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In memory of the men of this district who in the Great War laid down their lives
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Royal Navy
1st Class Stoker James Murphy
Royal Naval Division
A.B. George A. Hutchison
A.B. Patrick V. Lennon
O.S. Frank Vint
Household Cavalry
Trooper John Hawthorn
Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Trooper William Forsyth
1st Scottish Horse
Trooper James Wilson
Royal Field Artillery
Corpl. James Shaw Gardner
Bomr. John Bissett
Gunner Patrick Hughes
Gunner Hugh Mallachan
Royal Garrison Artillery
Gunner Henry Devlin
Gunner John Gough, MM
Coldstream Guards
Pte. Thomas Brogan
Scots Guards
Pte. Francis Hildreth
Pte. Robert Muir
Royal Scots
Corpl. Alexander Blackley
Lce. Corpl. James McAllister
Pte. Robert Dewar
Pte. Archibald Donaldson
Pte. James Dyer
Pte. William Healey
Pte. William Jackson
Pte. Patrick McConnville
Pte. Thomas Robinson
Royal Scots Fusiliers
2nd Lieut. Kenneth Torrance
Pte. William Chalmers
Pte. Henry Hagan
Pte. Patrick James
Pte. John Smith
King's Own Scottish Borderers
Pte. James Ferguson
Pte. David Hannah
Pte. James Hughes
Pte. Alexander McGilvary
Pte. Patrick McGovern
Cameronians - Scottish Rifles
Lce. Corpl. Henry O McGown, MM
Pte. Andrew Burgess
Pte. Robert Burgess
Pte. Richard Brown
Pte. Mathew Campbell, jr
Pte. Daniel Casey
Pte. James Dawson
Pte. David Dowson
Pte. William Forsyth
Pte. Peter Friel
Pte. Alexander Hunter
Pte. William Marshall
Pte. Daniel Murray
Pte. William Murray
Pte. Bertram Watson
Pte. James Wright
Pte. Gilbert Howard
Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
Lce. Sergt. James McMillan
Lce. Corpl. John Boyle
Pte. William Boyle
Pte. John Ferguson
Pte. William Holmes
Pte. Innes McMillan
Pte. Norman Niven
Pte. Peter Thornton
Highland Light Infantry
Piper Charles McGregor
Pte. John Brown
Pte. John Dempsey
Pte. John Dunlop
Pte. Andrew Ferguson
Pte. John R. G. Holmes
Pte. Peter Lockhart
Pte. Robert Marshall
Pte. Thomas Murphy
Edward Russell Vint
Seaforth Highlanders
Pte. John Mallachan
Gordon Highlanders
Lce. Corpl. William Hunstone
Lce. Corpl. Thomas Penman
Lce. Corpl. Daniel Watson
Pte. Samuel Allen
Pte. Alexander Dougan
Pte. James Ferguson
Pte. Mathew Graham
Gordon Highlanders
Pte. John Lennox
Pte. John McGilvary
Pte. John Russell McGhee
Pte. John McGregor
Pte. James McGlone
Pte. John Rennie
Pte. William Smith
Pte. Mathew Trueman
Cameron Highlanders
Corpl. John Brown
Lce. Corpl. Gibson McKenzie
Pte. John Anderson
Pte. Peter Cowan
Pte. Donald Mackay
Pte. James Moore
Pte. Joseph McCully
Pte. John McLaughlan
Pte. Frank Skiffington
Royal Irish Rifles
Pte. William Robb
Royal Irish Fusiliers
Pte. Patrick James McGaughey
Pte. John McGuckin
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders
Lce. Corpl. William Brodie
Lce. Corpl. William Ferguson
Pte. Andrew Myles
Pte. Peter McMillan
Pte. David Ross
Dublin Fusiliers
Pte. James Fern
West Yorks
Pte. William McCreadie
Machine Gun Corps
Gunner James Hunter
Royal Army Medical Corps
James McMeechan
James H. Sneddon
Sergt. Robert Connell (15th Canadians)
Pte. Alexander Twaddle (48th Highlanders)
Thomas Graham McAllister
New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Pte. Thomas Reid (Canterbury Light Infantry)
William Kerr (New Zealand Rifles)

Inscription on stone below:
This stone commemorates the fortieth anniversary of VE Day (8th May 1985) and has been erected in memory of those who gave their lives in the Second World War

Last Updated 22nd August 2010