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1883 Deaths listed in Mine Inspectors Report
This table is compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background Please note the copy of the report that these transcriptions are taken from was very poor quality - in particular it was extremely difficult to differentiate between the numbers 3 and 5 in dates and ages
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Year MonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwner or CompanyPerson(s) killedSurnameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident and remarksExtra details
1883January5CraigheadBlantyreWm Baird & CoJamesDonellyFireman33Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderExplosion of a shot before they had time to retire after lighting the matchNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1883January17RavenscraigDalzell, LanarkGlasgow Iron CoWm.RussellSlate picker15Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed while attempting to stop a runaway waggon with a snibble 
1883January18Hillhead No 12KilmarnockJ & M CraigJohnWatsonWaggon trimmer18Above groundHis leg run over by a loaded waggon Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883January31ClydesdaleDalziel, LanarkArchd. RussellWm.BeattieCollier17Falls of roofAt face; removing stoopsNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1883February1Douglas ParkBothwell, LanarkJohn WilsonWm.DeansScreenman25Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggon, which he was bringing forward to screens 
1883February7OrbistonBothwell, LanarkMossend Iron Co.JohnMcPhailDrawer17Miscellaneous underground – by machinery undergroundCrushed by gearing of pump. He went, without authority, with the man in charge, to oil the gearing 
1883February8DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal CoAlex.AdamsonPitheadman33In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryHe went down the pit with a telegram, and in ascending his head struck the side of the shaft and he fell out. 
1883February12Morrisons HavenPrestonpans, HaddingtonPrestongrange Coal & Fireclay Co LtdGeo.PenmanStone miner56Falls of roofAt face of a stone mine 
1883February13DolphingstonPrestonpans, HaddingtonPrestongrange Coal & Fireclay Co LtdJohnJohnstonCollier23Falls of roofWhile “brushing” a road over a hitch. Stoop and room. (Died 23rd Feb) 
1883February15Reaburn No 4  Eg. Iron Co.JohnBoydCollier19Falls of roof & sidesFall of side. 
1883February19StevenstonStevenstonEg. Iron Co.Chas.McNaughtCollier35Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1883February22Common No 14LugarEglinton Iron CoGeorgeMoonMiner61In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of ironstone Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883February27BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoWm.CarsonCollier14Falls of sidesAt face, while holing Stoop and room 
1883February28PenicuikGlencorse, MislothianShotts Iron CoPeterGallowayMiner30In ironstone minesFall of ironstone while holing in preparation to blasting 
1883March2BroxburnUphall, LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdDavidBissetEngine-keeper14In shale minesCrushed by gearing of pump, which he was oiling while in motion. 
1883March5RobroystonBishopbriggsJas Dunlop & Co.JohnLeightonMiner17In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of ironstone 
1883March6CrossbasketBlantyre, LanarkColin Dunlop & Co.Jas.NimmoMiner--In ironstone minesFell down shaft from surface 
1883March6EddlewoodHamilton, LanarkEddlewood Coal CoGeo.WilsonBottomer25In shafts – falling from part way downDragged down the shaft from a mid-working by a train of hutches 
1883March6RawyardsNew Monkland, LanarkRawyards Coal Co LtdEllenMcPartlandAssisting on pithead17In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceFell down shaft with an empty hutch, when the cage was not there. The gate had been left open. 
1883March9BeathBeath, FifeFife Coal Co LtdJohnPhilipsSinker44In shafts – falling from part way downFell off kettle while hanging in the shaftNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1883March11Bonnyton No 2KilmarnockJ Gilmour & CoThos.FlemingCollier50Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1883March16EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonGeo.PritchardBrusher33Falls of roofWhile timbering a 10 feet road. Stoop and roomNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1883March17GlenclellandDalzeil, LanarkKerr & MitchellRichd.SharpOffice boy13Miscellaneous on surfaceFell off a waggon, on which he was riding by amusement, and was run over. 
1883March23Cairnhill No 6AirdrieWm Baird & CoJohnSloanBottomer60In shaftsBy the cage descending upon him

From Main body of report:  Happened to a bottomer, and was occasioned by the cage being raised without a signal; he was in the act of running a full hutch onto the cage when it was raised, and the hutch, instead of landing on the cage, fell into the “sump.” It would appear that the engineman, conscious of some mistake, had set the cage suddenly back, and the unfortunate sufferer, who had fallen into the “sump” with the hutch, was crushed under it. As underground workmen trust implicitly to the signals, it is of the greatest importance that those defined by the special rules should be strictly observed. The engineman in this case was charged with violation of the rules, and found guilty.
1883March23GilbertfieldCambuslangCambuslang Coal CoJohnKirkwoodBrusher38Miscellaneous undergroundCrushed by empty hutches at the top of an incline 
1883March25Blair No 4DalryEg. Iron Co.PatrickSmithMiner48In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of ironstone Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883March26Camps, Limestone MineKirknewton, EdinburghColtness Iron Co LtdChas.DochertySinker32In metalliferous minesStruck by water barrel falling down pit 
1883March26NappyfauldsSlamannan, StirlingA & G AndersonRobt.WattOffice boy14Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by a waggon, which was being shifted 
1883March27DrumchapelMaryhillW S Dixon LtdJamesWilsonSinker27In ironstone/fire clay minesFell from the kettle whilst being raised

From Main body of report: Like the second accident [May 17 Portland], took place in a sinking pit, when the kettle with four persons upon it was being raised to the surface, and was occasioned by it catching in some way upon the side of the shaft, or the fittings in it, when the deceased fell away to the bottom, probably30 fathoms.
1883March27KinneilBo'ness, LinlithgowKinneil Iron Co LtdWm.WhiteManager--In ironstone minesWhile attempting to step off cage before it stopped at a mid-working, he was caught at the “door head” and fell to the bottom 
1883March28CampDalziel, LanarkJno. Williams and Co.Thos.SymCollier24Falls of roofWhile removing stoops 
1883March28ChapelhallBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdChas.CowieEngineman61On surface – by machineryFound dead. He had fallen into the cylinder of atmospheric pumping engine 
1883March29SouthriggNew Monkland, LanarkGeorge MoirJno. Jas.HannahCarter--Miscellaneous on surfaceExplosion of dynamite, which was being improperly thawed 
1883March30Portland No 8HurlfordEglinton Iron CoRichd.ClarkCollier54Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1883April6Braehead No 6LugarEg. Iron Co.JohnBarbourPony driver15In ironstone/fire clay minesFell down the shaft from a mid-working

From Main body of report: Occurred at a midworking, but it is difficult to understand how, as there was both a gate, and a special appliance for the prevention of such accidents.
Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883April6BrownleeCarluke, LanarkArch. RussellHughMcRobertCollier--Falls of roofWhile removing stoops 
1883April11BallochmyleAuchinleckWilliam WalkerRobertSteeleSurfaceman20Above groundWas jammed between two waggons whilst coupling them 
1883April12BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdRobt.McGuireTrapper13Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFound crushed by tubs on engine plane. He had probably fallen asleep 
1883April16DrumriggendSlamannan, StirlingJohn Nimmo and SonsJamesBrownBrusher26Falls of roofAt face, while brushing a road at a hitch. Long wall 
1883April16WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdDan.BladesDrawer18In shafts – falling from part way downKnocked down shaft by a runaway hutch, which broke the gate at the mid-working 
1883April21BentHamilton, LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdThomasSteelChain boy15Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between the buffers of empty waggons, which were being shunted by locomotive 
1883April21Enterkine No 9AyrGeo. Taylor & Co.JohnStrachanCollier25Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1883April21RawyardsNew Monkland, LanarkRawyards Coal Co LtdMaryStewartTrimmer18Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by loaded waggons, which she was attempting to sprag 
1883April23NetherjohnstoneDalzell, LanarkGlasgow Iron CoWm,LittlejohnLabourer23Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between the buffers while uncoupling waggons in motion at the screens 
1883April23WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdRobertSimpsonCollier43Falls of roofRemoving stoops; roof gave way with the coal which he was taking down. 
1883April25HaughheadHamilton, LanarkJohn MacdonaldJamesGibsonDriver16Falls of roofOn main road; stoop and room 
1883April26MillNew Monkland, LanarkJ Robertson and SonPeterSmithPumper44Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesStruck by a runaway hutch at the bottom of engine dook 
1883April28GilbertfieldCambuslangCambuslang Coal CoAlexanderDunnRoadsman58Miscellaneous undergroundBy hutch running away upon an incline 
1883April30RyesholmDalryMerry & CunninghameDanielBarrMiner54In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof at face 
1883May1ClelandShotts, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdJohnRankinCollier40Falls of sidesAt face , while breaking away a “lift” 
1883May3DrumpellerCoatbridgeSummerlee Iron CoHughMulvainyCollier17Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp

From Main body of report: Occurred in one of the mines where firedamp was known occasionally to exist, and happened at a place which had been unworked for about 9 months. It appears that the deceased, on the morning of the accident, after having been more than three hours at work, left his working place with a loaded hutch, taking it to the head of a self-acting incline, and while there, for some unexplained reason, he passed under a brattice cloth into the unworked place referred to, when his naked light ignited some firedamp, and he was severely burned. The ventilation was carried by brattice to within 9 feet of the face, and it is stated that the fireman had examined the place in the usual way on the morning of the accident and found it free of gas.
1883May5BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoJamesConleyCollier40Falls of roofAt face, while putting in building. Long wall 
1883May8LodgeSlamannan, StirlingJohn WatsonJohnMcGeeCollier18In shafts – falling from part way downFell with a hutch from mid-working. The cage had just left, and the self-acting gate gate had not closed in time. 
1883May11GarriongillCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdEbenezerClarkColliers' assistant13Falls of sidesAt face of room; the coal fell while he was holing and his father shearing 
1883May11LoganleaWest Calder, EdinburghLoganlea Coal CoWm.DouglasOversman50Falls of roofWhile redding road to start a “lift” 
1883May14NewbattleNewbattle, EdinburghMarquis of LothianGeo.McNeillDriver14Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFound injured in front of horse and train of tubs; supposed to have been jammed by first tub getting off the rails. 
1883May17PortlandHurlfordAllan GilmourJohnDudgeonSinker50In shaftsCaught by the midwall whilst being drawn up the shaft

From Main body of report: Happened in a sinking pit whilst three of the sinkers were being raised. It appears that in lighting the fuses for three shots they had their lights extinguished and, being unable to see the signal wire, had got on the kettle and shouted to the pitheadman to be raised cautiously, which the engineman did. Each man stood on the “rim” of the kettle, with a grip of the chains which connected it with the rope; and it appears that when the kettle reached the bottom of the “midwall,” eight fathoms above the bottom of the shaft, the deceased either lost his hold in some unexplained way, or was knocked off by coming in contact with the “midwall.”
Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883May19BarncluithHamilton, LanarkArch. RussellJamesRobertsonSinker50In shafts – things falling from part way downStruck by a stone which fell from the side of shaft. Sinking pit. 
1883May21LochgellyAuchterderran, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdMich.ValeRoadsman50Falls of roofWhile repairing the roof at a fall on the main road. Long wall 
1883May23Gilmilnscroft No 3AuchinleckGilmour, Wood, & AndersonJamesMooreCollier36Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal whilst preparing to force it down with powder 
1883May26WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdJamesSmithTrimmer15Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by empty waggon, which he was bringing to screen 
1883May29NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThos.LoveCollier23Falls of sidesRemoving stoops; seam lying at an angle of 58 degrees 
1883May31LevenWemyss, FifeFife Coal Co LtdRobt.AndersonWaggon shunter23Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggons while uncoupling them when in motion 
1883June1DunsystonShotts, LanarkSummerlee Iron CoJno.PatonMiner36In ironstone minesExplosion of a shot before he had time to get clear 
1883June9D'Arcy Limestone MineNewbattle, EdinburghW. Turnbull & SonsWm.RamageMiner24In metalliferous minesFalling of limestone while holing 
1883June11Holmes No 4GalstonJ Horne & SonsDanl.McGillCollier21Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Injured 12th April, died 11th June Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883June11MauldslieCarluke, LanarkJas. Waddell and SonJas.LightbodyCollier24Falls of sidesRemoving stoops, while relieving the coal after firing a shot 
1883June15RosieBuckhaven, FifeBowman & CoJamesReidCollier--On surface – by machineryHe put a tub on cage of steam hoist prematurely, the cage descended and he fell with it to the groundNewspaper report
1883June16Bourtreehill No 6IrvineBourtreehill Coal Co.JohnRamsayCollier36In shaftsWhilst engaged cleaning out a shaft by a sudden influx of water and mudFrom Main body of report: Took place under unusual circumstances. Some years ago two shafts were sunk or extended to a lower seam – about 13 fathoms under the seam which at the time was worked – but no excavations were made in it. The upper seam continued to be worked, and the part of the shafts which had been extended gradually got filled with water, mud, and the usual debris of the mine. It having been arranged that the working of the lower seam should be proceeded with, the deceased contracted to clear the shafts of the mud and debris which had collected in them, the work to be done during the night, and while the day workmen were absent. After clearing out the “rise” shaft – about 12 feet distant from the “dip” shaft – they proceeded to drive a passage from it through the coal, to connect it with the “dip” shaft, the intention being to draw off the mud and debris through this passage, and send it up the “rise” shaft in hutches. During the night of the accident they cut through onto the corner of the “dip” shaft and made an opening sufficiently large to admit a shovel, but found that, although there were eight fathoms of mud and one fathom of water in the “dip” shaft, the mud would not come freely through the opening. They continued to work for upwards of three hours, when the engineman gave notice for a change of shift; but after a time, on getting no reply, the fireman and others descended to the upper working and discovered that the cage in the bottom was covered in mud. Steps were then taken to clear out the mud, and the bodies of the two men were found in the cage. On examination it was discovered that the opening had been enlarged, and was now 29 by 34 inches. The pressure of mud had suddenly overcome the resistance at the mouth of the hole, filling the passage and covering the cage before the deceased had time to escape. The system adopted for clearing the shaft in this case might have been carried out safely if the opening had been kept sufficiently small to guard against any sudden influx of mud; but a simpler and more effective course might have been taken by clearing out the shafts before connecting them. Newspaper report
1883June25East BenharWhitburn, LinlithgowNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohnForsythRunner50Miscellaneous on surfaceStruck by a snibble, with which he was attempting to stop a runaway waggon. 
1883June28LongriggendNew Monkland, LanarkJas Nimmo & Co.PeterMorganDrawer13In shafts – falling from part way downKnocked down shaft by self-acting gate at mid-working, while reaching on to cage for his tea flask, left on hutch by mistake. 
1883June28Rosehall No 12CoatbridgeRobt. Addie & SonsPatrickClementDrawer18Miscellaneous undergroundWas struck by a balance weight 
1883June29WilsontownCarnwath, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJamesNicolEngineman20On surface – by machineryCrushed by bell-crank of pumping engine. His foot slipped while oiling 
1883June30MossideBathgate, LinlithgowGavin Paul's TrusteesMich.McCueDrawer23Falls of sidesAt face, while redding; long wall 
1883July2HighholmDunfermline, FifeWest of Fife Coal Co,Geo.PatersonSinker50In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile coming up the shaft after lighting a shot the kettle slipped out of the hook 
1883 July 5 Gartsherrie     Unknown Unknown Death not listed in Inspectors report.  This was reported as the death of 4 men.  As we have been unable to locate any other reports on this accident, we suspect the original report is an error Newspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1883July6HopetounBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodJamesCampbellTrimmer19Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by a loaded waggon while attempting to snibble it 
1883July7DubbsBarrheadBarrhead H. Lime Co.RobertFlemingForeman60Falls of roof & sidesFell down a shallow shaft 
1883July9KinneilBo'ness, LinlithgowKinneil Iron Co LtdJamesKellyCollier--Explosion of fire dampHe went into a heading by mistake while the fireman was away for materials to take out the gas 
1883July9GreenheadCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJohnStewartWaggon shifter41Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between axle box and ground while attempting to “trig” waggon 
1883July12Bank No 1New CumnockBank Coal CoAlexanderGrayLoco. Assist.19Above groundCrushed between two waggons whilst uncoupling them 
1883July12EllismuirBailliestonProvan Hall Coal CoDavidWrightCollier18Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1883July13DaldowieTollcrossDunn BrothersThomasWilkieCollier35Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp. Injured 27th ult.

From Main body of report: Occurred at a place not in the act of extension, but towards which an ordinary place was being driven, and had nearly reached. It was known that a little gas lay occasionally in the place which was not being worked, and I understand that the fireman had given proper instruction regarding it, and had also placed a fence at the entrance. It would appear, however, that one of the men engaged in forming the communication had left his work and gone into this place, which was standing, in order to “chap” or sound the coal to ascertain its thickness between the two places, when his open light ignited a quantity of gas which had collected there, by which he was burned, and although not at first supposed to be seriously injured, he died from the effects about three weeks after. Under the judicious regulations now provided by the special rules such accidents are becoming more rare; they should never happen, and workmen cannot be too thoroughly impressed with the importance of Special Rule 75, which prohibits “all workmen from entering or remaining in any place where not absolutely required by duty to be at the time.”
1883July16CleughCarnwath, LanarkWilliam Darlings' TrusteesJos.StarkCollier46Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1883July21RaithAuchtertool, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavidPenmanBrusher35Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall 
1883July24Gauchalland No 2GalstonGauchalland Coal CoAlexMurdochCollier27In shaftsFell down blind shaft Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883July31DonibristleAberdour, FifeDonibristle Coal Co.Geo.SeathIncline boy14Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesStruck by a runaway hutch at the bottom of self-acting incline 
1883August1Gilbertfield No 1CambuslangCambuslang Coal CoWm.McHendryCollier20In shaftsFell down from a mid-working

From Main body of report: Was occasioned by falling from a mid working. The deceased was a brusher, and on the night of the accident he was being lowered to his work in the cage with other workmen. The cage in its descent was stopped at a mid working, where he went off, it is understood, for some tools which were lying in a cabin there; on returning to his companions he had apparently opened the gate on the other side of the shaft from that on which they were, and fallen to the bottom, a distance of 16 fathoms. There were gates at the midworking which could be opened and shut when required; but unfortunately these do not prevent accidents. They are, on account of their simplicity, oftener introduced than any other contrivance; but being liable to be left open, under such circumstances instead of being a prevention from are rather a lure to danger.
Newspaper Report
1883August9LoanheadLasswade, EdinburghShotts Iron CoJamesSaltonCollier25In shafts – falling from part way downFell down incline from the level where he was working. Angle 58 degrees 
1883August14AitkinstonBailliestonSpringhill Coal Co.PatMcKissickyBrusher39Miscellaneous undergroundInjured upon an incline by part of the “race” getting off the rails 
1883August14Strone Colliery, PossilGlasgowStrone Colliery CoJamesDicksonRoadsman34Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1883August15Little RaithAuchtertool, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdThos.AdamsCollier51In shafts – overwinding See report

From Main body of report: There was a very serious case of overwinding at Raith Colliery by which four person were fatally and three others seriously injured. It appeared to me that it was caused by the neglect of the engineman. He was tried at Cupar, before Sheriff Crichton and a jury, on the charge of manslaughter and culpable neglect of duty, but was acquitted. The pit is 100 fathoms deep. The engines are a pair of high pressure cylinders, 24 inches diameter, 5 feet stroke with slide valve and link motion. The winding drum is 12 feet diameter, placed between two cylinders, and the load is raised in (illegible) revolutions. The starting bar, break-handle and throttle valve are all close to the engine man. The seven men got on the cage at the bottom of the shaft and were raised at the usual speed, but when at the surface the engineman neglected to stop his engine, and the cage and load were taken over the pulley, with the result noted. The engine was stopped by him after it had made three revolutions more than sufficient. There was a peculiarity about the throttle valve which, although it was no excuse for the engineman's conduct, may be worth recording. The throttle valve was a slide valve with two parts; it was on its side. The spindle passed through a stuffing box and was attached to a handle outside, which worked fore and aft. When the valve was shut the spindle was pressed outwards; when it was opened the spindle was pressed inwards. In this way it will be seen that the pressure of the steam tended to push the spindle out and to open the valve. In ordinary cases, when the pressure was taken off the face of the valve, the pressure on the spindle forced it out and opened the valve. If there had been a spindle and stuffing box on each end the pressure would have been equalized.
Newspaper report - Beath accidents
1883August15NitshillNitshillEg. Iron Co.HenryConnorMiner30In ironstone/fire clay minesFell off the cage and to the bottom 175 fathoms

From Main body of report: Happened to a miner, who with three neighbouring workmen, was being lowered to his work; it did not appear that they had a light with them, and when about mid shaft the deceased fell from the cage. An attempt was made to signal to the surface, but without effect; ultimately the bottomer was communicated wit, and he signalled to the engineman, who stopped the cage about 25 fathoms from the bottom., After a short pause the cage with its occupants was again lowered and during that time, singularly enough, the deceased, who must have been intercepted in his fall, fell on to the cage, and was lowered to the bottom with them, where he was found dead. It was suggested that the sufferer was subject to fits, and it is believed he was seized with one at the time of the accident. It is unfortunate when persons afflicted with such infirmities require to labour in mines where unquestionably the risks for them are increased.
1883August23BalbardieBathgate, LinlithgowHenry WalkerJamesMackayBrusher31Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall 
1883August29FerguslieFerguslieR Brown & SonWm.StevensonMiner50In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of fireclay whilst engaged taking it downNewspaper report
1883September7BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdDavidMcMillanCollier40Falls of sidesAt faceNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1883September11TodhillsDalryEg. Iron Co.Wm. J.EvansRoadsman36In ironstone/fire clay minesInjured on a “cuddie” road by the breakage of a “snap” chain which released the backweights 
1883September17OrchardCarluke, LanarkThomas BarrAlexr.KirkhopeCollier--Falls of roofAt face while taking out road side stoops. Long wall 
1883September28FerniegareHamilton, LanarkArch. RussellJohnWrightCollier16Falls of roofRemoving stoops. Died 27th Oct. 
1883October3SolesgirthKirkintillochKilsyth Coal Co.DavidReidCollier52Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1883October3Stevenston, Prince pitStevenstonEg. Iron Co.Thos.DownieCoupler30  Injured on the 20th ult by the hutches going off the rails; died 3rd October 
1883October19RaithAuchtertool, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdWalterMuirheadCollier24Falls of sidesAt face while shearing; long wall Newspaper report - Fife pages
1883October22ElphingstoneTranent, HaddingtonR & J DurieWm.SmithFireman--Falls of roofOn main road, while examining it. 
1883October25BellfieldHurlfordBellfield Coal Co.JohnCosgroveCollier31Miscellaneous undergroundWhilst blasting 
1883October--StonecraigsCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdWm.MullenCollier22Falls of sidesAt face 
1883November1BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoThos.McCartneyCollier34Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1883November9StravenhouseCarluke, LanarkJames ThorntonJ.MoffatCollier29Falls of roofRemoving stoops 
1883November9MillburnDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoJamesHunterDriver--Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFound dead under hutches 
1883November10HillDalserf, LanarkMcLean, Dalzell & Co.Jas.InglisReddsman68Falls of roofWhile putting a hole through a stoop on an old road newly repairedNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1883November11AddiewellWest Calder, EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdAlex.ForsythDrawer13In shale minesFall of roof and side on drawing road. 
1883November16LimeriggSlamannan, StirlingLimerigg Coal Co LtdJohnMylesBrusher20Falls of roofAt face, while putting in building. Long wall 
1883November17ChapelhallNew Monkland, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdWm,LearmontSinker23In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryHe was riding along with a working barrel and fell off. 
1883November22Hillhead No 5AirdrieWm Baird & CoWm.WaddelEngineman21Above groundGot entangled with the pumping machinery 
1883November24FenceLesmahagow, LanarkNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal CoJas.McCartneyFireman68Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesRun over by a train of tubs on self-acting incline, having failed to get into a man hole 
1883November28KnockterraCummockEg. Iron Co.JohnBurnsBrusher27Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883December1CarfinBothwell, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJas.CummingsCollier40Falls of roofAt face, while putting up a prop. Long wall 
1883December1Hurlford No 18HurlfordAllan Gilmour & CoJamesWrightCollier17Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883December3BallochmyleAuchinleckWilliam WalkerWm.McBlainFireman52Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp. Injured on 25th ult.

From Main body of report: Happened in a comparatively non-fiery mine. The deceased was the night fireman for a section of the pit; and it appears that on the night of the accident, when making his examination before admitting the workmen, he had carried both an open light and a safety lamp, and kindled some firedamp, by which he was burned, and died from the effects thereof about a week after. It seems unnecessary to add that all such examinations should be carefully made with safety lamps, and this without reference to the character of the mine, as it frequently happened that small accumulations of gas are encountered in unexpected places.
1883December7BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdWm.MackieDriver15Falls of roofWhile passing along coal face, where he had no business to beNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1883December7Crossbasket Limestone MineBlantyre, LanarkColin Dunlop & Co.---------Boy--In metalliferous minesRun over by bogie on surfacePossible Newspaper Report - Blantyre pages? - gives name as Neil McNaught
1883December8EllismuirBailliestonProvan Hall Coal CoJohnSwanJoiner18Above groundWhen attempting to pass from one waggon to another whilst in motion 
1883December11MauldslieCarluke, LanarkWaddell & SonJamesDuffyCollier boy14Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesCrushed by a hutch which he was guiding up a “cuddy brae” The hook got detached at the top of the brae 
1883December12Portland No 6HurlfordEg. Iron Co.Wm.RossEngineman25Above groundBy boiler chimney being blown down by the severe storm Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1883December13HaywoodCarnwath, LanarkHaywood Gas Coal Co.Geo.KirkPitheadman42Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between the buffers of two waggons while leaning against the first waggon. It was supposed that the wind drove the second waggon forward 
1883December17TownhillDunfermline, FifeTownhill Coal CoJohnHutchisonBrusher25Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderExplosion of dynamite, which he was softening 
1883December19Enterkine No 9AyrGeo. Taylor & Co.JohnGreyCollier21Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Injured 20th June last 
1883December26FalfieldKilconquhar, FifeThos. Brown & SonsAlex.DewarDrawer14In shafts – falling from part way downFell with a loaded tub from a mid-working. There was no gate on. 
1883December26LangbyresCleland, LanarkBarr & HigginsPat.KennaBrusher21Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderExplosion of a shot, which he thought had missed 
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