duncan, 16 years of age, coal-bearer
No.156. James Smith, coal-hewer

Tranent Colliery parish of Tranent - (Messrs. William and H. F. Cadell).
No.157. James Wood, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.158. James Neil aged 10 years, coal-hewer
No.159. William Martin, 10 years old, coal-putter
No.160. William Kerr, 11 years old, coal-bearer
No.161. Barney Walker, 10 years old
No.162. George Wright, 12 years old, coal-putter
No.163. John Martin, 11 years old, coal-hewer
No.164. Catherine Meiklejohn, aged 12, coal-bearer
No.165. Catherine Landels, 12 years old, coal-bearer
No.166. David Neil, 9 years old, coal-putter
No.167. John Howie, 8 years old, coal-putter
No.168. Mary Watson, 13 years old, coal-bearer
No.169. Alexander Lawrie, 11 years old, coal-putter
No.170. Andrew Lawrie, 16 years old, coal-hewer
No.171. Thomas Reid, age 17, coal-hewer
No.172. John Baird, 14 years old, putter
No.173. David M'Neil, 9 years old, putter
No.174. John Logan, ridesman, aged 59
No.175. Walter Kerr, collier, aged 62
No.176. Mr. John Thompson, mining oversman, Tranent Colliery
No.177. Rev. John Henderson, minister of Tranent
No.178. Rev. William Parlane, M.A., minister of United Associate Church, Tranent
No.179. H. F. Cadell, Esq., Cockenzie
No.180. Mr. Alexander Nimmo, innkeeper, Tranent

Prestonlinks Colliery - two miles north of Tranent, Haddingtonshire. - (John Grieve, Esq., Proprietor.)
No.182. John Greive, Esq.
No.183. Mr. Thomas, parish schoolmaster, Prestonpans
No.184. Rev. W. Bruce Cunningham, minister of Prestonpans
No.185. Birsley Colliery- (Sir George Grant Suttie, Bart.)
No.186. Sir George Grant Suttie, Bart

Collieries in West Lothian

Hard Hill Colliery -parish of Bathgate, Linlithgowshire.- (Messrs. Wark and Wyllie, Proprietors.)
No.187. Mr. Alexander Wark
No.188. Margaret Harper, 13 years old, putter
No.189. Thomas Brown, 10 years old, putter

Baubauchlaw Colliery - parish of Bathgate, Linlithgow. - (Mrs. M. Hervie, Lessee.)
No.190. Mrs. Margaret Hervie, innkeeper
No.191. Peter Williamson, 12 years old, putter

Collinshield Colliery - parish of Bathgate, Linlithgowshire. - (Messrs. Moore and Duncan, Leaseholders.)
No.192. Mr. Henry Duncan
No.193. Ann Harris, 15 years old, putter
No.194. John Harris, collier (hews coal)
No.195. John Baxter, age 15 years, coal-hewer

Crofthead Iron-Stone Pits - parish of Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, on tack to Messrs. Houldsworth and Co.
No.196. Mr. John Reid, contractor
No.197. Mary Brown, 13 years old, putter
No.198. Richard Brown, 14 years old, iron-stone miner

Shotts Company, Green Burn Pits, Iron and Coal. - Crofthead, parish of Whitburn, Linlithgowshire.
No.199. Mr. Thomas Stevenson, overseer of the mines worked by the Shotts Company at Green No.200. Agnes Archibald, 14 years of age, putter
No.201 Mayday Lumsden, 13 years old, putter

Polkemmet Colliery- parish of Whitburn, Linlithgowshire. - (Proprietor, Sir William Baillie, of Polkemmet, Bart.) In an open moor five miles South- west of Whitburn.
No.202. Mr. Thomas Bishop, mining overseer and manager of Sir William Baillie's mines at Polkemmet
No.203. William Baillie, Esq., of Polkemmet
No.204. Peter Andrew, 11 years old, coal-putter
No.205. Robert Beveridge, 15 years old, coal-hewer
No.206. Rev. Graham Mitchell, minister of Whitburn, Linlithgowshire

Ballenerief Colliery - parish of Bathgate, Linlithgowshire. - (John Johnson Esq., Proprietor,) Bathgate.
No.207. Alexander Turner, overseer of the Ballenerieff Colliery
No.208. Margaret Baxter, 50 years old, coal-hewer
No.209. Thomas M' Culloch, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.210. Mary Boxter, 10 years old, putter

Kipps Colliery - parish of Torphichen, Linlithgowshire. - (Messrs. Heming & Witherspoon, Leaseholders.)
No.211. Mr. Magnus Aitkin, manager of Kipps Colliery
No.212. Margaret Chirce, 12 years old, putter
No.213. Thomas Smith, coal-hewer

Preistinch Colliery - parish of Aberdow, Linlithgowshire. - (Mr. Finly Thomson, Leaseholder.)
No.214. Alexander Bell, 22 years old, coal-hewer
No.215. William Johnson, 14 years old, coal-hewer

Bo'ness Colliery - parishes of Bo'ess and Carnden, Linlithgowshire. - (John James Cadell, Esq., Lessee.)
No.216. John James Cadell, Esq.
No.217. Archibald Ferguson, 11 years old, putter
No.218. Janet Borrowman, 17 years old, putter
No.219. Mary Sneddon, aged 15, putter
No.220. Mr. Charles Robertson, overseer of the Bo’ness Coal-works
No.221. Rev. Kenneth M'Kenzie, minister of Borrowstownness, Linlithgowshire


Stirlingshire Collieries

Redding Collieries, Stirlingshire - (The Duke of Hamilton.)
No.222. Mr. John Johnson, overseer of his Grace the Duke of Hamilton's coal mines at Redding, in the county of Stirling
No.223. Mr. Alexander Morton
No.224. James Watson, 9 years old, coal-filler
No.225. David Guy, 7 years old, trapper
No.226. Catherine Thomson, 11 years old, putter
No.227. John Thomson, coal-hewer
No.228. Thomas Walker, 13 years old, coal-hewer
No.229. George Murdoch, 11 years old, coal-hewer
No.230. Mary Sneddon, 39 years old, putter

Stoney Rigg Colliery - parish of Polmont, Stirlingshire. - (John Johnson, of Blair Lodge, Esq., Proprietor.)
No.231. Mr. Alexander Borrowman, manager of Stoney Rig Colliery
No.232. Mary Hunter, 10 years old, putter
No.233. Margaret Hipps, 17 years old, putter

Glen-End and Somerhouse Collieries -parishes of Polmont and Muiravonside, County of Stirling. William Thompson, of Meadowbank, Esq., proprietor.)
No.234. William Thomson, Esq., Glen-End Collieries
No.235. John Gordon, age 12, coal-hewer
No.236. Helen Thompson, 14 years old, putter
No.237. Agnes Marshall, 10 years old, putter

Carron Company's Coal & Iron-stone Mines- parishes of Falkirk, Larbert and Bothkenner, Stirlingshire. - (Joseph Dawson, Esq., Manager.)
No.238. Joseph Dawson, Esq.
No.239. Ann Waugh, 16 years old, putter
No.240. James Waugh, aged 60, coal-hewer
No.241. Elizabeth Paterson, 70 years of age
No.242. Janet Murdoch, 12 years old, pumper
No.243. Robert Mackey, 14 years old, coal-hewer

Carron Foundry.
No.244. John Sutherland, 14 years old, moulder
No.245. William Sutherland, 9 years old, moulder
No.246. Michael Hurley, 12 years old, dresser
No.247. George Oswald, age 16 years, moulder
No.248. Robert Gorden, 15 years old, moulder
No.249. Alexander Hurley, 14 years old, dresser
No.250. John Hoskin, 13 years old, smith
No.251. Peter Brown, about 14 years old, smith

Falkirk Iron Company -Grahamston, parish of Falkirk, Stirlingshire.
No.252. Graham Hardie, Esq., managing partner of the Falkirk Iron Company
No.253. William Adams, 10 years old, dresser
No.254. James Thompson, 11 years old, dresser
No.255. Andrew Laing, about 12 years old, moulder
No.256. Donald Elder, 9 years old, moulder
No.257. Robert Fotherington, 12 years old, moulder
No.258. William Morrison, 11 years old, dresser

Bantaskine and Callendar Colliery - parish of Falkirk, Stirlingshire. - (John Wilson, Esq., Bantaskine.)
No.259. John Wilson, Esq.
No.260. Rebecca Simpson, 11 years old, putter
No.261. Alexander Simpson, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.262. Jane Simson, 22 years of age, pumper and putter
No.263. Ann Hamilton, 17 years old, putter
No.264. James Sneddon, 9 years old, putter
No.265. Mrs. Scott Dobie

Banknock Colliery- Haggs, parish of Denny, Stirlingshire. - (William Wilson, Esq., Proprietor.)
No.266. William Wilson, Esq., Banknock
No.267. Andrew Stirling, overseer of the Banknock Colliery
No.268. Hugh Campbell, age 10, coal-filler
No.269. Robert Hogan, age 15, coal-hewer

Still Colliery, Haggs, in the parish of Denny, Stirlingshire. - (Mr. Matthew Hay, Tacksman.)
No.270. Mr. Matthew Hay
No.271. James Miller, 12 years old, coal-hewer
No.272. Alexander Marshall, 16 years old, coal-hewer

Banton Ironstone Mines. - (Carron Company.)
No.273. Mr. Walter Jarvie, manager to Mr. Cadell, of Banton and contractor for raising ironstone for the Carron Company

Townhead and Ironbrae Collieries, parish of Kilsyth, Stirlingshire.- (Mr. J. Marshall, Tacksman.)
No.274. Mr. James Marshall, jun.
No.275. Robert Hardie, 15 years old, coal-hewer
No.276 William Marshall, about 10 or 11 years old, putter
No.277. Duncan M'Kinley, aged 60, collier

Hirse or Netherwood Colliery, parish of Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire. - (Mr. John Watson, Kirkintulloch, Tacksman.)
No.278. John Marshall, oversman, Netherwood
No.279. Robert Rennie, collier
No.280. Crawford Freeman, 8 years old, trapper

Stronne Colliery, south bank of Glasgow Canal, near Kilsyth, parish of Kirkintulloch, Dumbartonshire. - (Mr. Alexander Wallace, Tacksman.)
No.281. Robert Jameson, oversman

Plean Colliery, parish of St. Ninians, Stirlingshire (Robert Lowes, Esq., of Plean, Proprietor), and Auchinbowie Colliery, parish of St. Ninians, Stirlingshire (Messrs. Munro and Lowes, Coal-masters.)
No. 282. Mr. John Robertson, manager of the Plean and Auchinbowie Collieries
No.283. Margaret Brown, 13 years old, putter
No.284. Robert Wilson, age 12, coal-hewer

Bannockburn and Greenyards Collieries, parish of St. Ninian's, Stirlingshire. - (Bannockburn & Greenyards Coal Company.)
No.285. Henry Geddes, Esq., managing partner
No. 286. Jane Allen, 13 years old
No.287. Elizabeth Stevenson, 15 years old, coal-putter
No.288 Alexander Robinson, 13 years old, horse-driver
No.289 James Anderson, 17 years old, coal-hewer
No.290 John Allen, 12 years old, hewer



Alloa Colliery. - (Alloa Coal Company Proprietors.)
No.291. John Craich, Esq., managing partner
No.292. Mr James Hunter, mining overseer
No.293 Jane Fyfe, 14 years old, putter
No.294 Jane Snaddon, 17 years old, putter
No.295. Jane Patterson, 13 years old, putter
No.296. Mary Izett, 15 years old, putter
No.297. Margaret Archibald, 9 years old, putter

Clackmannan Colliery, parish of Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire.-(Clackmannan Colliery Company).
No.298. James R. Wilson, Esq., managing partner
No.299. Joseph Patterson, aged 11, putter
No.300. Janet Mitchell, aged 14, putter
No.301. James Wilson, aged 10, putter
No.302. Francis Wilson, mining oversman

Aberdona Colliery, parish of Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire. - (Messrs. Andrew Christie and Co.)
No.303. John Beveridge, mining oversman
No.304. Janet Brown, age 12, putter
No.305. James Beveridge, 13 years old, hewer

Devon Collieries & Ironstone Pits, Clackmannanshire and Perthshire.
No. 306 Leslie Meldrum, Esq., managing partner of the Devon Iron Company
No.307. Joseph Sharp, 12 years old, hewer
No.308. Robert Hunter, 17 years old, hewer
No.309. Mary Patterson Blackwood, 17 years old, putter
No.310. Ann P. Francis, 14 years old, putter
No.311. Mary Hunter, 12 years old, putter
No.3l2. James Thomson, 13 years old, smith
No.313. David Chalmers, 17 years old, smith
No.314. Thomes Dugald, 12 years old, dresser

Ironstone Pits, Vicars Bridge, parish of Fossaway, Perthshire.
No.315. John Mucklejohn, mining overseer
No.316. James Hine, 15 years old, ironstone hewer
No.317. Charles Ramage, age 15 years, picks ironstone

Woodlands & Devonside Collieries, parish of Tillicoutry, county of Clackmannan.-(Robert Bald, Esq., Proprietor.)
No.318. Mr. Robert Maxton, manager
No.319. Jane Patterson, 17 years old, putter

Sheardale Colliery, parish of Dollar, county of Clackmannan. - (Messrs. Stevenson and Co.)
No.320. Mr. Joseph Lyell, manager
No.321. John Hynd, 12 years old, hews coal
No.322. Mrs. Hynd, mother of John Hynd, putter
No.323. John Fyfe, mining oversman
No.324. Rev. Dr. A. Mylne, minister of Dollar

Middletown Colliery, parish of Muchart, county of Perth.
No.325. Robert Maxton, Esq., taxsman

Blairengone Colliery, parish of Fossaway, county of Perth.
No.326. Mr. James A. Naysmith, tacksman

Castle Bigg Colliery, parish of Fosaway, county of Perth. - ( Mr. Robert Fyfe,Tacksman.)
No.327. William Fyfe, overseer

Brucefield Colliery, parish of Tulliallan, county of Perth. - (Mr. Robert Jamieson)
No.328. William Simpson, agent
No.329. Rachel Sneddon, aged 17, coal-putter


Collieries in the Western District of Fife

Torry or Inzievar Colliery, parish of Saline, county of Fife. - (Henry Cadell, Esq., Lessee.)
No.330. Henry Cadell, Esq
No.331. Mary M'Lean, 12 years old, putter
No.332. Mary Hynd, 13 years old, putter
No.333. William Allan, 13 years old, hewer
No.334. William M’Lean, 12 years old, hewer and putter
No.335. Alexander Muir, mining overseer

Blair Colliery (George Mill, of Blair, Esq.)
No.336. Andrew Wilson, coal-grieve
No.337. Janet Allen, 8 years old, putter
No.338. Catherine Kerr, aged 35, putter

Elgin Colliery, parish of Dunfermline, county of Fife. - (Right Hon. the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine)
No.339. James Grier, manager of the mines belonging to the Earl of Elgin, &c.
No.340. James Stevenson, 13 years old, coal-filler
No.341. William Morris, 14 years old, hewer
No.342. Helen Weir, 16 years old, putter
No.343. Archibald Campbell, 17 years old, hewer
No.344. Thomas Morris, 10 years old, hewer
No.345. Isabella Burt, 16 years old, putter
No.346. John Weir, 48 years old, coal-hewer
No.347. Margaret Drylie, 16 years old, putter
No.348. James Simpson, 15 years old, hewer
No.349. Catherine Wilson, 16 years old, bottomer
No.350. Elizabeth Brown, 14 years old, putter
No.351. Henry Hynd, 9 years old, trapper

Wellwood Colliery parish of Dunfermline, county of Fife. - (James Spowort, Esq., lessee.)
No.352. James Spawort, Esq. jun.
No.353. Mr. William Craig, teacher of the Wellwood Colliery School

Townhill and Appin Colliery parish of Dunfermline, county of Fife. - (Dunfermline Coal Company).
No.354. Mr. A. F. Hopper, manager
No.355. Helen Spowort, 17 years old, putter
No.355a. Andrew Erskine, 14 years old, hewer
No.355b. Mr. John Adamson, teacher of Townhill School
No 359. Mary Morgan, 16 years old, putter
No. 360. Mr. Adam Syme

Fordel Colliery, parishes of Dalgety and Aberdour. - (Admiral Sir P. Durham, Bart., of Fordel, Proprietor: Mr. Francis Grier, Manager.)
No.361. Mr. Francis Grier
No.362. Elizabeth Gibb, 12 years old, putter
No.363. Euphemia Jupp, 12 years old, putter
No.364. Walter Cowan, 14 years old, hewer
No.365. Grace Cook, 16 years old, putter
No.366. William Russell, 10 years old, hewer
No.367. George Kinloch, 17 years old, horse-driver
No.368. Andrew Greenhill, 16 years old, pumper
No.369. Alexander Kinloch, 11 years old, pumper
No.370. Mr. Archibald Thomson, teacher of Fordel School

Crossgates Colliery, parish of Dunfermline, county of Fife. - (Mr. John Ramsey, Lessee.)
No.371. Mr. John Canzie, agent for Mr. Ramsey, lessee of Crossgates Colliery

Hill of Beath Colliery, township of Inverkeithing, county of Fife. - (Robert Wilson, Esq.)
No.372. Robert Wilson, Esq.

Donibristle and Dundonald Collieries, parishes of Abedone (sic) and Auchterderran, county of Fife. - (Messrs. Greive and Naysmith, Lessees.)
No.373. David Naysmyth, agent for lessees of the Donibristle Colliery
No.374. Mr. Andrew Adamson, manager of the Dundonald Colliery for Messrs. Greive and Naysmyth
No.375. James Mitchell, coal-greive, Dundonald
No.376. Robert Bowman, 10 years old, hewer
No.377. George Hunter, 12 years old, hewer
No.378. Catherine Walter, 16 years old, putter
No.379. Thomas Campbell, 10 years old, hewer
No.380. Mary M'Kinley, 12 years old, putter
No.381. Janet Duncan, 17 years old, putter


Collieries in Kirkaldy (sic) District of the County of Fife.

Clunie Colliery, parish of Auchterderran, county of Fife. - (Clunie Coal Company, Lessees. - Mr. Alexander Goodall, Manager.)
No.382. Mr. Alexander Goodall
No.383. David Blair, 16 years old, putter
No.384. Mrs. Blair, mother of David Blair
No.385. William Herd, 12 years old, gin driver
No.386. David Patterson, 15 years old, putter
No.387. Isabel Henderson, wife of J. Henderson, collier
No.388. Mr. Peter Herd, Teacher, Clunie

Capledrae Colliery, parish of Auchterderran, county of Fife. - (J. and R. Aytoun, Esqs.)
No.389. Mr. Thomas Goodall, manager
No.390. Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray, minister of Auchterarder (sic, presumably should be Auchterderran) parish

Lochgellie, Cattle-Hill, and Dean-Pit Collieries, parishes of Beath and Auchterderran, county of Fife. - (John Henderson, Esq., Lessee.)

No.391. Henry Chisholm, manager of Lochgelly
No.392. Agnes Cook, 15 years old, putter
No.293. Eliza Dixon, 17 years old, putter
No.394. Alexander Gillespie, 12 years old, hewer

Lumphinnin's Colliery, parish of Ballingray [sic], county of Fife. - (Mr. Adam Begg, Lessee.)

No.395. Mr. Adam Begg
No.396. William Beveridge, 14 years old, hewer
No.397. Janet Neilson, 16 years of age, putter

Tough Colliery, parish of Kirkaldy, county of Fife. - (Mr. James Beveridge, Lessee.)

No.398. Mr. John Goodall
No.399. James Ewins, 15 years old, putter
No.400. Andrew Smith, l2 years old, gin-driver
No.401. Duncan Rankin, 13 years old, hewer
No.402. James Rowley, 14 years old, hewer

Donnikier Colliery, parish of Kirkaldy, county of Fife. - (Mr. Alexander Park Knight, Lessee.)

No.403. Mr. A. P. Knight
No.404. John Bowman, 16 years old, hewer
No.405. Thomas Simpson, 15 years old, hewer
No.406. Janet Brown, 17 years old, putter
No.407. Janet Paton, 16 years old, putter
No.408. Isabel Hood, about 12 years old, putter
No.409. Elizabeth Duncan, 11 years old, putter
No.410. Alexander Simpson, 11 years old, hewer
No.411. Peter Hind, 13 years old, hewer
No.412. Mr. David Forrester, teacher, Kirkaldy

Wemyss Colliery, parishes of Wemyss and Largo, county of Fife. - (Captain James Erskine Wemyss, R.N., &c. &c.)

No.413. Thomas Bywater, Esq., East Wemyss, agent
No.414. Robert Welch, 11 years old, hewer
No.415. Janet Welch, about 20 years old, putter
No.416. Isabel Hugh, 19 years old, putter
No.417. Elizabeth Litster, 15 years old, putter
No.418 - Mr. Andrew Hutton, teacher, East Wemyss Coal-town

Dysart Colliery, parish of Dysart, county of Fife. - (Messrs. Beveridge and Smith, Lessees.)

No.419. David Butt, overseer

Thornton Colliery, parish of Markinch, county of Fife. - (James Balfour Esq., of Balgonie, Proprietor.)
Balbirnie Colliery, parish of Markinch, county of Fife. - (John Balfour Esq., of Balbirnie, Proprietor.)

No.420. Mr. William Ballingall, agent to the proprietors of Balgonie and Balbirnie Collieries

Largo Ward Colliery of Kilconquhar, county of Fife. - (Thomas Calderwood Durham, Esq., Proprietor.)

No.421. Mr. John Paton, manager
No. 422. John Scott, 17 years old, putter and hewer
No.423. John Paton, 17 years old, hewer and putter

Teases Colliery, parish of Largo, county of Fife. - (Messrs. Paton and Graham, Lessees.)

No.424. Mr. David Graham, lessee
No.425. William Graham, overseer
No.426. William Galloway, 16 years old, putter

Collieries In The East Of Fife
Drumcarra Colliery, parish of Cameron, county of Fife. - (Messrs. Williamson and Co., Lessees.)
No.427. Mr. Alexander Felfer, overseer
No.428. Alexander Smith, 14 years old, hewer
No.429. Andrew Ferres, 17 years old, hewer

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