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Overtown War Memorial
To the Glory of God and in everlasting memory of the men of Overtown and Castlehill who fell in the Great War

Capt. Allan Steele, MC
Lieut. Gardner F. Steele
Lieut. William Thomson
Sgt. John Christie
Sgt. William Cowan
Sgt. William McGaw, MM
Cpl. James Girdwood
Lc-Cpl. William Greer, MM
Pte. George Allardice
Pte. Samuel Arnott
Pte. Charles Boyd
Pte. James Brown
Pte. Andrew Colquhoun
Tpr. Thomas Cowan
Pte. John Cumming
Pte. James Dobbie
Pte. Robert Dobbie
Pte. Albert Fox
Gnr. John Gemmell
Pte. James Girdwood
Cpl. Allan Grant
Pte. Richard Cole
Pte. John Grant
Pte. James Greer
Pte. Robert Herd
Pte. John Howieson
Pte. Andrew Inglis
Pte. Moses Imrie
Pte. Joseph Jackson
Pte. Andrew Johnstone
Pte. James Louden
Pte. Michael Lyons
Spr. Thomas Moffat
Pte. James McGaw
Pte. Alexander McLaren
Pte. Johnston McLaren
Pte. George Neilson
Pte. James Nelson
Pte. Robert Reid
Pte. Alexander Sneddon
Pte. Walter Sneddon
Pte. Gavin Warnock
Pte. William Williamson

Second World War
Cpl. David S. Allardice
Mne. George Bell
Rfn. Robert H. Cosgrove
Rfn. William H. Fourt
Gnr. Samuel Freeland
Pte. Arnold M. Harper
Gnr. Robert H. King
Sgt. William Lannigan
Rfn. James Little
S.A. William S. McCall
Cpl. Edward McInally
Gnr. Hugh Scott
P.O. George Stevens
Gnr. William N. Watson
Rfn. William Watson
Rfn. Mark Weir
Pte. Cornelius Windsor

Last Updated 22nd August 2010