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Collieries In Scotland - 1866
From "Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland", 1866

Western District of Scotland
  Name of Colliery Where situated Owner's Name
1 Bishopbriggs Glasgow William Dixon.
2 Blackhill Glasgow Wilsons and Company.
3 Calder Glasgow Carron Company.
4 Govan Glasgow William Dixon.
5 Jordanhill Glasgow William Dixon.
6 Kelvin Side Glasgow Montgomery and Fleming.
7 Kelvin Side Glasgow Adie and Rankine
8 Kenmure Glasgow Wilsons and Company
9 Keppoch Glasgow Wilsons and Company
10 Possil Glasgow Wilsons and Company
11 Robroystone Galston James Dunlop, and Co.
12 Rockhill Glasgow Wilsons and Company
13 Rutherglen Muir Glasgow William Dixon.
14 Skatterigg Glasgow Monkland Iron Company.
1 Bankhead Rutherglen M'Naughten and Hood.
2 Cambuslang Rutherglen Archibald Russell.
3 Eastfield Rutherglen J. G. Buchanan.
4 Farm Rutherglen James Fairrie.
5 Fullarton Rutherglen Colin Dunlop and Company.
6 Hamilton Farm Rutherglen Colin Dunlop and Company.
7 Newton Rutherglen J. P. Kidston.
8 Rosebank Rutherglen Colin Dunlop and Company.
9 Silverbank Rutherglen James Fairi.
10 Stonelaw Rutherglen J. R. Reid.
1 Easter Hill Shettleston David Roxburgh.
2 Greenfield Shettleston M. M'Nair
3 Kenmuir Hill Shettleston John Horne.
4 Westmuir Shettleston R. Gray and Company.
1 Braehead Baillieston Charles Tennant and Company.
2 Bredisholme Baillieston Charles Tennant and Company.
3 Bredisholme Baillieston Glasgow Iron Company.
4 Cardowan Baillieston Andrew Yeats and Co.
5 Comedie Baillieston Grangemouth Coal Company.
6 Craigend Baillieston Birrel & McIntosh.
7 Drumpark Baillieston James McKenzie.
8 Dungeonhill Baillieston Forrester & Robson.
9 Easterhouse Baillieston James Merry.
10 Easterhouse Baillieston John Young.
11 Ellismuir Baillieston Glasgow Iron Company.
12 Garthamlock Baillieston J. Panton
13 Heathery Knowe Baillieston Heathery Knowe Company.
14 Mount Vernon Baillieston Andrew Buchanan.
15 Over Possil Baillieston Wm. Wallace and Company.
16 Over Possil Baillieston T. Bain.
17 Provanhall Baillieston Glasgow Iron Company.
18 Springhill Baillieston James McKenzie.
19 Wester Hawhill Baillieston R. and J. Anderson.
1 Coats Coatbridge Thomas Jackson.
2 Drumpeller Coatbridge Drumpeller Coal Co.
3 Dundyvan Coatbridge Drumpeller Coal Co.
4 Espieside Coatbridge Wm. Baird and Company.
5 Gartgill Coatbridge Wm. Baird and Company.
6 Gartsherrie Coatbridge Wm. Baird and Company.
7 Gunnie Coatbridge Wm. Baird and Company.
8 Kirkwood Coatbridge John Hendrie.
9 Rosehall Coatbridge Eadie, Miller, and Rankin
10 Rosehall Coatbridge Robert Eadie
11 Sunnyside Coatbridge Wm. Baird and Company.
12 Souterhouse Coatbridge Trustees of J. Wilson.
13 Whifflet Coatbridge Trustees of J. Wilson.
14 Drumpeller Coatbridge Wilsons and Co.
1 Calder Iron Works Airdrie Wm. Dixon.
2 Clifton Hill Airdrie J. and W. Adams.
3 Faskine Airdrie Wm. Baird and Company.
4 Garturk Airdrie Wm. Dixon.
5 Monkland Airdrie Monkland Iron Company.
6 Palacecraig Airdrie Wm. Baird and Company.
1 Annbank Ayr J. T. Gordon.
2 Bargainie Maybole Joseph Whitefield.
3 Camlary Ayr Dalmellington Iron Company.
4 Dalquharran Maybole Hon. T. F. Kennedy.
5 Drongan Ayr John Smith.
6 Dalzielsie Maybole James Cooper.
7 Dounieston Ayr Dalmellington Iron Company.
8 Duchray Ayr Joseph Bryden and Co.
9 Enterkine Ayr J. T. Gordon.
10 Gadgirth Ayr J. T. Gordon.
11 Kerse Patna Dalmellington Iron Company.
12 Minivie Ayr Dalmellington Iron Company.
13 Sundrum Ayr J. T. Gordon.
1 Alnwick Lodge Irvine Merry and Cunningham.
2 Armsheugh Irvine Merry and Cunningham.
3 Ardeer Iron Works Stevenson Merry and Cunningham.
4 Auchinharvie Stevenson Arch. Kenneth and Co.
5 Bartonholm Kilwinning Eglinton Iron Company.
6 Blair Iron Works Dalry Eglinton Iron Company.
7 Boutriehill Dreghorn James Findlay and Co.
8 Burgh Irvine A. G. Simpson.
9 Burn Dalry C. J. Walsh
10 Court Hill Dalry Merry and Cunningham.
11 Dourie Irvine John Barr.
12 Eglinton Kilwinning Arch. Kenneth.
13 Eglinton Iron Works Kilwinning Eglinton Iron Company.
14 Fergushill Kilwinning Arch. Fennie.
15 Ghersland Dalry Wm. Malcolm and Company.
16 Glengarnock Iron Works Beith Merry and Cunningham.
17 Mount Curr Kilwinning Eglinton Iron Company.
18 Perceston Irvine P. B. M. Macreddie.
19 Redburn Kilwinning Eglinton Iron Company.
20 Redstone Irvine Alexander Hart.
21 Roughwood Beith Merry and Cunningham.
22 Springside Dreghorn Arch. Kenneth.
23 Stevenson Stevenson Merry and Cunningham.
24 Swingridge Muir Stevenson Merry and Cunningham.
1 Bankhead Kilmarnock Portland Iron Company.
2 Barleith Kilmarnock John Galloway.
3 Bonnyton Kilmarnock Merry and Cunningham.
4 Busbie Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
5 Carnilbank Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
6 Carperington Kilmarnock Wm. Smith Cunningham.
7 Dollar Kilmarnock John Galloway.
8 Drummuir Kilmarnock Merry and Cunningham.
9 Dykehead Kilmarnock Portland Iron Company.
10 East Thornton Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
11 Fairley Kilmarnock Wm. Walker.
12 Galston Galston John Horne.
13 Gatehead Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
14 Gauchland Galston Kinloch and Co.
15 Grange Kilmarnock R. Yeats and Company.
16 Grougar Kilmarnock Portland Iron Company.
17 Hillhead Kilmarnock John Gilmour.
18 Hurlford Kilmarnock John Howie.
19 Hurlford Kilmarnock Allan, Gilmour and Company.
20 Holmes Galston John Horne.
21 Holmes Kilmarnock Robt. Brown.
22 Kilmarnock Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
23 Maxwood Galston David Roxburgh.
24 Mayfield Kilmarnock Allan, Gilmour and Company.
25 Overton Kilmarnock Merry and Cunningham.
26 Paddocklaw Kilmarnock Merry and Cunningham.
27 Portland Kilmarnock Allan, Gilmour and Company.
28 Portland Iron Works Kilmarnock Portland Iron Company.
29 Skirrington Kilmarnock Portland Iron Company.
30 Burnbank and Ladyton Galston Boyd, Gilmour and Co.
31 Plan Kilmarnock McKnight and Co.
32 Treesbank Kilmarnock Wm. S. Cunningham
33 West Thornton Kilmarnock Archibald Finnie.
34 Warrick Hill Kilmarnock Merry and Cunningham.
1 Ashyard Galston Dunlop and Eaglesham.
2 Auchingree Dalry Eglinton Iron Company.
3 Bank New Cumnock Hyslop and McKenzie
4 Coalburn New Cumnock J. McNicol.
5 Common Old Cumnock Portland Iron Company.
6 Common Old Cumnock William Walker.
7 Craigman Old Cumnock Nisbet, Wilson and Co.
8 Cronberry Cumnock Wm. Baird and Co.
9 Crossflat Muirkirk Wm. Baird and Co.
10 Cumnock Cumnock Portland Iron Company.
11 Garallan Old Cumnock Dunsmuir and Eaglesham
12 Gillsmillscroft Old Cumnock W. Dixon
13 Glenbuck Muirkirk Wm. Baird and Company.
14 Glenlogan Cumnock Portland Iron Company.
15 Goatfoot Galston Boyd, Gilmour and Co.
16 Lanemark Cumnock Lanemark Coal Company.
17 Loudon Cumnock Portland Iron Company.
18 Lugar Iron Works Old Cumnock Wm. Baird and Company.
19 Mansfield New Cumnock Jas. Gray.
20 Muirkirk Iron Works Muirkirk Wm. Baird and Company.
21 Pathhead New Cumnock Archibald Gray and Company.
22 Riggend New Cumnock George Sloan
23 South Boig New Cumnock Lanemark Coal Company.
24 Strade Cumnock Lanemark Coal Company.
25 Welltrees Muirkirk Wm. Baird and Company.
26 Wellwood Muirkirk Wm. Baird and Company.
Western Division of Stirlingshire
1 Alva Alva James Johnstone.
2 Auchinbowie Stirling Auchinbowie Coal Co.
3 Balmalloch Kilsyth Rennie and Brown.
4 Banknock Denny William Wilson.
5 Bannockburn Stirling Alexander Geddes' Heirs
6 Bantone Kilsyth John Young and Company.
7 Campsie Lennoxtown Hurlet and Camsie Alum Company.
8 Connypark Kilsyth John Barr.
9 Cuttiemyre Kilsyth W. Baird and Company.
10 Dennymill Denny Robt. Adie
11 Derry Lennoxtown J. Kirk
12 Glorrat Lennoxtown J. Kirk
13 Highland Park Kilsyth Rennie and Brown.
14 Ingleston Denny W. Baird and Company.
15 Kilsyth Denny Robert Adie
16 Neilston Denny James Wallace and Co.
17 Plean Stirling McIntosh and Paterson
18 Riskend Kilsyth W. Baird and Company.
19 Scalliongow Lennoxtown James Allan.
20 Stonerigg Kilsyth John Bow and Company.
21 Townhead Kilsyth W. Baird and Company.
22 Twechar Denny W. Baird and Company.
23 West Plean Stirling Moyes, Smith and Co.
1 Auchindavie Kirkintilloch James Wallace and Co.
2 Baljaffray Duntocher John Davidson.
3 Barhill Kilsyth W. Baird and Company.
4 Blairdardie Renfrew Cr. Robertson.
5 Cowden Hill Maryhill Wilsons and Company.
6 Croy Kilsyth Wm. Baird and Co.
7 Duntocher Duntocher Alexander Dunn.
8 Garscube Maryhill James Stokes.
9 Garscadden Maryhill Merry and Cunningham.
10 Gartshore Kilsyth Wm. Baird and Co.
11 Knightswood Maryhill Wilson and Company.
12 Meiklehill Kirkintilloch James Gairdner.
13 Netherwood Kilsyth John Watson and Sons.
14 Saddlersbrae Kirkintilloch Dunsmuir and Fell.
15 Strone Kilsyth Mr. Wallace.
16 Solesgirth Kirkintilloch James Gairdner.
1 Corkerhill Pollockshaws W. S. Dixon.
2 Drumoin Govan Colin, Dunlop, and Co.
3 Ibroix Govan Hill and Wylie.
4 Ibroix Govan W. S. Dixon.
5 Linwood Johnstone Merry and Cunningham.
6 Milliken Johnstone William Dixon
7 Nitshill Hurlet Nitshill Coal Co.
8 Quarrelton Johnstone Ludovic Houstoun.
9 Wester Hurlet Hurlet George Wilson.
10 Titwood Pollockshaws W. S. Dixon.
1 Drumlemble Campbelton J. Smellie.
1 Cairnburne Sanquhar Mrs. Jane Whygham.
2 Canobie Dumfries Duke of Buccleugh.
3 Drumbuie Sanquhar Mrs. Jane Whygham.
4 Gateside Sanquhar Mrs. Jane Whygham.
Eastern District of Scotland
Eastern Division of Lanarkshire
1 Airdriehouse Airdrie Robert Addie.
2 Arbuckle Airdrie William Black and Sons.
3 Arden Airdrie John Wilson's Trustees.
4 Auchingray Airdrie William Black and Sons.
5 Bell's Dyke Airdrie Dundas Simpson
6 Braco Airdrie Wilsons and Co.
7 Braehead Airdrie John Tennant and Company.
8 Bredenhill Airdrie John Prentice.
9 Burnbrae Airdrie Wm. Baird and Company.
10 Chapell Hall Airdrie Monkland Iron and Steel Company.
11 Clarkstone Airdrie Johnston and Wilson.
12 Colliertree Airdrie John Wilson's Trustees.
13 Cotton Mill Airdrie John Brown.
14 Dalmacouthe Airdrie J. Galt
15 Drafflat Airdrie Messrs Smith.
16 Drumbowie Airdrie Drumbowie Coal Company.
17 Drumgrayhill Airdrie Drumgray Coal Co.
18 Dykehead Airdrie William Walker.
19 Easter Moffat Airdrie Johnston and Gilmour.
20 Gavel Airdrie Patrick Rankine.
21 Hallcraig Airdrie Robert Clouston
22 Kipps Airdrie Robertson and Eadie.
23 Kippsbyre Airdrie Wm. Baird and Company.
24 Knackerty Airdrie John Stewart and Co.
25 Meadowfield Airdrie William Black and Sons.
26 Medowhead Airdrie William Black and Sons.
27 Millfield Airdrie John Hendrie and Company.
28 Nettlehole Airdrie William Smith.
29 Rawbog Airdrie J. and D. Young
30 Rawyards Airdrie Motherwell and Wilson.
31 Rawyards Airdrie John Brown.
32 Riggand Airdrie J. Napier.
33 Rochsoles Airdrie Adam & Forsyth.
34 Rochsoles Airdrie Rochsoles Coal Company. '
35 Rochsolloch Airdrie William Cowie.
36 Rosehall Airdrie Robert Addie.
37 Roughrigg Airdrie Forrester and Robson.
38 Springbank Airdrie John Meason.
39 Stepends Airdrie Wilsons and Co.
40 Stonerigg Airdrie William Black and Sons.
41 Whitehill Airdrie Kay and Gemmil
42 Whiterigg Airdrie William Black and Sons.
43 Woodhall Airdrie Merry and Cunningham.
1 Carfin Holytown Wm. Dixon
2 Carfin Holytown A. G. Simpson.
3 Carnbroe Holytown Merry and Cunningham.
4 Carnbroe, Old Holytown Mossend Iron Company.
5 Cleland Holytown Wm. Dixon.
6 Cleland Holytown Monkland Iron and Steel Company.
7 Cleland Holytown Trustees of late Robert Stewart.
8 Drumbowie Holytown Coltness Iron Company.
9 Duntillan Holytown Coltness Iron Company.
10 Goodockhill Holytown Coltness Iron Company.
11 Greenhill Holytown Robert Young.
12 Lawhope Holytown Thos. Stevenson and Sons.
13 Langbyres Holytown Trustees of late Robert Stewart.
14 Legbrannock Holytown Monkland Iron and Steel Company.
15 Milnwood Holytown John Christie.
16 Mossend Holytown Mossend Iron Company.
17 Springhill Holytown Coltness Iron Company.
18 Shaws Holytown Trustees of late Robert Stewart.
19 Stevenson Holytown Stevenson Coal Company.
20 Thankerton Holytown Monkland Iron and Steel Company.
21 Windyedge Holytown Trustees of late Robert Stewart.
1 Braidhurst Motherwell Gaven Addie.
2 Craigneuk Motherwell Merry and Cunningham.
3 Dalziel Motherwell John P. Kidston
4 Dalziel Motherwell John McAndrew and Co.
5 Dalziel Motherwell Wilsons and Company.
6 Dalziel, Camp Motherwell Wilsons and Company.
7 Jerviston Motherwell Wilsons and Company.
8 Motherwell Motherwell John Watson, Junior.
9 Parkhead Motherwell John Watson, Junior.
10 Shildox Motherwell John McAndrew and Co.
1 Allanton Wishaw Shotts Iron Company.
2 Birkenside Wishaw Craig and Sons.
3 Cairneyhead Wishaw Shotts Iron Company.
4 Cambusnethan Wishaw D. and J. Sneddon.
5 Chapel Wishaw William Aitken.
6 Coltness Wishaw A. G. Simpson.
7 Coltness, Pather Wishaw Boyd and Spencer.
8 Coltness, Overton Wishaw John Wilson.
9 Coltness Iron Works Wishaw Coltness Iron Company.
10 Hartswoodhill Wishaw G. Gray
11 Hillhouse-rigg Wishaw Shotts Iron Company.
12 Hills Wishaw Merry and Cunningham.
13 Morningside Wishaw David Binnie.
14 Morningside Wishaw Shotts Iron Company.
15 Overton Wishaw Coltness Iron Company.
16 Overton Station Wishaw Joseph Waddell
17 Shotts Iron Works Wishaw Shotts Iron Company.
18 Swinhill Wishaw Swinhill Coal Co.
19 Benhar Wishaw Robert Addie.
20 Wishaw, Overjohnstone Wishaw Glasgow Iron Company.
21 Wishaw, Sunnyside Wishaw Archd. Russell
22 Wishaw, Iron Works Wishaw Robt Bell.
23 Wishaw, Shieldmuir Wishaw Glasgow Iron Company.
24 Wishaw Wishaw Scott and Gilmour.
25 Wishaw, Glencleland Wishaw Kerr, Pender, and Mitchell.
26 Wishaw, Muirhead Wishaw Scott & Gibb.
27 Wishaw, Netherton Wishaw Archd. Russell
28 Wishaw Wishaw Scott and Gilmour.
29 Wishaw, Green Wishaw Glasgow Iron Company.
30 Wishaw Wishaw Merry and Cunninghame.
31 Clydesdale Wishaw Archd. Russell
1 Allanton Hamilton Austine and Co.
2 Auchinheath Lesmahagow Jas. Ferguson.
3 Auchinheath Lesmahagow Duke of Hamilton.
4 Birkenshaw Hamilton Allen Craig and Sons.
5 Bog Colliery Hamilton John Watson and Sons.
6 Brocklaw Lesmahagow Monkland Iron and Steel Co.
7 Castlehill Iron Works Carluke Shotts Iron Company.
8 Cleugh Carnwath William Darling
9 Dalserf Hamilton Robert Hastie.
10 Douglas Douglas James Kerr.
11 Douglas Douglas James G. Leadbetter.
12 Dyke-head Hamilton Wilsons and Co.
13 Earnock Muir Hamilton Wm. Dixon.
14 Ferniegair Hamilton H. Russell.
15 Glespan Douglas James Swan.
16 Greenfield Hamilton Hamilton Coal Company.
17 Haywood Carnwath Haywood Coal Co.
18 Haywood Carnwath Thomas Nimmo.
19 Haughhead Hamilton Merry and Cunninghame.
20 Hill Hamilton James Smith and Son.
21 Larkhall Hamilton Hamilton and Macculloch.
22 Longlee Lesmahagow Dunn, Brothers
23 Marlidge Hamilton _
24 Maudslie Carluke Michael Burns.
25 Merryton Hamilton Cochrane and Brand.
26 Quarter Hamilton Colin, Dunlop and Co.
27 Raplock Hamilton Jas. Frew.
28 Rawbog Hamilton J. McAllam.
29 Rigside Douglas James Swan.
30 Shawsburn Hamilton Andrew Spencer.
31 Skellyton Hamilton Hamilton and M'Culloch.
32 Woodside Hamilton Jas. Smith and Son.
33 Waterlands Carluke J. and T. Barr.
34 Wilsontown Gas Coal Carnwath Gray and Paul.
1 Balgonie Kirkcaldy Charles Balfour.
2 Beath Dunfermline Beath and Blairadam Coal Co.
3 Cameron Kirkcaldy Benney and Meldrum.
4 Cappeldrea Kirkcaldy Messrs Aytoun and Anderson.
5 Cardinden Kirkcaldy Thomas Goodall.
6 Cluny Kirkcaldy John and A. Goodall
7 Cuttlehill Kirkcaldy Henderson, Wallace and Co.
8 Cowdenbeath Kirkcaldy Forth Iron Company.
9 Donibristle Dunfermline James A. Naismith
10 Dunnicker Kirkcaldy John and A. Goodall
11 Dundonald Dunfermline Alex. Naismith.
12 Dysart Kirkcaldy Earl of Rosslyn.
13 Elgin Dunfermline Thomas Grier.
14 Fordel Dunfermline G. W. M. Henderson.
15 Hallbeath Dunfermline Henderson, Wallace and Co.
16 Hill of Beath Dunfermline Orde Adams.
17 Inzievar Dunfermline Forth Iron Company.
18 Kelty Dunfermline Beath and Blairadam Coal Co.
19 Kenneder (Upper) Dunfermline Forth Iron Company.
20 Kirktrup Kirkcaldy _
21 Lassodie Kirkcaldy Thos. Spowart and Company.
22 Lethans Dunfermline David Naysmith.
23 Lochfitty Dunfermline Beath and Blairadam Coal Co.
24 Lochgelly Dunfermline Kelty Company.
25 Lochgelly Kirkcaldy Lochgelly Iron Company.
26 Lumphinans Dunfermline Lochgelly Iron Company.
27 Muiredge Kirkcaldy Lumphinans Iron Company.
28 Oakley Dunfermline Bowman and Co.
29 Puttencrieff Dunfermline Forth Iron Company.
30 Raith (Little) Dunfermline Forth Iron Company.
31 Toulford [NB presumably Foulford] Dunfermline Lochgelly Iron Company.
32 Townhill Dunfermline Andrew Christie.
33 Wellwood Dunfermline Thomas Spowart and Co.
34 Wemyss Kirkcaldy J. H. E. Wemyss.
35 Whitefield Dunfermline William Mungall.
1 Balbirnie Cupar John Balfour.
2 Balcorme Cupar Livingstone, Walker, and Co.
3 Killie Cupar Livingstone, Walker, and Co.
4 Kilmux Cupar John Lister.
5 Largoward Cupar Brown and Kidd.
6 Pirnie Cupar E. W. Bennie and Co.
7 Mount Melville Cupar St. Andrew's Coal Co.
8 Radernie Cupar Thomas Lumsden.
9 Steelend Dunfermline Forth Iron Company.
10 Teasses Cupar Largo Ward Coal Company.
1 Alloa Alloa Mitchell and Company.
2 Clackmannan Alloa Mitchell and Mowbray.
3 Fillicouthy Alloa James Snowdone
4 Kennetpans Alloa Francis Greer.
5 Sheardale Alloa James Wingate.
1 Carberry Tranent Deans and Moore.
2 Drummore Tranent Deans and Moore.
3 Elphinstone Tranent Durie and Nisbet.
4 Fountainhall Tranent George Henderson.
5 Gladsmuir Tranent C. and A. Christie
6 House of Muir Tranent __ White.
7 Myles Tranent Sir George G. Suttie.
8 Penston Tranent Deans and Moore.
9 Pencaitland Tranent Deans and Moore.
10 Prestongrange Tranent Sir George G. Suttie.
11 Prestonlinks Tranent Executors of late John Grieve.
12 Seton Tranent John Stevenson.
13 Tranent Tranent H. F. Caddell.
1 Blairadam Kinross Beath and Blairadam Coal Co.
1 Arniston Dalkeith John Christie.
2 Broxburn Broxburn Robert Bell.
3 Brunstane Muir Dalkeith Sir George Clark.
4 Dalkeith Dalkeith Duke of Buccleuch.
5 Edmonstone Dalkeith John Grieve.
6 Gavieside Broxburn West Calder Oil Company.
7 Newbattle Dalkeith Marquis of Lothian.
8 Niddry Dalkeith Executors of late John Grieve.
9 Oxenford Dalkeith John Christie.
10 Prestonhall Dalkeith John Hynd.
11 Polton Dalkeith Selkirk and Hamilton.
12 Vogrie Dalkeith John Christie.
13 Wallyford Dalkeith C. and A. Christie
14 Whitehill Dalkeith Arch. Hood.
15 Woolmet Dalkeith Executors of late John Grieve.
1 Armadale Bathgate Monkland Iron Company.
2 Balbairdie Bathgate Robert Stewart.
3 Bathville Bathgate John Watson and Sons.
4 Benharr Bathgate George Simpson.
5 Boghead Bathgate James Russell and Son.
6 Collinshields Bathgate Monkland Iron Company.
7 Crofthead Bathgate Coltness Iron Company.
8 Fauldhouse Bathgate Thomas Thorton.
9 Grange Linlithgow Henry Cadell.
10 Hopetoun Linlithgow James Russell and Son
11 Kinneil Linlithgow George Wilson and Company
12 Polkemmet Bathgate Shotts Iron Company.
13 Torbane Bathgate James Russell and Son
14 Torbanehill Bathgate James Russell and Son
15 Trees Bathgate James Russell and Son.
16 Woodend Bathgate Coltness Iron Company.
Eastern Division of Stirlingshire
1 Aronlass Slamannan James Watt.
2 Balquhatstone Slamannan John Watson, jun.
3 Bantaskine Falkirk John Wilson.
4 Binniehill Slamannan Alex. Brown
5 Bentend Falkirk Carron Company.
6 Blackbraes Muiravonside James Russell and Son
7 Callender Falkirk John Wilson.
8 Carron Hall Falkirk Carron Company.
9 Craigend Falkirk Carron Company.
10 Drumclair Slamannan John Nimmo.
11 Drumbroider Falkirk John M. Buchanan
12 Gardrum Falkirk Russell and Co.
13 Grangemouth Falkirk Grangemouth Coal Company.
14 Jawcraig Slamannan William Scott and Son.
15 Jawcraig Slamannan Matthew Hay and Son.
16 Limerigg and West Drumclair Slamannan Robert Baird.
17 Lodge Slamannan Alex. Brown
18 New Craig Slamannan W. Scott and Son
19 Redding Falkirk Redding Colliery Co.
20 Shieldhall Falkirk Carron Company.
21 Standrigg Falkirk John Wilson.
22 Strathavon Slamannan Alex. Brown
23 Summerhouse Falkirk John Wilson.
24 Tippet Craig Falkirk James Russell and Son
1 Carlops Peebles Robert Black and Co.
2 Magbiehill Peebles Captain Beresford.
1 Comrie Dumblane Forth Iron Company.
2 Overton Culross John Watson, Junior.
3 Valleyfield Culross Carron Iron Company.

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