Housing Conditions of Miners

Extracted from "The Housing Condition of Miners" Report by the Medical Officer of Health, Dr John T. Wilson, 1910

Barony or Glasgow Parish

Coal mining is not an extensive industry in this parish. Although about 15% of the houses are occupied by miners, many of them are employed in the neighbouring parishes - Old Monkland, Bothwell, &c. Table 1 shows that there are 5 collieries, in which 537 persons are employed. Table 2 shows that the total number of houses in the parish is 6799, while the number occupation by miners is 1051. Of these houses only 12 have been provided by mine owners, while 1039 are rented by miners.

Greenfield Coal & Brick Co Ltd, Shettleston

Greenfield Mine - Situated near Shettleston
Persons employed - underground – 60, above ground – 12, Total - 72
The employees reside mostly in Shettleston, in rented houses

Gartcraig Fire Clay Co., Ltd, Millerston

Gartcraig Fire Clay Mine - Situated near Shettleston
Persons employed - underground – 80, above ground - 8 , Total - 88

The workmen reside mostly in rented houses at Shettleston or at Hogganfield, and in 12 houses situated on Gartcraig Estate. Three of these have two rooms and a kitchen, seven have one room and kitchen, and two are single apartments.

The 12 houses are described as follows:-
Erected about 40 years ago - One storey, built of brick - no damp-proof course - Wood or tile floors, wood floors ventilated - internal surface of walls and ceilings in good condition

  • No overcrowding – apartments large
  • No gardens, but have common wash house and coal cellars
  • Gravitation water from a standpipe
  • Privy middens about 20 yards in rear of houses
  • Drainage by surface channels
  • Scavenged at owners' expense
  • Repairs have been carried out

The Steel Company of Scotland Ltd, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

Comedie Coal & Fire Clay Mine - Situated near Millerston - This pit is not being worked at present

Queenslie Coal & Fire Clay Mine - Situated near Shettleston
Persons employed - underground – 152, above ground – 44, Total - 196

The employees reside mostly in rented houses situated at Shettleston, Baillieston, Easterhouse, Coatbridge, Maryhill & Govan. The Under manager and the Blacksmith reside in two houses near the colliery

Garthamloch [sic] Coal Mine - Situated near Shettleston
Persons employed - underground – 154, above ground – 21, Total - 175

The employees reside in the following localities:
In Mine owners' houses, situated at Garthamloch - 7
In rented houses, situated at - Shettleston, Millerston, Swinton & Glasgow - 168

  • Water closets and ashbins
  • The mine-owners' houses newly erected are ten - two of three apartments and scullery, eight of two apartments and scullery. Total rental £101


A small mine situated at Carntyne, and worked by the Carntyne Coal Co, employing 6 men, has not been included in the list as they have ceased operations.

A mine has recently been opened by Mount Vernon Coal Co to work an extensive field near Shettleston. The mine shaft is situated near the Coatbridge branch of the N.B. Railway between Sandyhills and North Mount Vernon.