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Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland - 1908
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameAgeOccupationCategoryCause of accident & remarksAdditional Information
1908January3Gauchalland No 2AyrGauchalland Coal CoJames Gilmour50FiremanShaft accidents - falling from part way downWhile recklessly working with a pick while standing on a loose plank which was not level, the plank slipped and he was precipitated down the shaft.   
1908January7Bargany No 2AyrBargany Coal Co LtdGilbert McWhirter56LabourerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed a hutch of ashes into the open shaft at the low scaffold and fell after it. He evidently thought that the cage was there.   
1908January9Blantyre No 4LanarkWm Dixon LtdRobert McMurdo28BrusherFalls of roofWhen putting in a building at a roadhead, and after knocking out at least one prop, the roof gave way and fell upon him. Three props were afterwards found under the fall, but it is doubtful whether or not these had been displaced by the fall.   
1908January10Neilsland No 2LanarkJohn Watson LtdRobert Muir62Sinking contractorShaft accidents - falling from part way downWhile working on a hanging scaffold suspended by the winding rope, in stepping back he tripped over a bunton and fell 100 feet into 7 feet of water, and was fatally injured.   
1908January10BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdAndrew Kerr38MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesA stone mine was being driven in hard "metals," and material was taken out by blasting. The holes were bored by compressed drills, and during the fore shift 21 were completed ready for charging. Deceased's duties were to charge the holes and fire them, and while engaged charging the first, a premature explosion occurred. Apparently he was pushing in the explosive, which was gelatine. The explosive was not in proper condition.   
1908January11Carfin No 3LanarkUnited Collieries LtdAlexr. Storris28MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen returning from his work, he was overtaken on a self-acting incline by nine runaway empty hutches, which had been released by a coupling breaking.   
1908January13FortriggLanarkUnited Collieries LtdJames Dowther71Foreman Dirt PickerOn surface – by machineryThe table for nuts is driven by a belt off a pulley situated outside the pithead shed, and while in operation the belt came off the pulley. In order to get belt on, deceased got a ladder, took off the box in which the pulley ran, and proceeded to slip the belt on while pulley was in motion, when the shaft end caught his clothing and he was taken round and left suspended, in mid air. He was dead before released.   
1908January13Cauldhame No 1AyrArch. Finnie & SonWm. Adams46Waggon trimmerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed a hutch of ashes into the open shaft at the low scaffold and fell after it. He evidently thought that the cage was there. Newspaper report
1908January15Quarter No 1StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdThomas Wilson Hamilton53Reddsman.Falls of roofWhen setting props to secure broken timbering on a road which he was repairing, the roof gave way and fell on him.   
1908January15LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Bauld40ShaftsmanFalls of roofThe dip cage was being loaded and bottomer pushed forward a tub to complete the load on deck, when it ran too far to the dip side, and striking a " leg " threw it out and caused girder to fall, releasing some debris which fell on deceased. He attempted to keep the tub off the " leg " but failed.   
1908January20CultriggLinlithgowBarr & ThorntonWilliam Knox34MinerFalls of sideDeceased was working between two faults, when the side came away suddenly, carrying two sets of timber, and burying him beneath the fall.   
1908January21CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdGeorge Anderson50MinerFalls of sideDeceased was beginning a new " slice " from a stoop. He had worked off some bottom coal and left the top coal overhanging, and while preparing a place for a sprag the overhanging part fell on him.  
1908January22HyndshawLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdJohn Bryson51FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was making some repairs on the dook haulage road. When rake was ascending he stood to the side to allow it to pass, but the space was too narrow and he was crushed by the tubs. He had ample time to go to a manhole 6 feet below from the time the rake began to move up.  
1908January23KippsbyreLanarkshireStrains BrosJames Smith43pitheadman   Death occurred in 1908 and was covered in 1908 reports - details have been entered into 1907 lists - see 1907 accidents (16 May 1907)
1908January23Orbiston No 3LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdAndrew Derris32MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while taking down coal. A crown and a prop supporting the part of the roof which fell were said to have been displaced by the fall.  
1908January23Greenfield No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdJohn Wilson41RepairerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed a hutch of props into the open shaft at the low scaffold and fell after it. He evidently thought that the cage was there.  
1908January23DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdAlexander Combe51RoadsmanMiscellaneous underground - electricitySee Report

From Main body of report: The first accident occurred at Dysart Colliery, Fife. A concentric cable, carrying 3 cores 37-12 W.G. wires for a three-phase current, was placed in a wooden box or rhone and the space inside filled with bitumen. The box was laid on one side of the haulage roadway. At one part of the roadway water dripped from the roof, and in order to protect the box deceased was instructed to lay corrugated iron sheets on top, and to fix them by tying, instead, however, of tying he drove a nail into the box which passed in through to the cable, and reaching one of the box wires caused the iron sheet to become live ; his left hand rested on the sheet while he drove in the nail, and current passing through his body to earth, he received a fatal shock. The voltage was 250.
1908January28DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdWilliam Watson24MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe back shift had filled their tubs and run them on to the haulage dook as usual. The tubs were lifted by the fore shift in rakes of 6 or 8, and to each rake a bogie was attached. Deceased was on his way to his work and passed the rakes, and when down some distance he heard tubs coming, and thinking it was empty tubs he stepped on to load road and was knocked down by a runaway rake of loaded tubs. He died from his injuries four months after.  
1908January28AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdAlfred Williamson34BrusherFalls of sideDeceased and two others were brushing a road, and had almost completed the work,while " topping " the building on low side of road, a mass of coal and blaes burst from the face and he was instantly killed.  
1908January29TullygarthClackmannanJames Fyfe & CoWilliam Mitchell62FiremanFalls of roofDeceased was making his second inspection, and on arriving at one of the working places he sat down under the brushing to speak to the miner, when a large piece of sandstone fell upon him. Had he examined the stone before sitting down, probably he would have discovered its unsafe condition.   
1908January30Fairlie No 3AyrCaprington & Auchlochan CollieriesWm. Owen57RoadsmanMiscellaneous underground – sundriesWhen lifting old rails he scratched his finger. Blood poisoning resulted, and he died on 8th February.   
1908February2LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Gibson16DrawerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: The most serious explosion occurred in the Mynheer Coal Seam of the Mary Pit, Lochore Colliery, belonging to Fife Coal Co., Ltd., causing the loss of three lives and injuring five persons. [see plan]
The shaft is the deepest in the district, being 670 yards to the Five Feet Coal Seam. The seams passed through are the Diamond at 490 yards and the Mynheer at 624 yards from the surface.
The Mynheer Seam had only recently been "broken away" from the shaft, and parallel levels were being driven to the right with a view to connect with the Five Feet Seam below by means of a cross-cut mine from the latter, while on the opposite side a single roadway was advancing towards a point where a blind shaft was to be sunk also to the Five Feet Seam for connection.
Shortly after opening out gas was given off the seam and safety lamps were put in, and were being used at time of accident.
To provide ventilation, a fan 20 inches diameter was placed in the lower level a short distance inside of No. 1 heading, at A, and continuous current electric power supplied by an open-type motor; the fan pulled air from the shaft, which was downcast, and forced it through the workings, after which the air returned again to the shaft by a narrow opening where it joined the main current descending the shaft.
When the fan ceased to operate the air current went the reverse way, and in order to allow it to circulate the screen at C, which had to be kept down when the fan was at work, was raised.
The work in the seam was continuous - three 8-hour shifts during the 24 hours, and for each there was a fireman. In the ordinary course of working the fan was kept going constantly, but it was stopped at the weekends and started again on the Sunday night just prior to the shift beginning.
On the night of the accident seven men descended the shaft to the Five Feet Seam, and on arriving had to wait until a fireman could be got to take the place of the regular fireman, who had failed to turn out owing to a misunderstanding with his neighbours. The oversman in charge asked a young man, who had little knowledge of gas or of a fireman's duties, to make the inspection, and he went up to the Mynheer Seam accompanied by the miners. On arriving at the shaft bottom he set the fan in motion to allow the air current to clear out any gas which might have collected during the interval the fan stood prior to inspecting the workings, and shortly after the fan started to run an explosion took place, followed by three others in quick succession ; the first explosion threw an empty tub forward which crashed through the fence gate, and both were precipitated to the bottom of the shaft. One man was at the same time thrown down the shaft, and the second explosion threw a second man down the shaft. The others were more or less burned, and one afterwards succumbed to his injuries.
Early next morning I arrived at the pit, accompanied by Mr. Masterton, and we made a thorough inspection as far as it was possible, and after an exhaustive enquiry into the causes which might have contributed to the explosion, we concluded that it was due to an explosive mixture being ignited at the motor by sparking from the commutator. On a subsequent inspection it was found that gas had come from a break in the roof in the upper level at D, and that this gas had accumulated during the time the fan was stopped.
It was stated by some of the men who worked on the last shift of the weekend that the screen C at the fan was left down, and the result of this would be that the natural air current, which usually passed round the workings, would cease, and any gas given off would accumulate.
The statements of the injured men varied as to where the flame was first seen, and two things were set up, one that the level in-bye from the motor was full of gas up to the screen, and the other that explosive gas had been forced out at the screen B in No. 1 heading and reached the motor ; looking at all the circumstances arid facts as far as ascertained the latter was no doubt the cause of the explosion.
As soon as the fan forced the air it carried the gas right toward the narrow opening, and the current, now well mixed and explosive, was forced under the screen to the motor, and as the latter was sparking at the commutator, the result could only be an explosion. The first explosion set fire to the brattice cloth and some pieces of wood in the No. 1 heading, and as the fan still continued to run a fresh supply of gas was sent down the heading on the burning material, and thus the second, and probably the third and fourth explosions were caused.
The second explosion appeared to have been very violent, and was due to the presence of coal dust on No. 1 heading ; the force, which was considerable, was toward the level and shaft, and was clearly seen by the uplifting of metal plates from their position on heading, throwing down of props and brattice, and the hurling of a rope reel against the stoop side, causing it to rebound on a loaded tub which was overturned. The force in the lower level was slight and also toward the shaft. On several props, which were left standing in the No. 1 heading, caked dust was observed.
The fan produced about 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute, and this quantity was sufficient to give good ventilation.
The primary cause of the accident was clearly due to stopping the fan at the weekends, as had the fan been kept going, a dangerous accumulation of gas was not likely to happen. The stopping of the fan was the work of the under-manager, and done apparently without the manager's knowledge or consent. In the arrangements for ventilating the workings, due regard had not been paid by the management for observing General Rule 1, and Section V, Rule 4, of the Electrical Special Rules, as by stopping the fan there was not constantly "an adequate amount of ventilation to render harmless noxious gases," and also, that as soon as the air reversed the motor was on the return side and should have been an enclosed one.
Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
John Stein18Miner
James Law18Miner
1908February3Garthamlock No 6LanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdWm. Meechan25SinkerShaft accidents – things falling into shaft from surfaceBy the tipping of a bogie, the catch of which was not secure, a quantity of stones fell down the shaft among the sinkers. Other two men were injured.   
1908February3Hattonrigg No 3LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdEdward Costello40MinerFalls of roofWhile wedging down coal, the roof gave way. The fall was due to want of props, which he failed to set as required by the regulations.   
1908February4Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdJoseph Galloway40MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesDeceased was at work, and apparently fell against the building on side of road and dislocated his neck. It was supposed he was getting away hurriedly from the face, as the roof was working, when he stumbled.   
1908February12Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdAlexander Henderson26DrawerFalls of roofFor a considerable time the haulage road had been under repair and heightening, the work being done on the back shift. Repairs were going on as usual when a part of the roadway fell, and in order to have it cleared for the fore shift, a large number of hands were employed to clear the debris. Several men got on top of fall to throw the debris into an open space, and while thus engaged a large stone fell from the roof 15 ft. above, killing the fireman on the spot, and injuring Henderson so badly that he succumbed some hours later. The manager was examining the roof at the time, and he and two others were injured.   
George Halkett38Fireman
1908February12Bothwell Park No1LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdJames Storrie50MinerFalls of sideFall of coal while holing it. In falling it displaced a sprag. His neighbour was in the act of drilling a shot-hole to blast the coal down.   
1908February13BlairadamFifeFife Coal Co LtdJoseph McCallum30MachinemanFalls of roofThe dook section of the Dunfermline Splint coal was holed by a coal cutting machine, and the run was about 100 yards in length, the cutting being done in the back shift as usual, and the deceased men had charge of the operations. At the time of the accident the machine was nearing the top end of the run when the roof suddenly collapsed burying the men. The fall was very large, and had broken along the face for a distance of 36 ft., and over to the waste for at least 18 ft., and its average thickness was 5 ft. to 2 ft. next the coal face. The stone which was one solid mass, except a small detached portion at the top end, sat down on the wood pillars and threw out the props. The roof was sandstone of a strong nature, and had evidently taken a sudden break. Newspaper report - Beath pages
Robert Park24Assistant Machineman
Daniel Cairney31Assistant Machineman
1908February14Bothwell Castle No 4LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdPeter Douglas18Road repairerFalls of roofWhen assisting to re-timber a haulage road, a stone fell from the roof upon him.   
1908February18Portland No 15AyrPortland Colliery Co LtdRobert Black51MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(12.15pm) Either a premature explosion of gelignite killed the fireman and ignited an accumulation of gas in the unventilated workings adjoining the place where they were working and caused the death of the other three men, or one of their naked lights first ignited the gas, causing an explosion, and also lighted the gelignite which was apparently in the fireman's hands. See main pages for more details & Newspaper report
John Livingstone45Fireman
William Black17Drawer
Richard Black27Miner
1908February19DalkeithEdinburghA G Moore & CoWilliam Black28Engine AttendantOn surface – by machineryDeceased stood on top of a tub to oil the gear wheels of a scraper conveyor while it was in motion, and his clothes became entangled in the unprotected wheels, and his left arm was drawn in and mangled.  
1908February24CarronhallStirlingCarron CoArchibald Hill30DrawerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased was descending on the cage for the first time in his life, and failed to keep inside the cover, and just as the cage left the surface his left arm, which was projecting, was crushed. He died from his injuries five days after.  
1908February26AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdAndrew Rodger35LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was cleaning dross from the rails at the coal washery dross pits, when some loaded waggons, which had got out of control, ran over him.  
1908February26Hopetoun (Oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdJames McDowell40MinerFalls of roofDeceased was fixing rails on the roadway. The roof was much broken by cross joints, and the timber becoming displaced caused it to fall on him.  
1908February27LochgellyFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJames Cannon40RepairerFalls of sideRepairs were being made on a steep dook ; deceased and another repairer were preparing places for timber, when some coal fell off the stoop side, and striking him he was knocked off his balance and fell to the dook bottom.  
1908March2North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdPeter Guthrie57LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased's duties were to run loaded tubs of smudge from the haulage to the fire doors, and empty same ; after emptying a tub it came back on his leg causing abrasion of the skin. The same thing occurred three days later, and blood poisoning supervened, causing death six days after the latter injury.   
1908March3Bardykes No 1LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdAdam Kennedy26Shaft repairerShaft accidents - falling from part way downWhen stepping off the cage at a mid-working between two bunions he missed his footing and fell 24 fathoms. The entrance opposite the cage was fenced.   
1908March3Giffnock No 2RenfrewGiffnock Collieries LtdJohn Blair35Coal cutter assistantFalls of roofFall of roof on road while taking off a projection from the side. The vibration of the percussive coal-cutting machine had evidently loosened the roof, which was not secured by crowns as it ought to have been.   
1908March4LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Bennett38MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased worked in a dook dipping 45°. The tubs rested on a prop while being filled ; the prop was insecurely fixed between roof and pavement, and it slipped out at foot, and tub ran back and crushed him against the coal face. He died nine hours later.   
1908March4Dechmont No 2LanarkArchd Russell LtdWm. Shearer20Pony DriverFalls of sideWhen assisting to clear away a fall on a road he was slightly injured by a stone falling from the side and striking his arm. Tetanus set in, and he died eight days after the accident occurred.  
1908March5LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdMichael Wynne25DrawerOther haulage accidentsDeceased was late in coming to his work, and in order to reach his place quickly he travelled the carriage way and was caught by the descending carriage and fatally crushed. There is a separate travelling way provided and persons are prohibited from travelling on the carriage way.  
1908March6BelhavenLanarkUnited Collieries LtdWilliam Gibb26Waggon TrimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased had charge of Ell coal and common dross screens, and ran his own waggons to screens. He had five empty waggons at common dross screen coupled together, one which was loaded he ran out, and put in a second, after which he seems to have been passing behind when the three others moved slowly down, and he was crushed against the buffers of the second. The three waggons behind had not been trigged up.  
1908March6BlackriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdMichael O'Shea30SinkerShaft accidents - falling from part way downDeceased was standing on a scaffold in the shaft, guiding a pipe to put it in position when it struck the scaffold and knocked him off, and he fell 70 feet where he was caught by some fixed pump rods.

From Main body of report: A set of pipes was being put in a new shaft, and while a pipe was passing down to its position deceased failed to guide it past the scaffold on which he stood, when it struck the scaffold and knocked him off.
1908March7Pennyvenie No 3AyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdWm. Saddler20MinerFalls of sideWhile holing the coal gave way and fell on him. It is said that it broke over three sprags set to support it.  
1908March9BroomhouseLanarkHaughhead Coal Co LtdThos. Alexander58ScreemanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysCrushed between buffers of waggons while standing taking his breakfast.  
1908March10LethansFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdAlexander Clark50MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesA stone mine was being driven in very hard stone ; two shot holes were bored in the bottom, and while deceased was pushing home the explosive, which was gelignite, with a wooden rammer, it exploded. The explosive apparently was not in proper condition.  
1908March12Auchincruive No 2AyrWm Baird & Co LtdWm. McMahon19DrawerFalls of sideWhile holing coal it gave way and fell upon him. It displaced a sprag set to support it.  
1908March12LongriggLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdHamilton Hale48BrusherFalls of roofDeceased had been engaged brushing a road, and had taken down the loose strata made by a shot. A part would not come down by wedging and he left it, and was coming out from the face afterwards when it fell upon him.  
1908March16Birkrigg No 3LanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdJohn Milligan43MinerFalls of roofWhen working at the coal face the roof gave way and fell on him. In order to comply with the propping rules, two props should have been set below the stone which fell, and other three alongside. The fireman failed to see that props were set, and both he and Milligan's neighbour were prosecuted and fined.  
1908March16KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdHugh Paton56Waggon RepairerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was going under a waggon to make some repairs in repair siding, and just then the locomotive pushed a waggon into siding causing the other waggon to move which ran over him. No one saw him pass under the waggon, although the shunter was walking close by the train on opposite from where deceased entered.  
1908March23LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdJohn Robertson19MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased worked in a bench off the carriage way, and he and a loaded tub fell to the bottom, a distance of 130 ft. The inclination of the seam is 64°, and the tubs are run to and from the various benches by means of a carriage and back balance. He is supposed to have been at side of carriage way and the tub moved forward on him, and he was crushed and afterwards pushed over the bench.  
1908March25ParkheadLanarkGlasgow Iron & Steel Co LtdJames Hamilton34BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased was putting a tub on the cage at a mid-working when the cage suddenly dropped, and he was caught by the cage and fatally crushed. The engineman failed to have his brake sufficiently tight, and the engine moved when weight of tub got on to cage.

From Main body of report: One accident was caused by an engineman failing to have his brake sufficiently tight while a bottomer was " hanging " a loaded tub on to the cage at a mid-working, the result being that when the tub was partly on, the cage dropped away and the bottomer was fatally crushed.
1908March27Carmyle No 1LanarkJas Dunlop & Co LtdJas. Stevenson15MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryIn some unexplained manner he fell off the cage while ascending the shaft. It is probable that a pick which he was carrying under his arm caught a bunton and jerked him off.   
1908March27MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdGeorgina Wilson16Coal PickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased and another girl had finished their work and proceeded homewards by a siding on which a train of waggons was moving. She was run over and killed instantly. A proper travelling way was provided to obviate travelling on the railway, but the siding was the nearer way.   
1908March30GrangemouthStirlingGrangemouth Coal Co LtdAlexander Syme34MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased and another man were engaged pavement brushing a road. Two shots were charged, and while the other man was putting the tools aside deceased was to light the fuses. He got one lit, but was delayed with the second, and before he got out of harm's way the first shot exploded on him.   
1908March30BartonholmAyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Agnew34MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in coal-cutting machine wall while setting props.   
1908April2Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdHugh Chesney34MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged stooping, and while taking shale off the face, a fall of roof took place off the waste throwing out several sets of timber, and completely burying him.   
1908April3Straiton (Limestone)EdinburghClippens Lime Co LtdSamuel Steedman50MinerFalls of sideThe seam has backs usually of a clayey nature, and deceased was taking out a piece of the rock, when a block fell out and fatally crushed him. The stone was surrounded with clay backs.   
1908April3DalquhandyLanarkWaddell & SonDavid Lamb57CarpenterOn surface – miscellaneousHe fell from the top of a new coal washer building, owing to the slipping of a plank on which he was standing.   
1908April3Earnock No 1LanarkJohn Watson LtdJoseph Laskins35MinerFalls of sideWhile taking down coal it caught him as it fell.   
1908April4Gavieside (Oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdAlexander Carmichael50MinerFalls of sideDeceased and his neighbour returned to the face, after firing a shot, to make the side secure, and when taking off the shale more came down than was expected and part struck him, causing injuries to which he succumbed 6 months after.   
1908April7DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdAlexander Bell46MinerFalls of sideDeceased was apparently taking down coal or holing when a piece of overhanging coal fell upon him and he was fatally crushed. There were no sprags up, and deceased's neighbour was to blame in not setting some to the face. Name on Frances Colliery Memorial
1908April8Blantyreferme No 2LanarkA G Moore & CoJoseph Docherty35BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while putting in a building. It was stated that three props were knocked out by the fall.   
1908April10Lanemark No 2AyrLanemark Coal Co LtdWm. Walton42MinerFalls of roofFall of roof on road while walking down it.   
1908April13Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdPeter McTernan28Washery AttendantOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was in the "pearl" hopper spreading the material when the waggon attendant below, unaware of deceased's position, opened the sluice of hopper bottom to fill a waggon, and he was carried down with material. Before he was extricated he was suffocated.   
1908April14Cousland (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdEdward Campbell37MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: The shale in a section was almost exhausted and there was considerable waste. Deceased was engaged splitting a stoop, and shortly before the accident had bored and charged two shots. Before lighting the fuse he collected his boring tools to take them out-bye, and had only gone a short distance along the roadway when his naked light ignited some gas, causing a slight explosion and burning him. He succumbed to his injuries four days later.
The roof in the waste had broken and fallen, liberating gas, which was forced out into the air current.
1908April27Home FarmlanarkHamilton McCulloch & Co LtdWm. Nicol66WaggonerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysIn some unknown manner he was run over by waggons which he was moving in a lye.  
1908April29ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdJames Mills23DrawerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: While making his usual morning inspection, the fireman discovered that a screen had been displaced on a level road of New Section Great Seam workings, by a fall of stone, causing the air to be partly cut off from Nos. 1 and 2 headings, which were temporarily stopped. Having removed the stone, he examined the places in the Section, including the headings, and finding them clear, reported accordingly. About noon he returned to the headings and found some gas at the face of No. 2 heading, and in order to clear it out, he went to the level and by means of screens sent a greater supply of air to the face, which carried the mixture with it to the main drawing road ; the deceased just then was coming in-bye with an empty tub to his working place, situated on the in-take side of the headings, when his naked light ignited the gas, causing a slight explosion, whereby he was burned about the body.
The fireman acted recklessly in dislodging the gas without first withdrawing the men who had occasion to pass between the out-bye and the in-bye side of the headings.
1908April30DonibristleFifeFife Coal Co LtdPeter Waugh22BottomerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased worked at a mid seam. On finishing for the day he was stepping on to the cage to be raised to the surface when the engineman, apparently in a moment of forgetfulness, moved the cage away, without seeing that the gate indicator was showing "Gate open," and he was crushed against the shaft side, falling to the bottom.  
1908May1AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Wallace21Pony-driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was driving a rake of 12 loaded tubs outbye towards the shaft, when by some means he got in front of the second tub which rested on him; he was discovered dead by some officials who were proceeding outbye.  
1908May5Aikenhead No 1RenfrewGeorge Crookston & SonWm. Stevenson31MinerFalls of sideWhile working at the coal face a piece of overhanging fireclay fell upon him. It was said that it displaced, in falling, a prop set to support it.  
1908May6GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdThomas McCormack28MinerFalls of roofDeceased worked in a place where the roof was bad with " lypes," and while holing a large stone fell upon him. The place was well propped, and stone came from between the props.  
1908May7Hamilton PalaceLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdJames Russell67LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen applying the brake to a moving waggon he put his arm in front of the buffer and got it crushed against the buffer of a stationary waggon.  
1908May8Oakbank (Oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdPeter Dick43ShaftsmanShaft accidents - falling from part way downAn old lodgement in the shaft, 22 fathoms up from the bottom was being repaired, and deceased pushed a loaded tub forward into the open shaft, evidently thinking the cage was there, and both were precipitated to the bottom.

From Main body of report: Some repairs were being done at an old lodgment in a shale seam about 22 fathoms from the shaft bottom, and deceased pushed a loaded tub forward to the shaft, evidently forgetting that the cage was not there, and he was precipitated to the bottom.
1908May9Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdRobert Bond14SignallerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was engaged at a haulage dook, he left his station and stood between the rails, and when the rope started he was thrown down, and the tubs fatally crushed him as they were drawn up.  
1908May9Carnock No 1StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdDaniel McCall37SinkerShaft accidents - falling from part way downWhile working on a hanging scaffold the rope slipped over the flange of the winding drum, and the jerk precipitated him down the shaft. There was not a large enough flange on the drum for the amount of rope coiled round it.  
1908May11Bothwell Castle No 3LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdGeorge McKay30RepairerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(3am) Explosion of firedamp ignited by a defective gauze in the lamp which was inadvertently taken into the mine by the fireman after another fireman had broken the top of the gauze in the lamp-room, and had placed it on a shelf. The gas is supposed to have accumulated owing to the closing of an airway by a fall.

From Main body of report: Another unusual kind of explosion, but which caused the death of two men, happened at Bothwell Castle No. 3 Pit, Lanarkshire. Safety lamps alone were used throughout the colliery. The night fireman and a repairer were engaged working on a road near the coal face when an explosion took place, and both were so severely injured that they subsequently died. The fireman had reported the place all clear, but an examination after the explosion revealed a fall which closed the airway, and this probably was the cause of the accumulation of gas. It appears that the night previous to this explosion another fireman lifted a fireman's lamp in the lamp room to take down the pit, but after taking off the bonnet and pressing the top of the single gauze, the gauze gave way, leaving a wide aperture. This he showed to the overman of No. 4 Pit, and the lamp was replaced on the shelf, but was taken up by the deceased fireman, lighted at the electric battery by him and taken into the pit under the impression that it was in good order. It was wrong on the part of the overman and the fireman, who discovered the defective gauze, to replace the lamp among those that were ready for use, but at the same time, the deceased fireman was the person appointed to examine safety lamps for the night shift in terms of General Rule 10 (i),and see that they were in safe working order. Moreover, he was bound to examine his own safety lamp in accordance with Special Rule 88. As this lamp in its defective state was afterwards found at the place where the explosion took place, the only inference is that it was the cause of the gas becoming ignited.
John Tonner23Fireman
1908May14Burnockhill No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdWm. Thomson27RoadsmanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(8.30am) When entering a discontinued place along with the fireman his naked light ignited gas. The fireman had not previously made an inspection of the place.  
1908May15Fergushill No 26AyrArch. Finnie & SonThomas Kirkwood25MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while holing. There was a building within 2 ½ feet of the coal face, but the fall was bounded on three sides by two faults and a "lipe." Newspaper report
1908May21Queensberry MineDumfriesWanlockhead Lead Mining Co LtdWm. Watson22MinerFalls of sideFall of lead ore from hanging wall.  
1908May21LochgellyFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdFredrick Pacey21DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased put an empty tub on chain, and told the drawer at first cut in brae, 16 ft. up, to "shove over," who did so, but having failed to attach the chain to his loaded tub it ran amain, and before deceased could clear himself he was caught. He died twenty days after. Had deceased obeyed the rule to stand clear while tubs are in motion no accident would have occurred.  
1908May21HawkhillFifeKincardine Coal Co LtdThomas Davidson71Night WatchmanOn surface – miscellaneousThe colliery was abandoned, and the whole being dismantled. The screening plant building, which was of brick, was being taken down, and one wall only remained. It is not known what occurred, but in the morning deceased was found partly buried by bricks, from the wall which had fallen.  
1908May22NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJames Plummer19DrawerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesA section of longwall places had been standing, and a new slope road was being driven through the waste cross-cutting the old roads near to the coal face. Two squads of men were employed, one squad brushing in the cross cut, and one in which deceased was redding up the coal faces. The brushing squad were firing a final shot through on one of the old roads, when deceased, who had been sent outbye to ascertain the time, got under the place of shots at the moment of firing, and was instantly killed. Warning was given all round and men posted at different roads, but no one was expected from the road by which deceased came.   
1908May25MossideLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdEdward Leader41MinerFalls of sideDeceased had fired a shot in the coal on one side of his " room " and afterwards sat down to hole, when part fell off the face and rolled over ; in his endeavour to clear himself he caused internal injury and died next day.   
1908May26MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdNeil O'Donnell39MinerFalls of sideDeceased worked in second leaf longwall of Chemiss seam, his coal was holed and spragged, and as soon as he had withdrawn one sprag the coal came away suddenly and caught him before he could get clear.   
1908May27WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdJohn Dickson39MinerMiscellaneous underground – irruptions of waterSee Report

From Main body of report: The waste of an old working in Great Seam was tapped in May, 1907, and pressure of water recorded was 185 lbs. per square inch. The water was gradually drained off, and the workings were put up through on an old level in the ordinary way. When the accident occurred an upset 10 feet wide was being driven up, and while taking off coal a burst of water came away suddenly, carrying one man to the drawing level, and before he could be reached he had died. The water ran out the level road, carrying debris before it, and at a trap door, placed in the road for ventilation, it rose sufficiently high to overflow at a brick wall built across a dip opening and rushed down a dook where three men were at work. They heard the noise but were of opinion a tub had run amain, and one of them got behind a building for safety, and realised when it was too late that it was an inrush of water, and was thus unable to escape. An examination of the place where inrush took place showed that there had been a cul-de-sac formed in the dip side of the old level road, into which water had collected. There was a hitch at the place, and in driving to cross it the level had been driven to the dip. The old plan showed a straight road, but the opening to the dip was not shown. According to the plan the upset had 40 feet to go before reaching the level. The last survey on old plan was dated 1865, and up to the time of the accident the bearings were found to be accurate as far as the old workings could be penetrated.
George Scott26Miner
1908May29Leadhills (Lead ore)LanarkLeadhills Co LtdWilliam Cameron37BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousAs the skip was descending deceased put his head into the shaft at one of the levels and was caught.  
1908June8PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdArchibald Storrie55MinerFalls of sideDeceased had blasted the coal in one side of a " room," and was afterwards holing when part suddenly fell and crushed him.  
1908June8LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Graham28MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking down coal at a longwall face when it suddenly fell and crushed him against a prop.  
1908June15GatesideDumfriesSanquhar & Kirkconnel Collieries LtdRobert Henderson72RoadsmanFalls of roofWhen visiting with the manager a part of a road which was being brushed the roof gave way and fell on him.  
1908June16Auchincruive No 2AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Dunlop19RepairerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(7.15am) When clearing away a heavy fall he went up on the top of the timbering with his naked light and ignited gas which had accumulated in the cavity. The regulations required safety lamps alone to be used under such circumstances.  
1908June16DunnikierFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdJohn Wallace34Dirt PickerOn surface – by machineryDeceased stood on the picking table, picking out Parrot coal, as table moved along and was carried over the end ; he fell into the screen, and was caught by the plates. Death took place eleven days later.   
1908June22Bellfield No 3LanarkWm Barr & SonsDavid Anderson47MinerFalls of sideWhile working at the face, a piece of head coal gave way and crushed him against a prop. It was stated that sprags supported the head coal, but that these were displaced by the fall.   
1908June22BedlayLanarkWm Baird & Co LtdJas. O'Neil20ElectricianOn surface – miscellaneousHe fell from a girder in the power house, a height of 17 feet, having climbed up to discover a fault in the cable.   
1908June22WhitehillEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdRichard Kitching46MachinemanFalls of roofDeceased was in front of a coal cutting machine laying the rails on which it should travel, when the roof suddenly fell upon him.   
1908June23Polmaise No 4StirlingArchd Russell LtdRichard Brown29MinerFalls of sideFall from side of a road while sitting taking his breakfast.   
1908June23Kenmuirhill No 1LanarkGlasgow Coal Co LtdPhilip Martin52RepairerFalls of roofFall of roof on road while repairing it.   
1908June25Gartshore No 2DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdAndrew Gray28MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(10.30am) He opened his safety lamp with a split nail, and was relighting it with a match when he ignited gas.   
1908June27Earnock No 1LanarkJohn Watson LtdHenry McGuigan38BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof on road while brushing it and while preparing to set up a prop. Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1908June30MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdThomas Jackson21MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged working back the splint coal, and while at work the roof collapsed. It appeared that a shot had missed fire, and a second charge was inserted, and both charges fired ; the effect was to loosen the roof and it fell.  
James W. Cruickshanks27Miner
1908July2Clyde Colliery, Backmuir No 3 PitLanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdWm. Nicol50RepairerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(Midnight) When a shot, said to have been of arkite, was fired electrically it ignited firedamp which caused an explosion. The shot-firer and another man were injured.

From Main body of report: An explosion caused by shot firing took place in Backmuir No. 3 Pit, Clyde Colliery, Lanarkshire, and by it three men, one of whom subsequently died, were injured. Two repairers were engaged in enlarging a drawing road in the long-wall workings of the Main Coal at a point 90 yards distance from the coal face, this road being the intake airway. At this part of the road and for some yards on either side for a few yards, it was dry and slightly dusty. The shot-firer fired one shot, which did not do all the work expected, and in about half an hour another shot-hole in the roof was charged. The three men then retired to the mouth of a branch road 12 yards distant, and when the shot was fired by electricity, it was followed by an explosion which injured them all. The shot-firer afterwards stated that he was not sure that he made a careful inspection before firing the second shot, although he did so before firing the first shot, but he was sure that there could be no gas that a safety lamp could detect. He could not say what explosive the deceased used, although he saw him take it out of his ammunition box. This box afterwards disappeared, and I could not find out what had become of it. Arkite was the only explosive that was allowed to be used in this seam, but I have a suspicion that it was not used on this occasion. Strictly speaking, these shots ought not to have been fired until the dust was laid by watering. It is probable that the shot ignited firedamp lurking about the broken roof.
1908July2Carnock No 2StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdWm. Menzies19Pump attendantShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe either fell down the shaft while stepping off a water-tank at a mid-lodgment or lost his footing while standing on it.  
1908July3PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdRobert Lawrence28MinerFalls of sideDeceased was holing his coal when it fell away, and he was seriously injured, death resulting an hour afterwards. The coal was spragged, but sprag was thrown out.  
1908July3AllantonLanarkWm Barr & SonsThos. Brown30BrakesmanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen walking between two lines of rails on one of which waggons were at rest and on the other waggons were being shunted, the coupling pole in his hand got caught and he fell and was run over by the moving waggons.   
1908July3BarbauchlawLinlithgowR Muir & Co LtdJohn Bruce51OversmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was proceeding down a mine from the surface, behind an empty rake, when a runaway tub from the surface overtook him.

From Main body of report: An oversman was proceeding down a mine from the surface, behind an empty rake of tubs, when an empty tub ran amain from the surface and overtook him. There was no block at the top to prevent tubs running over the steep, and for this the deceased was in part to blame. An automatic block had been fixed at one time, but it got out of repair, and although deceased was aware that there was nothing to prevent a runaway he did not cause the block to be repaired.
1908July5BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdAndrew Philimeny46Pithead labourerOn surface – miscellaneousHe omitted to shut the gates at the mid-scaffold of the surface hoist, and, thinking the cage was there, he pushed forward a hutch and fell after it, a distance of 19 feet.  
1908July6Canderigg- Broomfield No 5LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Murray19DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen pushing an empty hutch, he was met by a full runaway hutch, which had not been snibbled, and was set in motion by a third hutch striking it in the lye.  
1908July6Easter JawStirlingCarron CoCharles Henderson70BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased signalled away the loaded cage, and shortly after he attempted to cross the cage seat to get to the other side when the cage descended on him. After the cage left the engineman by signal stopped the opposite cage at the lower scaffold to get a loaded tub of props for outer shaft, and as soon as the props were on cage he again raised it, and coal loaded cage descended.  
1908July8BalgonieFifeC B BalfourSamuel Herd68OversmanOther haulage accidentsDeceased was laying rails near the pit bottom on a main and tail rope haulage road. The rake going inbye ran into a fall 1,000 yards inbye from the shaft, and the strain on the tail rope broke the suspending pulleys, one of which struck him on the head causing injuries to which he succumbed a month after.  
1908July9HowmuirLanarkAuchinlea Coal Co LtdJames Gibson22MinerFalls of roofDeceased was holing his coal when the roof suddenly fell upon him. The part which fell came from between two unseen " lypes."  
1908July9ChapelLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdGeorge Smith25Chain-runnerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was riding on the fourth tub of his rake up a dook 1 in 8. The tub he was on got off the rails and he was jumping into a manhole, but did so rather soon and was caught and dragged 18 feet. He was injured July 9th 1908, and died March 25, 1909.  
1908July13CroftheadLinlithgowPeter ThorntonIsaac Whyte37Washery AttendantOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was on top of "pearl" hopper, when the man in charge of the screen below opened the valve to fill a waggon, and he was carried down with the material. Before he was rescued he was suffocated.  
1908July14LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Wallace27MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: The roof had fallen across the face of a longwall working in the Five Feet Seam, and to enable the ventilation to be quickly restored it was decided to open out from both sides for connection. Deceased was on one side driving a narrow opening four feet wide, and while doing so his naked light ignited a small quantity of gas, whereby he was burned, and succumbed to his injuries four days afterwards.
The explosion was very slight, but owing to the confined space deceased could not escape being burned.
Gas had not been found in the Section until the morning of the day of accident, and then only a trace could be detected, which was cleared out. Deceased had been away from the face for some time taking a meal, and it was when he returned that his light ignited the gas, the quantity having accumulated in the interval.
1908July15Gartsherrie Colliery, Gartcloss PitLanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdWm. McMullen40MinerFalls of sideWhile holing, the coal and midstone gave way and fell upon him. His fellow workmen stated that they had just commenced to hole, but the coal broke over the solid.   
1908July17NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdWilliam Moffat28,Coal Cutter AttendantMiscellaneous underground – by machinerySee Report

From Main body of report: Three fatal accidents were caused by coal-cutting machines.
A new section was just opening out in a seam with a gradient of 1 in 2 1/2, and a disc coal cutter, working on skids, was in use. In order to keep the machine to the face skid props are placed at a slight angle between roof and pavement. While the machine was at work a skid prop gave way, and three others gave out, the result being that the machine slid down and caught deceased, lacerating one of his legs badly.
While a bar coal cutter was in motion and entering the coal for the cut, deceased reached across the machine, presumably to get a spanner which was lying next the coal face, when he was caught by the bar and dreadfully injured.
A disc coal cutter, worked by compressed air, was in use in a low seam. While it was standing deceased reached across to oil some of the parts, when he inadvertently opened the air valve which started the machine, and the crank coming up crushed his head against the roof. The valve handle was loose, and it was supposed that part of his clothing moved it. The space between top of machine and roof was about 4 inches.
1908August1BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdRobert Anderson22MinerFalls of sideDeceased was clearing away coal after blasting when a stone ball overlying the coal fell upon him. He disobeyed orders in not taking down coal and stone together.  
1908August3Fergushill No 28AyrArch. Finnie & SonAlexr. Bledge32BencherShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe fell over a fence at a mid-working and down the shaft, just after stepping off the cage after the overman. The fence was only 17 ½ inches high.  
1908August3ClimpyLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJames Hamilton50FiremanMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased was night fireman, and was dividing the contents of a can of gunpowder into two cans of 2 ½ lbs. each, when a spark from his lamp, which was near by fell into one of the cans and an explosion resulted. The air current was very strong, and the spark was blown by it into the can. The injuries proved fatal eight days later. A Special Rule was contravened.  
1908August5NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThomas Flockhart50MinerFalls of roofDeceased and another miner worked in a narrow heading, and the holing was on top of seam. The holing was almost completed when a slab of blaes fell from the roof, and edge pressed against his windpipe causing suffocation before he could be relieved. A " lype " was exposed for some distance, and stone came away from it; no attempt was made to secure the roof by props set on top of coal.  
1908August6Greenfield – Threestonehill No 7LanarkGreenfield Coal & Brick Co LtdRobert Sneddon26MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesHe seems to have lost his way, and was found dead in the dip workings near a steam pump. The doctor certified that his death was due to scalding.  
1908August14BlackstonStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Main55Pumping Engine-manOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was running two empty trucks down a steep railway, and to hold down the brake he used a pit prop 3 ft. 6 ins. long, as he passed a dross bing on side of railway the prop caught it, and he was thrown amongst the wheels.  
1908August14Hill of BeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Baxter23MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged clearing machine cut coal on a conveyor face when the roof suddenly fell upon him.  
1908August15East RoughriggStirlingForrester & Co LtdJohn Parson27FiremanShaft accidents - falling from part way downA. steam pump was placed near the shaft in an abandoned working, and deceased went to visit it, and by some means fell into the shaft as he stepped off the cage. There was no access by the cage from which he attempted to reach the pump ; he should have gone by the other cage.

From Main body of report: At an old abandoned working a steam pump was placed a short distance in from the shaft, reached by a sliding fence, situated at south side of the shaft, while around the shaft was a fence consisting of fixed bars. Deceased went up to the pump by the north cage, and when stepping off to get to the pump, he, by some means unknown, failed to get through the fence and fell into the shaft.
1908August17CarberryEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdJohn Frew40BrusherFalls of roofDeceased and other repairers were engaged making repairs on a main incline, and had temporarily propped a bad part, and while putting up permanent supports, a large stone crashed through the timber, and he was instantly killed.   
1908August18Herbertshire No 3StirlingRobert Addie & Sons Collieries LtdJohn Feeny21DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile apparently illegally drawing in front of his hutch he fell and was run over. (Died 11th April, 1909.)   
1908August19ArthurFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJames Scobie24RepairerFalls of roofDeceased and a fireman were engaged making repairs on a main roadway where there was considerable side pressure, this pressure broke a bar causing a fall, and he was buried beneath it.   
1908August26Orbiston No 3LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJohn McGurk23BrusherFalls of roofBy removing props, thus leaving at the working face an exposed area of roof greater than what the Special Rules allowed, the roof fell on him.   
1908August26Lethans CollieryFife   John Black      Death not listed in Inspectors report - natural causes Death not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper report - Fife pages
1908August27GlencraigFifeWilsons & Clyde Coal Co LtdMichael Early, jun.36MinerFalls of roofDeceased worked in a place approaching " waste," and the roof required careful watching. While he was at work part of the roof fell upon him. Probably, had more timber been set, the accident would not have occurred. Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1908August27CarridenLinlithgowCarriden Coal CoJames Marshall32FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: Deceased began his inspection about 5 a.m., first inspecting the Six Feet Seam, afterwards proceeding to the Main Coal Seam where only three places were working on stoop and room method. Having examined the lower level and an upset he was on his way to the upper level face when gas was ignited and an explosion resulted, whereby he was burned, and succumbed to his injuries four days later.
It appeared that part of the brattice in the upper level had been displaced, causing the air to short circuit, and some gas had collected near the face. Deceased carried a naked light as well as a Davy lamp, and the former ignited the gas.
The habit of carrying a naked light as well as a Davy lamp is always attended with risk even in a mine where gas is seldom found, and in this case deceased paid dearly for his folly.
Newspaper Report - Lothian pages
1908August28CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Condie, jun.23MinerFalls of roofDeceased was holing his coal when the roof fell upon him injuring his spine, and death resulted a week after.   
1908August29Dumbreck No 1StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdWm. Hunter38BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downWhen being raised in the cage along with other six men from a mid-working, in some unexplained manner he fell off the cage and down the shaft just as the engine was started.   
1908August29NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThomas Banks35InclinemanShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryAn incline shaft from the surface is used exclusively for steam and discharge pipes for pumps, and upcast, and an examination is made weekly by two men by means of a carriage lowered and raised by a steam engine on surface. Owing to the steam pipes and exhaust steam from the pumps &c. underground the temperature is 109° Fah. As usual two men descended on the carriage to make the inspection, and when some distance down something went wrong with the carriage, which caused it to leave the rails, and one of the men fell to the bottom, the other man attempted to climb to the surface, but becoming exhausted by the exertion and heat he sat down, and was found with his right foot firmly fixed between pipe and side wall quite dead. The men were accustomed to the work.

From Main body of report: Three accidents occurred while persons were ascending or descending by machinery. One case was peculiar. Two men were examining an incline shaft, in which steam pipes were laid to work some pumps underground, and the temperature was 109° Fahrenheit, and while descending on the carriage, something occurred to cause it to leave the rails, one of the men falling to the bottom, a distance of 215 fathoms - on the slope. The other man attempted to climb to the surface, apparently to obtain help, against a rising gradient of 50°, but becoming exhausted he sat down, and in order to prevent himself falling down the incline he jammed his right foot between the pipe and wall side, where he was found quite dead.
Newspaper Report - Lothian pages
Thomas Keary33Inclineman
1908September1Holytown No 5LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Kennie26MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(8.30am) He went into a temporarily stopped road with his naked light and ignited gas. The fireman neglected to fence the entrance and to inspect the place before the commencement of the shift.   
1908September3HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdWilliam Gardner42MinerFalls of roofDeceased was shovelling coal in his working place, when a large stone fell from between a break and a " lype " fell upon him.   
1908September4Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdJames Wallace15Pony-driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased drove a pony between an incline foot and the main dook. The roadway had a slight dip outbye, and tubs had to be spragged, and, while proceeding outbye with a loaded rake, something occurred which threw deceased off the first tub on which he sat, and he was found dead under the second tub.  
1908September7Wester MoffatLanarkWester Moffat Colliery Co LtdAlexander Richmond53MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking coal off the face, when a stone fell from the roof and injured him, causing death a week after. The stone in falling threw out a prop, which supported it.  
1908September7DalbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdHugh Delaney50LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased brought a loaded waggon of "driff" from a siding to the firehole for boilers, and apparently left eight others behind, and while he was about the waggon the others came slowly down upon him, and he was first crushed between the waggons and the wall, thrown under and then run over. The waggons were insufficiently secured.  
1908September17Bothwell Park No 2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Oliver25BrusherHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile pulling in front of a ''race" of full hutches on a flat part of an incline, his foot was caught between the rails close to a crossing, and the front hutch went over him. He was illegally drawing in front.   
1908September19BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdPeter Ferns31Coal Cutter AttendantMiscellaneous underground – by machinerySee Report

From Main body of report: Three fatal accidents were caused by coal-cutting machines.
A new section was just opening out in a seam with a gradient of 1 in 2 1/2, and a disc coal cutter, working on skids, was in use. In order to keep the machine to the face skid props are placed at a slight angle between roof and pavement. While the machine was at work a skid prop gave way, and three others gave out, the result being that the machine slid down and caught deceased, lacerating one of his legs badly.
While a bar coal cutter was in motion and entering the coal for the cut, deceased reached across the machine, presumably to get a spanner which was lying next the coal face, when he was caught by the bar and dreadfully injured.
A disc coal cutter, worked by compressed air, was in use in a low seam. While it was standing deceased reached across to oil some of the parts, when he inadvertently opened the air valve which started the machine, and the crank coming up crushed his head against the roof. The valve handle was loose, and it was supposed that part of his clothing moved it. The space between top of machine and roof was about 4 inches.
1908September19Hamilton PalaceLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdJohn Timlin20Scree machinery attendantOn surface – by machineryHe went inside the fence of moving machinery and got caught by bevel wheels. He ought not to have gone there. Newspaper report - Bothwellhaugh pages
1908September22DundonaldFifeDundonald CollieriesWilliam Arnott43Boiler FiremanOn surface – boiler explosionsSee Report

From Main body of report: The flue of a Lancashire boiler collapsed at the surface mine of Dundonald Colliery, causing the death of the furnaceman and injuring two others.
The boiler was 28 feet by 7 feet 6 inches diameter, made of an inch iron plate, and one of a range of four boilers, but one had been removed at time of accident. It was one of two boilers made in 1873 and 1879 by a firm of boilermakers of good repute in Dundee, to work at a pressure of 45 lbs. per square inch. Up to 1904 the boilers had been in use at a manufactory in Dunfermline, and worked there at a steam pressure of 50 lbs. per square inch, when the firm put them out of use and substituted high pressure boilers. The old boilers were subsequently bought at a very low price by the managing partner and placed in position, one at the mine and one at the pit of Dundonald Colliery, without any examination as to their condition. The water supply for feed purposes was got by pumping from a small lodgment in the mine, and although it was very dirty no effort was made by filtering or otherwise to improve it, with the result that the quantity of mud in the boiler was so great that it was impossible to thoroughly clean the boiler - in the time allowed - when it was off, and the scale become very thick on the plates. About the end of 1906 extra steam was required, and the managing partner gave instructions that the valve levers should be loaded up equal to at least 60lbs. per square inch. The loaded levers were in use when the present manager took over the management in March, 1908, and he did not alter the arrangement. The cause of the collapse was principally due to over-pressure.
Repairs were of frequent occurrence, and one Galloway tube was taken out of each tube and not replaced. When the present manager had time to look around he decided to overhaul the whole of the boilers, have them examined and repaired, and substitute new ones, if necessary, in place of the old, and when the collapse took place he had removed several, and one new boiler was on the ground to be put in the place of the one which exploded.
The managing partner was greatly to blame for not having the old boilers examined by a competent person, periodically, permitting the boiler to get into such a state by using dirty feed water, and in loading the safety valve levers to give a pressure much beyond what the boiler was guaranteed to work safely, and the present manager would have acted wisely if he had made enquiry as to why the extra weights were put on the levers, and if the boiler could safely withstand the pressure.
1908September28BalgonieFifeC B BalfourJames Gathereum50MinerFalls of roofDeceased was working back in second working of Dysart Main Coal. A fall occurred in the face, and he went into the " waste " under the fallen area to fill loose coal, when a further fall took place, and killed him.  
1908September28KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdPeter Hammond54MinerFalls of roofDeceased was " hagging" off coal at his working face when the roof suddenly fell crushing him to the ground, and his safety lamp, which was on his belt, caused the more serious of his injuries. He succumbed four days later.   
1908October1Springside No 11AyrA Kenneth & SonsRobert Gaw36OvermanFalls of roofThe fireman was redding a fall of roof on a road. The overman came to see him, when a further fall took place and caught him.   
1908October1GreenriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdAlexander Neilson38MinerFalls of roofDeceased was making a stable near the shaft, and while taking off coal a stone fell from the roof and killed him instantly.   
1908October6DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdFrancis Hall16MinerFalls of roofDeceased was sitting resting against a prop set to the roof, when a mass of roof suddenly fell and killed him.   
1908October7DundonaldFifeDundonald CollieriesAdam Blair23ContractorFalls of roofDeceased was building the debris blasted down from the roof in the wall, and while doing so the roof fell upon him causing instant death.  Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1908October9ClimpyLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdThomas Parker40MinerFalls of roofDeceased had finished work for the day and was leaving the place when the roof suddenly collapsed on him, and before he could be relieved a second fall took place killing him instantly.   
1908October13Maxwood No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Sproatt35MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while wedging down coal. He failed to set props as required by the Special Rules.   
1908October13Tannochside No 3LanarkArchd Russell LtdSamuel Forbes32Chain-runnerMiscellaneous underground - electricityShock of electricity on a dip haulage road. The signal wire is supposed to have, in some unknown manner, become live, and that in touching it he got the shock.

From Main body of report: One man is supposed to have been killed by an electric shock in Tannochside No. 3 pit, Lanarkshire, but there seems to me to be some uncertainty as to whether or not he did not die from natural causes. A three-cored armoured cable conveying an alternating current of electricity of 400 volts to a pump is taken down one side of a dook in which the deceased acted as chain runner. The signal wire was fixed alongside the cable, being separated from it by a distance of 9 inches except at one part where they were about 2 1/2inches apart. It appears that the deceased was found dead in a sitting position at a point where the dook is 4 1/2 feet wide, with his back against the side opposite to that along which the cable and the signal wire were suspended about 2 feet above the rails. His attitude was similar to that assumed by a person taking a rest. The workman who first saw him informed me that his lighted safety lamp was placed on the pavement close beside him, although he affirmed at the Inquiry that the lamp was lying on its side and extinguished. Several of the miners stated that shortly before the body of the deceased was found they saw electric sparks at the bench where they worked, coming either from the cable or the signal wire where they crossed beneath a wet crown. One of these men stated that on touching the signal wire he got a shock, and another stated that he got a slight shock from a damp screen when passing up through it to look for the deceased. The only mark on the body of the deceased was a slight abrasion on the back of one hand, and this the overman stated was caused by his moving the arms while trying to restore life, while the doctor employed by the workmen certified that this was a burn caused by electricity and that the death was due to an electric shock. No defect could afterwards be found in the cable or connections, nor could it be ascertained what could have made the signal wire live. Mr. Nelson, after commencing his duties as Electrical Inspector of Mines, made a careful examination of the plant, but could not ascertain how the deceased got an electric shock.
1908October14DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdAlexander Chrystal36MinerFalls of sideDeceased was "shearing" his coal on one side, when without warning, the whole area of cut coal fell upon him, killing him instantly.   
1908October15WhitriggLinlithgowA Forrester & Co LtdJohn McCue50MinerFalls of roofDeceased was back brushing his road, and when knocking out one of the props part of the roof fell upon him.   
1908October16Common No 16AyrWm Baird & Co LtdAlexr. Bryce30DrawerHaulage – ropes or chains breakingWhen letting away a "race" of hutches from the top of a self-acting incline, the rope was drawn out of the hose and struck him on the head.   
1908October16WilsontownLanarkWilliam Dixon LtdDavid Adams28RepairerFalls of roofRecesses were being made in the roof for beams in connection with the haulage wheels, and while deceased was engaged at the work a large stone fell and killed him.   
1908October21Gilbertfield No 2LanarkUnited Collieries LtdPeter Coyle50MinerFalls of sideFall of coal and overlying fireclay. It is doubtful if the face was properly spragged.   
1908October22North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdFrancis Shields19MinerFalls of roofDeceased was filling a tub with coal when a stone fell from the roof and striking his head caused injuries from which he died four hours later. The man in charge should have propped the stone.   
1908October22BenartyFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Campbell26MinerFalls of roofPreparations were being made to begin stooping, and roadways were being cut on side of stoops. To make height for a "brae" it was arranged to take down the brushing which consisted of 2 ft. 6 ins. of blaes. For that purpose "breakers" were placed on each side of road, and the work of withdrawing the props to allow the brushing to fall had just begun when the roof collapsed, throwing out all the timber and burying both men ; the other men who were at work at the job at once ran to their assistance, but had to retreat as a second fall took place, and as soon as roof had settled, the men were got out but were dead. The whole area of fall was well supported with timber.    
Robert Mitchell38Miner
1908October23NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJohn Garrett19Haulage EnginemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryDeceased was oiling the machinery of a steam haulage engine ; either he or his neighbour, who had just finished his shift, forgot to put on the drum brake, and just then a rake of tubs was pushed over the steep of a dook, which caused the drum to revolve and he was fatally crushed between the drum and wall.   
1908October23Calderwood CastleLanarkJ & J MulveyMatthew Houston44FiremanFalls of roofWhen making a lye in the Dook a stone which he was taking from the side knocked out a prop and a stone from the roof fell on him.   
1908October27CarbarnsLanarkW Hudspith & CoJames Coogans30MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesAfter deceased had made up and charged a shot he went back to his can to look for a knife, when a spark from his lamp, which was on his cap, fell into the can and ignited the gunpowder. He died two days later. A Special Rule was contravened.   
1908October28PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdJoseph McLaughlin19Chain-runnerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was coming up a dook on a rake of tubs, when he fell off and was struck by the tubs.   
1908October29BroomhouseLanarkHaughhead Coal Co LtdEdward Sharkey21Haulage enginemanFalls of sideFall from the side of the underground haulage engine-room.   
1908November1Hailes (Sandstone)EdinburghHailes Estate & Quarry Co LtdJames Stewart49Pump AttendantFalls of roofWhile making some repairs on the pump pipes a small stone fell from the roof and struck deceased. The roof was very high, and the stone had fallen from between the timbers.   
1908November3CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Paton19BencherHaulage – ropes or chains breakingDeceased was bencher at the bottom of a short incline running single tubs. While a rake was running a link of the chain gave way and both tubs ran back, just then deceased was crossing when he was caught by the tubs and killed. He had been warned against the practice of crossing the bench while tubs were running the day previous. Notices warning persons not to cross incline foot while tubs are running are posted at all the inclines. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1908November7Hattonrigg No 4LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJohn O'Neil33MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in stone mine while taking projection off the side, the ends of two crowns having apparently been loosened by a shot.   
1908November9KamesAyrshire   William Guthrie      Death not listed in Inspectors report Death not listed in Inspectors report  Death certificate
1908November10ClimpyLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJames Crookston19HaulagemanFalls of sideDeceased was in the act of signalling away a rake of tubs when some debris fell off the side and crushed his leg ; he died from shock while leg was being amputated.   
1908November11Grasshill No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdHugh Clark68RoadsmanFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while redding across an old road. He had been working beyond where the roof was supported by props.   
1908November11DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdJames Spence21MinerFalls of sideDeceased fired a shot in one corner of a stoop and room place, and only part of the coal was blasted down ; after taking off the loose, he began to re-hole, without putting up sprags, and had only struck a few blows when the coal fell upon him.   
1908November12LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn McLaren28FiremanMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesThree shots were prepared and charged with Saxonite in a stone mine, and the fuse used was Bickford's Patent Igniter. The fuses were lighted in the usual way by means of the authorised implement. As the fireman left the face he remarked that one tube had not lit, and in the interval of waiting he prepared another tube; when two shots had exploded he and Wells returned to the face when the shot exploded, killing the latter instantly and causing injuries to the former, which resulted in his death next day.  
Fife Coal Co LtdDaniel Wells32Brusher
1908November13NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdRobert Swan34PitheadmanShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased was engaged sending bricks from the lower scaffold at surface to the pit bottom, and loaded the bricks into the tubs on the cage : he signalled the cage with empty tubs to lower scaffold, and went forward to the shaft to open the gate where cage was, but inadvertently opened the wrong gate and fell into the shaft.

From Main body of report: One man was killed by falling into the shaft from surface. He was engaged sending bricks from the lower scaffold to the shaft bottom, loading the tubs while they were on the cage ; the cage descended from the top scaffold with two empty tubs, deceased went to the shaft, inadvertently opened the wrong gate, and fell into the shaft.
1908November16Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdHugh Moran39Boiler AshmanOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was on the night shift on Saturday night and had some liquor. About 11 o'clock he went on top of dross hole at the boilers presumably to go down a fixed ladder inside to spread forward material for boiler furnaceman, and while on top he apparently overbalanced and fell among the material and was suffocated.  
1908November19Craig No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Wilson17DrawerFalls of roofFall of roof at roadhead, caused by failure to secure the roof where a "lipe" existed. The miner working in the place was injured by the fall.  
1908November20KingseatFifeJohn Irvine & SonMartin McKenna29Coal Cutter AttendantMiscellaneous underground – by machinerySee Report

From Main body of report: Three fatal accidents were caused by coal-cutting machines.
A new section was just opening out in a seam with a gradient of 1 in 2 1/2, and a disc coal cutter, working on skids, was in use. In order to keep the machine to the face skid props are placed at a slight angle between roof and pavement. While the machine was at work a skid prop gave way, and three others gave out, the result being that the machine slid down and caught deceased, lacerating one of his legs badly.
While a bar coal cutter was in motion and entering the coal for the cut, deceased reached across the machine, presumably to get a spanner which was lying next the coal face, when he was caught by the bar and dreadfully injured.
A disc coal cutter, worked by compressed air, was in use in a low seam. While it was standing deceased reached across to oil some of the parts, when he inadvertently opened the air valve which started the machine, and the crank coming up crushed his head against the roof. The valve handle was loose, and it was supposed that part of his clothing moved it. The space between top of machine and roof was about 4 inches.
1908November25LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdFrank Connor30MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking down head coal when the roof fell upon him, injuring his spine. He died 7 months after the accident.  
1908November28ReddingStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdJames McLuckie30MinerFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were driving a new road through waste, and while holing in the packed ground a large stone suddenly fell and instantly killed him.  
1908December2Shieldmains No 7AyrA G Moore & CoJas. Muirhead46BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe opened the gate at a mid-working while the cage was at the surface, pushed a full hutch into the open shaft, and fell after it.  
1908December2Kenmuirhill No 2LanarkGlasgow Coal Co LtdAlexr. McMillan72Stone pickerOn surface – miscellaneousWhen turning a hutch on a plate placed on an insecurely fenced gangway he slipped and fell below the top rail to the ground, a distance of 20 feet.  
1908December2Auchengeich No 2LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdFrancis McDade29BrusherShaft accidents – overwindingWhen ascending the shaft along with the overman, the engineman failed to stop the cage which struck the cross beam, and the rope being drawn out of the socket, the cage fell to the shaft bottom. The overman escaped by jumping out at the pithead.

From Main body of report: With reference to the overwinding accident at Auchengeich Colliery, the overman ran a very narrow escape with his life. As the cage was passing up past the pithead some 20 feet above where it should have been stopped, he jumped out and escaped almost uninjured. Had the end of the cage in this case been fenced he would have lost his life along with the man who fell with the cage to the pit bottom. According to the evidence of the manager and the overman, the engine-man informed them that while raising the cage with the two men in it he went up a ladder to adjust a spring connected with the signal hammer and forgot his engine. At the inquiry, however, he stated that he had no recollection of what he stated after the accident to the manager, and that while winding something came over him and he was unable to stop his engine.
1908December3Holytown No 12LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdMichael Mallett25BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof at working face while putting up props for breakers. The fall is said to have displaced two props.  
1908December3Bellfield No 3LanarkWm Barr & SonsHugh McLuskie50MinerFalls of sideFall of coal, which knocked out a sprag and a prop, the latter of which struck him and inflicted fatal injuries.  
1908December7DykeheadLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdRobert McQueen50MinerFalls of sideFall of coal while preparing to wedge it down.  
1908December7Montgomeryfield No 1AyrA Kenneth & SonsHenry Hill20BottomerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen taking a wooden cover for a blind pit down the shaft in the cage along with him, the cover was caught by the shaft barring and crushed him. The cover could no more than get into the cage, and was not secured in any way as ought to have been. He was descending without a light, and held the cover upright with his hands.  
1908December7LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Beveridge21MinerFalls of roofDeceased was apparently taking coal off the face when a large fall of roof took place killing him instantly. The roof was bad and was well timbered, and the part which fell threw out a parallel set of props about 2 ft. from the face.  
1908December11Philpstoun (Oil shale)LinlithgowJames Ross & CoJohn Nailon20DrawerFalls of roofA roadway was being driven in the shale, about 18 ft. below the surface, when a fall occurred right to the surface, and deceased and his neighbour were buried beneath it. They lay for some time under the fall until discovered by the fireman, and eight hours elapsed before deceased's body was got out.  
1908December12AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdPeter Beveridge34BrusherMiscellaneous underground - electricitySee Report

From Main body of report: The second case took place in Aitken Colliery, Fife. Electric lighting wires were taken from main cables, which had previously been in use to work a motor, and part of a haulage way was lighted. A number of men were making some repairs on the roadway when a small stone fell away from the side and threw down the lighting wires ; two of the men lifted the wires, and while tying them up temporarily one man's body came in contact with a live part, causing a fatal shock. An examination afterwards was made and it was found that the wire had been broken, the wires joined together by twisting, and the bare part covered by a piece of string. This piece of string was wet and acted as a conductor, and it was this part which came in contact with deceased's naked body. Evidence could not be obtained as to who twisted the wires, but it was quite evident the work was done by a novice, in contravention of the Electrical Special Rules. A short distance out-bye was a switch which was easily accessible, and had it been used to cut off the current before interfering with the wires no accident would have happened. The voltage was 450.
Newspaper report - Beath pages
1908December17Gartcosh (Fireclay)LanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co LtdJames Rodgers31MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(7.20am) On going up to the face of his working place after being out for some time his naked light ignited firedamp. There was a feeder of gas, and the ventilation was insufficient to keep it from accumulating, as it had to be "waffed " out with a piece of screen cloth. Safety lamps ought to have been used. The under-manager entered this place the following day with a naked light and caused another explosion which injured him also.  
1908December19MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdAlexander Smith41FiremanFalls of roofDeceased was securing the roof of a main haulage dook which was showing signs of collapsing, when a large fall occurred burying him under it.   
1908December19ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdAlexander Hutchison24MinerFalls of sideWhile deceased was at work at the face a large piece of coal suddenly burst off, and killed him instantly. Newspaper report
1908December22Gartshore No 1DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdJames Brown42MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while examining it after a small stone had fallen on his neighbour's hand.   
1908December23AuchincruiveAyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn McPherson53Waggon trimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen crossing the rails at the screes he was run over by the railway company's brake van which was being run past the screes without any warning of its approach having been given.   
1908December23Bothwell Park No 2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdPhilip Hammel53MinerFalls of roofFall of roof on haulage road while travelling out to the shaft.   
1908December25FoxleyLanarkJ Dunn & Stephen LtdJohn Carrigan30Waggon shifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen moving waggons by means of a clip clamped to the haulage rope, in some unexplained manner he fell and got caught by a waggon wheel.   
1908December25LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdMatthew Hutchison30MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was late for his work, and, apparently in his hurry to cross the carriage way at his bench, he allowed his lamp to fall and it went on to roadway ; he made an attempt to get it and slipped on the steep, and, before recovering himself, the carriage ascending caught him and he rolled down to the bottom, a distance of 160 ft. He died a week later. Newspaper report
1908December25Kenmuir No 4LanarkJ Dunn & Stephen LtdMatthew Aitken20BottomerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe appears to have gone in front of a derailed full hutch on a dook to put it on the rails, and when it got on the rails it ran over him.   
1908December25BredisholmLanarkUnited Collieries LtdHelen Docherty15Message girlOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen attempting to pass between moving waggons being weighed, she got caught and was run over.   
1908 December 26 North Motherwell Lanark Merry & Cunninghame LtdAndrew Anderson, sen.42Miner Falls of side A stone mine from the shaft cut the Upper Drumgray coal, and arrangements were made to open out with a view to work it. Deceased, Anderson, sen., who was a very capable workman, was entrusted by the manager to do the work, and began operations on the morning of the accident. During the morning some coal was worked off, and while the father was wedging down coal, a mass of stone fell and both were killed instantly.  Newspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
Alexander Anderson20Miner
1908December28Bonnyside (Fireclay)StirlingJ Dougal & Sons LtdMichael Devine36SinkerFalls of sideDeceased and other sinkers were opening out the pit bottom in a fireclay seam, on top of which is a thin seam of coal. A part of this coal was overhanging, and attempts were made to take it down, but failed ; shortly after it fell upon deceased, causing injuries to which he succumbed half an hour later. The coal came away from a " lype " and pot bottom which were unseen.   
1908December29Bannockburn Nos 1 & 2StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdWm. Casey51LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysCrushed between waggon and wall of washery while pushing waggons forward to screes.   


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