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1887 Fatal Accidents

Notes - The information in this page is mainly compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background

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YearMonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwner or CompanyForenameSurnameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident and remarks Extra details
1887January8ClydesideBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoSamuelRalstonCollier18Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887January8FerniegareHamilton, LanarkArch. RussellRobertWandsLabourer18Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed by waggons 
1887January11Burnt BroomMount VernonDunn BrothersEdwardWatsonStone miner34Falls of roof & sidesStone fell from timbering upon him 
1887January12DalzellDalzell, LanarkJohn McAndrew & CoWm.AndersonPitheadman45In shafts – falling from part way downAt midworking; pushed tub into shaft 
1887January17Bothwell ParkBothwell, LanarkWilliam Baird & CoJamesGilchristEngineman--In shafts – overwindingThe cage went into the engine house and killed him 
1887January17DalzellDalzell, LanarkJohn McAndrew & CoHughCullenBottomer15In shafts – falling from part way downGate open, pushed tub into shaft 
1887January18NewbattleNewbattle, MidlothianMarquis of LothianRobertBuchanCarter74Miscellaneous on surfaceRan over by waggons 
1887January18Wellshot No 1CambuslangJames DunnMaitlandKellyCollier13Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1887January18WhitehillLasswade, MidlothianArch. Hood----SutherlandBanksman67Miscellaneous on surfaceRan over by locomotive 
1887January19GreenfieldHamilton, LanarkArchibald RussellRob.RichardsonBogie-boy14In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceEngineman raised cage 1ft 6 in too high. Boy alarmed jumped off and fell down the shaft. 
1887January20LoanheadLasswade, MidlothianShotts Iron CoWilliamChellewEngineman42In shafts – ropes and chains breakingRope broke. It had only been in use for six months Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1887January21CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoGeorgeLumsdenDriver14Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFell in front of tubs. 
1887January22LawCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonJohnMcCallumScreenman28Miscellaneous on surfaceFell in front of waggons 
1887January25Newton No 2CambuslangJames Dunlop & CoAndrewDunnUnderground engineman22Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof while redding a fall 
1887January27CarberryInveresk, EdinburghDeans & MooreJohnMoore----19By sundries undergroundCrushed by pump rods 
1887February1PollokPollokshawsJohn WilsonW.MacFarlaneDrawer16Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof on road 
1887February7TollcrossTollcrossJames StokesPatrickScallyCollier19Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887February10AuchinraithBlantyre. LanarkMerry & CunninghamPatDevineStone miner33Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderHe went back before shot went off 
1887February11Barr No 2BeithBarr Coal CoAlex.ColquhounCollier40Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at working face (roof) Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1887February16NewbattleNewbattle, MidlothianMarquis of LothianDavidRossCollier--Falls of sidesAt face; long wall 
1887February21Bothwell ParkBothwell, LanarkWilliam Baird & CoFrankDawsonCollier26Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887February26NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohnCoulterEngineer36By sundries undergroundMistake of signals. Men were let back into sump amongst water Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1887March2EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonAlex.BrownCollier30Falls of sidesAt stoops; stoop and room 
1887March4LochgellyAuchterderran, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavidHaxtonWaggon shunter18Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed while passing between waggons 
1887March5Gauchalland No 4GalstonGauchalland Coal CoWm.Hendersonbreaksman26Miscellaneous undergroundCaught by the drum at top of a blind pit

From Main body of report: Happened to a breaksman at the top of a blind pit down which coals were lowered from one seam to another by means of a cage and a back balance. He was found dead behind the drum which had jammed him against a beam of wood. The cage was found to have got out of the slides, and as the break handle was raised so as to take off the break, it is supposed that he had been attempting in some way to relieve the cage when he was caught.
Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1887March10Hill of BeathBeath, FifeOrd. AdamsJas.BeveridgeHanger-on14Falls of roofOn horse road; long wall Newspaper report - Beath pages
1887March11CalderbankBailliestonProvanhall Coal CoWm.KellyLabourer79Above groundRun over by waggons 
1887March12Kirkwood No 2CoatbridgeKirkwood Coal CoAdamHamiltonBogie boy13Miscellaneous undergroundRun over by a “race” of hutches on a haulage road 
1887March17CollyshotCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdDavidHughesRoadsman42Falls of roofRepairing haulage road; stoop and room 
1887March21GarriongillCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdDavidPurseDrawer17Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsStumbled and tub ran over him 
1887March28PentlandLoanhead, EdinburghClippens Oil Co LtdPeterAndersonGreaser--In shale minesKilled by tubs on incline while on duty 
1887March31BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoJamesMcKayBrakesman18Miscellaneous on surfaceLocomotive left the rails, and first waggon came over on foot-plate where deceased was standing 
1887April4NetherjohnstoneDalzell, LanarkWishaw EstateWilliamToughHorse-keeper--In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryFell off cage while ascendingNewspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1887April6OakbankWest Calder, EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdJohnSmilesMiner--In shale minesShot went off prematurely 
1887April15EddlewoodHamilton, LanarkEddlewood Colliery Co LtdThomasLairdCollier58Falls of roofAt stoopsNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1887April20KilgrammieMayboleMcHarrie & CouperJamesHarvieCollier64Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887April26BalbirnieMarkinch, FifeJohn BalfourJohnMackieCollier50Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887April28BalbardieBathgate, LinlithgowWalker & CameronJosephShortCollier34Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887April29AlloaGartmorn, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoJohnBlackPlasterer57On surface – by machineryCrushed by bellcrank while repairing engine seat 
1887April29LochgellyAuchterderran, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdWilliamGallowayCollier42Falls of sidesAt face; stoop and room 
1887May7StoneheadWhitburn, LinlithgowPeter ThorntonDavidSheppardCollier--Falls of sidesAt face; long wall 
1887May11OakbankWest Calder, EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdJohnBirdMiner27In shale minesAt face. Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1887May17TannochsideBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdJamesLennonWaggon shifter50Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed by waggons 
1887May23Bogleshole No 4CambuslangJames Dunlop & CoPatrickMurphyRoadsman28Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887May24ShawfieldCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonPatrickMooreLabourer45Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed by waggons 
1887May26Trabboch No 2AyrJohn Galloway & CoAdamYoungCollier23Explosions of fire dampHe entered an old road without authority to do so, and ignited some gas.

From Main body of report: The deceased without having authority to do so, went a few yards off his drawing road into a place which was not being worked, and his naked light ignited some fire damp. The consequence was that he was so severely injured by the explosion that he died from the effects of it. The entrance to this old road, which was also the airway, was not fenced, and for failing to have it fenced as required by the General and Special Rules, the fireman was prosecuted, but the Sheriff found the charge "not proven."
1887May28UdstonHamilton, LanarkUdston Coal Co Ltd73 killed [see Newspaper reports]----------Explosions of fire damp  Newspaper reports - Udston 1887 page
1887May30Clelland, TownheadBothwell, LanarkClelland Coal CoJohnGlachanRunner14In shafts – falling into shaft from surfacePushed empty hutch into shaft when gate was standing open 
1887June4DeansBathgate, LinlithgowWest Lothian Oil Co LtdSamMaywoodMiner--In shale minesGas fired by shot 
1887June6Gauchalland No 2GalstonGauchalland Coal CoJamesScobieWaggon shifter45Above groundWhile spragging a waggon the sprag struck and knocked him down in front of the wheels 
1887June7DalzellDalzell, LanarkJohn McAndrew & CoJohnShortPitheadman47In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryEngine got out of gear while men were descending. It had not been properly secured.Newspaper Report - Dalziel page
1887June9BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoThomasFisherCollier38Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887June14StonelawRutherglenF R ReidAlexanderRaeCollier46Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887June15DevonAlloa, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoJamesHunterRoadsman50Explosions of fire dampWent into a place for rails where there was gas, with a naked light. Fireman convicted 
1887June17Galawhistle PitMuirkirkCairntable Gas Coal CoJohnDunbarCollier51Falls of roof & sidesFall of roofNewspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1887June21West LongriggNew Monkland, LanarkJames GemmellJohnBlackLocomotive driver--Miscellaneous on surfaceLocomotive left the rails and waggons jammed himNewspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1887 June 22 Auchenharvie Ayrshire   William Baird       Death not listed in Inspectors report  
1887June25LimeriggSlamannan, StirlingJohn Nimmo & SonHughMcCrearyOversman--In shafts – overwindingEngine ran out of gear. Cage came into engine house and killed him 
1887June28Gilmilnscroft No 3AuchinleckGilmours, Wood & AndersonJohnRooneyTrimmer50Above groundFell off a waggon Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1887June28StonelawRutherglenF R ReidDavidHartRoadsman &c.42Falls of roof & sidesFall of roofNewspaper Report - Lanarkshire pages
1887July4DysartDysart, FifeEarl of RosslynJas.PenmanEngineman49In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceWhile oiling pulley. 
1887July7ArnistonNewbattle, MidlothianArniston Coal Co LtdWm.ArmstrongGreaser--Miscellaneous on surfaceFell into a tub on cage which was leaving pithead 
1887July7BroxburnBroxburn, LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdAndrewBeithContractor--In shale minesThey went into a place which had not been examined, and gas fired at their naked lights Newspaper report - Lothians pages
1887July9PolkemmetShotts, LanarkShotts Iron CoJohnMorrisCollier18Falls of sidesAt face; long wall 
1887 July18Braehead    RobertWaddell    Not listed  (suicide) Death not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1887July25PentlandLoanhead, EdinburghClippens Oil Co LtdWilliamReidHorse-feeder25In shale minesStruck by bogie while walking down incline 
1887August3NewbattleNewbattle, EdinburghMarquis of LothianLawrenceBaxterMiner40In metalliferous minesWent back too soon on shot 
1887August5WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdWilliamMcLureCollier32Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887August6Douglas ParkBothwell, LanarkJohn WilsonCormackPassmoreCollier20Falls of roofAt face; stoop and roomNewspaper report- Bothwell pages
1887August30MorrisonhavenPrestonpans, HaddingtonPrestongrange Coal & Firebrick Co LtdFrederickCurtisCollier35Explosions of fire dampFireman took two colliers with him, who had naked lights with themNewspaper report - Prestongrange page
1887August31CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoJamesHunterRoadsman59Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesInclined chain broke and tub came back and struck himNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1887September7DenorkSt Andrews, FifeWilliamson & CoWm.Williamson----17Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesHutch got detached from incline rope 
1887September8MorningsideCambusnethan, LanarkMorningside Coal CoJamesBrownOversman--Miscellaneous in shaftsCage stuck in shaft and it fell on him while he was relieving it. 
1887September8WemyssWemyss, FifeR G E WemyssDavidReidDrawer25Falls of roofOn drawing road; long wall 
1887September10Portland No 8HurlfordEglinton Iron CoAndrewMainCollier40Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1887September19Common No 15CumnockEglinton Iron CoDougaldMcDougaldMiner43Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face (Injured on 9th March) 
1887September19LumphinnansBallingry, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoAlex.FooteBrusher54Falls of roofWhile brushing road; long wall 
1887September22ShawfieldCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonDanielRyanStooper30By sundries undergroundStruck by a prop which a stone knocked out. 
1887September26BathvilleBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodHughMcKendrickBottomer25In shafts – falling from part way downMistake of signals. Engineman raised cage and man ran tub into open shaft 
1887September30Little RaithAuchtertool, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavidHunterHanger-on12By sundries undergroundStruck by a prop which was knocked out by a tub 
1887October3ThankertonBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdEdwardMcInallyCollier30Falls of roofAt face; long wall. Died 12th Jan 1888Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1887October4Hamilton PalaceBothwell, LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdWilliamMcNairStone miner28Falls of roofWhile filling a tub of debris, stone fell from roofNewspaper report - Bothwellhaugh pages
1887October5AllantonCambusnethan, LanarkMorningside Coal CoRobertWilsonCollier--Falls of roofWhile making road through stoop 
1887October8DysartDysart, FifeEarl of RosslynWilliamAdamsonCollier20Falls of sidesAt face; stoop and room 
1887October10GartcraigShettlestonGartcraig Fireclay CoJamesTaylorMiner30Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1887October12EddlewoodHamilton, LanarkEddlewood Colliery Co LtdRobertYoungDrawer40By sundries undergroundJammed between roof and top of tub 
1887October26WilsontownCarnwath, LanarkWilliam Dixon LtdGeorgeAitchisonScreenman40Miscellaneous on surfaceFell in front of waggons while spragging 
1887October31Hillhead No 7KilmarnockJ & M CraigAlex.FindlayOversman62Above groundCrushed between waggons 
1887November5Bogleshole No 2Cambuslangjames Dunlop & CoJohnWrightMiner74Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face (injured on 24th October) 
1887November9Little RaithAuchtertool, FifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdJohnFyfeCollier33In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWas found dead on cage Newspaper report - Beath accidents
1887November24ThankertonBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdBernardTraynerBrusher--Explosions of fire dampWent into an unfenced place with naked light. Manager convicted for not having place fenced off 
1887November28CalderheadShotts, LanarkShotts Iron CoSamuelBolesCollier15Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1887November30WellwoodMuirkirkEglinton Iron CoOwenMcEwanBrusher--Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887December1LassodieBeath, FifeThomas Spowart & Co LtdThomasReidBrusher--Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowderHe went back before shot went off 
1887December3Pennyvenie No1DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJamesGeddesMiner14Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1887December6Hillhead No 12KilmarnockJ & M CraigHughBrownDrawer23Miscellaneous undergroundOvertaken by a runaway hutch on an incline 
1887December7LevenWemyss, FifeFife Coal Co LtdJamesGormanCollier19Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesJammed with tub while lifting it on rails on incline 
1887December7WemyssWemyss, FIFR G E WemyssJohnBaxterEngineman58Miscellaneous underground – by machinery undergroundFell into bellcrank 
1887December15HolmesUphall, LinlithgowHolmes Oil Co LtdWilliamLinnMiner27In shale minesWent back before shot went off 
1887December22GarriongillCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdPhilipBurnsCollier15Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsStumbled and tub ran over him 
1887December22No 2 Carsehead PitAyrshire    HughCallaghan  Not listed Death not listed in Inspectors reportWith thanks to Rita Campbell for this information Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1887December23GilmertonLiberton, EdinburghGilmerton Gas Coal Co.JamesBrashSinker25In shafts – falling from part way downFell off kettle 
1887December27Springhill No 1BailliestonWm Baird & CoConstantineO'NeilWaggon shifter59Above groundCrushed between a waggon which he was shifting and a stationary one 
1887December29Westburn No 2CambuslangWestburn Colliery CoJohnCowanPony driver18In shaftsWhile crossing the cage seat the cage came down on him

From Main body of report: Took place three days before the close of the year. The deceased was a pony driver, and at the end of his day's work was crossing from one side of the shaft to the other to get a pail of water for his pony. Instead of going round the end of the shaft or through the division in which one cage came the length of an upper seam only, he was stepping through the cage seat, when the other cage was lowered upon him.
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