War Memorials

Muirkirk War Memorial (with Glenbuck memorial at left side)

Glenbuck Names

The Great War 1914-1919  These went forth but returned not to the land of their fathers

Sergt. Joseph Bone R.S.F.
Pte. Thomas Bone R.S.F.
Pte. Simon Lindsay Liv. Scot.
Sergt. Walter Sowden R.S.F.
Pte. David Weir R.S.F.

Their name liveth for evermore
Erected by the People of Glenbuck 1920

Muirkirk Names

To the Glory of God and in Proud & Loving memory of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1918

Their Name Liveth for Evermore

WW1 Names 

Left Panel
Pte. Garrett Allison R. Scots
Pte. John Archibald R.S.F.
Pte. Robt. Archibald R.S.F.
Pte. Chas. Baird R.S.F.
Sapper Geo. Baird R.E.
Pte. Jos. Barnard R.S.F.
Pte. Robt. Barrie Ennis. Fus.
Lieut. Thos. Bell R.S.F.
Pte. Wm. Black Canadians
Pte. Rich. Boland R.S.F.
Sapper A. Bone Canadians
Cpl. John Bone H.L.I.
Sergt. Jos. Bone R.S.F.
Pte. Thos. Bone R.S.F.
Pte. Jas. W. Boyes M.G.C.
Pte. Hugh Cairney R.S.F.
Gunner Geo. Caldow R.F.A.
Pte. Robt. Campbell B'ck. W'ch.
Pte. Thos. N. Campbell R.S.F.
Cpl. And. Carnduff H.L.I.
Sergt. John Clement A&SH
Pte. John Close H.L.I.
Pte. Hugh Collow R.S.F.
Pte. John Colville Canadians
Pte. John Cranston R.S.F.
Pte. John Devlin Irish Fus.
Cpl. Thos. Dunsmore R.S.F.
Pte. Wm. N. Easton Scots Grds.
Pte. Dan. Ferguson Loch. Camrs.
Pte. Harry Ferguson Loch. Camrs.
Piper Jas. Findlay R.S.F.
Gunner Robt. Findlay R.F.A.
Pte. Hugh Gibney Seaf. Highrs.
Pte. Alex. C. Girdwood R.S.F.
Pte. Robt. Gordon R.A.M.C.
Gunner Hugh Greenwood R.F.A.
Pte. Jas. Hamilton Camr. Highrs.
Gunner Thos. Henderson R.F.A.
Pte. Wm. Hendry R.S.F.
Sergt. David R. Hodge K.Lpl. Reg.
Pte. Jas. Hogg R.S.F.
Capt. Thos. C. Houston R.A.M.C.
Sergt. John Hume R.S.F.
Cpl. Don. Johnstone R.A.M.C.

Right Panel
Pte. Jas. Ker Glas. Highrs.
Pte. Thos. Kerr M.G.C.
Pte. Wm. Kirkwood R.S.F.
Pte. Peter F. Laidlaw M.G.C.
Pte. John Y. Laing B'ck W'ch
Cpl. Jas. Lawson Scott. Hdrs.
Pte. Simon Lindsay Lpl. Scott.
Pte. Frank Marshall S. Grds.
Pte. Wm. Marshall R. Scots
Gunner Wm. Mathieson R.F.A.
Pte. David Millar B'ck W'ch
Cpl. Walter W. Millar R.H.A.
Pte. And. Mitchell Ayr. Yeo.
Pte. John Murphy R.S.F.
Pte. Thos. Murray Seaf. Highrs.
Pte. Wm. McBride R.S.F.
Pte. Chas. McClure H.L.I.
Lt. Arch. McDonald King's Afr.R.
Sergt. Jas. McDonald R.S.F.
Pte. D. McGowan R.A.M.C.
Pte. David McIntosh B'ck W'ch
Pte. Wm. McIntyre M.G.C.
Pte. Hugh McKay A&SH
Pte. John McKay R.S.F.
L.Cpl. John McMillan R.S.F.
Pte. John McMorran R. Scots
Rfm. Jas. C. Noble R. Irish Rs.
Pte. Hugh Park Seaf. Highrs.
Lt. Walter J. Paterson Cam. Highrs.
Capt. Wm. S. Pirie, D.C.M. R.S.F.
Pte. Walter Reid Seaf. Highrs.
Pte. John Samson R. Scots
L.Cpl. Thos. Shaw Cam. Highrs.
Pte. Arch. Sloan R. Scots
Pte. Peter Smith H.L.I.
Sergt. W. Sowden R.S.F.
Pte. John Taylor Loch. Camrs.
Stkr. Jas. Thomson HMS Terrible
Pte. Wm. Torbett R. Scots
Pte. David D. Weir Canadians
L.Cpl. David H. Weir R.S.F.
Pte. Frank White R.S.F.
Pte. Jas. Wood R.S.F.
Gunner Chas. Young R.F.A.
Pte. Daniel B.T. Young Scott. Rfls.

 WW2 Names 

Left Panel
Nurse Jessie Hunter
L/Sgt. Thomas Blane Blck. Wch.
Fus. George Chapman R.S.F.
James Dodds M.N.
Tpr. John England Recce. Rgt.
L/Cpl. George Ferguson R.E.
Pte. James Ferguson Blck. Wch.
Lt. David Forrester Scot. Rf.
F/O William Girdwood RAF
LAC William Hamilton RAF
John Hogg M.N.
L/Cpl. Robert Jack P.C.
Cpl. James Loggie R. Scots

Right Panel
F/O Thomas McCall RAF
P/O James McCartney RAF
L/Cpl. John McCrorie R.S.F.
Cpl. George McDade R.S.F.
Pte. William McLay Blck. Wch.
Sgt. Andrew McSkimming RAF
L/Cpl. James Millar Cam. Hrs.
Sgt. Andrew Stephen RAF
Pte. William Templeton R.A.O.C.
C.P/O Henry Wardrop R.N.
P/O William Wardrop RAF
LAC Fred Wilson RAF