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Cleland War Memorial

Erected by public subscription to the memory of the men of Cleland and District who fell in the Great War 1914-1918
“Their name liveth to all generations”
Pte. George Hardie Gordons
Pte. Patrick McVeighel H.L.I.
Sgt. David Watson R.F.A.
Pte. James Arnott H.L.I.
Pte. William Doyle R.M.Fus.
Cpl. Thomas Ferguson Gordons
Pte. Archd. Goldthrope Gordons
Pte. James S. Hunter R.S.
Pte. Hugh Kelly R.D.Fus.
Pte. John Knight R.S.
Cpl. Hugh Lafferty R.E.
Pte. Peter Lynch H.L.I.
Pte. Anthony McAlinden R.M.Fus.
Pte. John McDonald R.H.
Pte. Samuel McGarrity Seaforths
L.Cpl. Robert Ross Gordons
Sgt. Michael Rafters Conn. R.
L.Cpl. Andrew Rudden Conn. R.
Pte. Charles Shaw H.L.I.
Pte. George Stephen R.S.
Pte. James Thomson S.R.
Sap. John Adair R.E.
Pte. Daniel Boslem S.R.
Gun. John Brennan R.G.A.
Pte. Robert Brown H.L.I.
Cpl. John J. Campbell Camerons
Pte. James Carson Camerons
Pte. Michael Carrigan Gordons
Cpl. Michael Delaney H.L.I.
Sgt. James Docherty, DCM, MM R.H.
Pte. George Dillet R.S.
Pte. Michael Dunne Conn. R.
Cpl. James Gibson R.H.
Cpl. Giuseppe Gonnella Italian Army
Pte. Thomas Greenan H.L.I.
Pte. John Hamilton H.L.I.
L.Cpl. John C. Hunter, MM H.L.I.
Pte. Thomas Keatings R.D.Fus.
Pte. John Kerr H.L.I.
Pte. Thomas Kerr H.L.I.
Pte. William Kelly H.L.I.
L.Cpl. Harry Kilbride Conn. R.
Pte. James D. Lithgow Gordons
Pte. Donald Mathieson R.H.
Pte. Hugh Meharry A.& S.H.
Pte. Murdoch McDonald Camerons
Pte. Patrick McNally S.R.
Pte. Robert McNally S.R.
Pte. Terence O'Brien H.L.I.
Pte. William K. Rennie H.L.I.
Pte. Vincenzo Tamburini Italian Army
Pte. Robert Taylor Camerons
Cpl. Charles Wardlaw R.D.Fus.
L.Cpl. Alexander Warren H.L.I.
Pte. Alexander Barclay H.L.I.
Pte. William Doonan H.L.I.
Pte. Francis Faughnan H.L.I.
Gun. John McD. Haddow M.G.C.
Pte. Patrick Haughney I.G.
Pte. Robert Jeffrey Seaforths
Pte. Joseph Lafferty H.L.I.
Cpl. Hugh Lee S.R.
Cpl. James Lochhead H.L.I.
Pte. John Lonie R.D.Fus.
Pte. John L. McPhail H.L.I.
Gun. John Ritchie R.G.A.
Sgt. Michael Shea R.S.
Gun. Robert Smith R.G.A.
Pte. Bernard Carson R.H.
Pte. James Delaney H.L.I.
Pte. Henry Doyle S.R.
Pte. Victor Forrster R.E.
Lieut. David Glen R.S.Fus.
Pte. Peter Greenan R.S.
Gun. William Hoey R.F.A.
Sgt. Andrew Hunter S.R.
Pte. Robert Y. Knight H.L.I.
Pte. James McCabe Camerons
Pte. William McHugh A.S.C.
Sap. James McMullin R.E.
Second World War
F/Sgt. John Beattie R.A.F.
Sgt. David Bell P. Corps.
Pte. John Greenan Seaforths
Pte. Alex. Graham Seaforths
Gnr. John Kenny R.A.
A.B. Michael Kennedy R.N.
Std. Gerard Keenan Mer. Navy
F/O Alex. Murray R.A.F.
F/Sgt. Valance McCall R.A.F.
Pte. James McMurdo Seaforths
Pte. John D. Clark A.& S.H.
Pte. James McGlinchey Seaforths
Sgt. James McSpadyen R.A.F.
Rfm. Michael Nolan S.R.
Rfm. Thomas Reid S.R.
Gnr. David Swanson R.A.
Cpl. Norman Smith P. Corps.
Cpl. Alex. Stewart Seaforths
Sgt/Obs James Tait R.A.F.
Fus. Thomas Timoney R.S.F.
Cpl. Richard Verling R.E.

Last Updated 22nd August 2010