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Fatal Accidents 1938
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If the name of the pit is not stated in records, we have recorded this as NK with the miner's usual residence added as an approximate indicator of area
130 Fatal accidents occured in 1938
- information from the Report of the HM Inspector of Mines for 1938 - Scottish Division
[Scotsman 3 November 1939]

Currently this page lists 117 fatalities 
YearMonthDayCollieryDistrictFirst NameSurnameAgeOccupationCause Extra information/ Source
1938January2EarnockLanarkshireJohnLowe      see entry under 25 December 1937
1938 January 3 Nellie Colliery Fife James Hunter Erskine Reid 39 coal miner Fall from roof  
1938January7PolkemmetLothianJohn Fowler RollandStrickland  ClipperStruck by runaway hutchNAS FAI "John Fowler Rolland Strickland, clipper, 17 Mayfield Drive, Armadale, died on 7 January 1938 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on the same day in Polkemmet Colliery, Whitburn, West Lothian, when he was struck by a runaway tub"
1938January11BranchalLanarkshireRobertCameron60RoadsmanStruck by rake of runaway hutchesNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1938January13Prestongrange CollieryLothianWilliamCunningham22  Overcome by fumes after shot backfiredNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938 January 13 Minto Colliery Fife John Seath 43 coal cutting machineman Injuries sustained 11 July 1927 by fall from roof With thanks to Jim Seath for this information
1938January14PolmaiseStirlingshireFrankCairns43MachinemanFall of stone from roofNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1938 January 14 Kames Colliery Ayrshire Alexander McKenzie 52 Pithead worker Natural causes Muirkirk memorial & death cert
1938January17FoulshielsLothianWilliam JohnstoneMcGillivray  BrusherBlock and tackle fell upon his headNAS FAI - "William Johnstone McGillivary, brusher, Church Place, Longridge, died on 17 January 1938 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 14 January 1938 in Foulshiels Colliery, Stoneyburn, West Lothian, when a block and tackle fell upon his head"
1938January17RoslinLothianGeorgeBathgate56Coal minerCrushed by cageNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938January20MintoFifeJamesFairley40  Fall of roof

Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages

1938January25Westwood Shale pitLothianJohnRossa  Shale minerGas explosionNAS FAI "John Rossa, shale miner, 59 Front Street, Mossend, West Calder, Mid Lothian, died on 25 January 1938 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from burns sustained on 7 January 1938 in Westwood Shale Pit, Blackburn, West Lothian, following a gas explosion"
1938January25MillhallStirlingshireWilliamWeir51mechanical engineerFell down shaftNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1938January29RosieFifeThomasWaddell35Coal stripperFall of coalNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938January30Dumbreck CollieryStirlingshirePeterByrne58BrusherUnderground fireDumbreck page
Joseph MervinKelly30Brusher
1938February4NewtongrangeLothianGeorge HayMcIntosh65Railway platelayerKnocked down by train of coal trucksNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938February4Bank No 1 PitAyrshireJamesLopez  minerNKNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1938February14ViewparkLanarkshireStanleyMarkavitch44  Crushed by hutchesNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1938February18AuchengeichLanarkshireThomasMcKean  Coal cutting machinemanStruck by boulderNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938February21BridgenessLothianCharlesSmith  Oncost workerStruck by a back balance bogeyNAS FAI "Charles Smith Senior, oncost worker, 12 Ann Terrace, Bridgeness, Bo'ness, west Lothian, died on 21 February 1938 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 30 December 1937 in No. 6 Pit, Bridgeness Colliery, Bridgeness, Bo'ness, when he was struck by a back balance bogey"
1938 February 21 Lochore Colliery Fife George Ramsay Hodge Harrower 31 Coal miner Roof fall Headstone & death cert.
1938February25Woodhall CollieryLanarkshireJamesDavidson33  injuries received from becoming entangled in coal cutting machineNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1938March1Castle Colliery, DouglasLanarkshireDavid TweedieMoffat23mine workerFell down shaftNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938 March 3 Woodhall Lanarkshire John Waddell 33 oncostman Crushed between wall and hutch NAS FAI & death cert
1938March6EarnockLanarkshireAlexander BrownYoung      see entry under 25 December 1937
1938 March 11 Leadside, Wellwood Fife John Young Downie 36 Labourer Caught between rope and drum and mechanical haulage  
1938March12NewtonLanarkshireRichardJones  StripperElectrocutionNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
MilesMcCue  Fireman
1938March12WellwoodFifeJohnDownie34Waggon attendantCaught in machineryNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938March15RoslinMidlothianWilliamHiggins43Coal minerCrushed by a fall of roof in Moat CollieryNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938March19LochoreFifeJamesBrennan  MinerExplosionNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1938March19WoodendLothianWilliamNeilson  Coal minerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938March24LoanheadLothianJosephLogrie25MinerFell down dookNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938 March 24 Michael Fife James Wallace Millar 23 Miner Asphyxia NAS FAI & death cert
1938March25Maxwell Pit, DaillyAyrshireWilliamSmith25MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1938March29SouthriggLothianWilliam JohnMcKelvie59MinerCrushed by stoneNewspaper report - Lothians pages 
1938March31Hamilton PalaceLanarkshireAnthonyStrain17  Caught in machineryNewspaper report - Bothwellhaugh pages
1938April5Valleyfield CollieryFifeDavidMorgan52labourerStruck by mineral trainNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938April12MichaelFifeJamesMcLeanNKsurface workerCrushed between trucks in colliery woodyardNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938April14LoanheadLothianAndrewKirk60MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938April16Dumbreck CollieryStirlingshireJamesGilfillan30minerFall of roofNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1938 April 19 Prestongrange Lothian George Ritchie 21 coal miner Fall of stone  
1938April20Bank, New CumnockAyrshireJosephCrozier32MinerKilled by runaway hutchesNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
John HamiltonMackie19Drawer
Joseph WatsonWalls14Mine switch boy
1938April22FoulshielsLothianJamesCummerford  Coal minerFall of roofNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938April22Aitken CollieryFifeWilliamMunro  labourerAlleged suicide after injuryNewspaper report - Beath pages
1938April24MintoFifeRobertHolmes32EngineerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1938May3NK Methil areaFifeAlexanderCoull  MinerCrushed by hutchesNAS FAI & death cert
1938May4Kingshill No. 2LanarkshireJamesCampbell50Contract Brusher  With thanks to Iain D. MacIver for this information
1938May17NorthfieldLanarkshireWilliamBlackley60HaulagemanCaught in machineryNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1938May18TulligarthClackmannanshireJamesMcLean      Newspaper report - Clackmannanshire pages
1938May18FauldheadDumfriesCharlesWood52minerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1938May19Westwood Shale pitLothianDanielCarey  Shale minerFall of rockNewspaper report - Lothians pages
NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Daniel Carey, shale miner, 3 Stable Rows, Starlaw, by Bathgate, died on 19 May 1938 in Westwood Pit, Livingston Parish, West Lothian, when material fell from the roof on him
1938 May 20 Minto Colliery Fife Walter Clark McDonald 54 coal miner Fall from the roof Headstone & death cert.
1938 May 24 Glencraig Fife William Whyte 27 coal miner Natural causes - valvular heart disease  
1938June3CadzowLanarkshireJohnFraser    CollapsedNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1938June7Broomside CollieryLanarkshireThomasHamilton    Tipper overbalanced on colliery bingNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938June14Valleyfield CollieryFifeJamesGillespie68pit repairerBuried by fallNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938June20Lochhead CollieryFifeDavid RodgerHunter22electricianElectrocutedNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938June21Cronberry MoorAyrshireJohnFleming43shot firerSpark from fuse set fire to clothingNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1938June21MichaelFifeWilliamKnox63OversmanFall of roofNewspaper report - Fife pages
1938June21GlencraigFifeJamesConnelly51Coal minerKilled by runaway hutchesNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1938June21FoulshielsLothianWalterBlack  Coal minerFall of roofNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938June22BarbauchlawLothianJohn BeatyBell  Coal minerFall of material from side of working placeNAS FAI "John Beaty Bell, Coal miner, 64 Easton Road, Bathgate, died on 22 June 1938 while being conveyed in an ambulance wagon in Edinburgh Road, Bathgate, from injuries sustained on the same day in Barbauchlaw Mine, Armadale, West Lothian, when material fell from the side of his working place on him"
1938 June 30 Rosehall Lanarkshire Thomas Morton 38 foreman electrician Struck on head by jib of crane NAS FAI & death cert
1938July7Kames, MuirkirkAyrshireBenjaminHendry37Shot borerFall of coalNewspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1938July7Haugh CollieryStirlingshireRobert McPheeStevenson18labourerCrushed by brick wallNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1938July8WhitriggLothianWilliamGlen  Coal minerTetanus after struck by piece of coalNAS FAI "William Glen, coal miner, 14 Armadale Road, Whitburn, died on 8 July 1938 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from tetanus following injuries sustained on 17 June 1938 in No. 5 Whitrigg Colliery, Whitburn, West Lothian, when he was struck by a piece of coal on the right elbow"
1938July18ParkneukLanarkshireAlexanderFisher56Coal cutting machinemanFall of stoneNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938 July 18 NK (Usual residence Harthill) Lanarkshire Alexander Galbraith 55 Colliery surface foreman Struck by piece of wire mesh NAS FAI & death cert
1938July26BedlayLanarkshireArchibaldBatchelor  Pithead workerCaught in machineryNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938August1RandolphFifeHughMartin46Oncost workerStruck by hutchNewspaper report - Fife pages NB NAS gives name as Hugh Martin Fleming
1938August4Crow Colliery, CalderbankLanarkshireWilliamWaddell20RepairerFall of stone and rock from roofNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1938August15BurghleeLothianRichardMcCutcheon35Pit sinkerShock from blast of explosionNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938August25Littlemill CollieryAyrshireWilliamWallace41  FallNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1938August30MintoFifeJamesHunter  MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1938September3Rosehall CollieryLanarkshireJamesBaird16surface workerLegs caught in conveyorNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1938September14LoganleaLothianJames BaxterJohnstone30Coal minerFall of stone from roofFAI list and death cert
1938September 17NK (Queenzieburn area)Dunbartonshire AndrewIrvine 53Colliery fireman Fall of stone from roof FAI list and death cert
1938September 22Whitehill Ayrshire John Shirkie 44Coal miner (roadman) NK - blood poisoning following head injury in pit With thanks to Robert Grierson for providing this information
1938October2BlackriggLothianMatthewHailstones  Haulage roadsmanStruck by a rake of tubsNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938October3AftonAyrshireAlexanderFord  OversmanNKNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1938 October 7 Inchneuk Mine, Glenboig Lanarkshire Andrew Paterson 63 Fireclay miner Crushed by hutch FAI list and death cert
1938October10Blantyreferme Colliery BrickworksLanarkshirePeter McGuireMcDermott21  Suffocated in blaes hopperNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1938October12Holytown CollieryLanarkshireEdwardDavis14  Caught in conveyor of coal washing plantNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1938 October 12 Kames Colliery Ayrshire William McCall 20 Clipper Fractured skull Muirkirk memorial & death cert
1938October19BlackriggLothianRobertMuir  FiremanStruck on the head by material projected from a shotNAS FAI "Robert Muir, fireman, 17 Harthill Road, Westcraigs, died on 19 October 1938 in No. 2 Blackrigg Colliery, Blackridge, West Lothian, when he was struck on the head by material projected from a shot"
1938October22BrucefieldClackmannanWilliamDrummond40MinerStruck by hutchNewspaper report - Clackmannanshire pages
1938 November 7 NK(Usual residence Springboig) Lanarkshire Robert Paterson Robertson 44 underground fireman Erysipelas, 5 days, resulting from a scratch obtained as a result of his employment Death certificate
1938November8CarberryLothianAndrew WattWood35Coal minerCrushing accidentNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938 November 9 Bowhill Fife Peter Moyes 65 Coal miner - packer Fall of stone from the roof  
1938 November 10 Lochhead Colliery Fife George Syme Grieve 55 pithead worker Fracture of ribs and shock FAI list and death cert
1938 November 12 Houldsworth Colliery Ayrshire William Dowdles McClymont 50 coal miner Fall of coal and dirt from face With thanks to the anonymous contributor of this information
1938November16AuchengeichLanarkshireAlexanderHargey    Injuries received while riding on hutchdeath cert
1938November20NewbattleLothianJohnTaylor45OversmanFall of stoneFAI list and death cert
1938November23WoolmetLothianCharlesRamsay30  Fall of stoneNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1938 November 28 Dixon's Colliery Blantyre Lanarkshire Alexander McGaughie 59 coalpit motorman Natural causes death cert
1938December9LittlemillAyrshireRobertHowatson25NKExplosionNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
JohnLeslie50Coal miner
WilliamBrown29Coal miner
JamesGraham46Coal miner
1938December13Hamilton PalaceLanarkshireAlexanderGilmour18scree waggon runnerStruck by wooden proprWith thanks to Edelweiss Winship for this information
1938December16No 11 Colliery, LumphinnansFifePeterMcArthur25shunterRun-over by waggonNewspaper report - Beath pages
1938 December 17 Southhook Colliery Ayrshire Thomas John Wilson McDowall 15 pony drier Fractured skull FAI list and death cert
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