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Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland - 1901
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Accidents occuring during 1900 but reported in 1901 report
Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident & remarksExtra Information
1900April4Craighead No 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdJames BrownMiner39Falls of roofFall of roof at working face(injured on 4th April 1900 and died on 23rd February 1901)  
1900July7CandieStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdAlexander WilliamsonMiner63Falls of roofFall of stone at face. Died 18th April, 1901.  

Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident & remarksExtra Information
1901January8FoulfordFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames StottWagon shunter44On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysA labourer was bringing forward two loaded trucks from the back-lye to a dross washer, leaving nine loaded trucks standing trigged in the back-lye. After proceeding some distance he observed that the nine trucks had got away, and were following him. Shouting to a fellow workman to take charge of the two trucks, he ran back to secure the nine, but failed to stop them. They overtook the others, and drove them with some violence against some empty trucks standing in front. Deceased had at the moment gone between two of these to couple them, and was crushed between the buffers. He died five hours afterwards.  
1901January11ClydeLanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdIsaac CollisonMiner47Haulage – by trams and tubsCrushed by a full hutch while drawing in front instead of behind Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1901January11Limefield (oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdRichard SneddonMiner32Underground by explosivesDeceased worked in an upset rising 1 in 2. and in the usual way bored and charged holes for shots at the face, four "yankee" or holing shots were placed at different parts, and over these were two "brairder" shots. When everything was ready deceased began to ignite the fuse of each shot, and apparently he had trouble in getting the fuse of one of the "brairders" to ignite, which caused delay, and one of the shots exploded and he was thrown to the bottom of the upset, a distance of 40 feet, and before help could reach him the remainder of the shots, except one, exploded. The fuse of the unexploded shot, a "brairder," showed signs of a light having been applied to it. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1901January11ShieldsLanarkGlasgow Iron & Steel Co LtdGeorge WrightMiner30Underground by explosivesWhile forcing 1 ½ lbs of compressed gunpowder into a shot hole, drilled in sandstone, apparently by means of a steel jumper, the charge exploded. Newspaper Report
1901January12BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdJohn ChalmersJigger engineman33On surface – miscellaneousAfter putting a driving belt upon a pulley, deceased was returning along a gangway underneath the pithead scaffold. At a point where the clear height was 4 ft. 2 in. his head apparently came against an overhead beam, he overbalanced and fell to the ground, a distance of 16 ft., striking the end of a truck as he fell. He sustained injuries which resulted fatally ten hours afterwards. Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1901January15BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdRobert HamiltonFireman32Falls of roofDeceased men were instantaneously killed by the sudden fall of about 70 tons of roof consisting of rock bands and fakes, intersected by numerous lypes and joints. The road was 9 to 10 feet in width, and the roof was supported by bars 1 foot apart. Part of it hart been repaired and re timbered on the previous night. It was inspected by Hamilton and the oversman about an hour before the accident took place, and considered to be in safe condition.  
James BlackWheeler40
1901January21WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries LtdWilliam HamiltonSinker37Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased and other sinkers were enlarging a shaft and a few fathoms below them was a scaffold on which the debris fell. The enlargement was proceeding at a point a short distance below the Great Seam and where a crosscut mine left the shaft to cut the seam. The previous shift had left their work fearing a fall and the contractor and others were in the shaft for the purpose of making it secure when a large quantity of stone fell away above the crosscut, and the two deceased fell with it to the scaffold below, the contractor and others escaping with difficulty Newspaper report - Lothian pages
Patrick HooliganSinker47
1901January22CarmuirStirlingCarmuir Coal Co LtdRobert BrownleeLabourer59On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased and another were shifting forward some loaded trucks to clear the taillye at a screen, deceased being at the left rear buffer. The truck under the screen being fully loaded, the screenman removed the trig, and permitted it to gravitate forward, meantime giving his attention to trigging up the succeeding empty trucks in the proper position. The loaded truck moved further than he anticipated, overtook the others, and crushed deceased against the buffer, killing him almost instantly. Newspaper reports - Stirlingshire accidents
1901January23LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdRobert NotmanMiner36Underground – suffocation by natural gasesAbout the beginning of the year a fire was discovered in the rise workings of the Corbie Craig Coal Seam, and to extinguish it the air current was cut off by means of stoppings. The result was that the workings referred to and the workings of other seams in the same district were filled with gases from the fire and black damp. When the workings were re-opened deceased, who with others was engaged at that work, wandered into another section in search of some tools, and was suffocated.  
1901January23KirkwoodLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co LtdMatthew SavageMiner37Explosions of fire damp or coal dustHe entered a disused heading which was not fenced off and had not been inspected by the fireman. His naked lamp ignited an accumulation of fire damp

From Main body of report: Happened in Kirk wood Colliery, owned by the Summerlee and Mossend Iron and Steel Company, Limited, to a miner who, with an open light, entered a disused heading which was not fenced off and had not been inspected by the fireman. After the explosion the owners were induced to work the seam with safety lamps, but failing to come to an agreement with the miners the working of the seam was stopped for months.
1901January25Burnt BroomLanarkGlasgow Coal Co, LtdJohn MurrayWaggon trimmer25Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhile shifting a waggon below the scree he was crushed against a post supporting the scaffold  
1901January25HaughheadLanarkHaughhead Coal Co LtdPatrick ReddyMiner38Explosions of fire damp or coal dustThe fireman found gas in two adjoining working places. After, it is said, he cleared out the gas from one place and permitting the miners to commence work in it with naked lights, he and two others were clearing out the gas with safety lamps in the other place when firedamp ignited at the naked light of Reddy, who was in the place from which the fireman said he had expelled the gas. Other 3 men were injured by the explosion

From Main body of report: Happened in Haughhead Pit, and by it the fireman and a miner lost their lives, and other three men were injured. In making his morning inspection the fireman found gas in two adjoining long-wall working places. After, it is said, clearing out the gas from one place, and allowing the miners to commence work in it with open lights, he and other two miners began with safety lamps to clear out the gas from the other place, when firedamp ignited at the naked light of one of the miners who had just entered the place from which the fireman said he had expelled the gas. There is no doubt in my mind that the fireman had not cleared away the gas in the place where it was ignited, and he was wrong in permitting any of the workmen to enter these places until the firedamp was entirely dispelled from both. Had there been an adequate amount of ventilation the gas would not have accumulated at the point where it was ignited.

Newspaper report- Bothwell pages

Graham PerrieFireman43
1901January25Glenbuck, Davie PitAyrCairntable Gas Coal Co, LtdWm. WilsonMiner21Falls of roofFall of roof in working place while drawing props Newspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1901January27Holytown No 8 PitLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdMatthew MackinnonReddsman38Explosions of fire damp or coal dustWithout sanction the fireman allowed the deceased to inspect the workings instead of doing it himself and while doing so with a naked light he ignited fire damp

From Main body of report: Happened in Holytown No. 8 Pit. The fire-man, without sanction, took upon himself to delegate his duty of inspecting the workings previous to the commencement of the shift to a reddsman, and while the latter was making the inspection with a naked light instead of a safety lamp he encountered an accumulation of firedamp with the usual result of such folly.
1901January30CandieStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn DickCoal cleaner17On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was picking stones in a truck which was being loaded at a screen, the lower end of which was supported by a beam which crossed the road 5 ½ inches above the lip of the truck. The screenman went to shift the truck forward, and warned deceased of his intention, but it was not clear that the latter heard or understood him. He was then standing on the lip of the truck, clear of the screen, but got down into the truck, which in moving forward caught and crushed his head against the cross-beam referred to. He succumbed eight days later.  
1901February4BalbardieLinlithgowBalbardie Colliery CoAlexander ReidMiner23Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased and his neighbour were brushing a level road when a stone fell off the side and killed him instantly  
1901February6North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame, LtdPeter YoungMiner20Falls of roofFall of roof at face of working face in Ell Coal stooping section. The fall was 12 feet by 11 ½ feet and 3 ½ feet high, and was caused by a want of props.  
1901February7NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdRobert TaggEngineer30Haulage – on machineryDeceased was engaged with several others erecting a pump underground, and when placing a cylinder in position the support on which it hung slipped from its place, and, in falling, struck him on the head. He died from his injury 11 days afterwards.  
1901February9ReddingStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn McAulayMiner27On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased and some others were riding on a tank locomotive which was about to lift some carriages in which the miners were to be conveyed to their work. Owing to the darkness, the driver failed to see that the carriages had been left standing nearer to the point from which he was approaching than wan usual. He applied his brake and reversed the locomotive at the usual place, but owing to the skidding of the wheels he failed to pull up in time. Deceased, who was sitting on the front footplate, was killed instantaneously. The men had no authority to ride upon the locomotive ; but it appeared to have been permitted to become an established practice.  
1901February15Hill of BeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdPatrick McRobertsoncostman30Underground firesSuffocated by gases from an underground fire. See Report.
James McFarlaneoncostman44
Andrew NasmythFireman34
Robert BirrellOversman33
Alexander Carroncostman43
Martin McTearnoncostman36
James ReidMiner35
1901February16WemyssFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdAlexander ChristieMiner64Falls of roofDeceased was building a pillar in a long wall level in a seam 7 feet in thickness, when about 15 cwts. of coal and stone fell from between two parallel lypes and killed him instantly. There were no gibs under the coal, and the nearest rance was 12 feet distant.  
1901February20Haugh No 2 PitStirlingWm. Baird & Co, LtdPatrick HaggertyDrawer19Haulage – on inclined and engine planesRun over by hutches on a self acting incline. He was taking an empty hutch along a line of rails parallel to the incline and apparently thinking that the hutches were running into him, he stepped aside in front of the descending full hutches  
1901 February 23 Craighead No 2 Pit Lanark Wm. Baird & Co, Ltd James Brown See entry under 4th April 1900 at top of page
1901February25LimeriggStirlingJohn Nimmo & Son LtdRobert GuinneyPit bottomer67Shaft accidents – falling from part way downDeceased was engaged at a mid-working, and when about to put a loaded tub on the cage it moved up, and he and the tub were precipitated to the bottom, a distance of 44 fathoms. When the cage was in its position at the mid-working the engineman neglected to pin down his brake, and the weight of the opposite cage with empty tub and rope caused it to descend, at the same time causing the cage at mid-working to ascend, thus leaving the shaft unprotected.  
1901February25Gilbertfield No 2 PitLanarkCambuslang Coal Co LtdPatrick KilrainPony driver18Haulage – by trams and tubsHe seems to have fallen off the front of a “race” of full hutches and was run over  
1901March2OxenfordEdinburghA White & CoJohn DonaldsonMiner39Falls of roofDeceased was engaged with another workman withdrawing props after the coal stoop had been extracted, when a fall took place and he was partly buried, attempts were made to rescue him, but other falls occurring he was completely buried.  
1901March4Limefield (oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdThomas SneddonMiner20Falls of roofFall of top shale from the roof near the face of a level.  
1901March7KeltyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Bell Heggieoncostman53Haulage – on inclined and engine planesDeceased and several others were building brick side walls in a dook about 1,000 yards in length, having an average dip of 1 in 5. The dook was laid with a double road throughout, and was worked temporarily as a self-acting incline, the descending tubs, loaded with building materials, pulling up the empties. No blocks were used at dook head. The dook head men, having left a loaded tub standing double snibbled at the top of the incline, brought forward a second one, which was allowed to buffer against the standing tub. The impact carried both tubs on to the incline, where the two snibbles were unable to hold them, and they ran away. Deceased, who was about 400 yards down, was struck by the tubs, and sustained injuries which terminated fatally about an hour afterwards.  
1901March11Blair No 2 Pit (ironstone)AyrWm. Baird & Co, LtdJohn SmithMiner19Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. Caused apparently by want of props  
1901March11East PleanStirlingPlean Colliery CoJames GemmellMiner40Falls of sideFall of stone from the side of working face  
1901March14DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdThomas McEwanPin boy16On surface – by machineryDeceased had been endeavouring to unhook a miner's pin or token from a nail underneath the body of a loaded tub. While crossing in front of the tub, his foot was caught by the creeper chain which dragged him down, fracturing and tearing off the leg below the knee. He succumbed to his injuries on the following morning.  
1901March14NeilslandLanarkArchd. RussellWm. MurphyPony driver19Falls of sideFall of side on horse road Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1901March14NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohn ScottMiner25Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased had gone to the dip side of his face and withdrawn his sprags and in returning he passed between the face and a prop when the coal from which the sprags had been withdrawn came away and fatally crushed him against the prop  
1901March15FordellFifeFordell TrusteesWilliam DuncanLabourer72On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile moving an empty wagon he allowed it to move too quickly down an incline, and, after following it for a considerable distance, attempting to put on the brake, he became exhausted and fell. Died on 4th August, never having resumed work.  
1901March18BelhavenLanarkUnited Collieries LtdJames SwanWagon shifter45On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile shifting a wagon below the screen he was jammed against a post supporting the scaffold. Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1901March18SwinhillLanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdAdam PowMiner29Falls of roofFall of roof at working face.  
1901March19DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdJames LeslieMiner22Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased was about to take down some head coal which had been shorn on both sides. While cutting out the bridge in front of the rise side shearings the head coal suddenly came down, part of it falling upon the deceased and causing injuries to which he succumbed while being taking outbye  
1901March21BentriggLanarkLarkhall Collieries LtdJohn IrelandMiner43Shaft accidents – miscellaneousWhen clearing out a shaft from the bottom a rush of clay and mud engulfed him.  
1901March29DalquhandyLanarkWaddell & SonJames GloagMiner42Falls of sideFall of coal  
1901April1Blair No 9 PitAyrWm. Baird & Co, LtdJames CooperDrawer37Haulage – on inclined and engine planesWhile drawing in front of seven empty hutches which he was attempting to take down a road he was overpowered and crushed against the end of the road  
1901April8DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdAndrew HarrowerMiner17Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased worked in a place 17 feet wide going to the rise in in a seam 4 ½ feet thick. The coal had been holed and a shot fired which did not bring it down, and they appear to have been improving the holing previous to firing another shot when the coal came over Newspaper report - Clackmannan pages
James HarrowerMiner23
1901April8DaldowieLanarkGlasgow Coal Co, LtdHugh MorrisonBrusher42Underground by explosivesA spark from his lamp which was, contrary to the regulations, on his cap ignited compressed gunpowder in his case which he had opened  
1901April11CultriggLinlithgowBarr & ThorntonJohn CarruthersDrawer15Shaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased had just descended a shaft 35 fathoms in depth, where no bottomer was employed. He signalled the cage clear, and a moment later, as it had not been raised, attempted to cross upon it to the other side of the shaft. As he was entering it, the cage was raised, he was caught between it and the side of the shaft, was dragged up for some distance, and fell back into the bottom, being killed instantly.  
1901April12ChapelLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdAnnie ReynoldsCoal cleaner17On surface – by machineryThe shoot which conveyed the nuts from the picking table to a hopper underneath had become choked, owing to the hopper being full. Deceased placed her foot upon the nuts, and was pushing them down, when it was caught by the plates of the picking table ; her leg was drawn in and the lower part of her body was severely crushed, resulting in her death three hours afterwards. Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1901April15DonibristleFifeDonibristle Coal CoWilliam ArchibaldMiner50Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased was taking off coal from the side of a stoop when the coal suddenly gave a burst; to escape injury he threw himself back and his head came into violent contact with a rail. He died from his injuries 4 days afterwards  
1901April15DaldowieLanarkGlasgow Coal Co, LtdWilliam DickMiner61Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire accidents
1901April16Banknock Victoria PitStirlingYoung's Collieries LtdThomas MillarMiner47Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. Newspaper reports - Stirlingshire accidents
1901April16Philpstoun (Oil shale)LinlithgowJames Ross & CoMagnus DicksonMiner24Haulage – on inclined and engine planesThe mine dips from the surface, with an inclination averaging 1 in 3 ¾. An empty tub had been placed on the level scaffold at mine mouth, close to a block set to guard the incline. The block was 2 ins. thick, and crossed one rail only. Three other empties were pushed forward, and buffered against the one referred to, driving it over the block, and sending it down the incline. Deceased was at the moment travelling up the incline, and was struck by the runaway tub while he was endeavouring to reach a manhole, receiving injuries which terminated fatally fifteen minutes afterwards. Newspaper reports - Lothian accidents
1901 April 18 Candie Stirling James Nimmo & Co Ltd Alexander Williamson See entry under 7th July 1900 at top of page
1901 April 18 Donibristle Fife   William Beveridge     Not listed  Death not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901April23Craighead No 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdJohn McKayDrawer21Falls of roofFall of roof on road while taking in an empty hutchNB Deceased most likely Jonas Giga. Newspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1901April23Drumpellar Nos 3&4 PitsLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co LtdRichard NisbetMiner48Haulage – on inclined and engine planesWhile illegally riding in an empty hutch attached to a race of full hutches coming down a haulage road they ran off the rails and his spine was broken Newspaper report - Old Monkland pages
1901April25NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdRobert BeveridgeMiner69Haulage – on inclined and engine planesDeceased was travelling down a self-acting incline 160 fms. in length, and having an average dip of 1 in 5. He was informed that a ''wreck" had taken place shortly before, owing to the ascending and descending sets colliding, but appeared to think he could get down the brae before the traffic was resumed. He had gone down about 70 fms. when the repairers, having set the tubs on the rails, signalled to the wheeler, and the tubs were set in motion. Deceased appears to have been tripped by the ropes, or struck by the empty tubs. He fell amongst them, and was crushed against the roof, sustaining injuries to which he succumbed while on the way to pit bottom. The repairers had not observed his light in the road, and believed he had been in the dark.  
1901April30LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdWalter BrownMiner34Falls of roofDeceased was taking off coal at the face, when the roof fell on him. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901May3Dechmont No 1 PitLanarkArchd. RussellJohn McAllisterRepairer26Shaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryThe rope came off the pithead pulley just as the cage with 8 men in it reached the pithead. When the cage dropped the deceased either jumped off or fell from the cage down the shaft. A gland clamped to the rope with a small pulley attached, left on by inadvertence by men working in the shaft, was the cause of the rope coming out of the groove in the pulley Newspaper Report
1901May3KnownobleLanarkKerr & MitchellPeter McArdaleMiner39Explosions of fire damp or coal dustDeceased was brushing a road in a long wall working. The brushing which consisted of blaes, fire clay and ironstone balls was too soft to require blasting and was usually taken down with the pick. He appeared to have shorn it all along one side, and to have been relieving a ball on the other side when a mass of fireclay fell upon him causing spinal and other injuries which resulted in his death 6 months later  
1901May6MonklandLanarkJas Dunlop & Co (1900) LtdHugh SloanMiner25Falls of roofFall from roof at face of long wall in upper Drumgray seam. The fall was 20 ft. long. 3 ft. wide, and 1 ft. thick and came away from a crack and swung some timber.  
1901May7EspiesideLanarkJames Wood, LtdWilliam StewartRoadsman33Falls of roofFall of roof on drawing road while repairing it. Another man was injured.  
1901May8FarmeLanarkFarme Coal Co, LtdRobert FallsBrusher40Falls of roofFall of roof at brushing face  
1901May15LoganleaEdinburghLoganlea Coal Co LtdJames McFarlanePony driver15Haulage – by trams and tubsDeceased appeared to have been riding outbye on the first of a set of loaded tubs, and to have fallen in front of them, probably owing to his head having come in contact with a haulage rope roller, which was hung from the roof. He was found lying underneath the leading tub. His skull had been fractured.  
1901May16Gilmilnscroft No 3 PitAyrGauchalland Coal CoJames CrichtonFireman38Explosions of fire damp or coal dustWhile “waffling” gas along with 2 roadsmen and a miner from a working place in which he had found an accumulation when making his inspection, an explosion happened. It was said that another man came in with a naked light and this ignited the gas, but this seems uncertain. Other 3 men were injured

From Main body of report: Took place in No. 3 Pit, Gilmilnscroft Colliery, Ayrshire, and resulted in the death of the fireman and the injury of three other workmen. A level crosscut mine, 145 yards in length, was driven from the Main to the Major seam, and at the time of the explosion a heading, 20 yards in length, was driven in the coal, and a level at right angles to it for about the same distance was driven from the end of the mine. A wooden rhone, 2 1/2 feet by 2 feet in section, was led in to the end of the mine, and from that point bratticing was led to the face of the two working places. The ventilating current, such as it was, went in the mine, round the bratticing to the heading face, thence to the level face, and back through the wooden rhone. The coal gave off firedamp freely, and consequently safety lamps were used. The lamp station was at the outer end of the mine, and this was also the station appointed by the manager in terms of General Rule 4. It appears that on the morning of the explosion the fireman found at the face of the heading an accumulation of gas which the ordinary ventilation was unable to clear away, and he got the assistance of two miners and a roadsman to assist him to endeavour to "waff" it out by means of pieces of brattice cloth. Leaving their lamps at the foot of the heading, they were trying by waving or "waffing" the brattice cloth to dislodge the gas from the heading when another roadsman came in carrying, it was stated by one of the miners, although it was not afterwards proved against him, a naked light on his cap. Just as he reached the foot of the heading the explosion took place.
The presence of firedamp had been reported in this working place daily for five weeks, and the miners working on the previous night shift had to be withdrawn on account of the gas accumulating. Every morning for some time the fireman got the assistance of the workmen to remove by "waffing" the gas which the ventilating current in accordance with General Rule 1 ought to have prevented from accumulating. The safety lamps were lighted below-ground instead of on the surface, contrary to Special Rule 86. The fireman who was appointed to perform the duties required by General Rule 10 (i) delegated these duties to another man, and contravened Special Rule 38 by failing to prevent the workmen from entering their working place until a report had been made that it was safe. The workmen also contravened General Rule 4 by passing the station before the workings beyond it had been stated by the fireman to be safe.
The investigation of this explosion revealed an utter disregard of the regulations by all concerned, from the manager downwards. With your sanction the manager was charged with failing to provide adequate ventilation in terms of General Rule 1, and after a trial which extended into the third day he was convicted and fined £15. An appeal against the conviction was intimated, but the case was not carried farther. The overman was convicted under Special Rule 2 of failing to see that the safety lamps were lighted, &c. on the surface in terms of Special Rule 86, and the manager was also charged with the same offence, but the charge against him was withdrawn. The roadsman who came in to the foot of the heading at the time of the explosion was charged with having a naked light in a place where safety lamps were used, contrary to Special Rule 87 (5), but the sheriff found the charge "not proven."
1901May18EarnockLanarkJohn Watson LtdJohn RichmondMiner23Falls of roofFall of roof in working place.  
1901May20South BroadriggLinlithgowJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn McCabeDrawer13Falls of roofThe roof fell on deceased while he was filling a hutch with coal at the working face. The roof is a treacherous fire-clay. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1901May21CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdDaniel BainJoiner23On surface – by machineryWhile engaged erecting a fence around a fan engine while it was in motion he was caught by the crank.  
1901May23Banknock Cannerton PitStirlingYoung's Collieries LtdJohn TripneyMiner55Falls of sideFall of coal Newspaper reports - Stirlingshire accidents
1901May24LassodieFifeThomas Spowart & Co LtdWilliam TaylorBrusher37Falls of sideDeceased and another workman were engaged brushing a heading road when the roof suddenly fell. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901May24KeltyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames GrayBrusher48Shaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased and fifteen workmen were being raised to the surface after the day's work was done, and by some unexplained cause he fell off the cage. The space between the end of the shaft and the cage was insufficient to allow him to fall into the shaft and he was dragged up to a "ring" and forced into its space and when the cage passed he dropped to the bottom a distance of 134 fathoms. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901May28GlencraigFifeWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdJohn BellDrawer17Haulage – by ropes and chains breakingDeceased was a drawer, but assisted at the foot of a cut-chain brae. Having put an empty tub on one end of the chain, a loaded tub was pushed over, and it ran away, and before he could get clear he was caught and so severely crushed against the wall side that he died six hours afterwards. The cause of the tub running away was the opening of a "false" link in the chain.  
1901May29HallsideLanarkJames Dunlop & Co LtdMichael DochertyBrusher28Falls of roofFall of roof while travelling along a working face not in use  
1901June2Bothwell Park No 1 pitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdJames Bunyanshanksman26Shaft accidents – miscellaneousHe went into the cage seat to clean it when the cage came down on him  
1901June3South BroadriggLinlithgowJohn Nimmo & Son LtdThomas MarshallMiner53Falls of sideDeceased was breaking away a place in a. stoop and room working, in a seam 3 ft. thick, having a roof of fakey fireclay. He had fired a bursting and a cut shot in the coal, and, finding that they had shaken the overhanging fireclay, he proceeded to secure it with a prop. While setting the prop the fireclay fell upon him, causing injuries which resulted fatally two days afterwards.  
1901June4NorthriggLinlithgowJames Wood, LtdGavin TudhopePit bottomer23Shaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased leaned over a gate, fencing the shaft at a mid-working, to cry to the bottom of the shaft 13 fathoms below, when one of the cages running in the shaft came down and caught his head. He appears either to have thought the cages were not running or thought he was in a safe position.  
1901June12Douglas Park No 1 PitLanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdJames DicksonMiner18Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1901June15Cousland (oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdRobert StirlingMiner30Underground by explosivesDeceased had six shots charged and ready to fire at the face of an upset, and he appears to have attempted to light all the shots at once, with the result that one exploded before he had lit them all.  
1901June17NeilslandLanarkJohn Watson LtdDavid GallacherPump attendant38Underground by machineryCaught by pump machinery  
1901June19Herbertshire No 2 PitStirlingR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdJohn CaldwellBrusher27Falls of sideFall of side at working face. A prop was being got ready to set beneath it  
1901June21Bothwell Park No 1 pitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdWalter GrantRoadsman18Underground by machineryWhile holding up a haulage rope while another man cut a notch in a crown, the haulage engine was started and his arm was drawn in round a pulley  
1901June25Westfield (Limestone)EdinburghWilliam Baird & Co LtdJames WatsonMiner27Metalliferous MinesAfter firing a shot in a thick seam of limestone he returned and was cuaght by the fall of a large block loosened by the shot Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1901June28Gilbertfield No 2 PitLanarkCambuslang Coal Co LtdWm LivingstoneMiner30Falls of roofFall of roof at working face.  
1901July1WarrixAyrBourtreehill Coal CoJames WatsonBrusher37Falls of roofFall of roof at brushing face. He knocked out a crown to fire a shot when the roof gave way.  
1901July3LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdWil. BallingallWagon weigher50On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysRun over by a wagon near a coal washer. He had left his cabin to call attention to something wrong with the washer. He had a wooden leg.  
1901July11Hattonrigg No 4 pitLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co LtdWm LagganBottomer23Shaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen descending in the cage from a mid working the cage caught him. He seems to have attempted to leave the cage after it commenced to descend Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1901July22Dechmont No 2 PitLanarkArchd. RussellDaniel DochertyDrawer28Haulage – by ropes and chains breakingWhile taking a hutch down a “cuddie” brae the rope broke and the “cuddie” ran down upon him  
1901July22Blantyre No 3 pitLanarkWm. Dixon LtdThos. ArmstrongWaggon shifter20Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhile illegally spragging a waggon with a prop the sprag struck and threw him in front of the wheels which ran over him  
1901July24Auchinraith No 1 pitLanarkMerry & Cunninghame, LtdHenry TennantMiner17Shaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile descending in the cage with other 6 men the cage in some unexplained manner left the slides and they fell out Newspaper Report - Blantyre pages
James McGurkBottomer37
1901July29SheriffyardsClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdJohn MurrayScreenman45On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile coming out below the screens he does not appear to have noticed a train of empty wagons which were being pushed forward by a locomotive engine. The guard was on the leading wagon, and shouted to warn deceased.  
1901July30FallahillLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdJohn GrantBrusher40Falls of roofDeceased worked alone, and was engaged brushing a road, and on the fireman making his round of inspection he was discovered under a stone quite dead. From the position it was thought deceased had been taking out props when the roof fell on him.  
1901August1North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame, LtdJohn DevlinMiner19Falls of roofFall of roof in the waste close to his working face in Ell Coal stooping section. He ought not to have entered the waste where the props had been removed.  
1901August1LightshawAyrWm. Baird & Co, LtdGavin RobbHooker-on13Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhile disconnecting a hutch of props from a tail chain on surface haulage road when in front of it he fell, and the hutch ran over him.  
1901August2South BroadriggLinlithgowJohn Nimmo & Son LtdWilliam McCorrieMiner31Falls of sideAt the end of deceased's first shift in the pit he was holing the coal in a close place when a piece of it fell from a lype and crushed his head.  
1901August2PirnieFifeFife Coal Co LtdArchibald HerdRepairer34Falls of roofWhile repairing an engine dook a large stone fell upon him.  
1901August3DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdJohn MorganMiner43Falls of sideDeceased and several others were widening out a 12 ft. place in a seam 3 ft. 9 ins. in thickness, and transforming it into a longwall heading. He was lying holing at a point about six or eight feet from which a shot hole had already been drilled and charged, when a piece of coal, 6ft.5 ins. by 2 ft. 5 ins. at extremes, suddenly burst off the face and fell upon him. causing injuries to which he succumbed the same day. Newspaper report - Clackmannan pages
1901August5Harburn (Limestone)EdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdGeorge RitchieDrawer16Metalliferous MinesWhile filling a hutch with limestone at the face of a dook a mass of limestone fell from the side near the roof.  
1901August8RiddochhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdPeter ConnellyMiner28Haulage – by ropes and chains breakingWhile deceased was following up a hutch containing some props on a short "cuddie brae" the rope broke, and he was forced backward by the hutch and jammed against a tree. The rope was made of steel wire, and was of ample strength. The cause of the fracture was not ascertained.  
1901August9Rankinston No 1 pit (ironstone)AyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co LtdHugh KirkEngineman37Surface – miscellaneousWhen starting the pumping engine the stop valve casing burst and the escaping steam scalded him to death  
1901August14Craighead No 1 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdFrederick MarksMiner28Falls of roofIn stepping back to avoid a piece of coal which fell from the roof he slipped and fell against a hutch  
1901August14Gartshore No 2 PitDumbartonWm. Baird & Co, LtdJohn GallacherDrawer19Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. Newspaper reports - Stirlingshire accidents
1901August14Kirkwood No 1 and 2 pitsLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co LtdThomas StirlingMiner32Falls of roofFall of roof in working place.  
1901August15Woodhill No 8 PitAyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co LtdJames MurphyLabourer76Surface – miscellaneousWhen tipping a hutch of fire-clay into a waggon he fell off the unfenced gangway, a hight of 6 ½ feet  
1901August16CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames JappFireman65Falls of roofA miner was taking a cut off the inbye side of a stoop in a seam .5ft 10in. in thickness. Hearing the roof working at the level road, he went out and set some timber, and while doing so deceased approached from the outbye side. The miner reported what had happened, and deceased passed inbye, tapping the roof with a hand hammer. He had only gone a few yards, when a triangular stone 5 ft. by 2 ft. 3 in. at extremes, and 9 in. in thickness, fell from a lype hitherto unseen, and killed him instantly. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901August19GlencraigFifeWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdJohn WilsonMiner26Falls of roofThe roof collapsed over a large area at the face of a long wall road in the Lochgelly Splint seam. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1901August19DouglasLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJohn HopeMiner24Falls of roofDeceased worked in a room 9 to l10 feet wide. The face was standing on an upthrow of 3 ½ feet, and the left side had stripped an unproved upthrow for a distance of 14 feet. No one witnessed the accident, but they were believed to have fired a shot at the face, and to have been engaged in working off the loose stuff, when the roof burst in upon them, completely burying them.    
James HopeMiner26
1901August19LinridgeLanarkJohn Horn & CoWilliam CraigMiner14Shaft accidents – overwindingDeceased and his father were ascending an upcast shaft, 34 fathoms in depth on a single decked cage worked by a single cylindered horizontal engine. As they approached the surface deceased remarked that they were going too fast. The cage was raised a considerable distance above the upper scaffold, and fearing that it was to be overwound, the father leaped off, fell upon the roof of the pithead house and rolledown upon the scaffold. Deceased jumped or fell from the cage, landed upon the pavilion end of the pithead house, rolled off and fell down the shaft and was killed instantly Newspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1901August24Cadder (coal and ironstone)LanarkCarron CoRichard GibbLabourer45Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysA train of waggons going down an incline was not spragged and ran into the lye where Gibb was working and killed him  
1901August26DonibristleFifeDonibristle Coal CoWilliam ForsythWheeler20SundriesInflow of moss See report
Jas Bowman McDonaldIncline bottomer32
William HyndPit bottomer52
Andrew PatersonOstler40
David CampbellFireman54
Thomas RattrayOversman54
Geo. Herd HutchisonMiner50
Alexander Smithoncostman48
1901August29Oakbank (oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdJames HaddowMiner38Underground by explosivesDeceased bored a hole for a shot to a depth of 3 feet 7 inches, and inserted the contents of two 1 lb cartridges of gunpowder into it; in beginning to stem, the gunpowder exploded and he was badly burnt and succumbed subsequently to his injuries. Deceased's cap with lamp attached was found near the hole, and the probabilities are the explosion was caused by a spark from the lamp. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1901September1NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThomas MorrisRoadsman41Haulage – by ropes and chains breakingDeceased and others had moved upwards the drum of a carriage incline, and were testing the running of the carriage on which the deceased were. The rope came off the drum and fell on the axle, and the consequent jerk drew the rope out of the socket or hose next the back balance. The man at the brake was not able to hold the carriage, which dashed to the bottom. The props which are usually set to prevent the rope getting off the drum had not been put up. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
George PeacockRoadsman48
1901September3Garturk, Britton PitLanarkWm. Dixon LtdWm. McLeodpitheadman44Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhen pinching forward a full waggon from the scree other two waggons followed and he was crushed between the buffers  
1901September4Auchinraith No 2 pitLanarkMerry & Cunninghame, LtdStephen RobsonMiner36Falls of sideFall of coal  
1901September9KeltyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn HodgeFireman40Falls of roofWhile passing from one longwall face to another by the rib side a stone from the roof fell on him. He had been warned not to use the road as the roof was not good.  
1901September11Tarbrax (Oil shale)EdinburghCaledonian Mineral Oil Co LtdDavid Scott TelfordBogie boy14On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile in charge of a bogie and rake of loaded hutches on a surface endless rope tramway, he fell from the bogie and was run over. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1901September16WoodendLinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdJames ForrestPony driver20Falls of sideDeceased was proceeding inbye with a rake of tubs when a stone fell from the side in the lye, killing him instantaneously.  
1901September20Cousland (oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdJames O'DonnellMiner35Underground by explosivesDeceased had prepared a "yankee" or holing shot at the face of a level, and while lighting the fuse or immediately after lighting it he appears to have lost his light, become confused, and must have been near the shot when it exploded, as he was blown 64 feet from the face, where he was found unconscious and much injured.  
1901September25GreenfieldLanarkArchd. RussellJames MurdochMiner33Falls of sideFall of coal  
1901September26Champfleurie (oil shale)LinlithgowLinlithgow Oil Co LtdJohn MorranMiner41Falls of roofDeceased and two other workmen were engaged repairing a level road when the roof suddenly fell.  
1901September27North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame, LtdAndrew GuthrieMiner55Falls of roofFall of roof at face of working place in Main Coal stooping section. Due to a want of props which were about 7 feet back from the face.  
1901October3DalquhandyLanarkWaddell & SonCharles FreeleyTrimmer23Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhile illegally spragging a waggon with a 6ft prop the sprag knocked him in front of the wheels  
1901October7BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdWilliam RankineMiner18Falls of sideDeceased was employed in a dook, and in passing an empty tub to give the chain-runner assistance with the dook rope, a stone fell off the side and crushed him against the tub.  
1901October7PirnieFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam NairnWagon trimmer50On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was bringing an empty wagon forward to a screen to be filled with Parrot coal, and, to regulate its speed, he went to the brake on the side where there was a retaining wall, and appeared to have been crushed against the wall, and afterwards thrown down among the wheels. The space between the retaining wall and wagon side was 11 inches.  
1901October14Hill of BeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam WallaceWagon shunter28On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was sitting on the buffer of the leading wagon of a train of empty wagons, being pushed by the locomotive engine to the top end of the pit, and, when he jumped off in centre of road, his foot slipped on a sleeper, and he fell across the rail whereby part of the train passed over him. Death ensued two hours afterwards, The morning was frosty and there was a thin coating of ice on the sleeper. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901October14Oakbank (oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdJohn LoweMiner51Falls of sideDeceased was taking out a stoop in a seam 6 ft. 6 ins. in thickness, and had reduced it to a pillar about 12 ft. square. The left corner had been holed and left ungibbed for three days, when, as the shale did not break, deceased set a gib under it, extended the holing, and bored and charged a shot hole. While drawing the gib preparatory to lighting the shot, the shale suddenly fell from an unseen lype and killed him instantaneously.  
1901October16Blair No 2 Pit (ironstone)AyrWm. Baird & Co, LtdJames KilpatrickShanksman41Shaft accidents – things falling from part way downWhen engaged repairing the shaft, a stone fell upon the cage, smashing it and precipitating it and the men to the bottom  
George KilpatrickShanksman37
1901October21KeltyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Keddie25BrusherFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were engaged brushing a heading road, and while withdrawing the props he sat under the brushing, when it fell and crushed him. He died from his injuries on March 11, 1902. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1901October25KeltyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames DowPithead worker30On surface – miscellaneousDeceased had finished his work, and appears to have gone on to the hoist cage, probably with a view to being lowered to the ground level, and fell off.  
1901November1Tarbrax (Oil shale)EdinburghCaledonian Mineral Oil Co LtdCharles RoubleMiner32Underground by explosivesDeceased, who was a Pole, worked with a fellow countryman in an upset near the face of a level. They had charged seven "yankee" or holing shots, situated at intervals across the working face. Each man lighted three shots and retired to the level; and on hearing the six explosions, deceased returned to the face of the upset to light the seventh shot. He appeared to have been close to it when it exploded, causing injuries which resulted fatally on the same night. The shot, which was said to have caused the accident, was close to one side of the upset, and 2 feet from the adjacent shot. They were charged with gunpowder, and fired by means of gutta-percha covered fuse.  
1901November2BeochAyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdJames WallaceChair runner63Haulage – on inclined and engine planesCrushed in some unexplained manner between the “race” of hutches and the side of haulage road  
1901November10HouldsworthAyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdWm ClarkWinding engineman31Surface – miscellaneousWhen assisting to put rails on the cage at the pit mouth his foot slipped down between the cage and the side of the shaft. He fell on the hutch guard and was fatally injured  
1901November14Craighead No 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdPeter ThomsonMiner26Falls of sideFall of coal  
1901November16SwinhillLanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdRbt. Cuthbertsonpitheadman38Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhile riding on footstep of Caledonian Railway Cos locomotive on branch railway he fell off and was run over  
1901 November 17 Bowhill Colliery Fife   Benjamin Ireland     Not listed Death not listed in Inspectors report
Not work accident
Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1901November22WhitehillEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJohn LeslieLocomotive guard17On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile using a length of wire rope to move wagons on one line by means of the locomotive engine on a parallel line of rails, he was caught between the rope and the leading wagon and severely crushed.  
1901November25BalgonieFifeC B BalfourJames Berwick SmartRoadsman46Falls of sideDeceased and three other workmen were repairing a main horse road, on the usual idle day, when a large fall took place off the side and crashed through the timbers completely burying him.  
1901November27CraigendLanarkCounty Coal CoJames LappinBoiler fireman27Shaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe either jumped or in some unexplained manner fell down the shaft. No one else was at the mine at the time.  
1901November27BentriggLanarkLarkhall Collieries LtdThomas KellighanBottomer28Shaft accidents – miscellaneousHe appears to have been crossing the cage seat when the cage came down upon him. He was alone at the time.  
1901November27Whistleberry No 2 pitLanarkArchd. RussellPatrick LarkinBrusher40Falls of roofFall of roof at brushing face  
1901November30NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdWilliam MoffattMiner25Falls of roofDeceased was holing his coal when the roof suddenly fell on him. He succumbed to his injuries 16 hours afterwards  
1901December4DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Sons LtdWilliam ReynoldsMiner34Haulage – on machineryDeceased and his neighbour were hauling a loaded tub up a dook by means of an ordinary windlass, and when the tub was a short distance up his neighbour thought there was something the matter with the machinery and he let go his handle causing the tub to go back and deceased who was at the opposite handle attempted to escape, but failed to do so, and was struck by the handle as it revolved in the reverse direction. Newspaper Report - Fife pages
1901December4Springhill No 4 PitAyrArchd. Finnie & SonAngus KerrPony driver60Haulage – by trams and tubsHe fell of the front of his “race” of full hutches and was crushed against the side of the road. It was his first day as pony driver.  
1901December9Cornsilloch, No 3 pitLanarkArchd. RussellRobert LivingstoneMiner30Explosions of fire damp or coal dustOn entering their working place 2 ¼ hours after it had been inspected by the fireman, their naked lights ignited firedamp. Another miner was injured

From Main body of report: The fifth fatal explosion resulted in the death of two miners and the injury of another. It occurred in Cornsilloch Colliery, which is one of the mines recently transferred to this district. The three miners worked together in a section of Ell Coal, where the stoops are being extracted. Owing to the want of hutches they did not enter their working place until about 2 1/4 hours after the fireman's inspection. When one of them was going up to the working face his naked light ignited gas which the fireman declared had accumulated after he had visited the place when making the usual inspection. Since the explosion the owner has agreed to work out the pillars with safety lamps.
Archd. CampbellMiner27
1901December10Cornsilloch, No 2 pitLanarkArchd. RussellRobert McLeanRepairer45Falls of roofFall of roof on horse road while redding a previous fall  
1901December11LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdWalter SaltonDrawer17Falls of roofThe roof in a longwall place in a highly inclined seam fell, and swept out some wooden pillars on the rise side of the level and buried deceased, who was assisting the miner in the place to move a hutch.  
1901December12Aucincruive Mossblown No 1 pitAyrAuchincruive Coal CoWm DiamondMiner26Falls of roofFall of roof at working face. His working place was not propped as required by the new Special Rules  
1901December12Dechmont No 2 PitLanarkArchd. RussellThomas TaitMiner36Haulage – by ropes and chains breakingWhile taking a hutch down a “cuddie” brae the chain broke and the “cuddie” ran down upon him  
1901December16Swinhill No 6 pitLanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdPeter McGowanMiner17Shaft accidents – overwindingWhen about to descend the shaft from the pithead the engineman started the engine the wrong way and overwound the cage, out of which they fell down the shaft. Another man in the cage escaped Newspaper report - Dalserf pages
John DonnellyMiner30
1901December17Bothwell Castle No 1 pitLanarkWm. Baird & Co, LtdArchd. McDermitDrawer23Falls of roofFall of roof on drawing road near working face  
1901December21Holytown No 5 PitLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdDavid ThomsonMiner20Haulage – by trams and tubsWhile illegally drawing in front of a full hutch down an inclined road it ran him over.  
1901December23Hamilton PalaceLanarkBent Colliery Co, LtdAlexander OgilvieMiner21Falls of sideFall of coal Newspaper report - Bothwellhaugh pages
1901December24ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdAlexander InnesMiner29Other haulage accidentsDeceased was riding on the top of a loaded rake, when he was crushed against the roof. He died from his injuries on 25th February, 1902.  
1901December25GilbertfieldLanarkCambuslang Coal Co LtdJohn McLeanLabourer40Surface – on railway, sidings or tramwaysWhen leaning upon a gangway railing it gave way, and he fell upon the rails, a distance of 20 feet, and was run over by a waggon  
1901December27Lightshaw No 4 pitAyrWm. Baird & Co, LtdWm. CampbellMiner33Falls of sideFall of coal  
1901December30CroftheadLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdWalter BoltonBrusher29Falls of roofAfter firing a shot in brushing the deceased began to take off the loose material, when a stone fell from roof, killing him instantaneously.  
1901December31PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co LtdJoseph CatonLabourer--On surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile leaving his work he was run over by a train of wagons pushed by a locomotive engine.  


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