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Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland - 1909
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Where indicated additional information is available from the main body of the report. We will add this as soon as possible. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameAgeOccupationCategoryCause of accident & remarksAdditional Information
1909January8Brownrigg No 2StirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdChas. Brady54MinerFalls of sideFall of coal and "falling" at working face of stooping.  
1909January11DunnikierFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Beall43MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile turning out his loaded tub on a cut chain incline (dip 1 in 3), another miner turned his tub out at a bench 32 feet higher up and let it over the landing. He had omitted to put in the wooden block and it came down on deceased.  
1909January13Govan No 5LanarkWm Dixon LtdJohn Murray67Waggon trimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysFound injured in four-foot way near screens.  
1909January19Bannockburn No 2StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdGilbert Templeton26BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof on old road while repairing it.  
1909January19Common No 15AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJoseph Richmond16Pony driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsRun over in some unknown manner by race of hutches which he was taking along road.  
1909January21HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdJames Brown24MinerFalls of roofDeceased was cleaning up rubbish along his longwall face preparatory to digging more coal. He suspected his roof, sounded it and found it bad and was on his way out from under it when it collapsed injuring him so severely that he died 1 ½ hours later.  
1909January25Bank No 1AyrNew Bank Coal CoWin. Hunter64BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousWhen adjusting empty hutch on low deck of cage, the cage was lowered and it caught him.  
1909January27MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdDavid Linton58Assistant OversmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased made a seat on the fourth tub of a loaded rake to have a ride up a dook haulage road, and while the tub passed under a low part of the roadway he was crushed against the roof.  
1909January28Enterkine No 9AyrGeorge Taylor & CoJas. Morgan17MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at road-head.  
1909January29AlloaClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdRobert Mitchell53MinerFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were taking off coal at the face, when the roof suddenly fell away from lype, throwing out two props, and injuring both men. The former died 5 months later.  
1909January29Lanemark Afton PitAyrLanemark Coal Co LtdJas, Jackson40MinerFalls of sideFall of coal and roof at working face while holing.  
1909January31LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Fowler35PitwrightShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased stepped on to one of the buntons at the mouth of the pit shaft, to steady a pump rod, which had been slung under the cage to be taken down. On coming out again his foot slipped and he fell 180 fathoms to the shaft bottom.  
1909February3Calderbank No 2LanarkUnited Collieries LtdThos. Bright33FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(5.45am) Ignited firedamp when making an inspection of workings.

From the Main Body of report: The first fatal explosion occurred on February 2nd in Calderbank, No. 2 pit, Lanarkshire, worked by the United Collieries, Limited, and resulted in the death of a fireman. This man was engaged making, or had finished making, an inspection of the Kiltongue coal workings prior· to the entry of the workers. He admitted having lit his open lamp and kindled the fire·damp in a cavity in the roof It would seem, therefore, that he was either carrying an open light when making his inspection, or that he failed to properly examine the workings with the safety lamp with which he was provided.
1909February5Castlecary (Fireclay)StirlingJohn G Stein & Co LtdWilliam MoKee29MinerFalls of sideDeceased was laying rails in his road, when a piece of fireclay fell from the side upon him.  
1909February8GreenriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdJohn McIntyre16DrawerFalls of roofDeceased was filling a tub with coal, when the roof suddenly fell upon him.  
1909February11Dechmont No 3LanarkArchd Russell LtdJas. Sim42MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at face of stone mine on knocking out props set for drilling machines.  
1909February11Cadder No 17LanarkCarron CoJoseph Mills36MinerFalls of sideFall of ironstone while holing, through ironstone being insufficiently spragged.  
1909February12Bredisholm No 1LanarkUnited Collieries LtdJohn Johnstone29MachinemanFalls of roofFall of roof at working face.  
1909February12Bannockburn No 3StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdWalter Turnbull26EngineerOn surface – by machineryWhile oiling a bearing of fan engine he got caught by the flywheel.  
1909February12HerdshillLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdWilliam Black61LabourerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased came from the prop wood stack with a tub loaded with props to send it down the shaft, and evidently he stumbled as he opened the door fencing the shaft, and fell down meeting the ascending cage on his way down.  
1909February15KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdJohn Grant52MinerFalls of sideDeceased and two other miners had just got on to the cage to be raised to surface, when a stone fell upon the cage and they were crushed. The stone fell away from the front of an old mid working 123 fathoms up.

From Main body of report: An accident occurred at the bottom of a shaft, causing the death of two men. The cage had arrived at the bottom, and men were about to enter it when a stone fell on the cage top crashing through it. The stone had fallen away from an old opening off the shaft 123 fathoms up. The shaft had been carefully examined during the morning and no defect observed.
Newspaper report
Richard Fitzpatrick28Miner
1909February18LongriggLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdRobert McGregor28Wagon-ShifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased had run some loaded waggons forward from a hopper and was bringing another forward behind them. He had a "trig" laid to stop it and forgetting apparently the loaded waggons, he was bending down watching the last one coming on to the " trig" when his head was caught and he was killed instantaneously.  
1909February18ReddingStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdDaniel Rankin44MinerFalls of roofDeceased was at work at the coal face, when a huge stone fell from the roof carrying the props with it and killed him instantly,  
1909February24Hopetoun No 44 (Oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdRobert Smellie56OversmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile an empty rake was descending an Ingoing eye, one tub uncoupled, and ran down against three others resting on a prop on centre of roadway causing these tubs to run away ; deceased was doing some repairs to a pump on the roadside, and for safety he crossed over to a branch road, and just then the runaway tub left the rails and crushed him against a wooden pillar. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1909February26BraidhurstLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdThomas McCallum37RepairerFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were clearing away a fall on a roadway, filling the debris into tubs and stowing it in an old roadway: while moving a loaded tub, it caught on one side, and when clearing the obstruction a fresh fall took place, and he was buried beneath it. The roof was very bad, and the fall carried away the timbers.  
1909February27LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Sharp42LabourerOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was inside a condenser cleaning it out, when he was scalded by steam and water.  
1909March1BatonriggLanarkBaton Collieries LtdThomas Dickson39MachinemanFalls of roofDeceased was driving an electric coal cutter along a machine wall which had a very bad roof. He and the fireman had superintended the timbering and were both satisfied with it. While the machine was cutting the whole roof collapsed breaking the timber and a large stone fell on deceased and dislocated his neck. The colliery had been working irregularly and the "weight" which should have been back in the waste had got forward on the face of the coal.  
1909March1Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdRobert Anderson36OversmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe mine starts from the surface, and the mineral is hauled by an engine and dook rope. A loaded rake had been hauled a short distance up a steep gradient, when a chain bar of one of the tubs broke and 8 tubs came back, and deceased was fatally crushed.  
1909March2CastlehillLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdThomas Lee51MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased was putting back a charge of gelignite with a wooden stemmer when it exploded. The explosive was hard and therefore unsafe.  
1909March3Westfield (Limestone)EdinburghWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Linster50MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased and another miner were inserting the final charge of Blasting Gelatine into a long hole in limestone which had been "cracked " a few times before. The charge exploded and injured both men, deceased succumbing five days later.  
1909March11HowmuirLanarkAuchinlea Coal Co LtdPeter McEwan27MachinemanFalls of roofDeceased was driver of an electric coal cutter and had charge of the other machine-men. The accident occurred at a road head which was newly brushed and which deceased had examined while the machine was standing. It had just been set agoing again, when a large stone fell and killed him. Flat crowns were not in use in the machine wall, but if two had been applied here, the accident would not have occurred. Newspaper report
1909March11RoslinEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdHenry Ramage33MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesDeceased was standing on a temporary scaffold working off coal in a seam with a gradient of 65 degrees, when one of the supports gave way and he fell across a prop 7 feet below and was killed.  
1909March12Springhill No 4AyrArch. Finnie & SonCampbell Banks23HaulagemanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen jumping off a race of hutches on which he was riding without permission, he fell and was run over.  
1909March12MotherwellLanarkJohn Watson LtdDavid Fraser53RepairerFalls of roofDeceased was doing repairs, when a small stone fell upon his arm inflicting a slight accident. He died from blood poisoning 12 days later.  
1909March13Swinhill No 2LanarkDarngavil Coal Co LtdWm. Maclean29FiremanFalls of roofFall of roof on road while repairing it. Newspaper report - Dalserf pages
Wm. Plenderleith16Chainrunner
1909March14Polmaise No 3Stirlingshire  William Mooney       Death not listed in Inspectors report Death certificate
1909March19Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdThomas Hedley19Assistant BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downDeceased was an Assistant Bottomer at a mid working, and when the cage was about to reach the landing he opened the gate fencing the shaft, and fell into it.  
1909March19AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Thomson60Wagon-ShifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile following his ordinary duties he fell from the gangway, alongside the waggons, to the railway, a .distance of 7 feet and was killed.  
1909March22LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdAndrew Lees56MinerFalls of sideDeceased was at work at the face when a piece of face coal fell and rolled down crushing him against a prop.  
1909March22Ferniegare No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdJas. Hutchins36MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while setting a prop.  
1909March22DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdWilliam Christie20hanger-onOther haulage accidentsTo follow  
1909 March 22 Minto Colliery    William Lamb     Death not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1909 March24      Alexander Hunter      Death not listed in Inspectors report Died of pneumonia Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1909March29Rosehall No 3LanarkR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdJas. Cameron30DrawerFalls of sideWhen holing, a small piece of coal fell and cut his finger. Blood poisoning resulted, and he died on the 8th of May.  
1909March31Hamilton Palace No 1LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdArthur Dickson32RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen travelling out a haulage road, he was caught by a runaway hutch. Newspaper report
1909March31NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJoseph Aitkin28MinerFalls of roofDeceased was working in a thin seam and after being out to his road for a prop, was on his hands and knees under his brushing again, when a piece of blaes, 4 ½ inches thick, gave way between props and struck him behind the head and bore him to the ground. His forehead struck a piece of coal, which caused fracture of his skull. Serious symptoms set in, and he died four days later.  
1909March31MotherwellLanarkJohn Watson LtdJames Lang27machinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryTo follow  
1909April8Camp (Limestone)EdinburghColtness Iron Co LtdCharles Ford40BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased was in the act of adjusting a loaded tub on the cage, when it was raised and he was crushed at the door heads. The engineman apparently lifted the cage without getting the signal.  
1909April13KnoweheadStirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdAlex. Lumley39PitheadmanShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed empty hutch into the open shaft at low scaffold while cage was at pithead, and fell after it.  
1909April14AuchengeichLanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdRobert Park50MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at coal face in a machine wall when about to set up props.  
1909April14FauldheadDumfriesSanquhar & Kirkconnel Collieries LtdMarion Halliday14StonepickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen crossing rails in front of two moving waggons at the scree she got run over.  
1909April22NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohn Anderson55LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was cleaning up the dross on the roadway, behind some loaded waggons, when some empty waggons were let down and ran too fast colliding with stationary waggon under the screen, causing it to move forward, deceased tried to escape but was crushed between moving waggon and stationary waggon beside him.  
1909April22Dumbreck No 2StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdAlex. Miller44FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(3.15pm) In cleaning out an accumulation of gas, the air current carried the gas to his naked light, and caused explosion.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909April26BenartyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Gulland48Hanger onHaulage – ropes or chains breakingShortly after the rake had started to run on an inclined roadway a ''false" link in the chain gave out and tubs ran back, crushing deceased who failed to get clear.  
1909April27Polmaise No 4StirlingArchd Russell LtdJohn McVicar38FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(7.45pm) While examining an outburst of gas, it apparently ignited at his safety lamp. Three other men were injured.

From the Main Body of report: The second on the list is that of an explosion of fire-damp in No. 4, Polmaise Colliery, Stirling, where safety lamps alone were used.  The fireman was examining the workings, and on finding gas, his lamp ignited it, and caused an explosion, whereby he lost his own life, and three other workers were injured. It was thought that the fireman's lamp must have been detective.
1909April27BowhillFifeFife Coal Co LtdGeorge Maxwell28minerOther haulage accidentsTo follow  
1909April29CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdHenry Geddes52MinerFalls of roofDeceased was stripping coals in a machine wall, and had knocked out a prop, which was in his way. He had just got another, and intended setting it up, when a large stone fell and injured him so severely, that he died ten hours later.  
1909May1Pennyvenie No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdPeter McMurray67MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place near side of an old road.  
John McMurray19Miner
1909May3WilsontownLanarkWilliam Dixon LtdGeorge Burt43RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was on a bogie hauling a loaded rake to the shaft on an endless rope haulage roadway, and apparently it left the rails and threw him off, the rope continued still to move, and he was dragged for some distance, and was found dead.  
1909May6Bannockburn No 1StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdWm. Dazley44RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile travelling down dook ling chain got disconnected from a hutch, which ran back on him. Men were prohibited from travelling on the dook there being a separate travelling road.  
1909May7Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdRobert Kennedy27RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe drawer at the top of a "Cuddie brae " allowed his loaded tub to run too far, and and as the blocks were out it ran on to the brae, deceased was proceeding down at the time, and on hearing the shout to stand clear he stepped right in front and he was carried to the bottom, and fatally crushed.  
1909May10CraigendStirlingCarron CoDavid Love56Surface-ForemanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was moving some waggons and as they were getting too much way, he attempted to stop them by inserting a coupling pole and as soon as it entered the wheel spokes it came round suddenly and the projecting part struck him and he was thrown under the wheels.  
1909May10ParkheadLanarkGlasgow Iron & Steel Co LtdThomas Smith44MinerFalls of roofDeceased was at work, when a large stone fell away from between lypes, carrying the props with it, and falling on him.  
1909May11Douglas Park No 1LanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdDavid Shannon16MinerFalls of sideFall of side in road-head while occupied filling a hutch.  
1909May13Bonnyside (Fireclay)StirlingDougall & Sons LtdThomas Hillstone50MinerFalls of roofDeceased was boring a hole for a shot, when the roof coal suddenly fell upon him. The vibration caused by working the boring machine acting on the roof through the "machine tree" may have loosened the coal.  
1909May13Blackhill No 9LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdRobert Hay40MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face when taking down head coal.  
1909May20CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Gavin, Junr33ManagerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was driving a locomotive, when the motion suddenly reversed, and as it was going toward a dead end buffer with which it would collide, he jumped to the ground and fractured his left leg: he succumbed to his injury about a month later. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909May21Rosehall No12LanarkRobert Addie & Sons Collieries LtdPeter McGhee36BrusherFalls of sideFall of side of road while repairing it.  
1909May26WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdWilliam McNeill45BrusherFalls of roofDeceased and two other brushers were about to set timber to a part of the roof just brushed, when a stone fell upon him and he was killed.  
1909May28Quarter No 1StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdAlexander Baxter67OvermanFalls of roofFall of roof in lye while clearing away a previous fall.  
1909May31Roman Camp (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdSamuel Turtle37MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesSome mineral fell from the face and slid down a very steep gradient, throwing out several props in its descent, one of which struck deceased and threw him against an upright prop, causing injuries to which he succumbed two days later.  
1909June4Greenfield No 2LanarkArchd Russell LtdAudley McKeown60MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place, where supports were only 3 ft. 3 ins. from coal face. Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1909June4ChapelLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdDavid Robertson, Junr23MachinemanFalls of roofDeceased set some props to the roof after the coal cutter had passed, and shortly after the part fell upon him carrying the props with it. Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1909June7Fergushill No 28AyrA Finnie & SonJohn McDonald37MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesWhen splitting a piece of coal it rolled over against his knee, and slightly injured it. Blood poisoning ensued, and he died on 9th June.  
1909June8Banknock Cannerton PitStirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdEdward Kerr40BrusherFalls of roofFall of roof in lye at pit bottom while repairing it.  
1909June8ChapelLanarkChapel Coal Co LtdArchibald Gilchrist49Contractor BrusherFalls of roofDeceased was putting up the last prop on the line of "breakers " preparatory to fire a shot in the brushing, when the roof suddenly fell upon him. Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1909June8Auchencruive No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdAlex. McLellan29MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place or near it.  
1909June9Bothwell Park No 2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdJames McArd26RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe was said to be walking in front of full hutch after putting snibble in front wheel, when snibble came out, and hutch ran away and went over him.Newspaper report- Bothwell pages [gives name as McHarg]
1909June10CallendarStirlingCallendar Coal Co LtdJames McPherson23DrawerFalls of roofDeceased was "backening" coal to the road, when a stone fell upon him; death resulted three weeks after.  
1909June11CornsillochLanarkArchd Russell LtdAllan Scott35MinerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesHe is said to have strained and ruptured himself while pushing a hutch, and he died on 13th October.  
1909June14Cadzow No 2LanarkCadzow Coal Co LtdGeorge Brown46MinerFalls of sideFall of coal after withdrawing a sprag and preparing to wedge it down.  
1909June16PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdDavid Cairns36BrusherFalls of roofDeceased was building the debris made from the brushing, when a stone fell upon him injuring his head. He walked home, and died from a fractured skull six day afterwards.  
1909June19LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames T. Cole19RepairerFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were engaged clearing a fall and securing the roof, when a stone fell upon him causing instant death.  
1909June23LochsideFifeLochside Coal & Fire clay CoGeorge Burt39MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged taking off blaes from an old working for brickmaking purposes, when the roof suddenly fell and killed him instantly.  
1909June23FordellFifeCountess of BuckinghamshireRobert Wilson18MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged working off a "cut" of coal, when the roof suddenly fell away carrying the coal with it, and completely burying him.  
1909June23Barony No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Boyd38SinkerShaft accidents - falling from part way downHe fell off a scaffold in the shaft while signalling.  
1909June24KnoweheadStirlingBanknock Coal Co LtdRobert Leslie24Despatch clerkOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen passing between buffers of stationary waggons locomotive moved waggons, and he was caught.  
1909June25Auchinreoch No 2StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdSamuel Jackson50MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsIn passing stationary race of hutches on way to bottom, the race started and caught him.  
1909June26Garthamlock No 6LanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdWm. Milligan17DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsApparently while illegally drawing in front of a hutch he got run over by it.  
1909June27Ferniegare No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdGeorge Hunter22MachinemanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(1.45pm) Explosion occurred when electric trailing cable was being lengthened by means of a plug connection.

From Main body of report: To follow

Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages

John Adams26Machineman
Frank Tate30Gummer
1909June29Annandale No 11AyrCaprington & Auchlochan CollieriesJames Donelly32EnginemanOn surface – by machineryWhile working close to an unfenced revolving shaft he got caught by it.  
1909June29Dumbreck No 2StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdThos. Hughes45MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place when either holing or taking down coal.  
1909July2PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdBorthwick Heap14Haulage-boyHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was detaching a chain from two loaded tubs which were running forward by gravity at a haulage landing. He had forgotten that other two tubs were already standing and his head was caught between the tubs. He was instantly killed.  
1909July5BalgonieFifeC B BalfourWilliam McGraw19DrawerFalls of roofWhile pushing away a loaded tub from a face, deceased put one foot against a prop supporting the roof, which came out allowing part to fall upon him.  
1909July7Rosehall No 7LanarkR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdWm. Walker30LabourerOn surface – miscellaneousIn pushing a full hutch away from pit mouth, his foot slipped, and he got caught by the descending cage.  
1909July18NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdHarry Williamson36OncostFalls of roofAt a part of an incline dipping 60 degrees, the roof was showing signs of collapsing near the vicinity of a "trouble," and deceased with another workman, named Andrew King, were engaged repairing and making the part secure : they had finished their shift, and were proceeding up the incline, when the roof collapsed, and all three were buried. The latter lay in a recess uninjured, and owing to the dangerous nature of the operations to effects his rescue, twenty-seven hours elapsed before he was released.  
David Beattie52Oncost
1909July19Gavieside (Oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdGeorge Beattie44RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was employed to keep the Main Ingoing eye in order, and to see that nothing stopped the rakes of full or empty tubs. A rake had passed up and was just at the top when a coupling hook straightened out and four tubs came back 66 fathoms at 1 in 2 inclination and struck him. He was so severely injured that he died 10 hours later.  
1909July22Eglinton No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdThos. Watters17MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working face when putting up prop.  
1909July23BedlayLanarkWm Baird & Co LtdThos. McNaught14LabourerOn surface – by machineryCaught by a runaway full hutch and pushed into creeper which was unfenced, and it caught him.  
1909July26Over Dalserf No 2LanarkBrand & CoJohn Lockhart17MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesOn returning to a shot of gelignite which was thought to have missed fire it went off on him. He only waited a few minutes.  
1909July28HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdThomas Stenhouse62RoadsmanFalls of roofDeceased and two others were engaged making room to build side walls near the shaft bottom, when a stone fell upon him. At the time preparations were being made to support the part which fell.  
1909July30BenartyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Whitehead15Pony-driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was bringing a pony rake out of a level and either triped while walking in front of the tubs, or struck his head on a crown and fell off, while riding on the tubs. He was found dead with his neck jammed between his rake and a prop at the side.  
1909August3LassodieFifeThos Spowart & Co LtdThomas Anderson24MinerFalls of roofDeceased knew his roof required more props and had just taken measurement to get one to set up, when a large stone fell and killed him instantly. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909August3Queenslie No 2LanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdJas. Paterson59MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(1.30pm) Ignition of gas at a hitch in working place.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909August3Little Mill No 2AyrCoylton Coal CoHugh Sloan (junr.)16DrawerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place. The prescribed distance between props was exceeded. (Another man injured.)  
1909August4LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdDaniel McMurray27MinerFalls of sideDeceased was holing when coal fell upon him; he died five weeks later from his injuries. There were no sprags up to the face. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909August5Glenboig (Fire clay)LanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co LtdPatrick Canavan17DrawerFalls of roofSee Report

From Main body of report: One accident, causing the loss of four lives, took place, in Glenboig Fireclay Mine.  Stooping operations had been carried on for some time in the Fireclay Seam to the rise, and while engaged in extracting the first “lift” of another stoop the roof suddenly fell and the four men were buried under the fall. The area being stooped had been stopped for about 20 years, and in the interval the roof, which was a strong post of sandstone, had fracture along the old roadway, and the firsts “breaking" of clay had been taken off the face, an unseen fracture was relieved ; the support to the roof was insufficient to keep it up, and stone broke away by the fractures through its own weight. Probably what contributed largely to the fall was that the area where stoop had just been extracted did not close sufficiently in the waste, after the props were withdrawn, to take the weight off the stoop where men were at work. In my opinion a row of wooden pillars should have been placed on the old roadway parallel to the working face, and while this might not have prevented the roof from falling it would have enabled the men to get time to escape. It was a mistake to have so many men at work on a face of about 20 feet.

Newspaper Report

William Taylor23Miner
William Allan34Miner
Joseph Anderson35Miner
1909August5PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdGeorge McLachlan27drawerOther haulage accidentsTo follow  
1909August15Auchengeich No 2LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdJas. McMahon42RoadsmanMiscellaneous underground - electricityShock of electricity from fault in cable which he had coiled up in his hand. Was not authorised to handle cable.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909August17Bedlay No 1LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Wilson18BencherHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsRace of eight full hutches was being sent down incline. Not being coupled, six ran down into empty race at bottom, and caused two remaining full hutches to run back on Wilson.  
1909August17Giffnock Sandstone MineRenfrew----William Duncan25EnginemanMetalliferous minesCaught by shafting or pulley of crushing machinery when inside fence.  
1909August26BailliesmuirLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdPatrick Rafferty41BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased and his neighbour lighted three shots, and retired to a safe place. When explosions ceased the former declared that all the shots had gone off and both proceeded back towards the face, and when within 15 yards of the shot holes another explosion occurred, and deceased was killed by the flying debris. One of the shots had "hung fire," as some considerable time elapsed after the first explosions until the fatal one.  
1909August28WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdGeorge Bourhill17Winch enginemanOn surface – by machineryDeceased worked a crab winch used to haul debris to the redd bing. It appears that the engine ''centred," and he got up on top to move the drum and inadvertently put his foot on throttle valve lever allowing full steam to cylinders, and causing the drum to revolve whereby he was thrown over it to the other side and fatally injured.  
1909September1Blackhill No 9LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJas. Wark16DrawerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(3.30pm) His father on entering his working place ignited gas with naked light. Day fireman had found gas, but failed to conduct the air current to the spot.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909September1KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdGeorge Grant53MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged brushing a roadway, when a stone fell and killed him instantly.  
1909September2ParkneukLanarkGlasgow Iron & Coal Co LtdGeorge Campbell22MinerFalls of sideDeceased, who had not much experience, had gone into to the working place of the miner who employed him, and had just began to fill a tub when some overhanging coal fell on him and killed him instantaneously. He had been told by the fireman that the coal was not safe.  
1909September2Canderigg Broomfield No 4LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdJas. Plenderleith58MinerFalls of sideFall of overhanging stone, under which machine-cut coal had been taken down.  
1909September3Carfin No 6LanarkWilliam Dixon LtdAlex. Boyd17Motor haulagemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryHe appears to have been reaching beneath the fencing of haulage gearing to wipe something, when he was caught by pinion wheels.  
1909September3Cowdenbeath No 10FifeFife Coal Co LtdMichael McFarlane42RoadsmanFalls of roofDeceased was engaged with the overman and some others clearing a fall on a main incline. The overman had sounded the roof several times and was satisfied with it. When they were about finished a large stone fell from a height of about 10 feet, and injured McFarlane so badly that he died the same day.  
1909September5ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdRobert Borland20BrusherExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: The fatal explosion occurred at Arniston Colliery, in the Splint Coal Seam. Deceased was a brusher, and he, with three others, was engaged in brushing a level roadway ; when the preliminaries were finished, he went up the heading close by for a “machine tree” with which to set up in order to bore a shot hole, and when at the face he ignited some gas which had accumulated at the face of the brushing, causing an explosion, whereby he was burned, and succumbed to his injuries two days later. The quantity of gas was small as no damage whatever was done. On the one side of the heading was a “fault” which gave off gas, and it was found in the vicinity about two months before the accident. An examination of the place was made during the shift previous, and no gas was found. A careful examination three days after the accident failed to find any trace of gas. There was a good air-current passing, and had proper care been taken to keep it, close up to the face there would have been no accumulation of gas.
1909September5BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdArchd. Neil40RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen letting two full hutches down incline, break-stick failed to control them, and he was struck by upcoming empty hutches.  
1909September6BardykesLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdAndrew Alexander38Night overmanFalls of roofFall of roof on self-acting incline while making a manhole. The fall swung the crowns while they were setting a cross crown at mouth of manhole. (Other two men were injured.)  
John Smith29Miner
1909September8AuchengeichLanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdJas. McCall38Pit-bottomerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsLeg cut by full hutches jamming him against empty hutch while handling it. Blood poisoning resulted.  
1909September9Monkland No 11LanarkJas Dunlop & Co LtdThos. Landles, senr.68ScreemanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe fell from steps leading from siding to scree table in front of two moving waggons, and was caught by wheel.  
1909September9Gartshore No 2DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdJoseph Conolly46ReddsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile working on the dook he was caught by three empty hutches which somehow got uncoupled from the race.  
1909September10NiddrieEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThomas Finlay, sen22BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased was putting a loaded tub on to the carriage when the middle finger of his left hand was crushed between the tub and side of carriage : blood poisoning set in and he died fifteen days later.  
1909 September 10 Lumphinnans Fife Fife Coal Co Ltd Daniel McMurray See entry under 4 August 1909 Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909September13BenartyFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Thomson47FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was riding up a dook on a rake of tubs when the drawbar of one of the tubs broke, and he was carried by the runaway tubs and crushed by them when they left the rails and overturned. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909September13BrucefieldClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdWilliam Brown27MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged taking off coal holed by a coal cutter, when a stone fell, and striking his head fractured his skull causing death next day.  
1909September14Greenfield No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdFrancis Slavin16MinerFalls of sideFall of side at road-head from an unseen lype.  
1909September15Polmaise No 4StirlingArchd Russell LtdJohn Hilley37BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesWhile he and his neighbour were illegally firing a shot of arkite electrically, his neighbour fired the shot before he retired. Another man was injured.  
1909September23MeadowheadLanarkPeter CairnsThomas Wilson17Pony-driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased hauled tubs up a dook by means of a horse in rakes of two to a lye. When near the lye he stopped his horse, uncoupled the tubs, and ran one tub at a time to the lye by hand, he did so on this occasion, and while proceeding with the first tub the second followed after, overtook and crushed him fatally. The second tub should have been spragged, but deceased forgot to do so  
1909September23KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdRobert Millar36PitheadmanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile deceased was moving a loaded waggon, another waggon was sent away on the next line of rails, unknown to deceased, and it crushed him causing instant death.  
1909September27Deans (Oil shale)LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdThomas Hare40LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased with some others was loading shale into tubs from a bing, and when loaded had to jig them on to the haulage rope, he was jigging a tub and when rope moved it he failed to get clear and his leg was fractured : he died six weeks later.  
1909September29Dechmont No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdJas. McInally40BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesOvercome by fumes of arkite after 3 shots in a blind pit.  
1909October2LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Cairns--BottomerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was uncoupling loaded tubs, when a horse rake collided with the tubs and the fingers of his left hand were crashed and badly bruised. He died from blood poisoning ten days later. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909October2St Flannans No 1DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdJas. Linn19DrawerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while filling a hutch.  
1909October4Castlecary (Fireclay)StirlingJohn G Stein & Co LtdDaniel McLaren28BottomerShaft accidents - falling from part way downDeceased was "bottoming" at a mid working, and after the cage arrived, he opened the gate which fences the shaft, and took off the empty tub. Having placed the tub in empty roadway, he got behind the loaded tub and pushed it forward towards the cage, but cage had gone and he and tub were precipitated to the bottom of the shaft. The engineman had not pinned the drum brake down and engine moved away.

From Main body of report: The deceased pushed a loaded tub into the shaft when the cage was not at the landing. In this case the engineman permitted the cage to move away after deceased had taken off the empty tub. The system in operation for stopping the cage at the mid working was a bad one ; the descending cage with empty tub was stopped so that a loaded tub was in the opposite or ascending cage, and the ascending cage, being at some distance below the mid working, the engine was apt to move unless as firmly pinned down.
1909October5GatesideLanarkFlemington Coal Co LtdWm. Houston30ReddsmanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(10pm) He was sent by overman to redd a fall in airway, when his naked light ignited gas. Place had not been previously inspected.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909October5GardrumStirlingCarron CoMichael McLackie, Junr25MinerFalls of roofDeceased was holing his coal, when the roof suddenly fell upon him.  
1909October5DonibristleFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Marshall23ShunterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was attempting to get on to the buffer of a waggon for lookout purposes during a shunt, when he slipped and fell and was run over.  
1909October6Lightshaw No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Sloan36MinerFalls of roofFall of coal while taking it down.  
1909October8LindsayFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Wright29MinerHaulage – ropes or chains breakingDeceased and a number of other men were on their way in to their working places in the morning, and were travelling down a 1 in 3 Dook, when a rake of empties was pushed over by an unauthorised person at the top. In endeavouring to get into manholes deceased fell and had his skull fractured and two others were slightly injured. It was alleged that they were all riding in the tubs but there was no proof of this at the Fatal Accidents Inquiry.  
1909 October 10 Dalbeath     Daniel Nisbet         Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909October11NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdHugh Boyd37SinkerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased and another sinker were descending in the kettle, and when 8 fathoms from the bottom, the kettle struck a beam causing him to be thrown out into the shaft. Newspaper report
1909 October 12Lumphinnans Fife Fife Coal Co Ltd James Cairns See entry under 2 October 1909 Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909October12Canderigg Broomfield No 4LanarkJas Nimmo & Co LtdAlbert Cameron30MinerFalls of roofFall of roof at working place while holing.  
1909October16KinneilLinlithgowKinneil Cannel & Coking Coal Co LtdDuncan Livingstone23Assistant ManagerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased was ascending on cover of cage, after taking some measurements connected with repairs of the shaft, when he took ill and fell off.

From Main body of report: The latter was of a peculiarly sad nature; a shaft in which a fatal accident occurred by stone falling from side was under repair, and the manager’s son was assisting. The measurements for barring had been taken of part to be repaired, and deceased, with another man was ascending on cage cover with some pieces of wood, when he became ill, and falling off was precipitated to the bottom.
1909October18Hamilton Palace No 1LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdJohn Gallocher50MinerFalls of sideFall of brushing when starting a new place. No supports had been set. Newspaper report - Bothwellhaugh pages
1909October18ArthurFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdFrank Curran40BrusherFalls of roofDeceased and his brother were securing a bad part of the roof, when it suddenly collapsed, and he was killed instantly.  
1909October20Berryhill No 2AyrWm Baird & Co LtdHugh Black Ralston40ReddsmanExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(12.30pm) Outburst of firedamp.

From Main body of report: To follow

Newspaper report

Jas. Currie32Reddsman
John Anderson30Miner
Robert Anderson29Miner
1909October20WoolmetEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJoseph Matchell (Pole)26MinerFalls of roofDeceased was "backening" coal to the road, when the roof suddenly fell upon him.  
1909October22NellieFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdWilliam McDermot30BrusherFalls of roofDeceased was filling a tub with debris which had been taken from the side of haulage road, when the roof suddenly collapsed, carrying four sets of timber with it, and burying him beneath.  
1909October22RosebankFifeJohn Nimmo & Sons LtdJames Meiklejohn59MinerFalls of roofDeceased was shovelling out coal at his roadhead, when part of the face of the brushing suddenly burst off, and injured him so severely that he died an hour later.  
1909October22AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdAndrew Meek56MinerHaulage – ropes or chains breakingA loaded tub was being run on a "gurdy" braes dipping 1 in 3, and when a short distance down the tubs stopped, owing to the chain on the wheel becoming locked. To get the tubs to move the chain was " pumped," which caused an extra strain, and a "false" link gave out and tubs ran away ; deceased was caught at the bottom of the brae and fatally crushed.  
1909October23CraigendStirlingCarron CoDaniel Jenkins30RoadsmanFalls of roofDeceased was assisting at a survey on the main haulage road, when a stone fell upon him from the roof. There was a movement on the roof caused by the workings of a seam above.  
1909October25MurdostounLanarkMurdostoun Colliery Co LtdAlexander Wotherspoon45MinerFalls of roofWhile deceased and his neighbour were at work, the roof suddenly fell away from between lypes, and killed him.  
1909October26AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Pottie43Washery-EnginemanOn surface – by machineryDeceased was oiling the bearings of one of the washery conveying tables while the machinery was going, at a part which was cramped and difficult of access. He was caught and carried several times round the shaft receiving injuries from which he died six days later. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1909November1Ingliston (Oil shale)EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Co LtdEdward Tinnie31MinerFalls of sideDeceased was boring a hole for a shot, when the face shale came away suddenly, upon him. The fall carried away the sprags which were up to the face.  
1909November1Rosehall No 3LanarkR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdFrancis Croal26DrawerFalls of roofFall of roof on road while taking hutch along it.  
1909November5Clyde Backmuir No 2LanarkWilson's & Clyde Co LtdKazazes Walookauvger23MinerMiscellaneous underground – by machineryStruck by a haulage pulley, placed at a bend getting somehow displaced, or by the rope when the pulley gave way.  
1909November8PolquhairnAyrPolquhairn Coal Co LtdJames Clark38MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dust(8.30am) Fireman allowed him and others to enter a place before he first cleared out gas which was ignited by naked light.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909November8LoganleaEdinburghUnited Collieries LtdAlex Wood19chain runnerOther haulage accidents To follow  
1909November10Greenfield No 1LanarkArchd Russell LtdEdward Lusk43MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place owing to props not being set.  
1909November11Bannockburn No 3StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdAlex. Ramage28MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesReturned to a shot of arkite, the fuse of which was thought not to have been kindled.  
1909November12DunnikierFifeFife Coal Co LtdDavid Fisher26Assistant-MachinemanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryDeceased was getting the bar of a coal cutter into position, and for that purpose was working the ratchet of the slewing part, when a pinion of the slewing gear broke, and bar came suddenly back the picks caught him inflicting terrible injuries.  
1909November13GatesideLanarkFlemington Coal Co LtdDavid Anderson24MinerFalls of roofFall of roof in working place while beneath it knocking out breaker props.  
1909November16LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdArchibald Herd47ContractorFalls of roofDeceased was examining a part of his roadway where a bar had fallen away, when the roof collapsed and fell upon him.  
1909November17Portland No 5AyrPortland Colliery Co LtdLeslie Forrest40FiremanFalls of roofFall of roof in main road while inspecting workings for the day shift.  
1909November19RossLanarkThomas Barr's TrustThos. Robb24PitheadmanShaft accidents – miscellaneousFell from mid-working or cage while ascending shaft.  
1909November20Ponisk, MuirkirkAyrshire  George Samson      Death not listed in Inspectors report
Injured on 9 January 1901
Newspaper Report - Muirkirk pages - see under 9 Jan 1901
1909November22CarronhallStirlingCarron CoRobert Galloway--ShunterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was taking some empty waggons to the screens and in passing some other waggons on another parallel line, he was fatally crushed. There was not sufficient room to pass at the place and evidently deceased had forgotten, as he was well acquainted with the sidings.  
1909November29Shieldmains No 7AyrA G Moore & CoPeter Burns56MinerFalls of roofFall of roof while getting coal outside his working place.  
1909November29LoanheadEdinburghShotts Iron Co LtdJames Hughes21drawerOther haulage accidentsTo follow  
1909December8DechmontLanarkArchd Russell LtdJohn Wallace39MinerMiscellaneous underground - electricityShock from electrical lighting lamp or cable.

From Main body of report: To follow
1909December8WhitriggLinlithgowR Forrester & Co LtdJohn Riddoch51FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was on his way home, and in walking in front of a rake of tubs appears to have stepped to one side to allow the rake to pass him, and was crushed by tubs: he should have stepped into a manhole.  
1909December10Caprington No 41AyrCaprington & Auchlochan CollieriesJas. Lennon17DriverMiscellaneous underground – irruptions of waterInflow of surface water into workings near the surface, during the night. Report
David McCabe33Miner
Jas. Menzies15Drawer
Peter Dorans36Waterman
Alex. Clark16Drawer
Chas. McSherry15Drawer
John Balfour25Miner
John Stewart17Drawer
Hugh Ramsay19Waterman
Henry Graham22Miner
1909December13BroraSutherlandJohn MelvilleWilliam Bryden61ManagerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustDied on January 10th.1910 from injuries received by an explosion of gas when making the statutory examination, under General Rule 4 of the: Coal Mines Act, 1887, with a naked light, on the date named. His vest, which had a calico back, was greasy from contact with the oily parts of a pump, caught fire and he was burned about the small of his back. Gas had been seen in the same place about a fortnight before, and in using a, naked light the deceased contravened General Rule 4 (1). The explosion occurred in a heading which was ventilated by means of a brattice ; this brattice was not properly hung, and there were, in consequence, places where it did not touch the roof and thus allowed the ventilating current to escape before reaching the face. It is probable that if the ventilation had been carried up to the face the gas would not have accumulated.  
1909December14LittlemillAyrCoylton Coal CoGavin Clark21Chain-runnerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsJammed against timber by runaway hutch in engine dook.  
1909December16Polmaise Nos 1 & 2StirlingArchd Russell LtdJohn McNaught35MachinemanMiscellaneous underground - electricityWhile working the controller of coal-cutter he got electrocuted when leaning over the machine. To follow
1909December20AuchenbeggLanarkWaddell & SonJohn Duffy48MinerFalls of sideFall of coal at coal face, in a close place in stoop and room working.  
1909December22AuchengeichLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Keith28MinerFalls of roofFall of roof between lypes in working place when engaged propping roof.  
1909December22Dumbreck No 2StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdLizzie Robertson18DirtpickerOn surface – by machineryClothing got entangled with counter shaft of screen.  
1909December23Rosehall No12LanarkR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdChas. Traynor40MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesKilled by shot of gelignite blowing through from adjoining place.  
1909December24Drum (Fire clay)StirlingBonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co LtdAlexander Cook26DrawerFalls of sideWhile engaged breaking up ganister to fill into a tub, a large stone fell off the face and killed him instantaneously.  
1909December26QueenslieLanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdJohn Jollie38MachinemanFalls of roofStone fell from roof when removing "haulage-tree " in machine wall.  

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