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1881 Deaths listed in Mine Inspectors Report

This table is compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
Please note the copy of the report that these transcriptions are taken from was very poor quality

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Year MonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwner or CompanyPerson(s) killedSurnameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident and remarksExtra details
1881January3BatonShotts, LanarkShotts Iron CoThos.DochertyScreenman--Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between two empty waggons at screens 
1881January4Fauldhouse No 12Whitburn, LinlithgowWm Dixon LtdHughMcCoulDrawer12 1/2In ironstone minesFall of roof while filling a hutch at face. Long wall 
1881January5Devon, Furnace Bank pitClackmannanAlloa Coal CoWm.MoodieManager56In shafts – falling from part way downWashed off a bunton into 50 fathoms of water. The pump had ceased to discharge water, and the sinkers were going to look at the bucket at the clack-door, which had been taken off. When the bucket was lowered to the door water rushed out upon him unexpectedly. 
1881January11Fairybank No 2Newhouse, HolytownMiller and HendersonThos.GibsonDriver14Falls of roofOn horse road; long wall 
1881January25Broxburn, Hayscraig mineUphall, LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdWm.ArmstrongMiner29In shale minesWhile riding up the mine, between two water barrels, his head struck the roof. It was against orders to ride on the incline. 
1881January26Newbattle, Shaw's pitNewbattle, EdinburghMarquis of LothianPeterAllanCollier53Falls of sidesWhile “shearing” a part of the “mid” coal fell. Stoop and room 
1881February7Chapelside No 2New Monkland, LanarkFerrier & StrainJohnKingDrawer18In shafts – falling from part way downFell with a hutch from Kiltongue (mid-working) to Drumgray seam. There was a gate, but it had been left open. 
1881February19Burnbank & LadytonGalstonBoyd, Gilmour & Co.JohnBrownCollier17Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881February22BraeheadLugarEg. Iron Co.JamesCollinsBrusher38Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881February27Cadder No 15BishopbriggsCarron Iron CoJamesLynchDrawer30Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp

From Main body of report: The first [explosion of firedamp] happened to a young man, a drawer, who it appears, had gone into an abandoned mine used sometimes as a “stow” road, and partly filled with debris, in which there was no circulation of air beyond a few feet past the entrance. He ignited some firedamp, and was so severely injured by the explosion that he died next day from the effects therof. The fireman admitted that he had not been in the road for a some days previous to the explosion, that it was used as a “stow” road, and previous to the accident firedamp was not known to exist in it. He was charged at the instance of the Procurator Fiscal with culpable violation, or neglect of duty as fireman, and having failed or neglected before the men entered, to examine the mine as required by the 34th Special Rule, or otherwise with failing or neglecting to place a fence across entrance of said mine. He pled guilty to the first alternative charge, and was fined the sum of 60s., failing payment to suffer 21 days imprisonment.
1881February28Donibristle, Isabella pitAberdour, FifeGrieve & NasmythGeo.BeveridgeInclinesman54Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesJammed by runaway hutch at foot of incline (cut chain) 
1881March2Lumphinnans No 7Ballingry, FifeLumphinnans Iron CoJohnBowmanCollier16Falls of roofAt roadhead, six feet from face; long wallNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1881March5Carfin No 2Bothwell, LanarkCarfin Coal CoCharlesLawCollier43Falls of roofAt face; long wallNewspaper report
1881March10CampWilkiesonWm. TorranceLaurenceMurrayMiner35In metalliferous minesFall of a block of limestone at face 
1881March12Meadowhead No 3Dalziel, LanarkGlasgow Iron CoJamesLindsayBottomer20Miscellaneous in shaftsWhile adjusting a hutch on the cage a signal was accidentally given, and deceased was squeezed between the cage and door-heads 
1881March14North Motherwell No 2Dalziel, LanarkMerry & CunninghameJohnQueenCollier29In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryFell out of cage while ascending from his work with two others, it was supposed in a fainting fit. 
1881March24Brownyside No1New Monkland, LanarkWm Black & SonsJohnBlackBrusher50Falls of roofAt face of brushing while putting in a building; long wall 
1881March28Dolphingstone, No 2Prestonpans, HaddingtonPrestongrange Coal & Iron Co LtdJohnCullenCollier--Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesJammed by a runaway hutch at foot of incline 
1881March29Leven No 1Wemyss, FifeFife Coal Co LtdRobt.GilliesWagon shifter--Miscellaneous on surfaceWhile shifting a loaded waggon his head came in contact with a steam pipe. He was riding on the wrong side of the waggon. 
1881March31Stonecraigs No 4Cambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron CoAdamMainsDriver18Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsHutches went off rails at a curve, and he was jammed against side. He had neglected to put in all the snibbles. 
1881April2Barrwood No 2KilsythW Baird & CoJamesMitchellCollier36Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881April7Greenhead No 3Cambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron CoJohnHamiltonBottomer66Miscellaneous in shaftsCage came down on him while crossing cage seat. There was a good road by the side of shaft. 
1881April7Niddrie, No 11Liberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdRobt.SpiersCollier--Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderShot had exploded; he was found dead. Stoop and room. Edge coal 
1881April9Addiewell No 2 MuirhallWest Calder, EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdJas.McAvoyMiner36In shale minesStruck by empty hutch at top of an incline plane. The hutches were lowered and raised by gravity, and he allowed the empty to go past the landing at the face. It contained two props, and one of these or the hutch jammed him.Newspaper report _ Lothian pages
1881April11ShawfieldCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonAlexScottWagon shifter--Miscellaneous on surfaceHe was attempting to pass between two waggons while the locomotive was shunting a train, and was squeezed between the buffersNewspaper Report
1881April12Motherwell No 4Hamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonJohnWaughCollier23Falls of roofWhile drawing props at the stooping in main coalNewspaper Report
1881April15Cleland No 3Bothwell, LanarkWm Dixon LtdTerenceReillyCollier55Falls of sidesWhile “holing” the coal and “falling” fell upon him. Long wall 
1881April16Highfield No 2BeithM & CunninghamJohnAllenMiner48Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881April20BrownleeCarluke, LanarkArchd. RussellRobt.ScottCollier--Falls of sidesWhile “holing” at the stooping a piece of coal fell upon him. Died 4th May. Stoop and room 
1881April22WestfieldWest CalderWm Baird & CoSylvesterMorrisonMiner25In metalliferous minesFall of limestone at face 
1881April30Afton, Old Main's pitAlloa, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoJoseph HunterYatesCollier45Falls of roofAt face while taking off coal; long wall 
1881May2Hurlford No 18HurlfordA Gilmour & CoJos.McKillopCollier29Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1881May2Largoward No 1Kilconquhar, FifeThos. Brown & SonsThomasSmithCollier32Falls of sidesAt face, while “holing” the coal. Long wall 
1881May3Carfin No 7Bothwell, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJamesCairneyCollier24In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryThe accident happened in a new shaft. The deceased and two others were breaking away the levels in the main coal before cages were put in. While ascending at end of shift, a wrong signal was given, and deceased fell off the kettle while it was going too quickly. 
1881May7Caprington No 35KilmarnockW S CunninghamChas.HoustonCollier20Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881May10Govan No 5GlasgowW S DixonEdw.O'NeilBrusher50Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Died on 23rd June 
1881May10Govan No 6GlasgowW S DixonAndw.IzattCollier24Falls of roof & sidesFall of coalNewspaper report
1881May14Arniston, Emily pitCockpen, EdinburghArniston Coal CoRobt.SimpsonCollier50Falls of sidesWhile drawing the sprags from the coal it fell upon him. Great seam. Stoop and room 
1881May23Kilbirnie No 31DalryM & CunninghamHughGrantMiner21Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1881May23Newbattle, Engine pitNewbattle, EdinburghMarquis of LothianAlexLawsonShaftsman30Miscellaneous in shaftsJammed between cage and landing at a mid-working. His foot slipped while in the act of signalling.Newspaper report _ Lothian pages
1881May23Dalharco No 2DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoThosJohnstoneTrimmer22Above groundFell across the rails accidentally whilst “breaking” a waggon

From Main body of report: Was run over by a waggon which he was shifting at the scree, and endeavouring to “brake.”
1881May27Ferniegare No 1Hamilton, LanarkArchd. RussellJohnMcKendrickFireman48Falls of roofWhile drawing props at the stooping in main coalNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1881June9PolkemmetWhitburn, LinlithgowColtness Iron CoDavidStruthersMiner36In ironstone minesFall of roof on main road. Long wall 
1881June10Burgh No 1IrvineM & CunninghamJohnBoydPitheadman29In shaftsFell off a scaffold whilst engaged putting in a “gable”

From Main body of report: Along with a neighbour workman, was being lowered upon a scaffold, in a shaft being sunk, with materials for securing the guide rods, when the scaffold on which they were standing suddenly canted, and they were both thrown down; the deceased fell away and onwards to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of 110 yards, whilst his neighbour retained his hold of the chain and was rescued uninjured. As to the cause of the accident, apparently one side of the scaffold had got slightly jammed, and afterwards dropped, it is supposed, 6 feet.
1881June11AuldhouseburnMuirkirkJohn WatsonJamesGilmourRoadsman26In shaftsFell off the cage as appeared to his fellow workmen in a swoon

From Main body of report: So far as I could learn, fell off the cage, where he had been engaged with the oversman repairing the shaft, whilst in a fainting fit or swoon.
1881June11Mainhill No 1BailliestonW Baird & CoMichaelCowenBrusher26Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof whilst building under it 
1881June13Craigmark No 1DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJamesSmithCollier38Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal. Injured on the 7th; died on the 13th 
1881June23Redburn No 4KilwinningEg. Iron Co.Andw.StewartCollier17Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof on main drawing road 
1881June23Garriongill No 7Cambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron CoAndrewRaeFireman38Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsHe was connecting the pump rod to a crank, and another crank in motion squeezed him against an upright post. 
1881June30Loanhead, Ramsay pitLasswade, EdinburghShotts Iron CoRobt.JonesCollier53In shafts – falling from part way downFell with a hutch down incline. Edge coal 
1881July1Commondyke No 1LugarEg. Iron Co.PeterMainsMiner45Falls of roof & sidesFall of ironstone 
1881July5Kinneil, Snab pitBownees, Linlithgow [Bo'ness]Kinneil Iron CoRichd.SneddonDrawer33Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesWhile turning an empty tub at top of incline it got away and carried him down the incline 
1881July13FlemingtonCambuslangFlemington Coal CoJamesCorriganCollier52Falls of roof & sidesFall of roofNewspaper Report
1881July14Muiredge, Rosie pitBuckhaven, FifeBowman & CoWilliamSempleFireman--Miscellaneous in shaftsHe was assisting the bottomer, and while pulling the second empty tub out the cage was lifted, and he was squeezed against the door-heads. The bottomer said no signal was given, but the engineman said there was one made. 
1881July15AuchenraithBlantyre, LanarkMerry & CunninghamJas.BeacroftShot firer--Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderShot had exploded; he was found dead. Long wallNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1881July15PentlandLoanhead, near EdinburghClippens Oil Co LtdThos.ConnellyMiner30In shale minesFall of shale. 
1881July20Twechar No 2KilsythW Baird & CoJas.AbercrombieMiner34Falls of roof & sidesFall of ironstone 
1881July28BellfieldHurlfordBellfield Coal Co.Wm.GoldCollier40Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal. Injured on the 24th; died on the 28th 
1881August3North Motherwell No 5Dalziel, LanarkMerry & CunninghameWilliamReidScreenman18Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between a waggon upon which he was riding and a scaffold; at screens 
1881August6Clydesdale, No 3Cambusnethan, LanarkArchd. RussellAlex.WotherspoonStone picker14Miscellaneous on surfaceFell off the buffers of a waggon which was being shifted forward at screen. It is supposed that he struck the scaffold. 
1881August6Earnock No 1Hamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonDanielGrayDriver27Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsHe was in front of a train of loaded hutches; his foot slipped, and he fell in before them 
1881August11Bogleshole No 4TollcrossJas Dunlop & Co.ThomasSwanCollier75In shaftsFell from the cage whilst ascending; he had worked 68 years in pits

From Main body of report: Happened to an aged workman who, it was reported, had been employed for upwards of 65 years in mines; he was being raised on the cage with a neighbour workman, and when about 16 fathoms up he suddenly fell away. It is possible that he may have been taken suddenly ill and fallen away. It was the opinion, however, of his neighbour that he had overbalanced himself whilst endeavouring to adjust his dress or fasten a belt which he wore round his waist.
1881August12Eldin No 1Bonnyrigg, EdinburghEldin Colliery CoThos.DawsonBottomer40Falls of roofOn road, within four yards of shaft (New pit); long wall 
1881August22Bredisholm No 2Bothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoEd.McGrawShaftsman30In shafts – falling from part way downFell from main coal to splint coal. He was incautiously stepping across the corner of winding shaft, when the cage struck him 
1881August24Twechar No 1KilsythW Baird & CoWm.RossMiner27Miscellaneous undergroundBy blasting

From Main body of report: Took place by some misunderstanding as to the time when a shot was to be fired, and the unfortunate sufferer, being within the range of the shot, got severely injured, and died from the effects thereof two days after.
1881August25Rawyards No 4New Monkland, LanarkRawyards Coal Co LtdJamesDallettBrusher40Falls of roofAt face of brushing. The stone fell while he was knocking out props from under it to make the shot work better; long wall 
1881August 26East Plean    CharlesStevenson     See entry under 26 September 1881  
1881August29North Motherwell No 2Dalziel, LanarkMerry & CunninghameAlexJackRoadsman30Falls of roofOn drawing road at a junction; long wallNewspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1881August29OrchardGiffnockBaird and StevensonPatrickFoxMiner24In metalliferous minesFall of roof 
1881September8Stepends No 1CumnockEg. Iron Co.AlexSteelMiner21Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881September9Enterkine No 9AyrG Taylor & Co.AlexParkCollier32Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881September12Cowdenbeath No 3Beath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoJamesAllanBrusher26Falls of roofWhile repairing a road within 30 yards of the shaft; long wallNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1881September14Overtown No 3Cambusnethan, LanarkJohn WilsonHughMullenStoker45In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryHe went down in the cage to get water in the shaft, and, after signalling to ascend, is supposed to have fallen off. 
1881September17CraignethanLesmahagow, LKSCraignethan Gas Coal CoWm.SteelChain runner14Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesRun over by tubs on an engine plane 
1881September18Annandale No 9KilmarnockA Finnie & SonThos.StewartCollier17Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881September18Calderbank No 2BailliestonP Hall Coal CoHenryLaffertyCollier20Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp

From Main body of report: The third explosion occurred much in the same way as the first described. The deceased, when passing the entrance to a place not at the time in course of extension, either for some reason or inadvertently, went into it, and ignited some gas, by which he was injured, and died from the effects a few days after. In this case the fireman admitted that when he made his examination he found a little gas, but had displaced it. This, however, did not prevent it collecting again as there was not sufficient brattice to maintain a circulation of air, under the circumstances the proper course would have been to ventilate the place.
1881September19LucknowStevenstonEg. Iron Co.Wm.WallaceCollier56Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881September26East PleanBannockburnPaterson & ThomsonChas.StevensonCollier14Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof
Newspaper report - Stirling pages
NB Date actually 26 August 1881
1881September28Gartshore No 2KilsythW Baird & CoJamesStarMiner21In shaftsOverwinding by an unauthorised engineman

From Main body of report: Two [accidents due to overwinding] happened when the regular engineman were not working the engine. It would scarcely be correct to state they were absent, for they were near, but practically speaking the engine was not being worked under their control, but by persons who had nothing to do with the machinery. Referring to the first, the overman of the pit, at the change of a shift, apparently with the concurrence of the regular engineman, in reply to a signal from below, commenced to raise the cage with two workmen upon it, and continued to raise it above the usual landing. One of the men was seriously injured by being drawn over the pulley, but his neighbour leapt or fell from the cage and down the shaft, a distance of 256 yards, and was killed. [See also Dec 24 1881]
Newspaper report - Stirling pages
1881September30Barrwood No 2KilsythW Baird & CoJamesIrvinefurnaceman18Above groundGot entangled with the machinery

From Main body of report: Got entangled with the pumping machinery whilst attempting to enter the enginehouse in an irregular way.
1881September30Genclelland No 1Dalziel, LanarkKerr & MitchellWilliamLinnCollier27Explosion of fire dampGas was lying in a hole within 6 feet of the side of the road which deceased used, and he ignited it as he passed. He died in the Infirmary. The fireman said he found no gas in the morning 
1881September30Hamilton Hill No 2GlasgowStone Coal CoJohnFauldsSinker42In shaftsWhile looking over the cage he came in contact with a bunten, and fell down the shaft

From Main body of report: Whilst looking over the cage when in motion, came in contact with a “bunton” and fell down the shaft.
1881September31Pennyvenie No1DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJamesO'NeilCollier32Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881October4Camp No 2Dalziel, LanarkJ Williams & CoDavidBrownBrusher50Falls of roofAt face of brushing while drawing props from below it; long wall 
1881October5Knightswood No 9MaryhillSummerlee Iron CoJohnHayCollier26Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp

From Main body of report: The second [explosion of firedamp] occurred in a mine which was in the act of being opened up, the only work at the time being of a preparatory kind, such as arranging pitbottom, and forming a second means of egress. At the time of the accident there was only one place in the course of extension. It appears that the deceased, two brothers, had contracted to carry on the work with three shifts in the 24 hours. The first shift commenced at 6am, the second at 2pm, and the third at 10pm. In this way the work was carried on continuously in shifts of eight hours, the only cessation being from Saturday night till Monday morning. I understand that it was customary for the overman, who at the time also acted as fireman, to be the first to go down the pit on the Monday mornings, and examine the mine before the first shift commenced, but as each shift was relieved by the one that followed it no further special examination was made during the week. The continuity of the work was interrupted by the illness of one of the workmen, and on the morning of the accident when the deceased reached the pit, they apparently, without let or hindrance, got possession of a safety lamp, and went to their work. They were the only person in the mine, and it was stated by the engineman that when they left him to go on the cage to be lowered, they had a safety lamp, lighted, and also carried an open light, and I believe with these they entered the mine. After leaving the pit bottom they had gone towards their working place, where they encountered the fire damp, which produced the explosion, and which, in all probability, was ignited by one of their open lights. A fall of roof had taken place during the night, about 12 yards back from the face, which deranged the brattice, and this, in all likelihood, was the cause of the accumulation of firedamp. The quantity of gas, considering the contracted space, and the amount of damage done, could not be great. The deceased were both badly burned, and though rescued alive died soon after from the effects of the injuries. It appears that previous to the accident no accumulation of gas had been known to exist, and the workmen used open lights. It was known to the fireman that deceased had at least on one occasion, after a cessation of work, entered the mine before an examination was made. He failed to check this irregularity, and on that account was charged by the Procurator Fiscal with contravention of the special rules. The engineman whose duty it was to prevent any person descending into the mine until the fireman had reported the safety of doing so, was also charged with a violation of the special rules, they were both tried, found guilty, and fine 40s each, or suffer 30 days imprisonment.
1881October6BankN. CumnockBank Coal CoDavidStevensonCollier36Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal. Injured on the 30th ult. 
1881October8Muirhead No 3Shotts, LanarkColtness Iron CoDavidWhiteOversman48In ironstone minesWhile changing a bucket, the rope on which it was suspended broke, and the bucket carried away the scaffold on which he was standing.Newspaper Report
1881October8MuirhousesNear LinlithgowMuirhouses Coal Co LtdJos.RaeSinker27In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile he was stepping on the kettle the rope slipped off the drum and he fell down the shaft 
1881October9GlenclellandDalziel, LanarkKerr & MitchellJohnMcLarenCollier43Falls of sidesAt stooping in main coal 
1881October13Shields No 1Dalziel, LanarkJames WoodJohnReidDriver15Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsHe was walking behind a race of hutches when some others ran amain and jammed him 
1881October24Overtown Station No 2Cambusnethan, LanarkBrand & CoJamesMillarCollier48Falls of roofAt face of stooping in main coal 
1881October26Lochgelly, Eliza pitAuchterderran, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJohnWildridgeCollier47Falls of roofAt face; long wall. Died 27th Nov. Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1881October27Arniston, Gore pitNewbattle, EdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdJohnFordDrawer28Falls of roofOn level road at junction of upset; long wall 
1881October27FoxleyTollcrossFoxley Coal CoWm.PalmerDrawer14Miscellaneous undergroundWas run over by a hutch upon a drawing road.

From Main body of report: Happened whilst two boys, drawers, were proceeding with a full hutch down a heading road, when one of the “snibbles,”placed to control the speed of the hutch, fell out unobserved by them. In consequence of this the speed of the hutch increased, their lights were extinguished, and one of them came in contact with the roof and was compelled to abandon his hold of the hutch. His companion retained his hold, but was unable to prevent it overtaking the deceased, who was on the heading with a full hutch and failed to get out of the way in time.
1881October28CommonLugarEg. Iron Co.PeterBrogganSinker59In shaftsOverwinding by an unauthorised engineman

From Main body of report: Two [accidents due to overwinding] happened when the regular engineman were not working the engine. It would scarcely be correct to state they were absent, for they were near, but practically speaking the engine was not being worked under their control, but by persons who had nothing to do with the machinery. ......... The second occurred at a sinking pit whilst three men were being raised upon a kettle. The contractor for the sinking of the pit was at the time in charge of working the kettle. Instead of stopping the kettle at the pit-mouth or proper landing it was taken up and drawn over the pulley. One of the sinkers managed to get off as the kettle reached the surface, and escaped unhurt, but the others were taken over the pulley with the kettle; one was killed and the other severely injured.
1881November4Woodend No 4Torphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron CoJas.HendersonMiner40In ironstone minesFall of roof at face. Long wall. 
1881November5Dysart, Lady Blanche pitDysart, FifeEarl of RosslynJohnWatsonBogie man40Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesWhile riding up the dook on bogie it left the rails and he was thrown off 
1881November8KilgrammieGirvanCooper & McHarrisJamesCummingCollier18Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal and roof 
1881November11West Drumgray, No 3New Monkland, LanarkJohn Young & SonsRich.SinnetSinker--In shafts – falling from part way downFell of a bunton while putting in a set of pipes 
1881November12CraigenhillLanarkThos Todd and Co.Wm.SmithPitheadman50In metalliferous minesFell down shaft. He pushed an empty hutch into the shaft when the cage was not there. The gate was standing open.Newspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1881November18Alloa, Holton pitAlloa, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoDavidRamageCollier38Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsHe was coming down a short incline in front of a loaded tub when his foot caught and the tub ran over him. 
1881November19Todhill No 4DalryEg. Iron Co.JohnCraneLabourer24Above groundStumbled into a cesspool and was scalded

From Main body of report: In some unexplained manner stumbled into a cesspool containing hot water, and was so severely scalded that he died soon after.
1881November21Blackrigg No 1Slamannan, StirlingJohn WatsonJamesSwanCollier45Falls of roofAt face, while holing the coal; long wall 
1881November28AnnocklodgeIrvineAnnocklodge Coal & Oil CoEdwardNeilCollier26Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp; suffocated

From Main body of report: The fourth [explosion of firedamp] happened in a shale mine, and was occasioned by the ignition of a small accumulation of gas. From some mismanagement one of the men at work in the place was not got out till about two hours after the gas was ignited, when he was found dead, not burned, but apparently suffocated from inhaling the afterdamp. It was sufficiently proved that there was no gas in the mine, a stone mine, when the deceased commenced his shift, but had been encountered in an overlying mine, which the fireman had not considered a working place, and so did not examine. Strictly speaking the mine where the gas lay, and which could only be reached by a ladder, was not a working place, but as the deceased and his neighbour were driving a cross cut mine to intersect it, and were at the time near to it, I am of the opinion that it should have been treated as if it formed part of the working place, and examined accordingly.
1881November30Broomlands No 8IrvineBourtreehill Coal Co.Wm.Finnie, senr.Collier45Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
Wm.Finnie, junr.Collier14
1881November30Lumphinnans No 1Ballingry, FifeLumphinnans Iron CoAlexRossCollier58In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryCrushed between cage and landing at the bottom while attempting to get out of the lower deck of cage. The shuts had not been properly placed to prevent the cage descending through them Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1881November30Wilsontown No 3Carnwath, LanarkWm Dixon LtdThos.GillonWheelman27Falls of sidesWhile assisting the roadsman to put some hutches on the road on an incline 
1881December6BankN. CumnockBank Coal CoJohnMurphyLabourer61In shaftsFell down the shaft.

From Main body of report: A workman engaged at the pithead by mistake pushed a hutch into the open shaft, and fell to the bottom with it, a distance of 64 yards.
1881December6Clydesdale, Graveyard pitCambusnethan, LanarkArchd. RussellRobt.KennedyCollier--Falls of roofAt face, splint coal. Stoop and room 
1881December8BankendKilsythW Baird & CoPhilipMcLachlenSinker24Miscellaneous undergroundWhilst unramming a shot. Injured on the 1st; died on the 8th

From Main body of report: Was the result of a direct violation of the 8th General rule, which provides that a charge of powder which has missed fire “shall not be unrammed.” The deceased and his neighbour were sinkers, and had prepared three shot holes in the ordinary way; in attempting to blast them, from some cause one failed to explode, and it was whilst they were in the act of unramming it that it exploded. They were both severely injured; the deceased survived for 8 days, and his neighbour, who was also the contractor, though living, has lost both hands and the sight of one eye.
1881December12Tillicoultry, Drummie mineTillicoultry, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoCharlesHarrowerBrusher33Falls of roofWhile putting in building at face; long wall 
1881December14Quarter No 7Hamilton, LanarkColin Dunlop & Co.Jas.PrenticeCollier40In shafts – overwindingThe deceased and other three men were ascending the pit. The engineman did not stop the cage until it was about eight feet above the landing, and deceased, apparently alarmed, jumped on to the roof of the shed, which sloped towards the shaft, and he slid off into the shaft. The other three men remained on the cage and sustained no injury.

From Main body of report: I have marked under this head [In shafts] one case of overwinding, but it could scarcely be called overwinding. I allude to the accident at Quarter on the 14th December. The engineman appears to have neglected to attend to his indicator, and when the cage reached the surface it was going at such a speed that the deceased thought it was going up to the pulleys. In this he was mistaken, for the cage stopped about 8 feet above the usual landing place just as the deceased jumped off and fell into the shaft. The other men on the cage were not so much alarmed, or at all events they stuck to the cage and next minute were safely landed. The winding engine has two cylinders and a good break, and I have no doubt the engineman stopped his engine when going at the ordinary speed for men within 10 feet after he saw the cage appearing at the surface.
1881December15Glentore No 6New Monkland, LanarkGlentore Coal CoJosephJenkinsBrusher45Falls of roofIn a new road being made through waste; long wall 
1881December16Dennymill No 2DennyR Addie and SonJas.PenmanRoadsman33Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1881December19Cleland Townhead No 5Bothwell, LanarkP & R Wyper & CoThos.HostlerDrawer14Explosion of fire dampThis boy with a companion, out of curiosity, scrambled up a fall, where, unexpectedly, a little gas had accumulated 
1881December23Royal George No 3Cambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron CoAdamDixonLabourer36Miscellaneous on surfaceHe and six others were taking down a pithead-frame. They lost control of the crane, and deceased was struck by the handle. 
1881December24Gartshore No 2KilsythW Baird & CoFrancisHalkettOversman30In shaftsOverwinding

From Main body of report: The third [accident due to overwinding] occurred at the mine where the first took place [see Oct 28 1881] and the victim, strange to say, was the oversman referred to who unwarrantably worked the engine at the time of that occurrence. In this case the regular engineman was in attendance. The particulars are not very exact, but as far as is known, deceased, who was engaged on a night shift, had been to the surface, and afterwards requested to be lowered to a midworking. It is understood that after reaching the midworking, he signalled to be lowered to the bottom, but, through some momentary aberration or neglect on the part of the engineman, he was raised to the surface, and, I believe, against the pulley-wheel, from which he fell on to the plates at the pit-mouth, where he was found dead. In this case the engineman was charged with culpable homicide. A special plea of insanity was put in by his counsel and accepted by the Advocate Depute, and Lord Young ordered him to be kept in confinement during Her Majesty's pleasure.
Newspaper report - Stirling pages
1881December25Thrashbush No 1New Monkland, LanarkRobt. MarshallAlexGrahamPumper--In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machinerySupposed to have fallen off the cage while ascending. There was no one in the pit but himself at the time. 
1881December27Greenhead No 6Cambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron CoSamMurrayCollier60Falls of roofIn a road being cut along a stoop side preparatory to stooping. Stoop and room 
1881December28Blackrigg No 1Slamannan, StirlingJohn WatsonDavidDouglasCollier29Falls of roofWhile drawing the “gibs” from the coal the roof fell along with the coal; long wall 
1881December29Bent No 1Hamilton, LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdRobt.BrownCollier--Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFound dead below some tubs on endless rope haulage road. He had left the face unwell, and is supposed to have taken a fitNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
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