Bothwellhaugh War Dead

First World War - from Newspaper Reports


Lance-Corporal James Brownlee, Bothwell E company, 6th Scottish Rifles, also killed on 15th June, resided with his mother at Palace Rows, Bothwellhaugh, and was employed in the lamp cabin at Bent Coal Companys Palace Colliery previous to volunteering for active service.

A letter from a comrade has reached Bothwell that Private McCarte, 11th HLI, was killed in the recent fight. Deceased resided at 24 Avon Place, Bothwellhaugh, and was employed as an oncost worker at Palace Colliery.

Thomas Vance, 12th HLI, husband of Mrs Vance, 3 Haugh Place, Bothwellhaugh, was killed on 16th November. He enlisted at the beginning of the war. He leaves a widow and four children.

Robert McIntyre, Gordon Highlanders, aged 20, son of Mr Stewart McIntyre, Bothwellhaugh cottages, died from wounds in Rouen hospital. He had been wounded in the leg, which was afterwards amputated. Previous to enlisting he was employed in Messrs Colvilles steelworks, Motherwell.


John Meek, 2nd HLI, 9 Roman Place, Bothwellhaugh, has been killed. His brother was killed a few months ago. Both were employed in collieries at Bothwellhaugh.

Thomas Simpson, Black Watch, leaves a widow and six children, who reside at 42 Roman Place, Bothwellhaugh. He was a son of Mr and Mrs Simpson, 26 Store Place, and has two brothers serving. He was a miner previous to enlisting.


The following names are inscribed on the memorial cairn in Strathclyde Country Park. 

"In Memory of the men of Bothwellhaugh who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-1918 and the following men in the World War of 1939-1945"
A.B. R. Alexander, R.N.
A.B. J. Bradley, R.N.
PTE. W. Crawford, R.A.
PTE J. Crawford, R.A.C.
PTE. A Dougan, Seaforth Hndrs.
PTE. E. Friel, Gordon Hndrs.
2nd LT. S. Little, Gordon Hndrs
PTE. J. McGarrity, Ldn. Scottish
PTE. F. McMahon, R.A.S.C
PTE Wm. Mitchell, R.S. Greys
A.B. Wm. Nelson, R.N.
PTE A. Semple, R.A.S.C.
PTE. J Watson, Cameronians