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1853 Accidents

Notes - The information in this page is mainly sourced from the appendix to the Mine Inspectors report for this year. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background

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Information from Appendix to Inspectors Report
Extra Information
MonthDayName of CollieryNear where situatedOwners namePerson(s) killedCause of death
January2TitwoodPollokshawsSir John MaxwellBarnard FlanniganExplosion of fire damp  
January7CuttlehillInverkeithingHenderson, Wallace & CoWilliam RatteryFall of roof at face of workingNewspaper report - Fife pages
January22CambuslangRutherglenArchibald RussellWilliam DavidsonFall of roof in road  
January24GovanGlasgowWilliam DixonJames McKeesFall of roof at face of working  
January  CarfinBothwell  John McGinnes Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
February8GovanGlasgowWilliam DixonJames DickFall of roof at face of working  
February10Palacecraig   Richard Deans Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report
February11DalzellHamiltonWilsons & CoWm KirkwoodFalling down pit  
February21CoathillAirdrieJohn DavidsonAndw SpeirsFalling down pit from main coal to ironstone  
February26FountenhallTranentWilliam NaismithJohn BurnsFall of rubbish in pit  
March3SpringfieldGlasgowWilliam DixonRobert McKinnonFalling off the barrel when ascending a sinking pit  
March5DundonaldKirkcaldyJames NaismithThomas CampbellCrushed betwixt a hutch and a prop on an incline  
March22CowdenbeathDunfermlineForth Iron CoGeorge HunterFall of roof  
March31CarfinHolytownWilliam DixonNeil DonnochieExplosion of fire in a fall in road  
April9SunnysideWishawArchibald RussellDavid DunnExplosion of fire damp  
April16WhitehillLasswadeN B W RamsayDavid CoventryFall of roof  
April18GovanGlasgowWilliam DixonJames HendersonFall of roof  
April19GargillCoatbridgeWilliam Baird & CoWilliam CarsonFall of roof  
April19SunnysideCoatbridgeWilliam Baird & CoArchibald Campbell & William WoodStone falling out of pit  
April23CarlincroftCoatbridgeWilliam Baird & CoJohn DunsmuirFall of roof  
May5DrumpellarCoatbridgeTrustees of late John WilsonJohn HallidayFall of stone in road  
May6KelvinGlasgowMontgomery and FlemingWilliam SmithFell off the cage  
May14DalmarnockGlasgowGeorge WilsonJames McGillanFall of stone in road  
May23RosehallCoatbridgeAdie, Miller & RankineMichael DonnellyExplosion of fire damp  
June14BarleithKilmarnockJohn GallowayJohn DunnFall of stone in sinking pit  
June14StoneyburnWhitburn  John Gray Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report - Lothian pages
June18RosehallCoatbridgeAdie, Miller & RankineJames RamsayExplosion of fire damp  
June18Cowdencleugh   John Donohue Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report
June21CarfinHolytownJohn McAndrew & CoJohn WhitelawFell off cage when ascending pit  
June23ClackmannanAlloaMitchell & MowbrayRobert AllanFall of roof  
June24HurlfordKilmarnockJohn HowieJohn WilsonFell down pit when working at pumps  
June25RosebankRutherglenColin Dunlop & CoJames Pettigrew & Patrick McChaneChoke damp in sinking pit  
June25AyrAyrJohn Taylor GordonJohn LochrieFall of coal  
June30CowdenbeathFife   Downie Hunter Death not listed in Inspectors reportFife FHS pre-1855 deaths list death of Downie Hunter in No 1 Pit, Lochgelly
James Hunter Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report - Beath pages
July13BarrhillKilsythJohn WatsonJohn StockmanFall of coal  
July13WestmuirGlasgowRobert Gray & CoJames McGillFell out of the kettle in ascending a sinking pit  
July18ElginDunfermlineEarl of ElginJohn GrayFall of coal  
July27PercetonIrvineP B M MacredieJames SkellyExplosion of fire damp  
July28ThankertonHolytownWilliam Baird & CoRobert GairdnerBy hutches on underground incline  
July30CalderCoatbridgeWilliam DixonOwen McSheeFall of roof  
August4DrumpellarCoatbridgeTrustees of late John WilsonPeter HassonFall of roof  
August10SauchieAlloaAlloa Coal CompanyWilliam FosterFall of coal  
August13West RowCoatbridgeWilsons & CoPatrick CrossenFall of roof  
August20HuntershillGlasgowWilliam DixonWilliam HoustonStone from a shot in a sinking pit  
August26RawyardsAirdrieGavin EddieNeil McDougallExplosion of fire dampWilliam Davidson, age 40, firesman and roadsman, address Johnston Street, Airdrie was charged with culpable homicide, or culpable neglect of duty in relation to this accident. He was found guilty at the High Court, Glasgow, 15 Oct 1853 and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment - source NAS catalogue
August31WestmuirGlasgowRobert Gray & CoJames TennantFall of roof  
August31PittencrieffFife  David Bisset Death not listed in Inspectors reportFife FHS pre-1855 deaths
September1SillyholeDalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoWalter RowanSuffocated by choke damp  
September2PittencrieffDunfermlineForth Iron CoJohn RussellFall of roof  
September8West ThorntonKilmarnockArchibald Finnie & SonRobert StewartFall of roof  
September9ReddingFalkirkTrustees of late John WilsonHugh LynnFall of roof  
September15ColtnessWishawAlexander G SimpsonJohn HendersonFall of roof  
September17BargeddieWalbridgeBartonhill Coal CoWilliam Reid, James QuinneyDrawn over pit head pulleyNewspaper report - Old Monkland pages [NB Newspaper report gives name of second man as James McGuire]
September22WellwoodDunfermlineThomas SpowartWilliam BeveridgeCrushed between cage and roof at pit bottomNewspaper report - Fife pages
September24KippsAirdrieWilliam Baird & CoWilliam KingFell down pit from main to splint coal  
September26BinniehallSlamannanJohn BrownHugh SneddonFall of roof  
October14BredisholmBailliestonProvanhall Coal CoThomas KittingsFell from pithead down the shaft with a hutch  
October15GreenbankDalryMerry & CunninghamJohn LochrieDrawn over pit head pulley  
October15GovanGlasgowWilliam DixonMichael DochertyFall of roof  
October17Orrmill Pit, DysartFife  John Adamson Death not listed in Inspectors reportFife FHS pre-1855 deaths
October26SpringhillBailliestonRobert RamsayGeorge WilkieExplosion of fire damp  
October28TownheadKilsythMatthew Hay & SonJohn DonaldsonFell down pit from ironstone to coal working  
November1RosehallCoatbridgeAdie, Miller & RankineSamuel McCombFell from pit head attempting to go on cage  
November15RavenscraigWishawJames Anderson & CoJohn GilchristFall of coal  
November16GartshoreKilsythM Wallace & CoPatrick KaneFall of roof  
November16FarmeRutherglenJames FairieWilliam RobertsonFall of roofNewspaper report
November30BankheadRutherglenMcNaughton & HoodJohn PatonFall of roof  
November30CowdenbeathDunfermlineForth Iron CoEdward Sheppard & 4 othersBreakage of rope Newspaper report - Beath accidents
Others were:
David Miller, collier, native of Coaltown of Balgonie
James King, collier age 19
2 bachelors called Campbell, colliers, natives of Baintown, Kennoway
December1GlengarnockKilbirnieMerry & CunninghamAlexander StevensonFall of coal  
December5GovanGlasgowWilliam DixonDaniel McFarlaneCrushed by hutch loaded with rails  
December7DalzellMotherwellTrustees of late John WilsonJohn StevenTaken up to pithead pulley and in attempting to leap off fell down pit  
December13GarscubeGlasgowJohn Barclay & CoPatrick McDade & 4 othersKilled by explosion of fire dampNewspaper Report - Garscube page
December26DalmarnockGlasgowGeorge WilsonThomas BrysonCrushed between cage and roof of mineNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
December28Little RaithDunfermlineLochgelly Iron CoWilliam HowiesonFell down sinking it when stepping into kettle  
December30Hamilton HillGlasgowWilsons & CoWilliam Dick & Andrew BuchannanExplosion of fire dampNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
December30KippsAirdrieWilliam Baird & CoWilliam KennedyFalling down main coal to ironstone  

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