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Index to deaths in Scotland 1945-1949
These names are sourced from a variety of records including newspapers, lists of fatal accident inquiries, memorials and death certificates. 
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If the name of the pit is not stated in records, we have recorded this as NK with the miner's usual residence added as an approximate indicator of area

YearMonthDayCollieryDistrictFirst NameSurnameAgeOccupationCauseInformation on site or Source
1945January12Valleyfield CollieryFifeSamuelMcGuire  colliery under-managerKnocked down by runaway hutchNAS FAI
1945January31NewbattleLothianJosephClelland40Coal minerInjuries after being crushed by block of coal  
1945February 15Dumbreck StirlingshireMatthew Martin14 SamplerCrushed by waggons Newspaper report - Stirlingshire
1945February20LingerwoodLothianWilliam SandiemanMelville63BrusherCrushed by hutches  
1945February 28Hamilton Palace LanarkshireJohn Reid Hunter30 colliery surfacemanCaught in a revolving shaft 
1945March10KnockshinnockAyrshireJames PatonDickson46Coal minerStruck by prop  
1945March25No 7 CowdenbeathFifeRobertCunning  coal minerNKNAS FAI
1945April14PolkemmetLothianJohnRichmond66Colliery motormanFall of roof Midlothian Advertiser 20 April 1945
1945April26Lady VictoriaLothian DanielSlater38mining contractorExplosion Glasgow Herald 27 April 1945 p5 column 3

With thanks to Helen Ross for updating the names for us
1945May27Glencraig CollieryFifeJames ErskineO'Hare  coal cutting machinemanInjuries sustained in roof fall on 27 May 1940NAS FAI
1945June17ClimpyLanarkshireThomasNelson54BrusherNKNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1945June18Bothwell CastleLanarkshireWilliamKyle44MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1945June21Killochan CollieryAyrshireAndrewRobertson51Underground firemanFall of stone  
1945June23BlantyreLanarkshireJamesConnor36Pithead workerFell down pitNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1945June25Glencraig CollieryFifeWilliamMcCann  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI
1945June 26Lingerwood LothianJames Kennedy (formerly Wood)25 Haulage workerRun over by hutch  
1945 June29 Manor PowisStirlingshire Peter DonaldStark 39mining contractorFall of roof Glasgow Herald 30 June 1945
1945July11Comrie CollieryFifeRobertMuirhead  coal minerFall of roofNAS FAI
1945July 27Bothwell Castle LanarkshireJames Graham   Fall from roof Glasgow Herald 28 July 1945
1945July30NK (resident of Musselburgh)LothianJohn AitkenClark58Colliery firemanKnocked down by runaway tub  
1945August2NK – Musselburgh area LothianRobertPenman56coal minerStruck and pinned by fall from roofFAI and DC
1945September4Bankend Colliery, CoalburnLanarkshireJamesTait45Colliery surface workerCaught in haulage machineryWith thanks to Marion Turley for providing this information
1945September 11Wellesley Colliery FifeCharles Hancock50 Coal minerMultiple fracturesNewspaper report - Fife pages
1945September 12Bessie Glen Colliery ClackmannanRobert Sharp60  Accidentally killed Headstone
1945September15PolkemmetLothianDavid AllanSwan14Pithead workerFound dead on bing but died of natural causes  
1945September 21Michael Colliery FifeWilliam Henry41 Coal minerSkull fractured by debris after shot firingNewspaper report - Fife pages
1945October6AuchlochanLanarkshireJamesJohnstone50underground repairerFall of roofNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1945October9StaneLanarkshireJohnMcDowell65Coal minerNKNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1945October11Lindsay CollieryFifeWilliamFord  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI & headstone
1945October15WoolmetLothianRobert AlexanderCrawford66Coal minerFall of stone  
1945October21LoganleaLothianWilliamMurray21Coal minerFall of roof  
1945November1PolkemmetLothianAlexanderForrest  Underground workerCrushed by cage  
1945November5NK – Deantown areaInvereskJohnDuncan41coal minerStruck by material from delayed shotFAI and DC
1945November6No 7 CowdenbeathFifeThomasBeveridge  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI & headstone
1945November 7NK - Kirkcaldy areaFife JohnWatson 51Pithead worker Multiple fracturesNAS FAI & death cert.
1945November12RiddochhillLothianThomasNoon  Surface workerCrushed by bogey  
1945November17RiddochhillLothianJames BullochMcDonald  Steel prop drawerFall of roof  
1945November17 Burghlee CollieryLothian WilliamWelsh 57colliery pumpsman Cardiac failure  
1945November18No 11 LumphinnansFifeWilliam BatemanMitchell  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI & headstone
1945November20Kippsbyre MineLanarkshireWilliam WalkerKinnaird  coal minerCaught by the revolving cutting bar of a coal cutting machineNAS FAI "William Walker Kinnard, coal miner, 64 Wester Mavisbank Avenue, Airdrie, died on 20 November 1945 in Kippsbyre (Kiltongue) Mine, Glenmavis, Lanarkshire, when he was caught by the revolving cutting bar of a coal cutting machine "
1945November30Dean CollieryFifeJamesMollies or Nellies   Struck by runaway hutchNAS FAI
1945December4Stone Mine, Lady Victoria PitNewtongrangePeterPowell38stone minermultiple severe injuriesFAI and DC
1945December15Lindsay CollieryFifeJames ErskineFerguson  coal minerFall of coal and stoneNAS FAI
1945December 24Shale Mine, Glendevon WinchburghLothian George ScottHogg 32shale miner Injuries received by quantity of material falling upon him With thanks to Moira Meek (Hogg) for providing this information
1946January11PolkemmetLothianRobertRobertson  coal minerFell down shaft  
1946January14Killochan CollieryAyrshireAndrew DuffScott19  Fall of stone  
1946January22Minto CollieryFifeJamesWright  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI
1946January25Burghlee Colliery LothianAlexanderWilson54coal minerStruck by material from delayed shotFAI and DC
1946February22No 7 CowdenbeathFifeThomasCherrie  coal minerRoof fallNAS FAI & headstone
1946 March1Easter GartshoreDunbartonshireNeilDuffy   Compound fracture of both bones of left leg, (mining accident), arterial hemorage, traumatic shockWith thanks to Jane Christie for providing this information.
1946March4ThankertonLanarkshireDonaldCrossan  haulage motormanJacket caught by revolving intermediate driving shaftNAS FAI "Donald Crossan, haulage motorman, 282 O' Wood Avenue, Holytown, Lanarkshire, died on 4 March 1946 at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, from injuries sustained on the same day in No. 1 Pit, Thankerton Colliery, Holytown, Lanarkshire, when his jacket was caught by the revolving intermediate driving shaft" Motherwell Times 15 March 1946, page 7, col 3
1946March6Glencraig CollieryFifeJohnReid  coal minerFall of stoneNAS FAI
1946March15Comrie CollieryFifeRobert SimpsonSmith  conveyor belt attendantCrushed between the conveyor belt and conveyor drumNAS FAI
1946March 16NK Newtongrange area LothianWilliam Neilson44 coal minerFall of coal  
1946March 16NK Gorebridge area LothianMichael Donlevy31 coal minerFall of coal  
1946March21AitkenFifeMorisStewart  coal minerFall of coalNAS FAI
1946April9AitkenFifeJamesSimpson  NKCrushed between the coal face and a coal hutch when a race of hutches ran awayNAS FAI
1946April13Killochan CollieryAyrshireSamuelShearer32MinerKnocked down by runaway hutches  
1946April15GreenriggLanarkshireGeorgeSandilands  ShunterNK  
1946April18AuchincruiveAyrshireAlexanderMuir31  Caught in conveyor  
1946May10SouthfieldLanarkshireAdamHamilton22MinerCrushed by hutch  
1946May27Benhar CollieryLanarkshireJohnMuir  colliery brusherStruck by a rake of eight empty runaway hutchesNAS FAI "John Muir, colliery brusher, 8 Millar Place, Harthill, Lanarkshire, died on 31 May 1946 at 78 West Main Street, Harthill from injuries sustained on 27 May 1946 at Benhar Colliery, Harthill, when he was struck by a rake of eight empty runaway hutches "
1946May27Bowhill CollieryFifeGeorge DuncanLawson  coal minerFall of stoneNAS FAI & headstone
1946June 10NK (Stirling area) StirlingshireJohn McBryde or Rarity33 Briquette workerCrushed between waggonsDeath cert only
1946June13Mary CollieryFifeHectorMcDonald  coal minerBuried by fall from roofNAS FAI
1946June14HarwoodLothianJames McGowanBlackley43Coal minerNatural causes  
1946June26LingerwoodLothianThomas LoudenPeattie40Haulagemaninjuries to skull  
1946June26 Dora CollieryFife JohnFraser 49Coal miner Natural causesNAS FAI & death cert.
1946July25WoolmetLothianThomasBrown55Oncost workerFall of stone from roof  
1946August 12NK - Buckhaven area FifeJohn Richard Wright42 Coal minerMultiple fracturesNAS FAI & death cert.
1946August13Douglas Colliery LanarkshireIsaacWood70colliery surfacemanNatural causesFAI record – NAS
1946August18RiddochhillLothianJohnJohnston  BrusherStruck by material from shot  
1946September4Blantyre CollieryLanarkshireSamuelAnderson   Fall of roofWith thanks to Mandy Lockley for this information
1946September14NewcraighallLothianJamesAnderson34Coal minerFall of coal from the roof.  
1946September16Bowhill CollieryFifeGeorgeMorrice  coal minerCrushed between an empty coal hutch and the frame of a trap door in the man haulage dookNAS FAI & headstone
1946September25RamsayLothianJosephMcCulloch40Pithead workerStruck by rake of hutches  
1946October8NK (lived at Stoneyburn)LothianGeorgeRussell27Colliery conveyor shifterPit accident (details not known)  
1946October 15Newbigging Limestone Mine FifeHenry Wyse46 Limestone minerFractured skullNAS FAI & death cert.
1946October24Glen MineLanarkshireHectorFraser  oncost manCaught and jammed against the building by a runaway rake of empty hutchesNAS FAI "Hector Fraser, coal miner (on-cost man), 94 Muirpark Rows, Viewpark, Lanarkshire, died on 24 October 1946 in No. 12 Lye of the Main Drumgray Haulage Road, at Glen Mine, Shawhead, Lanarkshire, when he was caught and jammed against the building by a runaway rake of empty hutches"
1946October24 Wellsgreen CollieryFife Daniel ArcherHoggan 60Coal miner Multiple rib fracturesNAS FAI & death cert.
1946November11WhitehillLothianWilliamHunter22Coal miner (trainee)Struck by steel girder  
1946November19NK (lived at Longridge)LothianJamesGirdwood52Oncost workerFall of stone  
1946November26Polmaise CollieryStirlingshireJames CampbellMuir54colliery repairerArm crushed between rollers of conveyor belt (Fallin memorial list)  
1946December16BenharLanarkshirePatrickCosgrove  coal cutting machinistAccident with coal cutting machineWith thanks to Owen Martin for providing this information Newspaper report - Shotts pages
1946December19AitkenFifeDavid HedleyOwen  coal minerCrushed between fall of coal and steel girderNAS FAI
1946December22EastonLothianThomasO'Driscoll  BrusherFall of stone from roof  
Peter O'NeillBryce  Brusher
1946 December 25 Waggon Repair Shop of Wemyss Coal Co. Fife FrankFunkie 63Colliery engineer Fractures and internal injuries NAS FAI & death cert.
1946 December 31 NK - Dalkeith area Lothian MurdochMcKenzie 32coal miner Struck by material from shot  
1947January 6 Hopetoun No. 35 Mine Lothian JamesFairley  Shale miner Fell from cage NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: James Fairley, shale miner, East Burnside, Broxburn, died on 6 January 1947 at Hopetoun No. 35 Mine, Trinlaymire, Threemiletown, by Linlithgow, when he fell from the cage while it was descending the shaft
1947January10BurngrangeMidlothianJohnMcGarty30Shale minerSudden death from explosion (fractured skull)Newspaper report - Burngrange page
William FindlayRitchie38Shale minerCarbon monoxide poisoning – pit explosion
Samuel DargavelPake24Shale miner
DavidMuir25Shale miner
JamesMcCauley59Shale miner
John SommervilleLightbody41Shale miner
Thomas DempsterHeggie26Shale miner
WilliamGreenock50Shale miner
AnthonyGaughan45Shale miner
William GrayFindlay (formerly Shields)56Shale miner
JohnFairley20Shale miner
GeorgeEaston53Shale miner
Henry LawCowie36Shale miner
WilliamCarroll31Shale miner
DavidCarroll46Shale miner
1947January10ComrieFifeCharlesGourlay26ShunterLeft leg crushed between a stationary and a moving mine carNAS FAI
1947January19DuntillandLanarkshireWilliamMcKee37  Fall of stoneNAS FAI "William Wade McKee, coal miner, 12 Kirk View Avenue, Salsburgh, Lanarkshire, died on 19 January 1947 in No. 7 Section, Lower Drumgray Seam, at Duntilland Mine, Salsburgh, Lanarkshire, when he was pinned to the pavement by a fall of a stone from the roof "
1947January22BlairhallFifeThomasNeilson  coal minerFall of coalNAS FAI
1947January28Bowhill CollieryFifeDavid Cowie DavidsonMcDonald  coal minerPinned to the ground by a fall of stone from the roofNAS FAI & headstone
1947January31Bowhill CollieryFifeGeorge WilliamsonDuncan  colliery packerNatural causes (rupture of congenital aneurism of anterior communicating cerebral artery)NAS FAI
1947February6Nellie CollieryFifeAlexander RobertsonFraser  road repairerCrushed by steel girderNAS FAI
1947February6 Michael CollieryFife HenryStewart 67Colliery oncost worker Crushed by loaded hutchNAS FAI & death cert.
1947 February 8Calderhead Colliery LanarkshireDuncan Crawford 67     Headstone
1947February10PolkemmetLothianWilliamSavage  pit bottom workerNatural causes  
1947March12PhilpstounLothianThomas WatsonGray  colliery roadsmanFall of blaes  
1947March13PolkemmetLothianWilliamIrvine  colliery shaftsmanStruck by piece of ice falling down shaft  
1947April2LoganleaLothianThomas RolandJenman37Coal mining machinemanFall of sandstone from roof Midlothian Advertiser 4 April 1947
1947April 6Millhall Colliery StirlingshirePeter Nelson McCann41 coal minerNK - dislocated cervical vertebraeDeath cert only
1947April 7Woolmet Colliery LothianWilliam Stewart34  Accidentally killed Headstone
1947April 8Frances Colliery FifeJohn Farquhar Lawson26 Coal miner machinemanMultiple injuriesNAS FAI & death cert.
1947April18Alice Pit, FordellFifeWilliamHay41MinerRoof collapsedNAS FAI
1947April20Mary CollieryFifeAndrew Brown KempSharp  coal minerStruck by a roll of conveyor belt which had fallen from a bogeyNAS FAI
1947April23MintoFifeJohnBlamey40NKFall of stone from roofNAS FAI (also gravestone)
1947May 23Wellesley Colliery FifeJames Geddes Hynd51 colliery surface workerCrushed by top of descending cageNAS FAI & death cert.
1947May 29No. 6 Shale Mine, Glendevon, Winchburgh LothianWilliam Gow  Shale minerFall of shale NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: William Gow, shale miner, 107 Main Street, Winchburgh, died on 29 May 1947 at No. 6 Shale Mine, Glendevon, Winchburgh, West Lothian, when a quantity of shale fell upon him
1947June27Manor PowisStirlingAlexanderMcMenemy36Coal cutting machinemanCrushed by coal cutter going into reverse  
1947June 30Wellesley Colliery FifeWilliam Logie Thomson49 Coal minerAvulsion of left armNAS FAI & death cert.
1947July5BranchalLanarkshireDavidDickson45MinerUnderground explosion  
1947July10PolmaiseStirlingshireDavidAllan49MinerCaught in conveyor  
1947July15Comrie CollieryFifeJames AlexanderFerguson  coal minerStruck on ankle by a piece of coalNAS FAI
1947July 17Wellesley Colliery FifeJeremiah Sullivan40 Coal minerFall of stone - injuries sustained 1 MarchNAS FAI & death cert.
1947July 17Millhall Colliery StirlingshireJohn Murphy46  NK - multiple injuries Death cert only
1947July 28No 7 Pit, Cowdenbeath FifeGeorge Hogg47 minerCollapsed Evening Telegraph, Monday 28 July 1947
1947August 15Rosie Colliery FifeThomas Fowler44 coal minerMultiple fracturesNAS FAI & death cert.
1947August 15Michael Colliery FifeJames Bauld58 colliery firemanNatural causes Death cert.
1947August26BogleaLanarkshireAlexanderBrynes  coal miner (hewer)Natural causesNAS FAI "Alexander Brynes, coal miner (hewer), 5 Hillview, Greengairs, Lanarkshire, died on 26 August 1947 from cardiac failure, coronary thrombosis due to coronary artery disease at Boglea Mine, Greengairs, Lanarkshire "
1947September 12Wellesley Colliery FifeJohn Raeburn50 Coal minerTraumatic asphyxiaNAS FAI & death cert.
1947September27Valleyfield CollieryFifeJosephMcGlinchey  coal minerLeg caught in coal cutting machineNAS FAI
1947October20BlackriggLothianWilliamFairley  surface labourerFell down shaft  
1947October30Valleyfield CollieryFifeGeorgeMitchell  coal minerStruck by two runaway hutchesNAS FAI
1947November2QuarterLanarkshireJamesRitchie58colliery firemanOvercome by gas  
AlexanderKerr67rope splicer
1947November 4Emily Pit LothianAndrew McLaren Howie34 colliery oversmanColliery accident 
1947November15BlairmuckhillLanarkshireAlexanderCunningham39Colliery washermanFell from dross elevatorNAS FAI "Alexander Cunningham, colliery washer attendant, 55 Edinburgh Road, Harthill, Lanarkshire, died on 15 November 1947 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 14 November 1947 at Blairmuckhill Colliery, Harthill, Lanarkshire, as he was attempting to repair a bucket of the dross elevator when it broke loose and crashed to the ground striking an iron bar in his fall "
1947December24Lady Victoria PitLothianAlexanderMorgan17Oncost workerCrushed by hutches  
1947December30Hill FarmStirlingshireWilliamSkinner36MinerCrushed by stone  
1947December30No 11 LumphinnansFifeWilliamDrylie  colliery overmanFall of coal dislodged by shot firingNAS FAI
1948January9Seaforth Pit, New CumnockAyrshireEdwardHarris26MinerDrowned by water from disused working  
1948January23Minto CollieryFifeJohnBisset  coal minerFall of stoneNAS FAI
1948January 29Northfield Colliery LanarkshireJohn Britton51 coal miner - stripperFall of stoneHeadstone, death cert. & RCE
1948February15Minto CollieryFifeJamesYoung  coal minerFall of stoneNAS FAI
1948February 16Kinglassie Colliery FifeWilliam Blyth64 Coal minerCrushed on conveyer - injuries sustained 5 Nov 1947NAS FAI & death cert.
1948February17BogleaLanarkshireGeorge MurrayDevan  minerInjuries from stone falling upon his legsNAS FAI "George Murray Devan, miner, 3 Monkland Street, Airdrie, died on 17 February 1948 at Killearn Hospital, Stirlingshire, from injuries sustained in October 1947 at Boglea Mine, Greengairs, Lanarkshire, as he was behind a coal cutting machine when a stone fell upon his legs"
1948February 19Hamilton Palace Colliery LanarkshireJames Skewies62 underground firemanCrushing injuriesDeath cert
1948February20NKLothianThomas RichardBent  Coal minerCrushed by hutch  
1948March20BlackriggLanarkshireDuncanMcGregor  drawerFall of sandstone  
1948March24Dunrobin Mine, AirdrieLanarkshireJohn MarkArmstrong  coal minerNatural causesNAS FAI "John Mark Armstrong, coal miner, 21 Springfield Road, Airdrie, died on 24 March 1948 at Browshot Coal Co., Dunrobin Mine, Airdrie, from cardiac failure"
1948March25Blackriggs CollieryLothianDuncanMcGregor57RepairerFall of stone  
1948March29NorthfieldLanarkshireAlex.Gordon46Surface workerCrushed between buffers  
1948March29FauldheadDumfriesJohnWightman23NKElectrocutedNewspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1948April7FoulshielsLothianWilliamFinlay  coal minerStruck and run over by hutch  
1948April15Fordell CollieryFifeGeorge AndersonDenholm  coal minerHead crushed between two hutchesNAS FAI
1948April21Millhall CollieryStirlingshireCharlesFerguson30Oncost workerElectrocution  
1948May14BlairmuckhillLanarkshireWilliam SimpsonJones57Colliery managerSlipped or fell against rake of hutchesNAS FAI "William Simpson Jones,colliery manager, 31 Edinburgh Road, Harthill, Lanarkshire, died on 14 May 1948 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 13 May 1948 at Blairmuckhill Colliery, Harthill, Lanarkshire, when he slipped or stumbled and fell against a rake of hutches as he was walking on the North Main Coal Haulage Road"
1948May18Glencraig CollieryFifeGustavJesske  stripperFall of coalNAS FAI
1948May19BlairmuckhillLanarkshireArchibaldFerguson  Coal minerFall of stone from roofNAS FAI "Archibald Ferguson, coal miner, 172 Mayfield Drive, Armadale, died on 19 May 1948 at Bangour Hospital, Broxburn, from injuries sustained on the same day in No.3 Branch, No. 9 Section, Main Coal Seam, Blairmuckhill Colliery, Harthill, Lanarkshire, when a stone fell from the roof upon him"
1948June7Baads CollieryLothianWilliamKay42DrawerCrushed by hutch  
1948July 2Breich shale pit LothianJoseph McKelvie (formerly Joseph Clarke)  shale miner Struck by material projected from a shot NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Joseph McKelvie (formerly Joseph Clarke), shale miner, 3 New Breich, Blackburn, West Lothian, died on 2 July 1948 at Mid Breich Shale Pit, Blackburn, West Lothian, when he was struck by material projected from a shot
1948July11Dumbreck CollieryStirlingshireWalterReid   Injured by a fall of stone from the roofWith thanks to Anne Marie McAlister for this information
1948July30Glencraig CollieryFifeAlexander SmallFairhurst  woodboyCaught between a roller and a belt of a coal conveyorNAS FAI
1948August 3Wellesley Colliery FifeEdward McLuskie21 coal minerTrain of tubs derailed and crushed himNAS FAI & death cert.
1948August10Auchengeich CollieryLanarkshireJames BellPate  coal minerFractured skull  
1948August 17Newtongrange LothianPeter O'Connor56 coal minerStruck by waggon Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1948August 26NK Newtongrange area LothianJames Fraser Campbell50 coal minerFall of stone  
1948August 30Thornton Mine FifeDavid Laing Page50 Coal minerNatural causesNAS FAI & death cert.
1948September2BlairhallFifeNorman MustardNicol  minerFall of stoneNAS FAI
1948September27LochheadFifeDavidPaterson57Under- managerGassing accident Evening Telegraph 18 July 1950
1948October8AitkenFifeAdam ArmstrongAnderson  coal stripperFall of stone  
1948October15No 7 CowdenbeathFifeJamesFerguson  stripperFall of stoneNAS FAI
1948October15 NK (Newtongrange)Lothian FranciszekRab 25coal miner Multiple fractures sustained in course of his work  
1948October16FrancesFifeJamesSmith  strippercrushed between waggon and brick wall  
1948November5FallinStirlingshireHenry JamesLynch70Gearhead attendantKnocked down by rake of full hutches  
1948November14Glencraig CollieryFifeAlexander CampbellMcGregor  coal minerFell 50 feet after platform on which he was working in the pump shaft collapsedNAS FAI
1948November17NK (Bo'ness area)LothianJohnCraig  coal minerStone fell upon him  
1948November 23Priory Colliery LanarkshireJohn Hamilton56 Shot-firerNatural causes Death cert.
24Bessie Glen Mine ClackmannanshireWilliam Alexander Whitton45 coal-machinemanCarbon monoxide poisoning Headstone and death certificate
William Brunton Walker
Fractured spine
With thanks to Alex Linton for this information
1948December9PirnhallStirlingshireWilliamStevenson39BeltmanFall of roof  
1948December13Glencraig CollieryFifeJosephDocherty  coal minerFall of stoneNAS FAI
1948December24Frances CollieryFifeHenryRowan73Colliery Transport SupervisorCompound fracture of right tibia and fibula, simple fracture of left tibia and fibula, shock sustained by being struck and knocked down by a set of runaway full tubs. With thanks to Sandy Finlay for this information
1948December28Lady Helen CollieryFifeJohnBlack  firemanFall of stoneNAS FAI
1949January 6NK - Dalkeith area LothianJohn Hall68 Coal minerFall of stone  
1949January11Comrie CollieryFifeJamesMcCormack  coal minerCrushed by conveyor or panNAS FAI & headstone, Dundee Courier 17 January 1951
1949January14Meta CollieryClackmannanGeorgeDonald32  Crushed by hutch  
1949January14 Lady Victoria CollieryLothian James SmithReid 41coal miner Fall of stone  
1949January14King o'MuirsClackmannanZigmuntHoraczko  MinerFall of stone  
1949January19NethertonLanarkshireJohnGordon  surface workerKnocked to the ground during a ""flying shunt"" by wagons and one or more of the wagon wheels passed over his left legNAS FAI
1949January29WoodendLothianGeorgeLamond  StrapperFall of stone  
1949February8Douglas CollieryLanarkshireGeorgeBoswell21drawerCrushed between a runaway loaded hutch and a steel girder  
1949February16CalderheadLanarkshireSamuelWalker51Coal miner stripperFall of rock  
1949March20Jenny GrayFifeGeorge Birrell GibbPaterson  coal minerFall of coalNAS FAI
1949March21Westwood Shale PitLothianWilliamRobertson60  compound fracture of skull NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: William Henry Robertson, shale miner's drawer, 87 Parkhead Crescent, West Calder, died on 21 March 1949 at Westwood Shale Pit, Blackburn, West Lothian
1949March29PolkemmetLothianWilliam BlairWhiteford  firemanMaterial fell on him  
1949April 14Fireclay Pit, Heathfield LanarkshireEdward Rooney49 Fireclay minerFall of stone NAS FAI & death cert
1949April19Bedlay CollieryLanarkshireJohnGallagher (AKA Dunn)  coal minerFell from cage  
1949April 29Castlehill Colliery LanarkshireHarry Hamilton53 coal miner (oncost)Roof fall Death notice in Motherwell Times 6 May 1949 & death cert.
1949April 29No. 35 Shale Pit, Threemiletown LothianJoseph Oliver Williamson21 chainrunnerFall of roof NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Joseph Oliver Wiliamson, chainrunner, 40 Mid Street, Broxburn, died on 29 April 1949 at Bangour Hospital, Broxburn, from injuries sustained on the same day in the Lodgement Dook of No. 35 Shale Pit, Threemiletown, Linlithgow
1949May11CowdenbeathFifeArthurMorris71underground colliery firemanKnocked down by runaway hutchNewspaper report - Beath pages
1949May13PolmaiseStirlingshirePeterDen Kaat25Coal stripperFall from roof  
1949May16ComrieFifeThomasSharp25duckbill workerFall occurred at coal faceNAS FAI "Thomas Sharp, duckbill worker, 6 James Hogg Crescent, Oakley, Fife, died on 16 May 1949 at West Fife Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife, from injuries sustained on the same day at Comrie Colliery, Oakley, Parish of Saline, Fife, when he was crushed by a fall from the roof"
1949May25NK Bonnyrigg area  James ChapmanMcKenzie52coal minerSubarachnoid hemorrhage – died 3.5 months after being struck by fall of stoneFAI and DC
1949May 30Lingerwood LothianGeorge Ramsay Miller37 coal minerFall of stone  
1949June6Kingshill No 1LanarkshireRobertMcMaster20Coal minerCrushed between two hutches  
1949June7Kingshill No 2LanarkshireBertramBoor34MinerFall of rock  
1949June8AitkenFifeWilliam TillaSmall  coal minerStone fell upon himNAS FAI
1949June13Kingshill No 1LanarkshireThomasHampson34MinerFall of rock from roof  
1949June14EastonLothianJamesStrang  LoadermanCaught by belt of a conveyor and dragged into the loading chute   
1949July5WhitequarriesLothianThomasGavin  Shale minerFall of roof NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Thomas Gavin, shale miner, 18 Cardcross Road, Broxburn, died on 5 July 1949 at No. 1 Mine, Whitequarries, Abercorn Parish, when material fell from the roof of his working place on him
1949July 12Muirkirk area (died in Hairmyres Hospital)Ayrshire David DonaldsonWyllie 43Hewer Fractured spine - died of heart failure and shock during operation Muirkirk memorial & death cert
1949July30Kippsbyre MineLanarkshireCharles PatersonStewart  coal minerStone fell upon himNAS FAI
1949August2PolkemmetLothianJohnMcIlroy44  Fall of stone  
1949August 6No. 6 Mine, Roman Camp, BroxburnLothian PatrickBrehany  shale miner Struck by material projected from a shot NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Patrick Brehany, shale miner, 115 Greendykes Road, Broxburn, West Lothian, died on 6 August 1949 at No. 6 Mine, Roman Camp, Broxburn, when he was struck by material projected from a shot
1949August14LingerwoodLothianAlfredLawrence21BrusherFall of stone  
1949August20Level 61, Bratts CollieryLothianAndrewBuchan29 minerRock fall/fractured skull and pelvisWith thanks to Ian Aitken-Kemp for providing this information
1949August 24NK- Dalkeith area LothianDavid Campbell41 Coal minerFall of stone  
1949September 11No. 6 Mine, Roman Camp, BroxburnLothian James JohnKelly 28shale miner Ruptured spleen sustained when pushing a full hutch NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: James Kelly, shale miner, 36 Cardross Crescent, Broxburn, died on 11 September 1949 at Bangour Hospital, Uphall, from injuries sustained on 31 August 1949 when he fell in No. 6 Mine, Roman Camp, Broxburn
1949September12No 7 CowdenbeathFifeJohnWyles  coal minerFall of roofNAS FAI
1949September29Kail Blades Dook, Emily Pit, Gorebridge LothianJohn RussellCampbell59coal minerFall of stone FAI and DC
James Bell was formerly known as James Thomson Watson
JamesBell70coal miner
1949September 30 Blantyre Colliery Lanarkshire Robert Frizzell 44 colliery fireman Crushing Death cert.
1949October10BlantyrefermeLanarkshireThomasFoxhole borerBlast after shaft collapseScotsman 11 October 1949
1949November 5 Burghlee Colliery Lothian John Milne Ledbetter 34 coal miner Gas explosion on 31 Oct 1949 Dundee Courier 9 June 1951
1949November10LassodieFifeAndersonMartin16  Caught in machineryNewspaper report - Beath pages
1949November15BenharLanarkshireDuncan KerrDunn68underground supervisorStruck by runaway hutchesNAS FAI
1949November 25Dumbreck Colliery StirlingshireRichard Rooney43 Belt shifterFall of stone With thanks to Frances Savage for information on this accident.  Details supplied differed from the death cert. in date, age & cause - information here is from death cert.
1949December3BlairmuckhillLanarkshireLindsay ThomsonTait29coal minerKilled by runaway hutchesNAS FAI: Lindsay Thomson Tait, coal miner, 55 Westcraigs, by Blackridge, died on 3 December 1949 in the North Main Coal Mine Haulage Road, Blairmuckhill Colliery, Harthill, Lanarkshire, when he was struck down by 16 empty runaway hutches
1949December17Gartshore No 3  RobertMcCormack50Colliery pumpmanClothing caught in moving parts of pumpWe were supplied with details of an accident to Robert McCormack in Gartshore with a date in 1939. Following further research, we believe this may be the accident referred to. We would like to thank George Boyd for the information supplied
1949December23Inchneuk Mine GlenboigLanarkshireJohnMcStay  fireclay minerBuried by fall from roof and wallNAS FAI "John McStay, fireclay miner, 19 Viewbank Street, Glenboig, Lanarkshire, died on 23 December 1949 in the Woodend Section of Inchneuk Mine, Glenboig, when a fall occurred from the wall and roof and buried him"

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