War Memorial


Hamilton War Memorial.  The memorial is located in Bothwell Road Park. (NB this memorial has no names inscribed on it)

Below Left War Memorial Panels at Hamilton Town Hall - to view names, click here

Below Right Lanarkshire Constabulary Memorial in Hamilton - to view names click here



Ferniegair War Memorial, Main St
Incription on front panel reads:

"To the Glory of God and to commemorate the memory of the men of Fernigair District who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919 ---1939-1945"

NB The inscriptions on this memorial are very difficult to read

 Panel 1

Pte T Hosie R.S.F
Pte W Hamilton R.S.
Pte D. Lachlan B.W.
Pte. H Lambie B.W
Pte W Murphy B.W.
Pte W. McCulloch S.G.
Pte J. McDougall B.W.
Pte J. McBride C.H.
Pte J. Niven A&SH
Pte C Smith S.R.
Pte A Smith S.R.
Pte D Schofield H.L.I.
Pte T. Twaddle A.I.F.
Pte J Walkinshaw A&SH
Pte P White B.W.
Sapr. Charles McAlpine R.E.
Sapr George McGlade R.E.
Gnr Wm McLaren R.G.A.
Sapr. P Newall R.E.
Tpr J Smith
Gnr. D Watson RNVR 

Panel 2

Gnr T Colquhoun R.F.A
Pte A Davidson E.Y.
Sergt R Galloway M.M.G.C.
Pte R Lawrie B.W.
Pte R McCubbin H.L.I.

1939 -1945
Sergt W Brown RAF
J Brownlie MN
Sergt J Ferguson R.E.
L.Cpl. W Morrow R.S.
SergtP. J R Murray RAF
Sapr T McDougal R.E.
L.Cpl. C McMillan G.H.
L.Sergt. T. McMillan S.H.
L.Cpl. H.W. Park R.S.
Sergt. J Park R.S.F
Sergt. C Scott RAF

Killed Malaya 1st August 1955
L.Cpl. A Fleming R.S.F.

Panel 3

Sergt. John Cassidy S.R.
Sergt A McDonald S.R.
Sergt. P Park S.R.
L.Cpl. A Shaw A&SH
L.Cpl. R Williams B.W.
Pte W Allan S.R.
Pte T Brady S.H.
Pte W Bent B.W.
Pte J M Brash S.H.
Pte C Barrie R.E.
Pte S Ballantyne S.H.
Pte J Blackwood C.H.
Pte J Cassidy S.R.
Pte J Cook H.L.I.
Pte W Dawson B.W.
Pte J Easton B.W.
Pte M. Farrell S.R.
Pte A Fleming B.W.
Pte S Fleming R.I.F.
Pte Jas. Gillespie Q.O.R.
Pte H Hamilton R.S.