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1905 Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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YearMonthDayMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameSurnameAgeOccupationCategoryCause of accident & remarksExtra details?
 1905 January NK     JohnMcDonald    Not listed in Inspectors report Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper report
1905January9Rigfoot CollieryAyrLanemark Coal Co. Ltd.WilliamGillespie59LabourerOn surface – On railways, sidings, or tramwaysA waggon in which he was working at the scree was moved by the locomotive while shunting, and he was crushed against the moveable scree.  
1905January12Cadzow No 2 PitLanarkCadzow Coal Co. Ltd.Wm.Gilmour28MinerFalls of roofFall of arching and roof on haulage road while passing along it. Another man was injured.  
1905January12WhitehillEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJamesNeil53MinerFalls of roofDeceased had taken down coal, and was propping the roof, when it fell upon him.  
1905January15Carnock No 1 PitStirlingAlloa Coal Co. LtdJohnCrawford33SinkerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryIn descending in the “kettle” with other four men, he fell out when his neighbour stepped off the kettle to secure an air pipe 9 1/2 fathoms from the bottom of the shaft. Only four men should have been on the kettle at one time.   
1905January17Gartcosh Mine (Fireclay mine)LanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co. LtdJohnCampbell43Winding enginemanOn surface – sundriesWhile on a ladder pouring naphtha on a frozen vertical feed pipe, the naphtha ignited at a fire on the ground, and the flask containing the naphtha bursting, he was burnt.  
1905January19Dechmont No 2 PitLanarkArchd. Russell, Ltd.Alexr.Griffin19MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at brushing face while holing. Apparently the propping regulations were not complied with.  
1905January19Newton No 1 PitLanarkJames Dunlop & Co., Ltd.Thos.Gibb35BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof on road which he was brushing  
1905January20Holytown No 8 PitLanarkJames Nimmo & Co., Ltd.RobertRussell23MinerFalls of roofFall of roof on road while repairing it. He died on 17th May.  
1905January23MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJohnMitchell18DrawerFalls of roofDeceased was assisting to redd a fall which occurred on a main road, when a large stone suddenly fell on him. Newspaper report - Fife pages
1905January25Polmaise No 1 PitStirlingArchd. Russell, Ltd.ColinRae36MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while taking down coal. (Died 20th December)  
1905January26Shieldmains No 2 PitAyrA. G. Moore & Co.RobertBrown53ReddsmanShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile ascending the shaft the cage got detached from the rope, owing to the cotter of the pin, which went through the muzzle giving way. Another man was injured.  
1905January30MintoFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJohnSteuart21LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysSeveral waggons were moving too fast on an inclined road, and deceased in attempting to stop them was run over.  
1905February3BalbardieLinlithgowBalbardie Colliery Co LtdThomasMurphy30MinerFalls of roofDeceased had removed the bottom part of seam, and was taking down the top coal, when the coal and roof came away from between two unseen lypes and crushed him.  
1905February6BalgonieFifeCharles B BalfourRobertLaw27DrawerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActWhile proceeding- on his way homeward after his shift was over, he took a shock of apoplexy, and died.  
1905February10EarlseatFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJamesAnderson44MinerFalls of roofDeceased had fired a shot and on returning to examine the work it had done, the roof fell on him and injured his spine. He died on 15th May.  
1905February15East Parkhead No 1 PitLanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co., Ltd.JohnOrr45MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while holing  
1905February16Daldowie PitLanarkGlasgow Coal Co., Ltd.EdwardBrady37MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face when about to prop it. The specified distance for props seems to have been too great.  
1905February17DouglasLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdRobertBeattie50MinerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased suffered from heart trouble, and he took ill in the pit; in walking out-bye he suddenly expired.  
1905February17Orbiston No 3 PitLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.JosephSmith27MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place.  
1905February20GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdBernardHalskrammer27MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking down coal loosened by a shot, when it fell upon him. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1905February20Lochwood No 3 PitLanarkLochwood Coal Co., LtdWm.Love33BencherFalls of roofFall of roof on road while attaching hutch to incline rope.  
1905February22Highhouse No 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnFrew46RoadsmanFalls of roofFall of roof on self-acting incline while redding a fall. Other two men were injured  
1905February24PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdWilliamCraig20SinkerShaft accidents - falling from part way downThe shaft was enlarged for the purpose of pumping and winding coal from a seam 35 fathoms from the bottom ; the permanent set of pumps was practically completed to the top lift 50 fathoms from surface, and the scaffold at the place was removed on the morning of the accident by deceased and two other sinkers. On descending in the cage two hours later, deceased signalled to stop at the top lift and jumped to alight on the scaffold, forgetting for the moment that it had been removed, and was precipitated down the shaft.  
1905February28Bothwell Castle Nos 1 & 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnBoyle23DrawerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhen taking a hutch down a road a drawer behind lost control of his full hutch, owing, it is said, to a snibble having broken, and the latter hutch ran down and caught him.  
1905March2Dechmont CollieryLanarkArchd. Russell, Ltd.JohnMcGoldrick23MinerHaulage – Ropes or chains breakingGoing up a “cuddie brae” with a hutch the rope broke, and the “cuddie” or balance bogie ran down and caught him.  
1905March3Kenmuir CollieryLanarkJ. Dunn & Stephen, Ltd.Thos.McMannes44FiremanFalls of roofFall of roof on road while repairing it. The stone was known to be dangerous. Newspaper Report
1905March3Rosehall No 7 PitLanarkR. Addie & Sons' Collieries, Ltd.JamesGreenhorn49ReddsmanMiscellaneous Underground Accidents – By explosivesExplosion of Saxonite in some unknown way. He was firing a shot contrary to the Explosives in Coal Mines Order  
1905March7Holytown No 12 PitLanarkJames Nimmo & Co., Ltd.JohnGreenlee40Road repairerIn shafts – miscellaneousWhile working at the pit bottom he and the overman stepped into the cage seat after the latter told another man to signal down the cage. The cage in response to the signal was lowered, and both of them were crushed by it.  
1905March10Gartshore No 1 PitDumbartonWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnMartin48ReddsmanExplosions of Fire-damp or Coal DustWhen redding a fall on a road his naked light ignited gas.

From Main body of report: The fatal explosion took place in Gartshore No 1 Pit. The deceased had been sent to clear away a fall of roof on a road at a point where it crossed a fault. His statement and that of a roadsman who was with him was to the effect that while at work a fresh fall brought down gas from the cavity and it was ignited by his naked light.

The pit is in the process of being sunk, the winding being done by coupled 20-inch cylinder engines. The pithead frame gave a height of about 30 feet between the landing scaffold and the centre of the pulley. The two men were ascending to the surface in the “kettle” when in some unexplained manner the engineman drew them up to the pulley and they fell out, the one down the shaft which at the time was 101 fathoms deep, and the other to the landing scaffold.
1905March15Hamilton Palace CollieryLanarkBent Colliery Co. LtdJohnFerguson24MinerShaft accidents – falling from part way downHe opened the gate at the mid-working of a blind pit, pushed a hutch into the open shaft, and fell after it to the bottom. There was no bottomer as required by the Special Rules.

From Main body of report: At Hamilton Palace Colliery, a miner fell down a blind pit from a mid-working and was killed. This blind pit is sunk from the Ell to the Splint Coal, a distance of some 25 fathoms. The Main Coal is midway between the seams, and coal was raised from the Main Coal to the Ell Coal by a compressed air engine. There was no scaffold across the shaft at the Main Coal, as there might have been, and the mid-working was fenced by a gate connected in the usual manner with an indicator in the engine-house. There being no bottomer appointed to perform the duties prescribed by the Special Rules, the drawers acted as bottomers for themselves. It appears that the deceased opened the gate when the cage was at the Ell Coal, and apparently under the impression that the cage was opposite him, pushed a loaded hutch into the open shaft and fell after it to the Splint Coal. Where possible, a scaffold should always be placed across the shaft at a mid-working. The is no excuse for working with an open shaft below a mid-working unless the cage has to descend to a lower level, as, in spite of every other precaution, workmen sometimes make mistakes such as occurred in this case.
1905March17NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohnMcPhillip22MinerFalls of sideDeceased was holing coal in a steep seam when it fell away and crushed him. Newspaper report
1905March18NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJamesReid37MinerFalls of roofDeceased wan engaged laying rails on a dook road at an upthrow fault, when a fall took place, and he was fatally injured.  
1905March19Holytown No 13 PitLanarkJames Nimmo & Co., Ltd.MatthewMyles28Night firemanHaulage – sundriesKilled by a shock of electricity by his head coming in contact with live part of an electrical coal-cutting machine.

From Main body of report: In Holytown No 13 Pit, Lanarkshire, a fireman was killed by an electric shock. He was assisting to work a Morgan Gardner coal-cutting machine in the Lower Ell Coal seam where the height of the working face was 18 inches. This machine was worked by electricity, with a continuous current of 500 volts. The terminals of the power cables were inserted in holes drilled through studs projecting beyond one end of the machine, and the end of each cable was held fast by a brass pinching screw, which was only partially insulated by a vulcanite washer kept in position by a nut screwed against it, the head of the pinching screw going right through the vulcanite washer. The two pinching screws were three inches apart. It seems that the machine had been stopped to shift the haulage appliance, and the deceased was asked by his neighbour to give him some more slack rope. In order to do this he had to put his hand into the gearing from the end of the machine, and apparently while doing so his left ear and face came in contact with the live heads of the pinching screws, and he received a shock of electricity which killed him. The electrical engineers who supplied the pinching screws with the vulcanite washers ought to have known better than employ such such an imperfect method of preventing contact by the workmen with live parts of the machine.
1905March22Allanton No 2 PitLanarkWm. Barr & SonsJamesHamilton20MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen ascending the shaft he fell off the cage. He seems to have taken a fainting fit.  
1905March23AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdAndrewBlack26BrusherFalls of roofDeceased was engaged putting a building on the low side of a level which had been brushed, when a large stone fell away from between two lypes and killed him instantaneously.  
1905March23Blantyre No 1 PitLanarkWm. Dixon LtdJohnCox58OncostmanShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile ascending the shaft, in some unknown manner he fell off the cage.  
1905March25Cadzow No 2 PitLanarkCadzow Coal Co. Ltd.Thos.Riley38OncostmanFalls of roofFall of roof on road while repairing it to get access to stoops.  
1905March25PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJohnRoss64FiremanFalls of roofDeceased was repairing an airway on an idle day, and just as he knocked out some props the roof collapsed and he was killed.  
1905March27Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdMichaelBrogan32MinerFalls of sideThe holing is in the centre, and bottom shale is taken away first, afterwards the top shale, which generally overhangs and is supported by sprags. Deceased was found under the top shale which came away from a " dry " parting. There were no sprags up to the shale.  
1905March30HassockriggLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdFrancisMcCartney48MinerFalls of roofWhile deceased was working at the face the roof suddenly fell upon him. The roof was composed of sandstone with clay joints and lypes, and stone fell away from between them.  
1905March31LassodieFifeThos Spowart & Co LtdAlexanderIzatt14MinerFalls of roofDeceased was assisting to put timber up to the roof, when it suddenly fell upon him. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1905March31PrestonlinksHaddingtonForth Collieries (1903) LtdJohnDocherty25Bricklayers labourerOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased attended on the bricklayers, who were engaged in the erection of a washery. His duties were to carry the bricks from a scaffold 25 ft. from the ground to the bricklayers. The bricks were raised in a box to this scaffold by means of a steam crane, and in landing a load the craneman dropped the box so recklessly that the supports of the scaffold gave way and scaffold fell carrying him with it.  
1905April5Cadder No 15 Pit (Ironstone)LanarkCarron Co.Wm.Douglas44Roadsman, &c.Haulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhen working on an endless rope dook he failed to keep clear of an upcoming full hutch, and was run over by it. He died on 17th August.  
1905April6Craighead No 2 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdPeterSomodis22MinerFalls of sideFall of stone (falling) in his working place. He failed to have it spragged while working below it.  
1905April7Ormiston StationHaddingtonOrmiston Coal Co LtdJohnHogg15Haulage engine driverOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was assisting to move railway waggons at the screens, and was crushed between the waggon buffers.

From Main body of report: A boy under 16 years of age was fatally crushed between the buffers of two waggons, and on investigating the cause it was discovered that the pitheadman was in the habit of getting the boy to assist in moving the waggons. Proceedings were taken against the pitheadman, and he was convicted.
1905April14BatonriggLanarkUnited Collieries LtdJamesShields17DrawerOther haulage accidentsDeceased and two other boys were on their way home after finishing their day's work. He and another got into an empty tub, and the third boy pushed; owing to the dip out bye a snibble was inserted in one wheel, and at a stiff part of the work this was withdrawn. The boy lost control of the tub at another dipping part and the tub ran away and collided with a stationary loaded rake.  
1905April17Craig No 1 PitAyrWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnHighland65SinkerMiscellaneous Underground Accidents – By explosivesA shot of gelignite in a sinking pit with too short a fuze went off just as he was being lifted in the kettle, and he fell out. Other four shots went off on him.  
1905April18WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdPercyBaker21MinerFalls of roofDeceased was shovelling coal at the road-head, when a stone weighing 2 lbs. fell from the roof and struck him on the back of the neck. He died next day from the injury.  
1905April20Duddingston Shale MineLinlithgowOakbank Oil Co LtdDanielPeste28Roads manDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased was assisting to carry a piece of machinery when he took a fit of coughing and vomited blood, dying in about an hour's time.  
1905April21Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdRobertBeveridge16DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was preparing to run a full tub down a short brae dipping 1 in 3 1/2, and got in front to adjust it to the rails when it moved forward and pushed him in front to the level below where he was fatally crushed.  
1905April22Lassodie MillFifeFife Coal Co LtdGeorgeCooper, sen40MinerFalls of roofA blind shaft, 10 fathoms deep and fitted with ladders, is situated on the direct road for communication between the Dunfermline Splint Coal workings, and the outlet shaft. This road being shorter and easier to travel than the haulage road from the winding shaft, was used by the men of a section to travel to and from the faces. Work was finished for the day and deceased with his son and nephew were proceeding homewards, and while ascending the ladders the roof at top of blind shaft fell and part came down the shaft, extinguishing their lights. As they were the last men to leave the section they were left in a helpless condition, and it was only when their relatives becoming anxious at their prolonged absence, was it discovered that they were still in the mine, and on a search being made they were found in the shaft; deceased was found firmly pinned against the side by a large stone, and died shortly after he was released.  
1905April25Caledonia Mine (Fireclay)RenfrewSpiers, Gibb & Co.Wm.Purss34MinerFalls of sideFall from the side of a road while enlarging it. Contrary to the manager's instructions he was drilling a hole in the strata which was known to be insecure. Another man was injured.  
1905April27Earnock No 1 PitLanarkJohn Watson, Ltd.EdwardBaxter40MinerFalls of sideFall of coal. Apparently he had commenced holing after taking out sprags. Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1905April28EarlseatFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdWilliamLinn23MinerFalls of roofA newly opened longwall section had taken the first break; and after the roof had settled, deceased and another miner were repairing the roadway for the purpose of re-starting the faces, when the roof overhead suddenly burst.  
1905May1NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdAlexanderJack19Coal cutter attendantFalls of roofDeceased attended to a coal cutting machine, putting up props, &c., and while engaged at the face, a fall of roof took place, completely burying him.  
1905May9East RougriggStirlingA Forrester & Co LtdWilliamFerguson35Check weigherDeaths not comprised under Mines ActWas proceeding homeward after his shift was over and took ill a few yards from the pit, and died in a short time.  
1905May10BraidhurstLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJamesInglis29RepairerFalls of roofDeceased was timbering a main road, when temporary supports gave way causing the roof to fall and burying him beneath it.  
1905May10Carnock No 1 PitStirlingAlloa Coal Co. LtdJamesGaddie52SinkerShaft accidents – overwindingThe engineman in some unexplained manner overwound the “kettle” in which they were ascending.  
1905May10Nethercroy No 1 PitDumbartonCarron Co.JohnMackay45Bricklayer's labourerIn shafts – miscellaneousWhile attempting to pass through the cage seat the cage came down upon him.  
1905May11RiddochhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdMichaelReilly35Roads manFalls of roofDeceased was assisting to repair a roadway, when the roof fell upon him, and he was injured. He died two days afterwards from his injury.  
1905May15Victoria No 2 Pit (ironstone)RenfrewWm. Baird & Co. LtdWm.Taylor51MinerFalls of sideFall of ironstone and roof, owing to a want of sprags.  
1905May19Clyde-Backmuir No 2 PitLanarkWilsons & Clyde Coal Co., Ltd.Jas.McKillop27MinerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from the topHe either fell or flung himself down a blind pit under the effects of the fumes from an underground fire.

From Main body of report: An unusual kind of accident resulting in the death of a miner occurred in Backmuir No 2 Pit, Clyde Colliery. A fire broke out in a haulage engine-room near the pit bottom, and the intake air carried the smoke into the workings and alarmed the miners on the afternoon shift. Five of them, being unable to escape on account of the fumes, tore down a cloth stopping and went to the top of a blind pit where they remained, awaiting their rescuers. When the rescuers reached them they found 4 men, all insensible except one who stated that the deceased seemed to have gone mad and jumped down the blind pit ( a depth of 12 fathoms), in spite of all he could do to prevent him. There was no fence round the top of this blind pit which was not in use, but as the tight cloth stopping or screen referred to shut off the only entrance to it, it could hardly be held that there was a culpable neglect of the rule requiring the top of every shaft to be fenced.
1905May20Rigfoot CollieryAyrLanemark Coal CO. Ltd.JohnBrown19Hanger-onHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhen on a self-acting incline making a signal, a coupling on the down coming “race” broke, and two full hutches ran down and caught him  
1905May21LochgellyFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdWilliamDrummond51Pit wrightOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was assisting to take down a range of steam pipes, and in doing so stood on a scaffold 12 ft. up from the ground. When the bolts had been taken from a level joint the pipes swung, and the bend fell away and he was carried with it.  
1905May24DunsystonLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJamesSneddon60MinerOther haulage accidentsDeceased and his two sons were proceeding up an endless rope haulage roadway after their day's work was finished, when an empty tub slipped from the rope, and coming back struck deceased as it passed, inflicting a severe flesh wound on his right leg. Blood poisoning supervened and he died 14 days afterwards. The tubs were put on the rope singly and held by a Smallman clip, and the " gabby " dropped out. The roadway dipped in-bye 1 in 7.  
1905May25BalbardieLinlithgowBalbardie Colliery Co LtdAlexanderReid42MinerFalls of sideDeceased was adjusting a suction pipe near a dook face when a stone fell from the side upon him.  
1905May25DalbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobertBarclay24MinerFalls of sideDeceased was holing coal when it fell away from between two lypes and fatally injured him.  
1905May30Bannockburn No 1 PitStirlingAlloa Coal Co. LtdJamesBrown25BrakesmanHaulage – By machineryWhile running a “race on a self acting incline the brake gave way and the lever struck him on the head.  
1905May31Rosehall No 3 PitLanarkR. Addie & Sons' Collieries, Ltd.Jas.Caldwell21MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while holing or taking down coal.  
1905June7ShieldsLanarkGlasgow Iron & Coal Co LtdThomasMcGarry16MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report, p. 12.

From Main body of report: This accident occurred in a disused road in Dook Section of Main coal, which was left standing on a down hitch. The place where deceased worked was stripping the same hitch on the left hand side, and was going toward the disused road almost at a right angle. The seam is worked stoop and room with stoops 160 ft. square and openings 12 ft. wide: the dip is 1 in 20. The air current to ventilate the workings passed in from the downcast shaft through a cross-cut mine to the Splint coal, where it split, one part going to the Main coal by another cross-cut mine, and after traversing the workings passed up a blind shaft again to the Splint coal and from thence by a parallel cross-cut mine to the upcast shaft at top of which a Capell fan operated. The ventilating current for the working places was led in by brattice cloth, and to keep the disused place clear of gas, brattice was also put in to within a few feet of the hitch. On the morning of the accident, immediately after breakfast, deceased went round to the disused road to give the miner a "chap" in order to ascertain how much coal was still to be cut to join the places, and when about 32 ft. from the face his naked light ignited gas and an explosion occurred whereby he was seriously burned on the arms and face, and died next day. There had evidently been a large accumulation, as nearly all the men's lights in the section were extinguished, although very little damage was done to property. Gas had not been seen in the place, prior to the explosion, but a slight fall, of roof had taken place at the face of the hitch right up to the bottom of the Pyotshaw coal, and this had apparently liberated the gas. There was no proper fence to prevent any one going into the disused road. For reasons which I did not consider satisfactory, the manager altered the system of ventilation within a few hours after the accident by reversing the air current. Proceedings were instituted against the manager and fireman for contravention of the rules, and convictions obtained.
1905June16Gauchalland No 4 PitAyrGauchalland Coal Co.Wm.Paton59MinerFalls of sideFall of stone (falling) from the working face. Apparently he failed to examine it after a shot was fired.  
1905June21Huntershill Mine (sandstone)LanarkThos. Gibb & Sons, Ltd.CharlesLind21LabourerIn Metalliferous Mines – Miscellaneous underground accidentsHe fell over the face of a bench of stone from a height of thirty feet.

From Main body of report: The sandstone worked for building purposes is over 30 feet in thickness, and miners are employed to remove the upper portion of the bed preparatory to the quarrymen proper commencing operations. The deceased was working with the miners, and while shovelling debris over the face of the bench, in some unexplained manner he fell over and was killed.
1905June26ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdJamesJunners19BrusherFalls of roof

Deceased had left the brushing face to get his lamp replenished with oil, and while filling the lamp a stone fell upon him. He died from his injuries on 28th January, 1906.

[Actually listed in 1906 East report]

1905June28North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdWilliamWeir68pitheadmanOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased and another workman were loading old wire ropes into a waggon by rolling the coil to the low scaffold, raising it by the cage and putting it down the screen, and while doing so the palm of his left hand wag pricked by a broken wire; blood poisoning supervened, and he died nine days afterwards.  
1905June28Roman Camp (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdOwenFeeney40MinerOther haulage accidentsNo one saw this accident, but from the position in which he was found, and other circumstances, it seems he was struck by the '' cuddie" tub as it passed down the brae.  
1905June30CobbinshawEdinburghCobbinshaw Coal & Iron Co LtdJohnMurray63MinerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased was found dead in his working place ; death due to natural causes.  
1905July3LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobertTorrance42MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged holing his coal, when a large stone fell from the roof upon him causing injuries from which he died two days afterwards.  
1905July5Orbiston Nos 1 & 2 PitsLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.AnthonyDickson53MinerFalls of sideFall of coal while enlarging a road.  
1905July8ParkheadLanarkGlasgow Iron & Steel Co LtdAlexanderDixon24FiremanShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased was engaged with others in "taking up" the winding rope of one side of the shaft, and for that purpose the rope was held in the shaft by glands fixed on two beams, laid on loose planks across the shaft mouth at the low scaffold. After the work was completed the .beams were being removed, and deceased was at one side pulling with the beam between. his legs, and when the beam was moved the plank moved also and the opposite end falling into the shaft the end at which deceased was, caught him as it descended and he was thrown forward and precipitated to the bottom. The planks should have been secured.  
1905July8Shaws No 2 PitLanarkUnited Collieries Ltd.PatrickCasey19MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place in machine wall. The fall crushed out the props.  
1905July10Clyde- Wellhall PitLanarkWIlsons & Clyde Coal Co., Ltd.JohnPaterson16Pithead labourerIn shafts – miscellaneousWhile on the cage adjusting an empty hutch the engineman lowered the cage and he got crushed. The cage was lowered without the prescribed signal from the pithead having been given.  
1905July12Pennyvenie No 3 PitAyrDalmellington Iron Co. LtdJohnBaillie13DrawerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsIn coming out a level with a full hutch his light went out. Another drawer coming behind, not seeing him, ran against him with his hutch.  
1905July26LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdAlexanderWyse16Pony DriverMiscellaneous underground – sundriesDeceased put the tail chain on a rake of loaded tubs to side pull forward to the shaft, and when the tubs had moved a few yards the horse fell, and he was crushed beneath it.  
1905July28Dechmont No 2 PitLanarkArchd. Russell, Ltd.PatrickMurray37BrusherFalls of sideFall of side in working place while putting in a building.  
1905July29ShawfieldLanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdJohnMorris28FiremanShaft accidents -things falling from part way downLadders were being fixed in a blind shaft communicating two seams, and while deceased was ascending the ladders already in, with a plank on his shoulder, another plank fell from above and struck him. The plank which fell was being put in as a bunton on which to make a landing, and the person fixing it mis-hit a nail, and the bunton slipped from its position and went down the shaft.  
1905August9Dalquhandy No 1 PitLanarkWaddell & SonHughBlackwood15Pony driverFalls of roofHe had gone into a working place for a hutch when the roof fell on him.  
1905August16MintoFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdGeorgeChristie39Coal cutting machine driverMiscellaneous underground – by machineryDeceased stepped across the bar of a coal-cutting machine while it revolved, and his legs were caught by the picks. The bar had only cut a few inches into the coal, and was working quite satisfactorily, and no reason can be assigned why deceased stepped across.

From Main body of report: One fatality occurred due to this cause [machinery]. An electrically-driven bar coal-cutting machine had been introduced into a seam, and deceased, who was an expert in the working of it, was employed to look after it until the men who were to take charge got acquainted with its working parts. The machine cuts the coal by means of a revolving tapered bar on which picks are fixed at intervals, and while the bar was in motion he stepped across it apparently to see if it was d6ing its work satisfactorily, and was caught by the picks.
1905August16Thankerton No 7 PitLanarkJ. McAndrew & Co.JohnBrown52MinerFalls of roofFall of roof on road; a hutch on which they were riding, Brown illegally, having gone off the rails and knocked out the timbering.  
CharlesMurray23Pony driver
1905August18Craighead No 1 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdRobertSmith22Bogie manHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsHe fell off the bogie in front of the race which went over him.  
1905August18StaneLanarkTurners LtdRobertRoy16MinerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased came up the shaft, and began to run after the girls employed on the pithead, and in chasing one he came into violent contact with the lever of the weighing machine, causing injuries whereby he died the same day.  
1905August19WhiteriggLinlithgowR Forrester & Co LtdSmithTennant47MinerFalls of sideDeceased's working place took a heavy crush causing the face coal to fall and injure him. He died fourteen days afterwards.  
1905August22Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdRobertPratice38MinerFalls of sideThe top shale fell away suddenly on deceased, killing him instantaneously.  
1905August25RosieFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdBernardThomson16DrawerFalls of sideDeceased was turning back coal from a dropped-out room in second working of Chemiss Seam when a sudden burst of coal came away from the stoop side, and striking him he was killed instantaneously.  
1905August29Allanton No 1 PitLanarkWm. Barr & SonsJohnMcLaren45MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place. It is doubtful if props were set as required by the regulations.  
1905September4Bedlay CollieryLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnBanks20EngineerOn surface – sundriesWhile shifting a heavy casting belonging to a steam crane which was being put up, it canted and fell over on him.  
1905September4Orbiston No 3 PitLanarkSummerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.Alexr.Paterson27Waggon shifterOn surface – On railways, sidings, or tramwaysWhen crossing the rails in front of waggons which he was shifting, his foot got caught in a crossing, and he was run over before he could extricate himself.  
1905September7BailliesmuirLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJamesCullen16MinerFalls of roofDeceased was at the road head, when the face coal fell, knocking out a prop, and causing the roof to fall on him. He died four days afterwards from his injury.  
1905September9Bargany No 1 PitAyrBargany Coal Co. Ltd.EnchiseFrullani30MinerMiscellaneous Underground Accidents – By explosivesHe and his brother charged 15 shots with gelignite, lit the fuzes, and had just started to retire when one shot went off and knocked him down. All the other shots went off while he lay where he fell. Note:  Information received from relative that name was Anchise Frullani
1905September9Broomrigg No 3 PitStirlingBanknock Coal Co. Ltd.JohnNeil58MinerFalls of sideFall of coal while holing.  
1905September13DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdBenjaminProctor20DrawerFalls of sideDeceased was engaged during the morning repairing a level road, and when repairs were almost finished he left and proceeded to the coal face, and when there a piece of coal fell away from between two sprags on him. The sprags were 6 feet 6 inches apart.  
1905September13MuirbeathFifeHenry Ness & Co LtdAlexander PCampbell14CouplerFalls of roofDeceased was about to take an empty tub across the plates at the pit bottom, when a large stone fell from the roof and killed him instantaneously.  
1905September14Wester Queenslie No 1 PitLanarkJohn AllanThos.Steedman55MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while filling a hutch.  
1904September15Maxwood PitAyrWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnNisbet24MinerFalls of roofWhile replacing crowns blown down at the working face by a shot, the roof fell on him. He died in April  
1905September21Blantyreferme CollieryLanarkA. G. Moore & Co.JosephRodgers22MinerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhile illegally drawing in front of a hutch he lost control of it and was run over.  
1905September21Oakbank (Oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdJohnWatson27DrawerFalls of sideDeceased was left by the faceman to fill and draw shale which had been dug, and while filling a tub the top shale suddenly fell and crushed him fatally. The shale fell away from " foul skins " due to the presence of a "hitch'' and which were partly seen. There were no sprags up to the top shale.  
1905September27GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdAlexanderErskine21DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was employed by a contractor who worked in a heading rising 1 in 3.5, and a branch. The coal was run to the level by means of a ''cut," the wheel being at the top. The places were worked alternately and the branch was at work at the time of the accident. When the heading was last worked a loaded tub was left standing on the level rails and the rope was constantly rubbing on it in moving up and down. A tub was being run from the branch, and just as it moved away the tub from above ran away and about 100ft. down it crashed into the other, crushing deceased between ; the sudden collision caused the rope to slip a hose and both ran down carrying deceased between them, and at a high part of the roadway the runaway tub passed over the other. The constant movement of the rope on the tub had eventually brought it to the steep. It was said the tub was secured by sprags in the wheels, but it is evident it was insufficiently secured.  
1905September27LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavidMcLeod65MinerFalls of roofDeceased was sitting at his breakfast when the roof suddenly fell upon him. A hitch had been met with and a part was "won out" inside, and the roof fell away from the "vees."  
1905September27NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdWilliam NReid23Dook footerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesSee Report, page 17

From Main body of report: One death was due to [electricity], the circumstances of which are as follows:

The power was generated by coupled compound dynamos on the surface, each of 135 amperes and 500 volts continuous current. This current was carried by two cables composed of 37.15 w.-g. wires down the Carrington dook of the Parrot coal seam for a distance of 1 1/2 miles. At the in-bye end was a switch room from which two subsidiary cables of 19.17 w.-g. wires came out to the roadway leading to the faces where coal-cutting machines were in operation. From the positive cable of the main cables a wire was led and joined to the negative cable, and between the terminals of the wire, lamps were placed at intervals to light up the haulage lye. In the lye therefore in the centre of road there were at the time of the accident two sets of cables and the lighting wire. The roadway is double for endless rope haulage and was being heightened during the back shift, and the cables and wire were suspended temporarily from the heightened part and carried under the lower part which was under repair ; just at the entrance to the lower part and on the lip of the unbrushed part was a steel girder, and cables and wire were in contact with it.

Deceased's duties were to assist in making up the sets of tubs to the in-bye end and also to the shaft, and had only begun work on the day of the accident. Owing to the heat, over 70° F., he perspired very much and worked without his cap, and the pavement was wet, which caused his feet to get damp. No one saw what actually took place, but some men on their way out-bye after their work was over for the day discovered him lying on the roadway for the empty tubs apparently dead, and they at once applied artificial respiration for fully an hour without avail. Where deceased was found was almost directly under the steel girder at x where cables and wire passed under. It was supposed he had in some way received an electric shock, and on making an examination it was discovered that about 1 1/2 inches of the tape insulation of the lighting wire had been removed, and the bare wire being in contact with the girder charged it with the current. It was estimated that the voltage at the point of contact was about 450.

In order to ascertain the exact cause of death a post-mortem examination was made, and a mark was found across the back showing indications of burning, and the medical report stated that death was due to electric shock.

While attending to his duties deceased had to pass and re-pass under the girder, which was 5 feet above the rails, and he had touched it while on his way to attend to the tubs, and being in a state of perspiration, and his feet damp he was a fit subject for a fatal shock.

In shifting the cables and wire during repairs sufficient care had not been taken to prevent the insulation being damaged.[See diagram]
1905October2Haugh No 2 PitStirlingWm. Baird & Co. LtdDavidMarshall14DrawerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen stepping off the cage at the pithead after ascending he was caught by the cage being lowered before he got clear, in response to a hand signal given by the bottomer who also ascended in the same cage.  
1905October3Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdHughMcCord37MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking down the top shale when it fell away and fatally crushed him.  
1905October3Pumpherston No 5 (Oil shale)EdinburghPumpherston Oil Co LtdJohnWest45Mining contractorOther haulage accidentsDeceased worked in a sinking dook, and the tubs were drawn from it and the benches above by means of a main dook rope, in rakes of four. A rake was lifted from a bench above, and when it was up some distance the last tub uncoupled and running back dashed into a scaffold on which some miners stood to timber the roof, and a piece of wood splinter was forced down on him. The coupling used was a ram's horn, and it had been put into the tub with a twist, and by the jerking had come out. A "jock" was provided to attach to the last tub, but the chainer neglected to put it in.  
1905October9RiddochhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdMalcolmWilson28MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased with seven others, was ascending the shaft, after the day's work was finished, carrying some picks with him, and when some distance up he fell out of the cage. It is supposed that in attempting to save his picks, which he had between his legs, from falling into the shaft, he overbalanced.

From Main body of report: One fatality was caused by a workman falling out of the cage while ascending the shaft ; he had some tools with him and apparently some of them were about to fall into the shaft, and in trying to prevent this he overbalanced and fell over the cage end. The habit of carrying tools while riding on the cage is a bad one, and should not be permitted.
1905October16LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdJamesRobertson20MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking coal off the face in the steep workings, and when it fell he was unable to clear himself and was crushed. He died from his injuries 17 days afterwards.  
1905October17Grasshill No 1 PitAyrWm. Baird & Co. LtdThos.Wallace20MinerFalls of sideWhen taking down coal he failed to get clear when it fell  
1905October21Swinhill No 5 PitLanarkDarngavil Coal CO. LtdAlexr.Torrance30WeigherOn surface – sundriesA line of 9 inch pipes was being taken down, and the supporting trestles having swung, he was struck by a falling pipe.  
1905October22KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdRobertMurray48BrusherFalls of roofDeceased and another were ripping a horse road, when a stone fell from the roof and injured him. He succumbed five days afterwards.  
1905October25Lochwood No 3 PitLanarkLochwood Coal Co., LtdJamesNicoll17DrawerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhile illegally drawing in front of a hutch he fell and got crushed against a prop.  
1905October26Dockra No 1 Pit (Ironstone Mine)AyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co. LtdThos.McCann, jr.16Chain runnerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsIn some unexplained manner he was run over by a “race” of full hutches which he was taking up a dook.  
1905October26DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdRichardWalters68MinerOther haulage accidentsA horse rake consisting of five tubs was proceeding out-bye, and deceased and three others rode on the tubs; on the way out the last tub occupied by deceased left the rails and he was thrown off and was pricked on the right leg by one of several picks he had with him. Blood poisoning set in and he died eight days afterwards.  
1905November3ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdRobertCunningham42Boiler firemanOn surface – miscellaneousIn front of boilers was a dross hole, divided into two, one portion had a capacity to hold about 80 tons of dross, a retaining wall 20 inches thick faced the boilers, and at intervals, opposite each boiler, were openings to allow the dross to gravitate so as to be reached by the firemen. This wall without any warning suddenly collapsed, and deceased, who was opposite, was buried.  
1905November3DunsystonLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJohnMyles19DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was sitting in the siding waiting on a tub when two empty tubs ran away from the haulage rope and crushed him. The system of haulage is endless rope, single tubs, and tubs are attached to the rope by Smallman clip. The cause of the runaway was due to "gabby" becoming detached from the tub link. The road dips in-bye 1 in 7.  
1905November3Hill of BeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohnSteuart37Waggon repairerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased was employed by the Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co., Ltd., at Little Raith Colliery, on the south side of the Dunfermline & Thornton Railway, A train of waggons was shunted into Hill of Beath sidings on north side of said railway, and he crossed over for some purpose and was crushed between the buffers of waggons.  
1905November6Holytown No 6LanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohnCalder53MinerFalls of roof

Fall of roof in working place, owing to the want of prop. Injured on 6th November, 1905, and died on 11th June, 1906.

[NB This death is actually report in 1906 West report]

1905November6NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJohnMcGuire36MinerFalls of sideDeceased was about to take down coal when it fell and crushed him against a prop.  
1905November9Bedlay No 1 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdJohnMullan45SinkerMiscellaneous Underground Accidents – By explosivesWhen working with a pick to recover a charge of gelignite which had missed fire he exploded the detonator and primer.  
1905November10Gartshore No 2 PitDumbartonWm. Baird & Co. LtdLaurenceMcBride15DrawerHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsWhen taking an empty hutch down a dook he was overtaken by empty hutches knocked over the brow of lye above by a “race” being set back against them.  
1905November16Dalquhandy No 1 PitLanarkWaddell & SonJohnDonaldson42MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while redding. The roof was not propped as required by the regulations.  
1905November17NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal CoJamesDavidson14Pithead runnerOn surface – by machineryDeceased stepped across a creeper chain for hauling empty tubs, to light gas at a bracket on the wall, and his right leg slipped into the wheel opening and was severely lacerated. He died from blood poisoning two days afterwards.

From Main body of report: One death was by machinery, and was caused by a boy attempting to do a thing he had no need to, being caught with a " creeper " used to raise empty tubs up a rising plane from a lower to a higher level.
1905November20Simpsonland No 2 PitLanarkUnited Collieries Ltd.JohnMcLean58MinerFalls of sideFall of coal. He failed to stand clear of a cut of coal which his neighbour was wedging down.  
1905November23Bellfield No 4 PitLanarkWm. Barr & SonsWilliamBarr65Mine ownerOn surface – By machineryWhile standing close to unfenced machinery at the pithead, his overcoat got caught by a revolving shaft, and he was drawn in and fatally injured

From Main body of report: The three fatal accidents by machinery were all caused by the want of care on the part of the sufferers. The first, resulted in the death of Mr William Barr, one of the owners of Bellfield Colliery, Lanarkshire. He had gone close to a horizontal revolving shaft which was not fenced as required by the regulations. The shaft was 16 inches above the floor, and it seems that it caught his loose overcoat, drew him in and inflicted fatal injuries before the machinery could be stopped. In July 1904, I pointed out to the deceased unfenced machinery at the place where this accident occurred, and it was then fenced; but since that time alterations in the machinery were made, and the fencing was again neglected.
1905November23NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJosephThomson65MinerDeaths not comprised under Mines ActDeceased suddenly expired at his working face. Hie death was due to natural causes.  
1905November27RosieFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdWilliamCairns45MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking coal off the side of a roadway to make a siding when it suddenly fell over and fatally crushed him. Newspaper report - Fife pages
1905December2Bothwell Castle No 4 PitLanarkWm. Baird & Co. LtdThos.Foley53MinerFalls of roofFall of roof on road while brushing it.  
1905December2WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdJohnMcGhee51MinerFalls of sideDeceased was "shearing" in the right-hand side of a close place to relieve his coal when it suddenly fell away, and in trying to clear himself he slipped on the pavement in front of it, and was killed instantaneously.  
1905December6NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdGeorgeRitchie14MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust See Report, pages 12, 13,14.

[This death is actually reported in the 1906 East report]

From Main body of report: This explosion occurred on 6th December, 1905, in a section of a longwall working of Parrot Coal Seam. A fall of roof took place across several places liberating some gas which lodged at the top. Men were engaged "winning out" inside the fall at the extremities, and this work was almost completed when the accident took place. The fireman of the section was aware there was gas at the top of the fall, and notwithstanding he appears to have gone up with a naked light and ignited it causing it to explode, whereby the flame travelled to where the men were at work burning them. An. examination of the section was made next day and gas was found in several of the roads. Owing to the fall the ventilating current was less than usual, but no effort was made by the officials with the air current available to clear out the gas. It transpired that the fireman had very little experience of gas, and probably knew nothing of the dangers or how best to deal with it.
1905December7Cadzow CollieryLanarkCadzow Coal Co. Ltd.JamesKirk45BrakesmanOn surface – On railways, sidings, or tramwaysWithout authority he attempted to work a locomotive. He lost control of it, and it ran into a waggon that the driver was shunting.  
1905December8LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames BGilchrist25MinerFalls of roofA heading had come upon an upthrow "hitch," and the coal was "won out" for some distance inside. The roof took a sudden break throwing out the the timber, and falling on deceased. At the time deceased was running tubs on the short brae, and had apparently heard the roof break, and attempted to escape, but was too late. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1905December8Viewpark No 1 PitLanarkR. Addie & Sons' Collieries, Ltd.AllanDunn33MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face. It is doubtful if the proppong regulations were observed Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1905December9CallendarStirlingCallendar Coal Co LtdJamesLockhart45pitheadmanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysTwo loaded dross waggons were being moved forward to rest against another in front and just as they were about to collide deceased stepped between and was crushed between the buffers.  
1905December13Broomhouse CollieryLanarkHaughhead Coal Co. LtdHenryWhyte46WaggonerOn surface – By machineryWhen about to apply the brake of one of seven waggons in motion, a locomotive gave them an extra push. He fell on the rail, and the wheel of the following wagon fatally injured him.  
1905December16Herbertshire No 2 PitStirlingR. Addie & Sons' Collieries, Ltd.MichaelConnley14Scree enginemanOn surface – On railways, sidings, or tramwaysCaught by bevel wheels of machinery close to which he was working.  
1905 December 18 Benarty Fife Fife Coal Co Ltd David Flockhart 39 Miner Falls of side Deceased was proceeding along a level road in a seam with a gradient of 1 in 1, when a piece of coal fell off the high side and injured him. He died from his injuries 18 days afterwards.[Sourced from 1906 East report]
1905December22Bellfield No 4 PitLanarkWm. Barr & SonsGeorgeMaclay27Bogie manHaulage – Run over or crushed by Trams or TubsHe fell from his bogie and was dragged along by the hutches, his bogie having collided with another coming in the opposite direction and which had gone off the rails  
1905December25Calderbank No 1 PitLanarkUnited Collieries Ltd.FrancisGreen60MinerShaft accidents – things falling into shaft from surfaceWhen stepping into the cage to ascend he was struck on the head by a piece of coal which fell from a hutch being taken off the cage at the surface.  
1905December28Auchinreoch CollieryStirlingWm. Baird & Co. LtdJeannieMcGhee19Stone pickerOn surface – By machineryFor some unknown reason, she went over a fence and got caught by the blades of a dross conveyor.  
1905December28Cadder No 15 Pit (Ironstone)LanarkCarron Co.TerrenceTravers58MinerFalls of sideFall of ironstone while holing.  
1905December29Earnock No 1 PitLanarkJohn Watson, Ltd.HughCarlin34ReddsmanFalls of roofWhile taking out props at a “stoop” the roof gave way, and he was caught.  
1905December29MuirbeathFifeHenry Ness & Co LtdJamesWhyte43RepairerFalls of sideDeceased was "needling" the side for the purpose of putting up a crown to support the roof of a roadway which was being repaired, when the side and roof suddenly fell.  
1905December30BalbardieLinlithgowBalbardie Colliery Co LtdJames MTennant32overmanMiscellaneous underground – sundriesDeceased was superintending the work of putting a wooden beam to the roof for haulage extension purposes, and when the beam was raised to be put into position it swerved, and the men losing control of its movement it fell and fatally crushed him.  
1905NKNK Threestonehill No 7 Pit, Greenfield Colliery From Main body of report: Another fatal fire-damp explosion occurred at Threestonehill No 7 Pit, Greenfield Colliery, but as the person killed was not employed at the mine I have not included it in the list of accidents. An inrush of water from a bore hole passing from the surface through an upper seam lying full of water was filling the dip workings of the Kiltongue coal, and a steam pump was in danger of being “downed out.” The manager was down the pit when his son, who was an engineman, who at one time had been employed at the colliery, without his father's knowledge and without proper sanction, descended in the cage and joined his father. The two proceeded with naked lights towards the steam pump, when the son went down a dook to see how far the level of the water was from the pump. He there encountered fire-damp, the rising water having cut off the air current, and this ignited at his naked light and fatally injured him. [NB No other details are given for this accident]

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