Blantyre Miscellaneous

January 1874

High Blantyre – Latest from the Pit – A very amusing incident occurred here the other night. About ten o'clock a carriage and pair drew up at a small public house in the village. The proprietrix hastened out to attend on her illustrious visitors, when, to her great astonishment, whom should she see seated in the machine, but two “knights of the pit” as they had left their work, in full uniform, even to the bright and shining lamps on their foreheads. They entered the inn, and after partaking of some brandy drove off to their respective abodes evidently greatly pleased with the sensation they had created. [Hamilton Advertiser 3 January 1874]

18 September 1879

Hamilton - Taking a Pipe Into Dixon's Pits - Before Sheriff Birnie yesterday, Edward Sweeney, miner, was charged with contravening the 64th rule of the new special rules lately put into force at Blantyre Collieries by having in his possession a tobacco-pipe. He pleaded guilty, and stated that lately the men had had to start work an hour earlier than usual, and in hurrying to his work he forgot to leave his pipe behind him. The Fiscal said he believed this was the case, and the Sheriff, after severely animadverting on the offence , limited the penalty to one of 10s., or imprisonment for fourteen days. [Scotsman 19 September 1879]

July 1886

Ejectment of Miners at Hamilton - Yesterday the strike, at William Dixon's (Limited) collieries, High Blantyre, entered on a new phase, Mr Kemp, messenger-at-arms, having served on eleven of the ringleaders in the dispute summonses of ejection from houses, occupied by them, and belonging to the company at Stonefield. The summonses will come on for hearing in Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday. The remainder of the men on strike have received notice to leave the; Company's, houses, or return to their work. [Motherwell Times 24 July 1886]