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Surname Index

This index contain names listed on the site including non-fatal accidents, men involved in rescue attempts, people who gave evidence at inquiries etc. It excludes known fatal accidents (which are indexed in the Accidents section). Some names listed may have died in the accident but this has not been confirmed with a death certificate.

IMPORTANT - these indexes are no longer being actively updated - please use custom Google search instead

To locate further details of the person mentioned we suggest you go to the page specified and either scroll down to the date listed or use Control+F to search for the name - some name listed are only mentioned briefly within a report.

Name Surname Year Month Day Place Page
John Quails 1869 May 28 Hillhead Ayrshire pages
James Queen 1889 May 30 Springbank Inspectors non-fatal accident list
John Queen 1861 March 23 Dalziel Lanarkshire Accident pages
Robert Queen 1936 June 23 Fauldhead Dumfriesshire accident pages
Thomas Queen 1864 July 25 Haughhead Hamilton accident pages
William Queen 1887 May 28 Udston Udston 1887 (Hamilton Advertiser Article)
William Queen 1887 May 28 Udston Udston 1887 (Hamilton Advertiser Article)
John Quillan 1893 November 16 Kirkwood Kirkwood 1893 page
Bernard Quin 1871       Truck Report – Coltness Iron Co
Edward Quin 1888 March   Springhill Old Monkland Accident pages
Bernard Quinn 1867 August 6 Heatheryknowe New Monkland Accident Pages
Edward Quinn 1918 July 9 Stanrigg Stanrigg 1918- Inspectors report page
James Quinn 1864 August 1 Britton Britton Pit 1864
Thomas Quinn 1921 February 22 Leven Fife accidents

Last Updated 2nd December 2010