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Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland - 1910
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Some entries have additional information in the main body of the report (marked "to follow"). We will add this additional information as soon as time permits. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameAgeOccupationCategoryCause of accident & remarksExtra Information
1910January5AuchengeichLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJoseph Branston27MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesHis hand was injured on December 28th, 1909, by a broken wire of a rope, and he died from blood poisoning.  
1910January7MotherwellLanarkJohn Watson LtdJohn Triston32ElectricianShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryHe was at a landing mid-shaft and signalled for the cage which was sent to him, and a signal was received by the engineman to raise it to the surface, but when it arrived it was empty. Deceased was afterwards found at the bottom of the shaft.  
1910January8Broomrigg No 3StirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdThomas Robertson48ScreenmanOn surface – by machineryWhen shifting a belt on a pulley his waistcoat was caught by a gland on a revolving shaft.  
1910 January 8 Quarter Lanarkshire   Edward Lafferty       Death not listed in Inspectors report (not work accident) Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1910January11Duddingston (Oil shale)LinlithgowOakbank Oil Co LtdJohn Logan24MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesA shot charged with gelignite blew through from a place approaching his right angles. He knew the shot was being fired, and told the man in the other place he could do so, but, owing to some misunderstanding, he did not retire to a place of safety.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910January11CoursingtonLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdJohn Watson24MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at face.  
1910January11Mary Pit, LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Hood45Backshift OvermanOther haulage accidentsA bevel pulley round which the hauling rope ran gave way and the rope flew across and struck him on his knee. Died on the 13th from blood poisoning.  
1910January14Lochgelly, NellieFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavid Leslie26WheelersHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen travelling up a brae a runaway hutch caught and fatally injured them.  
Michael O'Hara18Wheeler
1910January16ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdJames Gray17Pit-head LabourerOn surface – by machineryHe was riding on cage of surface hoist against orders when he was caught between it and bunton and killed.  
1910January17NeilslandLanarkJohn Watson LtdDuncan Wilkie13Pit-head RunnerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceThe cage was raised too high at the surface and the deceased, failing to notice it, pushed a hutch under it and fell with the hutch into the shaft. Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1910January17Starlaw Deans No 3 (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdMaurice Conway28DrawerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustThe deceased, although warned not to do so, passed a fence and went into a place which was not working to get a pick, when some gas was ignited by his naked light and he was burned about his arms, face and back. Died on the 19th.  
1910January18Dalzell & BroomsideLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdWilliam Smallwood55LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe was pinching a waggon in a siding when another loaded waggon was run down, and he was either caught by it or the pinch.  
1910January18Gain Mine (Fireclay), GlenboigLanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co LtdDavid Brown23DrawerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place.  
1910January19HattonriggLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJoseph Olankis25 MinerShaft accidents – overwindingWhen these men were being raised to the surface at the end of the shift, the engineman inadvertently failed to stop the cage at the proper place, and it was over-wound, with the result that the box or cap of the rope broke and caused the cage to fall down the shaft a distance of 192 fathoms Newspaper report - Hattonrigg page
Andrew Wilson24Miner
Wm. Chappis30Drawer
Jas. Bruzinski24Drawer
Adam Pakenas26Drawer
Andrew Higgins35Miner
George Alenskis28Drawer
Edward McConville19Drawer
1910January19EarnockLanarkJohn Watson LtdMatthew Millar60MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen putting his tools away he was injured by a hutch in a brae. Died March 11th.  
1910January20BankendLanarkArden Coal Co LtdJames Bell18BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downOpened gate at mid-working when cage was not there, and fell with the hutch down the shaft.  
1910January21PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdAndrew Horseburgh26DrawerMiscellaneous underground – irruptions of waterDrowned by an in-rush of water owing to the workings holing into an unknown waste.

From Main body of report: To follow
Luke Greenan41Miner
1910January21TwecharDumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdJames Stark33RoadsmanFalls of roofStunned by a fall of stone from roof of road and then injured by cousie race.  
1910January21MuiredgeFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdThomas Hunter19MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen he was being lowered in the shaft his arm was projecting out of the side of the cage and was caught by a bunton, and so severely injured that he died on the 31st.  
1910January27Blair No 9AyrWm Baird & Co LtdPat Gallacher19MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at road head of working place.  
1910January27PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdAlexander Darroch53HaulagemanOther haulage accidentsStruck by haulage rope and killed which was thrown across the road owing to some empty hutches having upset.  
1910January27FerniegareLanarkArchd Russell LtdWm. Johnstone14MinerFalls of roofStone fell from roof at coal face.  
1910February4Pennyvenie No 2AyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdJames Torrance60Coke FillerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen using a pinch to move waggons he fell between the "waggons and was killed.  
1910February7BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdCharles Kane21MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesInjured internally when following his employment on September 7th, 1909, and died to-day  
1910February8Elgin & WellwoodFifeThos Spowart & Co LtdJohn Wishart38MinerFalls of roofFall of stone from roof at coal face.  
1910February8CanderiggLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Kane28MachinemanFalls of sideFall of stone from roadside at roadhead when reaching a hammer.  
1910February8KingseatFifeJohn Irvine & SonsJames Hynd60MinerFalls of roofFall of stone from roof of working place.  
1910February9GreenriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdCharles Ross56MinerFalls of roofFall of stone from roof.  
1910February10Polmaise No 4StirlingArchibald Russell LtdArchibald Kerr28RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsFatally injured by pony race which, he was taking along a level.  
1910February10CultrigLinlithgowBarr & ThorntonJames Johnstone13Coal CleanerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysTwo loaded hutches became detached from the haulage rope and overtook the deceased who was walking down the haulage road on his way home.  
1910February11LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Donaldson24DrawerFalls of roofFall of coal, caused by a runaway hutch on a self-acting incline.  
1910February14WoolmetEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdEdward Docherty19DrawerHaulage – ropes or chains breakingHe coupled an empty hutch on at the bottom of a face brae, and when it had gone a few feet the chain broke about 8 feet from the hutch. The hutch ran back and caught the deceased. The chain was 5/16 in., and appeared to be quite good, but as there were one or two joining links in it probably one of these gave way.  
1910February15BentLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdPatrick McCabe39MachinemanFalls of roofFall of roof at coal face in machine wall.  
1910February15BlackhillLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdWilliam Graham44RepairerFalls of sideStone fell from roadside when repairing.  
1910February16HerbertshireStirlingAddie & Sons Collieries LtdThos. Wilson31MinerFalls of roofFall of roof while at work at face.  
1910February17Hopetoun (Oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdJohn Douglas, sen55MinerFalls of sideA fall of side occurred when holing seam.  
1910February19BogLanarkHamilton McCulloch & Co LtdThomas Dungavil48HaulagemanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsFell out bogie in which he was riding on haulage road, and was crushed by full race.  
1910February21Cousland No 2 (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdJohn Haggie38Under-managerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustA fireman had found gas at a waste "break" in an abandoned level when making his first inspection, and the deceased and the fireman were making another inspection of the place when the explosion took place. The fireman was on the top of fall and Haggie was following him ; the former put his safety lamp up to where the gas was when there was an explosion and both were burned about the face and hands. Haggie died on the 20th.  
1910February24MontgomeryfieldAyrA Kenneth & SonsWm. Brown42BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof when engaged building a roadside pack.  
1910February25WhistleberryLanarkArchd Russell LtdJohn Smith40MinerFalls of sideFall of head coal when standing on his feet holing.  
1910February28Bothwell Park No 2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdPeter McVey17Haulage BoyMiscellaneous underground – by machineryCaught between a spur and pinion wheel of an underground haulage engine.  
1910March3GlencraigFifeWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdMichael Woods26BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof when repairing main level. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
John Murray40Brusher
1910March4GreenriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdFrank Shields33BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe opened the gate at a mid-working and pushed a hutch into the shaft when the cage was not there, and fell with it to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of 84 feet.  
1910March4Blackrigg No 3LinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdWilliam McFarlane McKenzie24Motor AttendantMiscellaneous underground - electricityHe took hold of a cable where there happened to be a joint which was insulated by waterproof tape only, close to his motor. One of his mates offered to pull him off, but he refused to allow him, and before help could be got he was insensible, and never regained consciousness. There was no one in the neighbourhood who even knew how to switch the current off.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910March5Gain Mine (Fireclay), GlenboigLanarkGlenboig Fireclay Co LtdWilliam Mills55OvermanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustThe deceased and the manager went into a place to examine it,.when an accumulation of gas exploded at their naked lights, and both were burned. Mills died on the 11th. For some days prior to the explosion water had been given off in the place where the accident occurred, and it was in connection with this that these two officials were making the examination.  
1910March7Govan No 5LanarkWm Dixon LtdSamuel Kelly35MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustThese men, along with two others, were entering their working place at the beginning of the morning shift, and when the deceased arrived near a hurdle screen his naked light ignited some gas, and he and his companions were burned. The fireman, who made the examination of the place before the shift commenced, found an accumulation of gas and cleared it away, with the exception of a small quantity in a hole in the roof, 6 ½ feet above the pavement. Notwithstanding this gas was present, he reported to another fireman that the place was quite safe for workmen to enter, and they were allowed to go into it, with the result that these men lost their lives, and the other two were injured.    
James Kelly40miner
1910March7Kaimes No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdTimothy Smith16Pony DriverOther haulage accidentsFound dead below the first hutch of his pony race.  
1910March10PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdJames Curran37BrusherHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was travelling down the haulage road when the chain attached to a tub slipped at a pulley, and the tub ran back and fatally injured him.  
1910March15Polmaise No 1StirlingArchibald Russell LtdJames Dick36RoadsmanFalls of roofFall of roof at coal face while engaged securing it with a wooden pillar.  
1910March15Castle HillLanarkShotts Iron Co LtdThomas Murphy26MinerFalls of roofFall of stone from roof when working at coal face.  
1910March18KenmuirLanarkDunn & Stephens LtdMary Gillies23Table PickerOn surface – sundriesWhen boiling tea at boilers her clothes caught fire and she was fatally burned.  
1910March18BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJoseph Docherty39BrusherFalls of sideFall of side in engine dock when brushing roof.  
1910March21Calderhead No 3LanarkShotts Iron Co LtdOwen Kane48MinerFalls of roofFall of stone from face of brushing.  
1910March22BowhillFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Hunter39ShunterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysRunning down two loaded waggons in sidings when he fell in front of the second waggon, both wheels of which passed over his left shoulder and arm. Died on the 26th.  
1910March23Auchenharvie No 5AyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co LtdRobert Harris23MinerFalls of roofFall of roof from an unseen joint and a lipe while holing at face.  
1910March25GarthamlockLanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdThos. Sharkey38MinerFalls of roofWhile stripping coal in machine wall, a fall of roof occurred and fatally injured him.  
1910March28NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdAndrew Graham44FiremanShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe was greasing a ram at mid-shaft when he, by some means, fell to the bottom of the shaft and was killed. Newspaper report
1910March30Elgin & WellwoodFifeThos Spowart & Co LtdJohn Drysdale15Rake RunnerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysFell in front of rake of hutches and was run over.  
1910March30BenartyKinrossFife Coal Co LtdGilbert Flannigan19DrawerFalls of roofWhen engaged greasing a hutch, a fall of stone occurred and fatally injured him. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1910March31BedlayLanarkWm Baird & Co LtdGeorge Phillips39Safety Lamp CleanerOn surface – sundriesFell into pit water pond when supposed to have been washing his hands.  
1910April1KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdJohn Kelly53MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face.  
1910April1Broomrigg No 3StirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdAlexander Thomson45RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsFatally injured by a runaway hutch on a rope-haulage road.  
1910April3KinglassieFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Duff25Pump MechanicMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesTwo roads had been driven, one out of No. 1 shaft and the other out of No. 2, and had almost met. Deceased was in charge of the one from No. 1 shaft, and shot holes were in, charged in both with gelignite, which it had been agreed should be fired simultaneously. An agreed signal was given to light the shots, but owing probably to the fuse being damp, the deceased did not get his shots lighted before those in the other place exploded and blew through, and he was killed by the flying stones.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910April4NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdDavid Tinman--ShaftmanFalls of sideWhen repairing one of the cages a fall of stone occurred from side of shaft.  
1910April4WhitriggLinlithgowRobert Forrester & Co LtdJames Cuthbert30MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face.  
1910April13BredisholmLanarkUnited Collieries LtdJohn Drummond33MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen being lowered to his work he fell off the cage after it had descended a short distance and was killed.  
1910April14RiddockhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdThomas Curran54RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was travelling down a cousie brae when an empty hutch ran away from the top of the brae ; he, unfortunately, stepped into the set of rails on which the hutch was, and it caught and crushed against a prop and fatally injured him.  
1910April14Rosie No 1FifeWemyss Coal Co LtdWilliam Taylor50FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen engaged clearing a fall on the haulage road a full hutch ran back owing to a clip on an endless rope becoming loose. Died the following day.  
1910April15LassodieFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Robson51MinerFalls of sideA fall of coal from face jammed him against a prop.  
1910April18BannockburnStirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdJohn Lamont52MinerFalls of roofFall of roof between slips at coal face.  
1910April19AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Leslie24MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was sitting at the corner of level road when four tubs which had run away from the dook head caught and crushed him against the side.  
1910April20Lumphinnans No 11FifeFife Coal Co LtdHenry Williamson45BrusherFalls of roofWhen stowing the stone from the brushing, a fall of stone occurred.  
1910April21Lumphinnans No 11FifeFife Coal Co LtdHenry Wilson21MinerFalls of roofHe was filling a hutch at the face, when a piece of stone 18 inches thick, fell and struck him on his back, dislocating the spine. Died on June 22nd.  
1910April27Bothwell Park No 2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdHugh McAulay60MinerFalls of roofA fall of roof at face killed him and injured another man.  
1910April28PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdHenry Somers15Haulage BoyHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHis duty was to pick up the chains on an endless rope haulage which had been detached from the loaded hutches and were lying between that set of rails close to him and attach them to the empty hutches as required. In doing this he failed to notice that the hook end of chain he had attached to hutch had caught another chain which was caught under a rail and when it tightened it was jammed, the hook straightened and freed itself but instead of remaining where he was he attempted to run in-bye and was caught between the hutch and a wall. Died the following day.  
1910April30LockheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdArchie Welsh70Coal SalesmanOn surface – sundriesBefore leaving work he was looking inside the railway waggons to see if any shovels had been left in them, when his foot slipped off a buffer and caused him to fall to the ground. Died on 18th May.  
1910May3Gauchalland No 4AyrGauchalland Coal CoAdam Roxburgh57MinerFalls of roofWhile setting a prop a fall of roof occurred at a fault.  
1910May5BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdRobert Walker16DrawerMiscellaneous underground - electricityReceived a fatal shock at electric switch in connection with a face conveyor.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910May6Kenmuirhill No 2LanarkGlasgow Coal Co LtdJames Wotherspoon15Office BoyOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWas run over when Caledonian Railway Co.'s engine was shunting a waggon.  
1910May9PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdWilliam Brown21Pony DriverOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHis foot got caught in loop of tail chain, and he was dragged behind the pony. His head collided with a railway point shifter and a fence of a bridge crossing the railway.  
1910May10EarnockLanarkJohn Watson LtdWm. McKenna54Dirt PickerOn surface – sundriesHand fatally injured by coal shovelled by another man on picking tables.  
1910May12Auchengeich No 2LanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Martin27MinerMiscellaneous underground - electricityWhen switching on electric current at a face conveyor he was electrocuted.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910May12Blantyre FermeLanarkA G Moore & CoGeorge Bellingham50RoadsmanMiscellaneous underground - electricityRunaway hutch displaced a prop and brought down a girder on electric cable. On attempting to lift the girder he was electrocuted.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910May16MuirbeathFifeHenry Ness & Co LtdHenry Allen47RepairerFalls of roofWhile engaged repairing a road, a fall of roof occurred and fatally injured him.  
1910May18AllantonLanarkWm Barr & Sons (Coalmasters) LtdJames Quinn38BrusherFalls of roofHe was working along with another brusher. They had fired a shot and stowed the debris into the waste and were preparing to bore another shot-hole. The deceased went back about three yards to get a drilling machine, and when he was picking it up a large stone fell from the roof and broke his back. Died on September 21st.  
1910May23PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdJohn Nisbet55FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsCrushed by a loaded hutch which had run over a brae head.  
1910May24AuchengeichLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn McCormick30DrawerOther haulage accidentsAnother drawer ran his hutch into him and caused his head to be crushed against the timber supporting the roof.  
1910May30BalgonieFifeC B BalfourDavid McGregor50RoadsmanFalls of roofHe was enlarging a horse road when a piece of stone fell from the roof.  
1910May31Newliston (Oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdChristopher Grimson22MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was bringing a loaded hutch out and another man was following him with another. For some reason his hutch stopped and in trying to get out of the way he ran against a prop which caused him to get between the two hutches and he was crushed. Died on the 25th.  
1910June1MintoFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Buist46Hauling EnginemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryWhen cleaning the haulage gear when in motion he was caught in the wheels and killed. He had gone through a fence and was doing what he did against orders. Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1910June1Washwalls (sandstone)RenfrewGiffnock Quarries LtdWilliam McKenny34MinerMetalliferous mines – falls of roofDeceased and two other men were boring a hole for a shot when the rock was heard to break. They all attempted to leave the place, but the deceased just failed to get clear and was caught by a stone weighing about four tons and instantly killed.  
1910June3MeadowbankStirlingJas Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Ferrie46BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesHe was struck by a stone from a gelignite shot. Owing to some misunderstanding he had not got into a place of safety.  
1910June6ClydesideLanarkUnited Collieries LtdPatrick Tonner50Waggon ShifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysCaught and fatally crushed between stationary and moving waggons when engaged in shunting operations.  
1910June7CoursingtonLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdRobert Bruce18Coal PickerOn surface – by machineryOwing to a chain breaking the screening machinery was stopped. He went from his place of work and climbed up to near where there were some gear wheels, and was talking and smoking with another lad when the machinery started and his feet .were drawn into the wheels. He had no right to be where he was.  
1910June16Bothwell Castle No 3LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdHugh McDade60RepairerFalls of sideWhen repairing and re-brushing a return airway a stone from side fell and caught him.  
1910June18ShawfieldLanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdThomas Steen21DriverShaft accidents - falling from part way downFell from the Main coal to the Splint coal seam, a distance of 100 feet, and was killed. The entrance to the shaft was well fenced with a gate, and to get into the shaft he must either have opened or got over the top of it.  
1910June18DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdRobert Adamson57RepairerMiscellaneous underground – by underground firesThe oil in an electric controller connected to a pump motor became by some means ignited, and Adamson and another man who were on the in-bye side of it endeavoured to make their way through the resulting smoke to the shaft by the intake. Adamson failed to do so, being overcome and suffocated. The other being younger was able to make his way out and was not much worse.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910June24EarlseatFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJohn Thomas Ratcliffe22MinerFalls of roofDeceased was called by his drawer to do some repairs to the roadway about 44 yards back from the coal face, and while taking down some head coal which was unsafe a piece fell out and striking a prop glanced off it on to deceased and crushed him against the side.  
1910June28RosieFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdRobert McGregor28BrusherFalls of roofHe had drilled an upright hole in the brushing, charged and stemmed it; he was in the act of lighting the shot, part of the roof fell and severely injured him. Died on November 2nd.  
1910June28Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJohn Biset35MinerFalls of roofHe was engaged removing a large stone which, owing to some timber having been displaced by a hutch, had fallen on the drawing road and while doing so another piece of stone fell and fatally injured him.  
1910June29Boggleshole No 4LanarkJames Dunlop & Co LtdWilliam Anderson26MinerFalls of roofWhile working at the coal face a stone 11 feet 9 inches by 4 feet 2 inches by 1 foot thick fell from a glazy lipe which owing to its being beyond the coal could not be seen before the fall occurred. The place was well timbered.  
James Anderson50Miner
1910July1WoolmetEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohn McLauchlan43MinerFalls of sideHe was pinching down coal from the face when some fell suddenly and caught and knocked him against a hutch. When coal is being levered down a hutch should not be left in such a position as to impede a man jumping clear in case of more coal or stone falling than is expected.  
1910July4Lumphinnans No 11FifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Pringle39MinerFalls of roofWhen he was working at the coal face a portion of coal and roof burst off at an invisible slip and struck him on the head fracturing his skull.  
1910July5MeadowbankStirlingJas Nimmo & Co LtdWalter Lauder20Apprentice Engine FitterOn surface – by machineryHe was working for the contractors who have erected the screening plant and got over a fence to show the man in charge of it how to tighten up the scraper conveyor when it was in motion. When doing so his foot slipped and was caught by the scrapers and he was dragged in and killed.  
1910July5Kaimes No 2AyrWilliam Baird &Co LtdJohn Williamson14Pony DriverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsCrushed between two horse rakes, his own and the preceding one which was standing in the bye.  
1910July6BentriggLanarkH M McNeill HamiltonHenry McGechin47MinerFalls of roofWhen setting a prop under the brushing a large fall of roof occurred knocking him down and caused him to strike his head against some fallen debris.  
1910July12Law No 3LanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdRobert Irvine29Coal Cutting Machine-manMiscellaneous underground – by machineryCaught by revolving bar of machine when ratcheting it in. The floor was dipping 1 in 5 towards the face, and the machine slid down it and caught the deceased, owing to the haulage rope not having been made fast.  
1910July15Hamilton PalaceLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdWilliam Bullar40MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking down coal when the roof fell suddenly upon him. It fell at two slips parallel to the coal face and displaced two props.  
1910July15DalkeithEdinburghA G Moore & CoEdward Combe56MinerFalls of roofDeceased was working in a place which was removing a stoop of coal, and was just starting a new cut next to the goaf ; the top coal, 12 inches thick, had been left up and was supported by trees, but the prop next to the waste was not set at the end of it, and the portion beyond it fell at a slip or lipe and the crushing of the roof. The piece of coal should have been taken down.  
1910July15LoganleeEdinburghUnited Collieries LtdPeter Stirling18PickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe was assisting to move waggons and using a round prop as a brake stick to put down the brake-rod. When he applied his weight to the outer end the other end flew out from under the spring of the waggon, and he fell in front of the wheels and was run over and fatally injured.  
1910July16Braidhurst No 2LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdAlexander McKenzie31FiremanFalls of sideAn overman and the deceased were cleaning out a lodgment when a fall came away from the side above the timber and crashed through it. The timber was rotten and afforded no protection and only hid the stone above it from view.  
1910July25BlairenbathieKinrossFife Coal Co LtdPeter Downie51Coal TrimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysCrushed between two waggons. He had moved one forward on to a sprag, but neglected to pin the brake down of the one behind it, and it followed down.  
1910July26Easter JawStirlingCarron CoDavid Millar47MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesTwo holes had been drilled and charged with gelignite, and it was intended to light one, and after it exploded the other. The deceased and the man working with him retired, and one of the shots exploded. He returned to light the second shot, but when he was close to it it exploded and severely injured him. Died two days afterwards. It is probable both shots were lighted at the same time.  
1910July27Lochwood No 2LanarkLochwood Coal Co LtdRobert Forsyth30Engineer and General RepairerFalls of sideWhile he and another man were examining and repairing pump rods a piece of stone fell from the side of the shaft above where they were working. The shaft was not lined at the part the stone fell from.  
1910July28Wester GlentoreLanarkPeter CairnsPatrick Lamb30SinkerShaft accidents – miscellaneousThe shaft, which was 26 fathoms deep to the Upper Drumgray seam, was being sunk a further distance of 23 fathoms, and a lodgement was being made at the Upper Drumgray level. One cage was being used running in guides, and as the sinking progressed wooden guides were put in. At the time of the accident the bottom of the shaft was 15 feet below the Upper Drumgray level, and the deceased working there. A loaded hutch was put into the cage and then signalled away by the bottomer ; the engine, which was a single one, had rested on the "centre," and the engineman reversed the engine and lowered the cage, and it caught the deceased and crushed his head against the end of a drill in a hole he was drilling.  
1910August1Arden No 1LanarkArden Coal Co LtdPeter Mulvey54MinerFalls of sideHe was lying on his left side wedging down coal when the coal in front either struck him and knocked his head against a prop or in trying to get clear he came in contact, with a prop. No one was with him at the time.  
1910August1BannockburnStirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdPeter McEwan39BencherFalls of roofHe was coming up the dook from the second to first bench, when a fall of stone from roof caught and killed him. After the fall a "lipe" was exposed along one side of the road.  
1910August5Bredisholm No 3LanarkUnited Collieries LtdAndrew Fotheringham54MinerFalls of sideWhen working under some top coal which is said to have been supported by a prop, the top coal suddenly fell away and killed him and injured his son who was working with him.  
1910August6PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdDavid Smith41Coal Cutting MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryFell on disc of coal cutting machine.  
1910August6HillhouseriggLanarkBaton Collieries LtdPatrick Campbell23Pit SinkerShaft accidents – miscellaneousThe shaft in which this accident occurred, had recently been sunk from the Gas coal to the Mill coal seam, a distance of 48 fathoms. A pump was placed on a scaffold 12 feet above the Mill coal seam, fitted with a hose suction pipe ; the hose was leaking, and the deceased and another sinker went down the shaft and replaced it with another. They were on the cage and were going to the pump scaffold and gave the signal "one," in response to which the cage was taken up to the scaffold. A signal "one " was then given to stop, and the deceased proceeded to get out, but as he was doing so the cage was taken away and he was fatally crushed. The engineman mistook the second signal to take the cage to the surface.  
1910August9SimpsonlandLanarkUnited Collieries LtdEdward Thomas64MinerFalls of roofHe, along with other miners, was travelling to the shaft at the end of the shift on the main haulage road, and when about 250 yards from the shaft a fall of roof occurred and killed him.  
1910August12RaplochLanarkRaploch Coal Co LtdIsaih Gough41EngineerOn surface – sundriesHe was working on a temporary scaffold making some alterations to the surface screening plant, when he transferred the weight of his body on to the unsupported end of a plank, and was thrown to the ground, a distance of about 11 feet.  
1910August13BlairenbathieKinrossFife Coal Co LtdJohn Wilson50MinerFalls of roofWhen engaged at the face a small piece of stone fell from the roof and struck him on his back. Died on the 21st.  
1910August14NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdFrank Boyle31FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustHe was making an inspection on a Sunday afternoon and was carrying both a safety lamp and naked light, and when passing along a road, not far from the face, near the crown of a slight hill, ignited some gas with the naked light, and was burned on his neck, back, hands and face. Died on the 16th.  
1910August15KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdHugh Bernard15Screen AttendantOn surface – sundriesThe deceased was putting a hutch into the tippler, but did not intend it to turn round, and to prevent its doing so he put his foot on the tippler which had begun to turn round, he was, however, unable to stop it and it lifted him up and caused him to fall over the fence on to the waggon road, 21 feet below.  
1910August17Law No 3LanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdGeorge Cassels21Coal Cutting MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryHe was turning the bar into the face when the steering gear broke and the bar flew back and caught him.  
1910August19Wanlockhead (Lead ore)DumfriesWanlockhead Lead Mining Co LtdJames Slimmon24MinerMetalliferous mines – in shafts whilst descending by machineryHe and another man were descending the shaft with some timber and had their lamps with them, but they were not lighted. When the cage got to the 160 fathom level the deceased was found to be missing, and on a search being made he was found two fathoms below the 100 fathoms level severely injured about his legs and other part of the body and died the same day. It is probable he fainted and fell out of the cage.  
1910August20GilmilnscroftAyrWm Baird & Co LtdAndrew Kerr26MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesHe was illegally attempting to fire a shot charged with samsonite in a mine to which the Explosives in Coal Mines Order applied with a Bickford's Patent Igniter fuse, when it exploded before he could get away from it, and inflicted fatal injuries. The shot hole was close to the pavement, and he had probably, without being aware of the fact, stepped on the igniter and thus lighted the fuse. It is not known how he became possessed of a detonator. He either illegally brought one to the pit with him or the shot-firer must have dropped one in his place.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910August29Lumphinnans No 11FifeFife Coal Co LtdJoseph Allan16DrawerFalls of roofA large stone fell from the roof about 130 yards from the bottom of brae or incline on to the rails. It slid down - the gradient being 1 in 2 - and struck Allan.  
1910August30BlackhillLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJohn Hay29MinerFalls of roofWhen travelling down the face a large fall of stone from the roof occurred and killed him instantly. It fell from a "lipe" which was hidden beneath a thin shell of coal which adheres to the roof stone.  
1910September2CadzowLanarkCadzow Coal Co LtdAndrew McCall50MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen coming out at the end of his shift he was fatally injured by a loaded hutch which three men were bringing out with them to the shaft and had allowed to run away from them.  
1910September3GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdThomas Bell58BottomerShaft accidents – overwindingNine men, including the deceased, were being raised to the surface in the top deck of a two-decked cage, from the Lochgelly splint seam, when the cage, instead of being stopped at the proper landing place, was taken up to the pulley wheel. Eight of the men jumped out on to the corrugated iron roof of the pit head, and the deceased also attempted to do so, but was caught between the floor of the top deck of the cage and the roof of the pit head and instantly killed. The cause of the accident was that the indicator of the winding engine, on which the engineman depended for knowing the position of the cages in the shaft, did not show it correctly ; this was due to the bolts in the standards having been loosened, and while in this condition the engineman improperly ran the engine.  
1910September7ElphinstoneHaddingtonEdinburgh Collieries LtdAndrew Crawford62firemanShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe attempted to get into a cage at the surface level without a banksman being present, when the engineman, who did not know he was going to, started the cage, and it caught and knocked him into the shaft and he fell to the bottom, a distance of 300 feet.  
1910September8EllismuirLanarkUnited Collieries LtdDenis McGonigal26BrusherFalls of roofWhen the deceased was shovelling the debris from a brushing shot to the man working with him, a fall of roof occurred at an unseen "lipe."  
1910September9ChapelLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdWilliam Marshall65Dirt PickerOn surface – sundriesFell from waggon to ground. Died November 16th.  
1910September13Huntershill (Sandstone)LanarkThomas Gibb & Sons LtdJohn Bradley40QuarrymanMetalliferous mines – falls of roofA large fall of roof occurred and instantly killed four of the men, and the fifth died at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, soon after his admission, and two men were also injured  
Andrew Raeburn Gibson35Quarryman
Allan Gibson McDougall38Labourer
Alexander McDonald33Quarryman
Patrick Armstrong,40Quarryman.
1910September13PortlandAyrPortland Colliery Co LtdMartin Shepherd, junr16DriverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen walking between his horse and the first tub of a rake of 'tubs he stumbled and fell and the hutches had run on to and killed him.  
1910September14Drumley No 1AyrGeorge Taylor & CoJames Wallace22RoadsmanFalls of sideWhen clearing debris from the side of a stoop in order to enable the next shift of miners to begin to extract the coal a mass of coal fell off the end of the stoop, fell away at an invisible foul " back " and killed him.  
1910September16Fergushill No 28AyrA Finnie & SonDavid Strachen59BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesHe lighted a charge of gelignite, and then retired to a place of safety, and hearing the report of an explosion he returned to it, but found when close up to it that it had not exploded, and before he could get away it did so, and he was seriously injured about the chest. Died on October 5th.  
1910September21Broomrigg No 3StirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdArchibald Lawrie18DrawerFalls of roofA hutch ran too quickly down a heading and displaced a prop put in to stop a hutch from going below the level was upset. The deceased and another man refilled the hutch and were pushing it when the roof fell, and part of it caught Lawrie on the back.  
1910September21DunnikierFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Burns30Hanger-onHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsSitting at the foot of a wheel brae when a runaway hutch came down the incline and struck him, injuring his back and head. Died October 2nd.  
1910September22GlenparkLanarkMarshall & HunterRobert Brand27MinerFalls of roofA piece of stone rolled out of the waste and displaced a prop, causing a fall of roof which killed him.  
1910September27KenmuirhillLanarkGlasgow Coal Co LtdWilliam Scoular45MinerFalls of roofHe was taking down coal and liberated a piece of stone above it, which fell upon and fractured his back.  
1910September27BedlayLanarkWm Baird & Co LtdMichael Gordon42RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile assisting at an endless rope haulage terminus two hutches which had not been properly snibbled came down and crushed him about the lower part of the body. Died October 21st.  
1910September30Home FarmLanarkHamilton McCulloch & Co LtdThomas Aitken38MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryHe was at work in front of a coal cutting machine when his vest was caught by the haulage rope, and he was drawn into the drum.  
1910September30Starlaw Deans (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdJames McDonnell26MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was boring a shot hole at the face and the drawer was filling the hutches. The gradient was 1 in 2 ½ and the hutches were resting against a prop ; the prop slipped and the hutches ran forward and crushed him against the face.  
1910October2Hamilton PalaceLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdAlexander Wallace47MinerFalls of roofDied from the results of injuries received when following his employment on 26th November, 1909, by a fall of head coal.  
1910October3HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdWilliam Duncan60MinerFalls of roofHe was holing the coal when a piece of roof-stone fell from between two joints and struck him on his back. The joints were visible before the stone fell, and the stone should either have been supported or pulled down.  
1910October5WoodsideLanarkBrand & CoGeorge Anderson25DriverFalls of sideWhen a horse was pulling four loaded hutches up a " lye " one of the hutches became derailed and collided with the roof supports and displaced them. About 1 ½ cwts. of roof stone, in consequence, fell upon and killed him.  
1910October6PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdThomas Gorman24Stone Mine DriverFalls of roofA mine was being driven, rising 1 in 5, through a 30 feet up-throw fault which was closely timbered, when a fall occurred and swung out at least ten set of timber. The deceased two men and another were buried, and, although extricated alive, Campbell and Gorman afterwards succumbed to their injuries. Newspaper report
Thomas Campbell48Stone mine Driver
1910October6BurnockhillAyrWm Baird & Co LtdJames Rae50BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousThe deceased was taking up some slack in a signal wire, by which signals were transmitted by him to the winding engineman, and to do this, it was necessary to be in the shaft, and while doing so he, without being aware of the fact, gave a signal to the engineman and the cage was lowered on the top of and crushed him very severely. There were pumps working in the shaft and the noise made by them probably prevented his hearing the approach of the cage.  
1910October12BellfieldLanarkWm Barr & Sons (Coalmasters) LtdJames Greenshields41MinerFalls of roofHe was taking a loaded hutch from the coal face when it left the rails and knocked out a prop, and the stone above it fell upon him.  
1910October13QueenslieLanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdJohn Mack44MachinemanFalls of roofWhile engaged driving a coal-cutting machine a stone fell from the roof on to his head. As the roof was apparently good a support had not been set to the roof as should have been done.  
1910October22Carldubs (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdDavid Marwood53MinerFalls of roofHe had undermined the top portion of the seam and bored a hole for the purpose of putting in a shot to blow it down, but before inserting the charge he went under the shale to do a little additional, when it fell and killed him.  
1910October24AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdTimothy Brown28MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsA hutch had been pushed to far over some rails ; the hauling rope was attached to it to pull it on again. Deceased was standing partly in front of the hutch, and when the engine took hold the hutch sprang forward and caught him.  
1910October26FoulshielsLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdJoseph Sneddon15DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe went down a "cuddie" brae to lift an empty hutch on which had become derailed near meetings and then signalled to the brakesman to start again. He must have forgotten about the loaded train as he was caught by it.  
1910October29DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdAlexander McEwan63RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was following a rake of ten full hutches up the haulage road when the first coupling broke and nine hutches ran back and caught him.  
1910November2DaldowieLanarkGlasgow Coal Co LtdJohn Muir46BrusherFalls of roofWhile repairing a main dook road he had fired a shot which did not bring down all the stone. He was pinching it down when it suddenly fell and caught him.  
1910November4HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdJames Quin33MinerFalls of sideHe was wedging down head coal at road head, which fell before he could get out of the way. He had evidently been working in front instead of at the end of it.  
1910November5RandolphFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdWalter Robertson18Miner's AssistantFalls of sideA shot had been fired and the deceased commenced to fill the coal off it when a piece of overhanging coal which should have been taken down before he commenced to work near it fell and killed him.  
1910November10LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Henderson17Pony DriverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe and other four men were riding down a dook after being told not to do so as there was a fall on the road. As the rake ran into the siding he was found unconscious in a hutch with a fractured skull. It was not quite clear how he had received his injuries.  
1910November11Viewpark No 1LanarkRobert Addie & Sons LtdIsaac Greenaway16Fan-BoyExplosions of fire damp or coal dustHe was employed driving a hand fan to ventilate a level which was being driven beyond an up-through fault of 9 feet in a safety lamp pit. The cause of the explosion is not quite clear, but it is possible that he had fallen asleep, and, owing to the fan being stopped, gas had accumulated and put out his safety lamp, and when he awoke he struck a match which caused the explosion. A lucifer match was found in one of the pockets of his coat afterwards. His safety lamp - an unbonnetted Marsaut - was tested after the explosion and found to be in good order.  
1910November14MuiredgeFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdDavid Honeyman58BlacksmithShaft accidents – miscellaneousHe attempted to get into a cage at the surface and as he was doing so, it descended, and he was fatally crushed. He had been told to wait until some hutches were raised by the banksman, but had evidently forgotten, and seeing the cage was empty, did not wait until he was told he might get on to the cage.  
1910November15WoodendLinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdPeter King45MinerFalls of roofWhen engaged taking down coal, which had been shaken by a shot, a stone fell from the roof without warning on to him.  
1910November15BlantyrefermeLanarkA G Moore & CoMichael Devine55MinerFalls of roofWhen working at the face, a large " pot bottom " fell out of the roof on to his back, without any warning. Died on the 30th.  
1910November16BellfieldLanarkWm Barr & Sons (Coalmasters) LtdJohn Yuile51Waggon TrimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen taking a waggon down a siding it came in contact with another waggon in an adjoining road, which was foul of the crossing, and he was crushed between them.  
1910November17SkellytonLanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdGeorge Davidson23Assistant MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryWhen the bar of a coal cutting machine was being swung into the face as soon as the bar touched the coal the machine bounded back and the deceased, who was working the lifting handle, was caught by the leg by the bar and drawn in and killed.  
1910November18LightshawAyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Clowes61Pit-head WorkerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceThe automatic gates protecting the shaft at the pit-head level were out of order and the deceased pinned them up. He had emptied a hutch and intended to put it into the cage, but he, for some unexplained reason, pushed it in at the side the cage was not at and he fell with it on to the top of the other cage, a distance of 462 feet. If the gates had been in working order the accident could not have occurred.  
1910November18CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Lonie70Waggon BuilderOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe was trying to open a shed door on a line of rails- on which some waggons were being shunted, and before he could do so the end of the first waggon crashed into it and fatally injured him.  
1910November22CarberryEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries LtdJames Duncan34RepairerFalls of roofWhen he was repairing a road, the timber he had put up was swung out, and a piece of stone fell and struck him on the back.  
1910November28HolmesAyrGauchalland Coal CoRobert Morrison30MinerFalls of roofHe was lying holing coal when a fall of overhanging roof stone took place and so severely injured him that he died on December 5th. The stone should have been supported.  
1910November29EarlseatFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJohn Mackie31MinerFalls of roofHe had a long length of coal holed and standing on sprags, and when the sprags were drawn the face coal fell and liberated the roof above which caught and killed him. He was taking an undue risk both with face and roof coal by drawing too many sprags at one time.  
1910November30Hopetoun No 35 (Oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdJames Reid34MinerFalls of roofHe appears to have gone into the waste from which the timber had been withdrawn to get shale when the roof collapsed and he was fatally injured.  
1910December1PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdHugh McConnell63FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustA pair of headings had been driven in a new seam beyond a fault to prove it, and then stopped. The manager told the deceased he wanted to go into these places prior to their being restarted, and instructed him to go in and examine them and he would follow him. McConnell went and took his safety lamp and a naked light with him, and the latter ignited some gas which had accumulated beyond a door which had been damaged, and of which he was aware, by some runaway hutches. A canvas screen had been put up beyond the door, as there was not room for double doors, but as it did not reach to the pavement, practically all the air was short circuiting, and none was passing to the faces of the headings, which were about 400 yards in advance of where the door was damaged. Died on the 7th.  
1910December1Loudoun No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Linn29MinerFalls of sideHe was holing in a dirt band that runs halfway up the coal seam, when a fall of top coal took place, part of which caught and fatally injured him. The coal had a long sprag gib under it ; if another had been set the accident would probably have been prevented.  
1910December4Lochwood No 1LanarkLochwood Coal Co LtdDavid Monteith49BrusherExplosions of fire damp or coal dustHe and another brusher descended the shaft at 10.15 p.m. along with a fireman. After arriving at the "station" the fireman went forward and examined the places beyond it ; after doing so he returned and reported all clear. The two brushers then went in to commence work, which was to brush a branch road. One of the deceased, after taking off his clothes, carried part of his tools in and returned for the remainder, when his naked lights ignited some gas, causing an explosion, whereby both the brushers were severely burned. There was a fault close to, and the gas had been given off at it. The fireman, who had been recently appointed, stated that he examined the road where the explosion occurred, as well as the others, but this does not appear to be so, for if he had he must have discovered the gas.  
1910December5GiffnockRenfrewGiffnock Collieries LtdSamuel Brown30BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesHe was charging a hole with gelignite, and was pushing in the last of 27 cartridges and a detonator into the shot hole with a copper stemmer, when it exploded and killed him.

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1910December5BannockburnStirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdNathaniel Brown29Pony DriverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen coming out with a loaded rake of hutches he appears to have lost his light and fallen in front of the hutches. He was found under the second hutch.  
1910December5Rosehall No13LanarkRobert Addie & Sons Collieries LtdPeter Grant16DrawerMiscellaneous underground - electricityHe had placed his lamp behind a switch-board at the shaft bottom, and when getting it out his hand came in contact with the live terminals and he was electrocuted.  
1910December6Ingliston (Oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdGeorge Allan49MinerFalls of sideWhen engaged in "stooping" operations, about 25 cwts. of shale fell off the face and killed him. He appeared to have attempted to get the shale down and failed, and although it was overhanging went under it and started to take some more stone from under it with a pinch bar when it fell.  
1910December6LadylandsLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdDavid Hunter36Pit SinkerOn surface – sundriesOn arriving at the mine he was intoxicated and fell into an unfenced hole about four feet in depth. When found he was quite dead. It was night time and his body not discovered till the following morning.  
1910December7LittlemillAyrCoylton Coal CoRobert Speir, jun19BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downOpened the gate at a mid-working in the shaft and pushed forward a loaded hutch into the open shaft; he fell with it a distance of about 105 feet. The only light he had was the one he carried in his cap, and it is possible if a fixed light had been provided he might have seen the cage was not opposite the landing, and so prevented the accident.  
1910December7DunnikierFifeFife Coal Co LtdThomas Thomson30MinerFalls of roofThe roof of a dook at a place where it was intended to turn off a level was being supported with iron girders. A prop was being set under a bearing girder when more than 15 tons of roof fell and buried deceased and another man. After three hours hard work they were extricated, but Thomson died on the 10th. Newspaper Report
1910December11WellsgreenFifeFife Coal Co LtdAlexander Pratt26MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryWhen a bar coal cutting machine was being taken along the face with the bar out of the coal, the picks in the bar caught his clothing and he was drawn into the bar and killed instantly.  
1910December13Craig No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdAndrew W. Brown41MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustIt appears that the deceased had asked the fireman for rails to put down in his working place and was told that some were being sent to him ; he did not wait, but went through a stopping made of screen cloth, which had "No road " chalked on it, into a place which had been stopped for three months in search of some with his naked light and ignited some gas. Died on December 15th.  
1910December14ClydeLanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdJames Calder29Pony DriverFalls of roofHe was driving a pony with a loaded hutch from the working face when the hutch left the rails and collided with and displaced a prop which allowed a quantity of small stones to fall on and suffocate him.  
1910December15Polmaise No 3StirlingArchibald Russell LtdJohn Anderson34FiremanMiscellaneous underground – suffocation by natural gasesHe and another man were engaged removing a face of stone on the long wall face which was impeding the ventilation. They were unable to remove a large stone from the intake side and therefore proceeded to the return side of the face, and while there their lamps were extinguished by an accumulation of fire-damp. In attempting to get out Anderson missed the road head and got further into the accumulation of fire-damp and was suffocated. The other man fortunately came in contact with the rope working a self-acting incline and was thereby enabled to get out.

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1910December16DechmontLanarkArchd Russell LtdHugh McGuigan18MinerFalls of sideHe was filling a hutch at the face when a piece of stone fell from the side and killed him.  
1910December16Loudoun No 3AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Grier19Blind Pit BrakesmanShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe had lowered a cage down the blind pit a distance of 36 yards and pinned down the brake when another full hutch was brought out, which became derailed. He assisted to get it on, and, evidently forgetting the cage was at the bottom of the shaft, he pushed the hutch against the safety gates, which gave way, and he and it fell to the bottom of the shaft.  
1910December17PortlandAyrPortland Colliery Co LtdJohn Jamieson58RoadsmanFalls of roofWhen on his way to the shaft at the end of the shift a fall of stone occurred without any warning from the roof of the travelling way. Died two hours afterwards.  
1910December19Polmaise No 4StirlingArchd. Russell LtdPatrick Kaney20DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen drawing on a "cuddy " road the wheel tree broke and the balance bogie ran back and fatally injured him. Died.  
1910December22NewtonLanarkJas Dunlop & Co LtdJames Moore47MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesA miner was charging a hole with stowite with the shaft of a hammer, and evidently using considerable force, when the charge exploded. Died the following day.  
1910December23KillochanAyrKillochan Coal Co LtdJoseph Hodge47MinerFalls of sideHe was on his knees taking down coal when it fell away at a "back" which was not visible before the fall took place.  
1910December27BatonriggLanarkBaton Collieries LtdPeter Shields54MinerFalls of roofA large fall of stone took place in a coal cutting face at an exposed lipe or slip. The roof is strong sandstone and it should have been supported close to and on both sides of the lipe.  
1910December28WhitehillEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdMichael Hughes50MinerFalls of sideWhen he was working at the face the coal suddenly burst off and overrode the sprags set to support it.  
1910December28Starlaw Deans No 3 (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdWilliam Jack28MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustThese men were stooping or removing pillars alongside a fault and a certain area of oil shale had been taken out and the roof allowed to fall in the waste. A miner named Robert Kerr wished to fire a shot in a pillar, went partly up a fall in the waste to see how thick the rib of the remaining portion of the pillar was, when his naked light in his cap ignited fire-damp which had been allowed to accumulate, severely burning himself, the deceased, David Kerr, who was close to him and William Jack who was working at a pillar at the other end of the waste 120 feet away. David Kerr died on December 31st and William Jack on January 2nd.  
David Kerr19filler
1910December29Barglachan No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdAlexander Frazer38MinerFalls of roofA fall of stone occurred from between a fault and lipe or slip in his working place and killed him instantly.  
1910 December 31 Hallside Lanark Jas Dunlop & Co Ltd Robert Gillespie 34 Jobber Miscellaneous underground – by explosives A shot charged with stowite was being fired with a patent igniter fuse, and the miner nipped the igniter, but thought the fuse had not been lighted, and he was nipping it a second time when the shot exploded and severely injured the deceased about the head.

From Main body of report: To follow
1910December31DunnikierFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Robertson70Pump AttendantMiscellaneous underground – by machineryDeceased started an underground pump with both the column and bye-pass valves closed, and was opening the bye-pass when the pump took hold of the water, and this having no outlet burst the outlet valve next to the main column, and the water at a high pressure hit him and knocked him against the stand of the controller, causing a large wound at the base of the skull.  


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