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Fatal Accidents in Mines in Scotland - 1907
- compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Date of AccidentMineCountyOwner or CompanyNameAgeOccupationCategoryCause of accident & remarksAdditional Information
1907January4LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdBarclay Gaffney37SinkerShaft accidents – things falling into shaft from surfaceThe shaft sinking had been completed, and deceased with three other sinkers were engaged putting in the permanent pumps : a service engine was in use to lower the material required, and the cage on being raised to the surface was taken up to the pulley: striking a crossbeam, and causing the chain connecting the rope to cage to break, and cage went back down the shaft; in its descent it wrecked the woodwork surrounding the shaft at the surface, and part of the wood fell down the shaft, and deceased who was standing on a " bunton " was struck and thrown off, falling to the bottom.

From Main body of report: One man – a sinker - was killed by material falling down the shaft from the surface : several sinkers were engaged putting in the permanent pipes in a shaft where sinking had been completed, and during the time work was going on the service cage had to make trips in the shaft with material necessary for the operations. The engineman during one of the ascending trips brought the cage up too far, causing it to strike the cross-beams, breaking the coupling chain, and freeing the cage which fell down the shaft, wrecking in its descent the woodwork at the surface, which fell into the dip side of the shaft where the men were at work, and one man was struck and precipitated to the bottom. The speed of the engine, which was temporary, was very slow.
1907January8GatesideLanarkFlemington Coal Co LtdWilliam Weir60LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen cleaning waggon road under the screens he was run over by the first of three empty waggons which were being brought forward.  
1907January10Oakbank (Oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdSamuel McCurley14FillerHaulage – ropes or chains breakingDeceased left his working place to go for a drink of water, and when passing the foot of a "cuddie brae," he was crushed by a runaway tub ; the cause of the runaway was the opening of a false link on the chain.  
1907January11East ParkheadLanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdThomas Panton19Washing machine assistantOn surface – by machineryHe went over the fence of the washer engine, apparently to oil a bearing, and got caught by the flywheel.  
1907January11AuldhouseburnAyrCairntable Gas Coal Co LtdRobert Hazel17MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen returning from work a runaway race of empty hutches which had not been coupled to the rope at top of dook, ran into them. Another man going to his work was injured. Newspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
Robert Brown17Drawer
1907January11Dykehead No 1LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdJas. McGhie68MinerFalls of sideFall of roof in working place.  
1907January18Portland No 5AyrPortland Colliery Co LtdJohn Wilson17DrawerFalls of sideFall of roof on road while travelling behind a full hutch being drawn by a pony. The pony turned, and the tail chain drew out several centre props, causing the timbering and roof to give way. Newspaper report
1907January18AuldtonLanarkBrand & CoDavid Cannavon15Pony DriverFalls of sideFall of roof on road while taking in a race of hutches to the workings.  
1907January18TownhillFifeWest of Fife Coal Co LtdAdam Bower32MinerFalls of roofDeceased had just taken down coal at the working face, which relieved a mass of rock from the roof, and part striking him caused fatal injuries.  
1907January18Elgin & WellwoodFifeThos Spowart & Co LtdJohn Sutherland23MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking coal off the face, when the roof burst suddenly and in trying to escape he ran right under the falling part, and was killed instantly.  
1907January23ColtnessLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdJohn Kerr29LabourerOn surface – miscellaneousThe waggons at a coal washer were very stiff to move owing to the grease having become hard by the frost, and in order to thaw the grease, deceased poured some naphtha over the box and set the oil on fire ; while the grease was flaming he lifted the can containing about three gallons of naphtha, and commenced to pour some more oil on the box, when the vapour ignited, causing an explosion, and saturated his clothing, which took fire.

From Main body of report: A labourer at a coal-washer was pouring naphtha oil on the grease-box of a waggon to thaw the grease, when the flame caught the vapour, and the whole contents of the oil-can exploded, setting fire to his clothing.
1907January24Gartshore No 11DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdJas. McAllister20Bogie manHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe appears to have fallen off his bogie and got crushed against a prop.  
1907January25PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdJoseph Sloane21MinerFalls of roofDeceased was holing his place, and had just finished when the roof suddenly collapsed, and fell upon him ; the holing was on top of seam.  
1907January25LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdGeorge Duff30MinerFalls of roofDeceased apparently was at work at the coal face, when a part of the roof fell upon him, and caused his death. Newspaper report - Beath pages
1907January29Philpstoun (Oil shale)LinlithgowJames Ross & CoJames Donnelly22MinerExplosions of fire damp or coal dustSee Report

From Main body of report: The fatal explosion occurred in a shale mine [see plan]. The opening is an in-going-eye from the surface, and dips 1 in 1.5 on an average. The seam worked is the Broxburn shale, and system of working is stoop and room, with stoops varying from 60 feet to 90 feet square, and openings 12 feet wide. In the vicinity of the place of accident the stoops were irregular in size owing to the proximity of a large "throw " running almost east and west. The method of working the shale is to hole the seam in the centre by " yankeeing," next work off the bottoms and lastly bring down the tops.
The air current to ventilate the workings passed down the mine to No. 19 level where it split, one portion going to the right and the other portion going to the left, the whole returning to the top of the parallel mine at the top of which was a Guibal fan 22 feet by seven feet, running usually about 36 revolutions per- minute. The air measurements recorded prior to the accident were 17,000 cubic feet per minute to the left, and 19,000 cubic feet per minute to the right.
In stooping, it is usual to take the stoops out in lifts of 12 feet to 18 feet to the rise and across the level. Stooping had been in progress at the extreme end of No. 17 South West level for some time, and at the time of the explosion the stoop had almost been wholly extracted - only a small pillar eight feet by six feet remaining - and the weight of the overhead strata above crushed off the top portion of the shale from the pillar so that the roof was unsupported over that area, but the area of the waste was wholly supported by timber set in close order.
In order to take away the pillar hurriedly an extra force of men was put on, consisting of the deceased and two drawers, and it was the intention of the officials to begin and withdraw the timber immediately the pillar was out.
Work was proceeding as usual when at 11.15 a.m. a violent explosion was heard coming from the direction of No. 17 level. The force threw open trap-doors at the side of the mine, shale dust was raised in clouds on the level roads and small stones thrown about, stoppings were thrown out, and props displaced, causing many falls, and the lights of the men at work in various parts of the mine were extinguished. Naturally there was much confusion. Soon many men arrived at the level, and search parties were formed, and proceeded in the level road, but were forced back by the deadly after-damp. After several attempts the rescue by No 17 level was abandoned and an attempt by No 18 level made, which was happily successful. Donelly and Fleming were found alive, and at once conveyed to the mine where artificial respiration was applied, but it availed nothing as both succumbed. A search was afterwards made for Lindsay, and after prolonged searching he was found to the rise in the waste of the extracted stoop, quite dead, and very severely burned.
Had there been proper directions given by the person in charge, to send the rescue party by No 18 level at first instead of making so many futile attempts by No. 17 level, where the whole volume of the after damp was passing, the lives of the men – Donnelly and Fleming would, in all probability, have been saved. It was unfortunate that, owing to illness, the Under-Manager - who is a most capable and experienced official – was not able to be present.
The explosion was caused by the naked light of Lindsay firing gas in the vicinity of where his body was found, and this gas had been liberated from the roof, which had been showing signs of falling during the morning.
The system of allowing the whole area of the stoop to rest on timber lent itself to the liberation of a larger quantity of gas at one time than was possible under the usual method of withdrawing the timber as soon as each lift was extracted, but it is only fair to say that the roof is sometimes hard to break, and it was hoped that by extracting the whole stoop, and afterwards withdrawing the timber, the roof would fall across the stooped area.
Gas had not been seen in the Section prior to the accident, and it presumably came of the “throw.”
There did not appear to be any valid reason for Lindsay going into the stooped ground.
Newspaper report
Alexander Fleming, jun.21Miner
David Lindsay19Miner
1907February5MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdEbenezer Johnstone14DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was pushing a loaded tub down a short brae against an empty on other end of rope, when the ascending empty tub left the rails, causing the loaded one to up end, and his head was crushed between the end of tub and roof, which was low at the part.  
1907February7Little RaithFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdMark Churchill55LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased, with some other workmen, was engaged moving forward some empty waggons, and wag pushing at the buffer of the rear waggon when some loaded waggons moving behind came slowly down and the front one crushed him between its buffer and the buffer of the empty waggon.  
1907February8DonibristleFifeDonibristle Colliery Co LtdAlexander Innes45MinerFalls of roofDeceased was at work at the coal face, when a large stone fell from the roof upon him, causing injuries to which he succumbed two days later.  
1907February9KamesAyrshire  Thomas Rennie      Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1907February12DalbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdMary Rae14Pithead-workerOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was spreading the "duff " on top of a hopper when the surface foreman, unaware of her position, pulled open the schute or sliding door to fill a waggon beneath, and she fell down among the fine material and was suffocated.

From Main body of report: A girl was spreading " duff" on top of a hopper when, unknown to her, the valve at the bottom was opened and she fell through and was suffocated.
1907February14DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdAndrew Galloway24MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was travelling up an incline towards his working place, when he was met by an empty runaway tub which injured him, and he died 22 days later. His drawer, in turning an empty tub on the plates at the incline, allowed it to go over to the rails, and it ran down.  
1907February21WhitehillEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdWilliam Aitken26Loco. GuardOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased stood with the coupling-pole in his hand to couple on some loaded waggons to a train, which the locomotive was pushing in front, and just as the train approached he appeared to suddenly change his mind and stepped between, and was crushed by the buffers.  
1907February22DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdJames Griffiths47Pumping EnginemanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was walking up a dook, and was overtaken by a loaded rake of tubs being drawn up, and seriously injured, the injuries terminating fatally on 21st May, 1907. He apparently did not think the rake was so close upon him, as he had plenty of room to step aside and allow it to pass.  
1907February23TwecharDumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdThos. Humphreys40BrusherFalls of sideFall of roof in working place after knocking out a prop to put in a building.  
1907February25Broomrigg No 3StirlingBanknock Colliery Co LtdJames Lees45FiremanShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhen descending the shaft the cage left the slides and he was fatally injured.  
1907February28BalgonieFifeCharles B BalfourCharles Smith24LabourerOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased was inside a cylindrical water softening apparatus cleaning out the wood fibre, which lay to a depth of six feet below the top of the tank, when the iron plate supporting this fibre gave way and he was precipitated into some hot water below which had not been drawn off. The plate was supported by two bolts, which appeared to be insufficient to sustain the weight.  
1907March6WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries Co LtdAndrew Rutherford37MinerFalls of roofDeceased was breaking up a projecting stone in the side of a self-acting incline, when the timber supporting the roof gave way, and the roof fell upon him ; he died from his injuries on 23rd December, 1907.  
1907March8BridgenessLinlithgowBridgeness Coal CoRobert Downie23MinerFalls of roofDeceased took off some projecting coal, and as soon as it came away, a large stone fell from between two parallel lypes, and killed him instantly ; the fireman was close by at the time and had a narrow escape. The lypes were unseen prior to the accident.  
1907March9Ross No 1LanarkThos Barr's TrusteesAlex. Paterson56OvermanMiscellaneous underground – sundriesWhen walking out to the pit bottom he struck his head against a crown and cut it. Blood-poisoning set in and he died on 26th March.  
1907March11MuiredgeFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJohn Johnstone17DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe place of accident was a cut chain brae. The tubs stopped on the brae, and deceased went up to ascertain what was the cause, and the tubs started to run before he was clear of the brae, while they were in motion, the wheel became detached from the wheel tree, allowing the tubs to run free, and deceased was caught by the runaway tubs.  
1907March11Polmaise No 4 & 2StirlingArchd. Russell LtdThos. Carruthers51LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe appears to have been mounting one of four waggons to disload props when a Caledonian Railway locomotive moved them, and he was crushed between the buffers.  
1907March12AllantonLanarkWm Barr & SonsJas. Cowan56ReddsmanFalls of sideFall of roof in working place while securing it.  
1907March14PrestonlinksHaddingtonEdinburgh Collieries LtdJames Hoggan59MinerFalls of roofDeceased and his step-son were working as usual at the face, when the roof suddenly gave signs of falling, and both ran in opposite directions, but were overtaken and buried beneath a huge fall. The roof had been well supported by props, but the fall threw all the props out.  
1907March15Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdWilliam Branders59MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking shale off the rise side of his place, when a large piece fell away from between lypes, and striking him he was killed instantly.  
1907March15AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Dickson42LabourerOn surface – miscellaneousIn order to take away the debris to the redd bing with the least possible delay as it is raised from the shaft, an aerial ropeway was erected, and close by the pit was a large hopper with a capacity to hold 90 tons of debris. By means of "shoots," the debris was filled into buckets, and the buckets were carried by a rope to the redd bing. While the work of filling the buckets was in progress the structure collapsed, and deceased was buried among the debris. The cause of the collapse was due to a cross-beam of wood breaking at a part which was defective, but which could not be observed. Newspaper report - Beath pages
NB Correct Name is James Dickson McNeil
1907March16Tannochside No 1LanarkArchd. Russell LtdThos. McGuigan32Boiler firemanOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysIn some unexplained manner he was run over by the front waggon of two which he was shunting.   
1907March18Dalzell & BroomsideLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdJames Brown40Bogie-manHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe haulage road is worked by endless rope system, and the rakes are hauled by bogies, on which the bogie-men sit to control the speed by means of the rope clamp. During the shift the rope suddenly stopped, and on an. examination, a loaded rake was found upset at a part of the road, where there is a turn, and an underground wheel for the rope to pass round, and some distance inbye deceased was found on the loaded roadway quite dead, he appeared to have fallen off the bogie and was crushed between the tubs as they moved outbye and the stoop side.  
1907March19AltonhillAyrJ & R HowieHugh Hannah22MinerFalls of sideFall of roof in working place.  
1907March20BentLanarkBent Colliery Co LtdRobert Gourlay38Waggon shifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysHe held up a 6-feet prop to prevent two moving waggons from buffer locking other two. The prop was knocked aside and he was crushed between the waggons.  
1907March25LochheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdStuart Band18MinerFalls of roofDeceased was filling coal, which he had taken down from the roof into a tub, when some more coal fell, which struck him on the head and killed him instantly.  
1907March25Blantyre FermeLanarkA G Moore & CoCharles Smith30DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile illegally drawing in front of his hutch going down an incline the snibble broke, and he was knocked down by the hutch and crushed against a prop.  
1907March25EarlseatFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdGeorge Hutchison44MinerFalls of sideDeceased was lying holing under the head coal, when it suddenly burst and fell upon him. The head coal was “ranced” but the "burst" threw the rance out.  
1907March25Gartshore No 2DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdChas. Higney18DrawerFalls of sideFall of roof in working place.  
1907March26RiddochhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdJohn Walker54MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking down some roof blaes, when a piece suddenly fell and threw him against a prop, causing injuries to which he succumbed eight days later.  
1907March28DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdLewis Park30WheelerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe tubs on a self-acting incline, became derailed, and deceased and the hanger-on at the foot re-railed them. Owing to some obstruction on the rails the tubs did not at first move, and afterwards they went away, just as deceased was leaning over them, and he was crushed against the roof which was low at the part.  
1907March29Highhouse No 2AyrWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Devine35BrusherFalls of sideWhen redding through an old drift and preparing to secure the roof, which he knew to be unsafe, the roof fell on him.  
1907March29Simpsonland No 1LanarkUnited Collieries LtdJames Bell44MinerFalls of sideFall of coal while holing. Sprags were said to have been set to the undercut coal.  
1907April1LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames McCallum15DrawerFalls of sideDeceased was filling a tub, when a mass of coal fell off the face and crushed him, causing death six days later.  
1907April2BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdJohn Ross21MinerFalls of roofDeceased was engaged taking down coal, when the roof suddenly collapsed, and he was badly injured ; he died from his injuries 19 days later. The roof fell away by two parallel lypes, which were unseen.  
1907April2LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdGeorge Auld19MinerFalls of roofDeceased was taking down coal, which, when it fell relieved the roof, and it came away on him, causing instant death.  
1907April3CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Brown70Wood-cutterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was crossing the lines of rails of the sidings, when unobserved a train of waggons being pushed by a locomotive came upon him and he was run down.  
1907April3Wester Queenslie No 2LanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdJames Williamson31BrusherExplosions of fire damp or coal dustUpon entering a road in which the fireman had found gas and which was fenced off, his naked light ignited the gas. Another man was injured by the explosion.

From Main body of report: One of these was caused by the deceased entering with a naked light a place which was fenced off and in which the fireman had found fire-damp.
1907April4BanktonHaddingtonEdinburgh Collieries LtdWilliam Masterton17Apprentice SurveyorShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased and the surveyor had been engaged levelling in a mid seam, and on arriving at the shaft the signal was given for them to be raised to the surface. When all was ready they stepped on to the cage, and as soon as the cage began to ascend, deceased, who carried the levelling staff in one hand, apparently lost his balance, and before he could regain it, he fell off the cage into the shaft.

From Main body of report: An apprentice mining engineer went on to the cage, along with the surveyor, at a mid-working, carrying a levelling staff and just as the cage moved upward, he overbalanced and fell into the shaft.
1907April9Cobbinshaw (oil shale)EdinburghTarbrax Oil CoJohn Devlin38MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesThe fireman in making his inspection for the back shift found deceased lying dead about 12 feet from his working face. An examination of the place showed that a shot had been fired, and all the appearances pointed to the deceased having gone back on a shot.  
1907April10Shaws No 2LanarkUnited Collieries LtdJohn Gaffney23Pithead labourerOn surface – miscellaneousWhile uncoupling a hutch on a gangway 20 feet high he fell to the ground by stumbling and slipping beneath the railing. He died on 28th November  
1907April12HouldsworthAyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdJohn Robertson31Locomotive GuardOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen pinching forward waggons others moved forward behind and crushed him.  
1907April13RossLanarkThos Barr's TrusteesAlexander Taylor47OvermanFalls of sideFall of roof in working place while starting a coal-cutting machine. Newspaper Report - Hamilton pages
1907April16DundonaldFifeDundonald Coal CoDavid Wilson38MinerFalls of roofDeceased, with others, was repairing and timbering a brae under the directions of a fireman, when the timber previously set suddenly collapsed, and part of the roof fell upon him, and he was killed instantly.  
1907April16BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdThomas Nicol32MinerFalls of roofDeceased was clearing away coal to make room for a prop, when a stone fell from the roof and striking him he was killed instantly.  
1907April16RossLanarkThos Barr's TrusteesJohn Nisbet38Brushing contractorMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesHe lit the fuses of three gelignite shots. Thinking all had gone off he returned too soon, when one of the shots went off on him.  
1907April17PolkemmetLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdThomas McConnell37MinerFalls of sideDeceased was holing his coal in a stooping place, when it suddenly fell over the sprags, and crushed him ; he died from his injuries seven days later.  
1907April18Cowdenbeath No 10FifeFife Coal Co LtdJoseph Shearer16DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased hung an empty tub on the rope, and a miner at the top pushed over his loaded tub, and while tubs were in motion the wheel tree broke and loaded tub crashed into the empty tub at bottom of brae, which struck deceased and killed him.  
1907April19DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal Co LtdThomas Dawson44FiremanFalls of sideDeceased was repairing the rails, on a horse road at a part where a "dyke" was crossed, when a stone fell away from the side, and fatally injured him ; he died two days later.  
1907April25GreenhillLanarkGreenhill Colliery Co LtdWilliam Graham14Dirt-pickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased's work was to pick the dirt from the coal, and for this purpose he had to go inside the waggon ; the boy was leaning over the end of the waggon in which he was picking the dirt, when it was moved forward, and his head was crushed against the supporting rail of a shelter structure above.  
1907April30WallyfordEdinburghEdinburgh Collieries LtdThomas Gilroy14Dirt-pickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased, unknown to anyone, left his work at the picking table and crossed the lines of rails, and on coming back he crossed under the waggons at the screens just as the trimmer was moving his waggons, and he was crushed.  
1907May2Wester GartshoreDumbartonJ & A F WallaceJohn Wishart30FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustWhile making his inspection firedamp extinguished his lamp. In striking a match to relight it he ignited the gas.

From Main body of report: Of the seven fatal explosions, four resulted in the death of firemen, men who were supposed to be capable of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of the workmen. Three of these occurred while the man who lost his life was making his inspection with a naked light instead of a safety lamp, while the fourth was caused by the victim striking a match to relight his safety lamp which had been extinguished by fire-damp while making his inspection.
1907May6GrangemouthStirlingGrangemouth Coal Co LtdJames Finnigan33MinerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased and another miner were descending the shaft in the cage, when an iron strap, which had become detached from the wooden pump rod, and was projecting into the cage space, caught the cage bottom, causing it to tilt, and deceased was thrown out and fell down the shaft, a distance of about 32 fathoms.  
1907May9CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Frail19DrawerFalls of roofThe roof fell and threw out some timber, and deceased was injured and subsequently died. The timber was not properly set and roof would not in all likelihood have fallen if the timber had been put up as it ought to have been.  
1907May13TownhillFifeWest of Fife Coal Co LtdGeorge Henderson42Boiler firemanOn surface – boiler explosionsSee Report

From Main body of report: A boiler exploded at No. 6 Pit, Townhill, Fife, whereby one man was killed. There were four boilers in the range, all of the cylindrical egg-end type, of different sizes, coupled together, with a working pressure of 45 lbs. per square inch.
On the morning of the accident – Monday - the furnaceman, who should have turned out to do day shift duty, failed to turn out, and the furnaceman, George Henderson, who had worked his long turn, agreed to remain on duty. His duties were to keep up steam and attend to the water in the boilers. Each boiler in the range was fitted with a float, in addition to a glass water-gauge, but for some time prior to the accident there had been no glass in the water-gauge of the boiler which exploded.
The pit appeared to be short of boiler power, and consequently there was difficulty in keeping up a regular supply of steam. About 4.30 p.m. one boiler - the outside one of the range - suddenly exploded, and divided into three parts, one part, the largest, going a distance of fully 70 yards, and wrecking the chimney in its passage, a second part going in the opposite direction, and destroying the pithead scaffold, and a third part went against the wall of the stoke hole. Deceased was found on the stairs at the stoke hole.
An examination of the parts showed that the cause was overheating due to shortness of water.
The Board of Trade Commissioners, after hearing evidence, concluded that: - (1) "If a new glass water-gauge had been fitted to the boiler, so that Henderson could, by a glance, have ascertained the level of the water, or, (2) if Henderson had not been allowed to work for nearly 36 hours on end, the explosion would not have occurred."
There was no reason why the glass should not have been fitted into the water-gauge, immediately after it had broken, and the engineman was seriously at fault in not having this done. At every pit the furnaceman has to work a long turn to change the shifts, and during the Sunday and Sunday night the work is comparatively light as compared with the winding shift. It is quite a common thing for a workman to stand an extra shift, in order to oblige his neighbour, without any hardship except that a few hours sleep are lost, but the most important reason is that if a man did not occasionally work an extra shift, when a particular man fails to turn out to his work, the operations would cease for the day to the loss of all concerned. The deceased man volunteered to do the work, and considering the easy shifts he had on the two shifts previous, he was quite able for the work.
I do not think the manager was in any way to blame.
Newspaper report - Fife pages
1907May15CarronhallStirlingCarron CoJohn Sneddon, jun.16DrawerFalls of roofDeceased was filling coal into a tub at the face, when the roof fell upon him. The roof was insufficiently propped.  
1907May15Blantyre No 3LanarkWm Dixon LtdWm. Smith16DrawerFalls of sideFall of roof on road, caused by his hutch going off the rails and knocking out a prop.  
1907May15GreenhillLanarkGreenhill Colliery Co LtdMatthew Ewing45ContractorFalls of roofDeceased was driving a road through the waste, and while engaged picking the " stowed " debris the roof fell upon him.  
1907May16KippsbyreLanarkStrain BrosJames Smith43PitheadmanShaft accidents – miscellaneousWhen the cage arrived at the surface, deceased found the tub fast by reason of the coupling link having caught on the cage, and he got round behind to relieve it, and shouted to the engineman to raise, but the latter took it to mean that all was right and began to lower, deceased was carried down the shaft and seriously injured. He succumbed to his injuries eight months after.

From Main body of report: When the cage arrived at the surface the pitheadman was unable to get the tub off, and he went round to opposite end to ascertain the cause. While engaged releasing the coupling of the tub from the guard of the cage he shouted to the engineman to raise the cage ; the engineman took it to mean that all was right, and having received the ascent signal from the bottom, he set his engine in motion, and the pitheadman was carried down the shaft to the bottom and crushed between the end of the tub and side of shaft, receiving injury to his spine which resulted in his death about nine months afterwards. The shaft was upcast and closed in so that the engineman had no view, but there was a speaking tube between pithead and engine-house, which, had it been used, would have prevented the accident.[NB This entry is from the 1908 report]
1907May16ClydesideLanarkUnited Collieries LtdGeorge Currie24Pithead labourerShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceWhilst pushing a full hutch away from the shaft mouth he slipped and fell back on the top of the descending cage as it was leaving the pithead.  
1907May17AuchingeichLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdRobert Addie55MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face, owing to want of propping. No notice as to the specified distance for propping was posted up.  
1907May20ShottsLanarkShotts Iron Co LtdJames McAllister48MinerFalls of sideDeceased appeared to be withdrawing his sprags when the face fell across the greater part of his working place, and he failed to get clear, and was crushed by the mass.  
1907May21NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJames Downie32DrawerFalls of roofDeceased worked in a heading and the tubs were hauled on the self acting incline principle ; the usual custom was for the drawer to follow up the ascending empty tub, and on meeting the descending load tub to take hold of it and go down the heading; deceased as usual met the loaded tub and followed behind, when it ran away and at the terminus it crashed into the side throwing out some timber, causing the roof to fall, and he was buried beneath it.  
1907May30NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdSinclair Aitken45MinerFalls of roofDeceased was "backening" coal from the rise side of his place, when the roof suddenly fell out from between lypes, and he was crushed beneath it.  
1907June3PrestongrangeHaddingtonSummerlee Iron Co LtdJames Russell15Haulage-boyHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased's duties were to attach and detach tubs to the haulage rope, and it appeared that in detaching the clip from a moving tub he was too near a train of tubs and before he got the clip out he was crashed between the moving tub and the last tub of the train.  
1907June10Garthamlock No 6LanarkSteel Company of Scotland LtdJohn Porter35Leading SinkerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesOwing to a defective steam crane used as a winding engine for a sinking pit and to the hook getting disconnected from the kettle, the engineman could not raise them in time, and four shots of gelignite went off on them. Another man was injured.

From Main body of report: A most unusual kind of blasting accident occurred in Garthamlock No. 6 Pit, and by it two men were killed and one injured. This is a new shaft, 13 feet in diameter, in course of being sunk, and at the time of the accident it was only 20 feet deep. The winding engine for the time being was an ordinary steam jib crane, and on the afternoon shift of the day in question there were five sinkers at work. It appears that they had charged eight shot holes bored in whinstone in the bottom of the shaft., using in all 34 cartridges of gelignite. Thereafter two of the men were raised to the surface in the kettle, leaving the other three men to light the tape fuses of the shots. When the fuses were lighted the men were being raised in the kettle, but they had not been raised more than six feet, when the kettle suddenly dropped to the pit bottom again. The engineman again began to wind up, but unfortunately the hook had become detached from the kettle and he continued winding until the hook reached the surface. Before he could again lower the hook four shots in the bottom of the shaft went off, the men there having managed to pull out four of the fuses. The engineman stated that he had just begun to wind up the three men in the kettle when, unnoticed by him, the clutch by which the pinion wheel on the crank shaft is thrown out and in gear, worked itself out of gear, the consequence being that the drum was disconnected from the engine, and the kettle with the men in it dropped down the pit. There was a break on the drum, but apparently the engineman had not time to put it in operation to stop the descent of the kettle, which, in striking the bottom, either by the shock or by the hook turning upside down, caused the thimble locking the guard to slip off and allow the ring attached to the bow of the kettle to get disconnected from the hook. As regards the primary cause of the accident, viz., the getting out of gear of the driving pinion wheel, the clutch is worked by means of a lever handle working over a quadrant in which there were two shallow notches, the lever being supposed to rest in one when the clutch was in gear, and in the other when out of gear. Unfortunately, these notches had become so rounded off by wear that the vibration of the engine would allow the lever to work out of the notch and move along the quadrant until the pinion wheel got out of gear, and, evidently, this is what occurred and was the cause of the accident. The crane ought not to have been used as a winding engine until this defect had been remedied.
Thos. Emmet44Sinker
1907June10NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJohn Pinkerton21BencherOther haulage accidentsDeceased's duties were to attend to the tubs at an incline top and run them by means of a wheel with brake attached. A rake was set in motion, and on the roadway the descending loaded tubs collided with the ascending empty tubs, the result being that the wheel and apparatus connected with it were thrown out and deceased was struck with wheel tree, and instantly killed.  
1907June12HawkhillFifeKincardine Coal Co LtdDavid Hunter14Pithead-boyShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased was employed to put empty tubs on the cages, and after loading a cage he climbed on top of fence to watch it descend, and overbalancing fell down the shaft, and landed on the cover, and was firmly fixed between the bridle chains.  
1907June13KepplehillLanarkKepplehill Coal Co LtdAlexander McArthur21BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased was putting a loaded tub on the cage when it left the rails, and he went on to the cage to put it right, when the cage was raised, and he was fatally crushed at the door-heads. No signal to raise was given and the engineman was at fault in taking up the cage.  
1907June13Carfin No 6LanarkWm Dixon LtdJohn Madden49Bricklayer's labourerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesHe pricked his finger with his lamp pricker which was stuck in his cap. Blood-poisoning resulted and he died sixteen days after the occurrence.  
1907June14Bannockburn No 1StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdDuncan Macgregor21RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen he was working on a dook a drawer let go a full hutch, which ran over him.  
1907June14Hopetoun (oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co LtdWilliam Robertson45MinerFalls of roofDeceased and another miner were engaged withdrawing the props where a stoop had been extracted and were just retiring when the roof fell, and deceased was crushed beneath the debris.  
1907June17Bothwell Castle No 3LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdRobert Strang23RoadsmanFalls of sideFall of roof on haulage road while working on it.  
1907June18DundonaldFifeDundonald Coal CoJames Taylor35FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was acting temporarily as bogieman, on an endless rope haulageway, and he appears either to have jumped off or fallen off the bogie at a narrow part of the roadway and was run over.  
1907June20Earnock No 1LanarkJohn Watson LtdJohn Colligan42Night firemanFalls of sideWhile inspecting a road head, after firing a brushing shot, a stone from the side fell on him. He died from blood-poisoning.  
1907June20Carmyle No 1LanarkJames Dunlop & Co LtdWm. Barrowman30FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustWhile dislodging an accumulation of gas with a naked light the gas ignited at his lamp.

From Main body of report: Of the seven fatal explosions, four resulted in the death of firemen, men who were supposed to be capable of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of the workmen. Three of these occurred while the man who lost his life was making his inspection with a naked light instead of a safety lamp, while the fourth was caused by the victim striking a match to relight his safety lamp which had been extinguished by fire-damp while making his inspection.
1907June21Twechar No 1DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdHector Adair18Pony driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsHe seems to have fallen off a race of hutches, which ran over him.  
1907June22DenbeathFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdThomas Bernard48Fireman-EngineerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesDeceased was superintending the erection of an electrically-driven air-compressor to be used for the purpose of underground shaft sinking; the receiver was guaranteed to stand a pressure of 100 lbs. per square inch. The receiver had been fitted to the compressor and before finally putting the machine in use, a test was ordered. The pressure was gradually put on and when 90 lbs. had been reached the end of the receiver blew out, and it struck deceased and killed him instantly. The ends of the receiver were electrically welded, and it was due to a defect in the welding that the end blew out: the thickness of the metal was 1/4 inch, but at part which blew the welding was only 1/16 inch.  
1907July1LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJoseph Munro44RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile a rake was running on a self-acting incline, a bolt which fixed the brake broke, and the tubs were uncontrolled ; deceased was standing at the top of the incline when he was struck by the empty tubs and killed instantly. 
1907July2DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdDavid Paterson28MinerFalls of sideDeceased worked in the Dysart Main Coal, which is a very thick seam, and while boring a hole for a shot some overhanging top coal fell upon him, injuring his spine. He died from his injuries 11 months after. 
1907July4Hamilton Palace No 1LanarkBent Colliery Co LtdJames McKane19Pony driverHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile walking in front of his pony and a race of full hutches, owing to the want of snibbles he was overtaken by the hutches and crushed against the side of the road. 
1907July5ArthurFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavid Kinlay55LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysThe locomotive came toward the pit pushing a train of waggons in front, and deceased with another workman was made aware of the approaching train, and came out of the waggons which they had been emptying of "duff," as they were to be moved by same train. As soon as the moving train had "buffed," deceased made to go between the space made by the impetus, and just then the moving train, which had not slacked speed, came up and he was fatally crushed. Deceased was warned not to go between the waggons. 
1907July6GatesideDumfriesSanquhar & Kirkconnel Collieries LtdArchd. Telfer33MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile taking an empty hutch down an inclined mine, in some unexplained manner he was run over by it. Newspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1907July7Glengarnock No 6 (ironstone)AyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co LtdAndrew Cooper34BlacksmithShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceOwing to suspended pipes slipping through a gland the planks supporting them and on which he was standing broke, and he was precipitated down the shaft. 
1907July8BellfieldLanarkWm Barr & SonsWm. Robertson35MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face of a machine wall. 
1907July9ClydesideLanarkUnited Collieries LtdAlexr. Simpson34MinerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysStruck or run over by empty waggons being shunted in the siding while apparently attempting to cross the rails. 
1907July9DykeheadLanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdGeorge Frame25MinerFalls of sideFall of roof while drawing props. 
1907July10QuarterLanarkWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Heron62LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhile shifting the first of four hutches standing on an incline the other three ran over the stop and crushed him against a post. 
1907July10Oakbank (Oil shale)EdinburghOakbank Oil Co LtdRobert Harper44MinerFalls of roofDeceased was passing out from the face, in order to go to his can, for a charge to fire a shot, when the top shale above suddenly fell upon him. 
1907July19Roman Camp (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdPaul McDermott40DrawerMiscellaneous underground – sundriesIn escaping from some pieces of falling shale, he apparently stumbled and received a shock to his system, from which he subsequently died. 
1907July22Cowdenbeath No 10FifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Ostler18DriverFalls of roofDeceased and another man, were engaged making an airway, through waste ground, when a large fall occurred, displacing some timber which had been recently set, and burying the three men. Ostler with the assistance of the third man managed to get himself freed, and groped his way in the dark to where a pony stood, it led him to the shaft bottom, where he got help. McGartland died before being extricated, and Ostler died five days later. At the Fatal Accident Inquiry, subsequently held into the circumstances of the accident the jury, very properly, commended the plucky action of Ostler in going for help travelling a distance of 500 yards without a light, although himself fatally injured. 
Patrick McGartland34Miner
1907July22RiggonheadHaddingtonRiggonhead Coal Co LtdPeter Baird37MinerFalls of roofDeceased's duties were to take down the coal holed by a coal cutting machine, and while thus engaged a stone fell from the roof causing injury to his spine ; he died 14 days later. 
1907July23Greenfield No 7LanarkGreenfield Coal & Brick Co LtdMichael Mullan35FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustExplosion of firedamp while making his inspection. It was evidently caused by a naked light which he was carrying.

From Main body of report: Of the seven fatal explosions, four resulted in the death of firemen, men who were supposed to be capable of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of the workmen. Three of these occurred while the man who lost his life was making his inspection with a naked light instead of a safety lamp, while the fourth was caused by the victim striking a match to relight his safety lamp which had been extinguished by fire-damp while making his inspection.
1907July24MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdGeorge McGillvray44ShaftsmanShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased and his neighbour descended the shaft about 4.30 a.m. and went into the dip side to examine the pumps, and after doing so they came back and found the dip cage in the bottom ; deceased made to cross on to the cage at end of the shaft and just as he did so the cage was raised and he was taken up to a " bunton " 8 feet above and fatally crushed. After deceased and his neighbour descended several cages had been run conveying the firemen, and the cage on which deceased stepped had been signalled away in the usual way unknown to deceased. It was clearly the duty of deceased to signal before he stepped on to the cage.

From Main body of report: A shaftsman about to step on the cage without having first signalled, when the cage was raised and he was fatally crushed.
Newspaper report - Fife pages
1907July25ClydesideLanarkUnited Collieries LtdJas. Nolan35MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face. 
1907July25Sundrum No 3AyrDalmellington Iron Co LtdJames Johnstone24MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at brushing face while brushing. He inadvertently displaced two props which supported the stone. 
1907July28Over Dalserf No2LanarkBrand & CoJoseph McLeer23BrusherExplosions of fire damp or coal dustHe entered a place, seemingly by mistake, in which the fireman had found gas, and which he had instructed the workmen not to enter, and ignited the gas with his naked light.

From Main body of report: Another happened to a brusher who with others had been sent to clear away a fall by the fireman who instructed them not to go beyond a certain screen as he had found gas present ; but being a stranger to that part of the pit the deceased evidently, by mistake, somehow went into the accumulation with his naked light. The fireman ought to have personally shown each workman the point beyond which they were not to go, and the manager, who was aware of the state of matters, should have prohibited the use of naked lights.
1907July29NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdWilliam Quin35roadsmanFalls of roofDeceased was repairing a roadway and while passing under an unrepaired part the roof suddenly fell upon him, and he was killed instantly. 
1907August1CroftheadLinlithgowPeter ThorntonJames Cumming54MinerFalls of roofDeceased was holing his coal when the roof suddenly fell upon him. 
1907August3Cadder No 17 (ironstone)LanarkCarron CoJohn McGarry51MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhile illegally riding on a race of hutches being drawn up a dook he got crushed against the brick wall forming the side of the road. 
1907August3MichaelFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdWilliam Thomson41BrusherFalls of sideDeceased and his neighbour were engaged following up the coal cutting machine, securing the roof with wood pillars and packing the same with the holings, when the face suddenly burst, and afterwards the roof collapsed, and buried deceased. The section had only been recently opened, and collapse was due to the " first break." 
1907August7CarmuirsStirlingCarmuir Coal Co LtdJames Docherty46MinerFalls of roofDeceased had taken down some coal, and was measuring the height for a prop, when the roof suddenly fell upon him. 
1907August9LevenFifeFife Coal Co LtdPeter Hay17DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was passing the foot of a self-acting incline, when he was struck by a runaway tub and injured, which resulted in his death on 18th Nov., 1907. The cause of the runaway was due to the wheel round which the rope passed slipping off the wheel tree, and allowing the whole apparatus to run free. The wheel was secured by a chain wrapped round the wheel tree, and the ends of the chain were nailed to the tree ; the nails came out and chain became loose. 
1907August10Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdGeorge Rintoul35RepairerFalls of roofDuring the holiday, deceased and several others were engaged heightening the roof at the pit bottom, and while thus engaged a stone fell and fatally crushed him. 
1907August12PirnieFifeFife Coal Co LtdAndrew Brown20MinerFalls of sideDeceased apparently had withdrawn his sprags, when the coal fell and crushed him against a prop.Newspaper report - Fife pages
1907August14FordellFifeCountess of BuckinghamshireRobert M. Morton58General ManagerShaft accidents – whilst ascending or descending by machineryDeceased, and his under manager had been examining the workings of a seam in the shaft, and on arriving back they signalled to be raised to the surface, when all was in readiness they stepped on to the cage and gave the signal, and just then deceased saw that the gate, which was a sliding one, facing the opening was not closed down, and he put out his right foot to press it, when the cage was suddenly raised, and losing his balance he fell off the cage into the shaft. The under manager made an attempt to save him, and caught his jacket, but he was unable to hold him.

From Main body of report: The general manager of a colliery went into a seam being opened off the shaft, and on returning stepped on to the cage with his under-manager to be raised to the surface, and after the ascent signal had been given he put out his foot to close the sliding gate that fixed the opening, and just then the cage was raised, and losing his balance he fell over the end of the cage and went down the shaft.
1907August15LochheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJames Christie20MinerFalls of roofA tub of a rake running on an inclined plane left the rails and striking some timber, caused the-roof to fall opposite a place of refuge where deceased was, and he was crushed beneath the debris. 
1907August16MintoFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdThomas McLean31Driver of Coal CutterFalls of roofA coal cutting machine had holed up to a "hitch," and the roof was at once liberated, and a large mass fell upon deceased, and he was killed instantly. 
1907August22OakleyFifeOakley Collieries LtdJohn Reekie15Assistant BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousDeceased's work was to take the empty tubs from the cages and couple them up into rakes, while engaged in this work he slipped on the iron plates at the pit bottom, and fell into the cage seat, and just then the cage descended on him.

From Main body of report: By a boy slipping on the pit bottom plates close to the shaft and falling into the cage seat just as cage descended.
1907August22HerdshillLanarkColtness Iron Co LtdGeorge Reid61EnginekeeperShaft accidents – falling into shaft from surfaceDeceased was employed as engineman at a shaft only used for lowering timber. The shaft is boxed in at the surface up to a higher level. The cage had been lowered to the bottom, and deceased came to the lower level in order to "dug" a tub of debris on to the cage to raise it to the higher level, and opening the door which fenced the shaft he pushed the tub forward forgetting the cage was not there, and he and it were precipitated to the bottom a distance of 46 fathoms. 
1907August23Bothwell Park No2LanarkWm Baird & Co LtdJoseph Vilshinsley32MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen travelling along a haulage road with a pick blade in his hand he was passing a stationary race of hutches when it was started and a hutch drove the pick point into his thigh. 
1907August26Neilston No 3StirlingUnited Collieries LtdGeorge McLennan, Junr.24Chain runnerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen riding in front of a full race being drawn up an incline to the surface he seems to have fallen off and got run over by the hutches. 
1907August28Banknock Livingstone PitStirlingYoung's Collieries LtdJames Marshall50Waggon shifterOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen crossing the rails in front of moving waggons he fell and was run over. 
1907August28North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdWilliam Carberry31RoadsmanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsRepairs were being made on an inclined plane, and for the purpose of clearing away the debris, empty tubs were left at various parts of the roadway secured by sprags ; when the tubs were filled, each was lowered by the rope, beginning with the top one, on to the next and coupled ; deceased had apparently forgotten to couple the last tub, and got in front and took out the sprag, and as soon as he did so the tub ran away, pushing him in front and finally running over him. 
1907August29DysartFifeEarl of Rosslyn's Collieries LtdJohn Penman45MinerFalls of sideDeceased was taking down the upper bed of the second working in the Dysart Main Coal seam, when it fell upon him and he was killed instantly. The coal fell away from between two keen parallel lypes which were unseen. Newspaper report - Fife pages Name on Frances Colliery Memorial
1907August30North MotherwellLanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdHugh McLaren64Waggon-cleanerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was leaving one waggon to go into another, when they were set in motion, and he was thrown out and run over. 
1907September2Berryhill No 2AyrWm Baird & Co LtdDavid Stevenson56FiremanExplosions of fire damp or coal dustWhile making his morning inspection with a naked light he ignited gas.

From Main body of report: Of the seven fatal explosions, four resulted in the death of firemen, men who were supposed to be capable of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of the workmen. Three of these occurred while the man who lost his life was making his inspection with a naked light instead of a safety lamp, while the fourth was caused by the victim striking a match to relight his safety lamp which had been extinguished by fire-damp while making his inspection.
1907September3Herbertshire No 3StirlingR Addie & Sons Collieries LtdAlexr. McMurdo48MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face. 
1907September4Auchinraith No 2LanarkMerry & Cunninghame LtdJas. McGuiness42MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face. 
1907September4Carnock No 1StirlingAlloa Coal Co LtdDavid Jones40MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesWhile illegally carrying compressed gunpowder in his hand while his lamp was on his cap, a spark from his lamp ignited the gunpowder. 
1907September6Dalmeny (Oil shale)LinlithgowDalmeny Oil Co LtdThos. G. Sneddon52MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesShot holes were bored in the bottom, mid, and top portions of the seam, and the bottom and mid holes were charged with 1 ½ lb. of gunpowder each. Deceased lighted the fuse of the shots, and apparently some delay was caused, and although the fuse of both shots had a light applied, he and his neighbour were not sure if the ''train" had caught, but they both retired to a place of safety ; as soon as one shot exploded both men went back, and when near the face the mid shot went off on them. It was a violation of Additional Special Rule lA to go back on a shot where an attempt had been made to light the fuse. 
1907September9Auchenharvie No 1AyrGlengarnock Iron & Steel Co LtdWilson Steel14DrawerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen coupling a tail haulage rope to a hutch the hutch was started by the main race of hutches catching the hook at the top end of the tail rope, and he was run over. 
1907 September 10 No 8 Corbycraigs Pit Ayrshire   John Scullion       Death not listed in Inspectors report - Fell against a waggon With thanks to David McAndrew for this information
1907September11GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdRobert Allan30RepairerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was employed to take off and put on tubs in endless rope haulage incline by means of Smallman clips. The haulage rope worked intermittently, and stood for long intervals. Deceased was found quite dead at the foot of the incline with a tub on top of him, which had upset. It is thought that deceased may have fallen asleep during the interval that rope stood, and was in the way of the tubs when the rope started. 
1907September19RiddochhillLinlithgowGavin Paul & Sons LtdHenry McDonald49MinerFalls of roofDeceased was wedging down the " tumphy " above the coal when the roof suddenly fell away from some unseen lypes upon him. 
1907September23ArnistonEdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdWilliam Maxwell45Attendant on Coal CutterMiscellaneous underground – by machineryDeceased had fixed some picks into the disc of a coal cutter, and was oiling the parts prior to starting the machine, when the machine started and the picks in the revolving disc caught him, inflicting terrible injuries to which he succumbed three days later. It was expected that the switch on the machine was off, but unknown to anyone it was on, and when current at the gateway was put on the power went direct to the machine and set it in motion. Deceased gave orders to have the current put on at the gateway.

From Main body of report: An accident was caused by a coal-cutting machine at Arniston Colliery, Edinburgh. The machine in use was of the disc type, and the motive power used was electricity. Deceased had fixed some picks in the disc, and afterwards began to oil the bearing parts, and while doing so the disc began to revolve, and before he was aware, the picks caught him and caused terrible injuries.
It appeals that one of the machinemen was sent to the gate-end switch-box to put on the current, and immediately switched on, the motor was set in motion. The switch on the motor had been left on by the men of the previous shift, unknown to deceased, and no one took the trouble to look as to the position of the switch handle. Deceased took up the duties for the shift, in place of the regular machineman in charge, who failed to turn out to his work.
Newspaper report
1907September26BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdSamuel Berry24MinerFalls of roofDeceased was preparing a rest on the solid coal for an advance crown when the roof suddenly collapsed. He died as the result of his injuries eight months after the accident. 
1907September28NellieFifeLochgelly Iron & Coal Co LtdDavid Donaldson44Assistant BottomerShaft accidents – miscellaneousWhile loading the cage, the tub guard fell, preventing the loaded tubs getting into proper position, and deceased went on to the cage to put matters right, and just then the cage was raised, and he was crushed at the door-heads. The engineman appeared to be at fault in raising the cage before the signal was given. 
1907September30AllantonLanarkWm Barr & SonsWm. Martin14MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face of machine wall. 
1907September30NewcraighallEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJames Minors27DrawerFalls of roofDeceased and his neighbour were putting up timber, to secure a bad part of the roof, when it suddenly fell upon them.Newspaper report
1907September30GlencraigFifeWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdPatrick Collins27MinerFalls of sideDeceased had holed his coal for a distance of 10 ft. fully, across the face, and set no sprags, and while continuing to hole further, the coal suddenly fell, and crushed him against a wooden pillar. 
1907September--Woodhall No 1LanarkBarr & HigginsThos. McGuigan33FiremanMiscellaneous underground – by machineryCaught by the toothed wheels of a coal-cutting machine which were not fenced. 
1907October1Townhead No 43LanarkUnited Collieries LtdJohn McCormic33BrusherExplosions of fire damp or coal dustHis naked light ignited firedamp. The fireman found but failed to clear out gas in adjoining places.

From Main body of report: The last fatal explosion was preceded by another whereby another brusher was injured. The fireman found gas in two working places, and, instead of clearing it out as he ought to have done before admitting the brushers, he sent them to work in adjoining places after prohibiting them from entering the roads where gas was accumulated. Some time after, one of the brushers went into one of the places in which gas was reported, to get a saw, with the result that he ignited the gas and got burnt. In about 20 minutes after this explosion the fireman was entering the place adjoining the one in which the other accumulation of gas had been found to visit the deceased who was working there when a second explosion took place, fatally injuring the brusher and injuring the fireman also.
1907October2Hayhills No2AyrHayhills Colliery CoJohn Seymour18MinerFalls of sideFall of roof in working place. A shot had displaced several props, and apparently these had not been re-set. 
1907October7Tannochside No 3LanarkArchd. Russell LtdJas. Brodie27Assistant bottomerShaft accidents – things falling into shaft from surfaceA piece of coal fell down the shaft, apparently from the surface, and struck him on the head while putting a full hutch on the cage. 
1907October8AllantonLanarkUnited Collieries LtdWilliam McGowan44FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsDeceased was in front of a drawer, who was pushing a loaded tub outbye when he was overtaken and crushed by the tub, he died from his injuries 23 days later. The drawer was not aware that deceased was in front of him. 
1907October10LochheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdJames Brown61FiremanFalls of roofA fall had taken place in a roadway to the upper portion of the Dysart Main Coal S earn, and deceased was on the top punching off some loose parts, when more coal fell and striking the crowbar drove it through his body inflicting injuries to which he succumbed in a few hours. 
1907October12PoltonEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdWilliam Harper26ContractorFalls of sideDeceased was clearing away debris, when the coal suddenly burst over the sprags, and falling on him killed him instantly.Newspaper report
1907October14BlackriggLinlithgowUnited Collieries LtdJohn McGoldrich24LabourerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysDeceased was apparently trying to move a waggon partly loaded against a gradient of 1 in 48, by means of a crowbar on the wheel, when it moved back and by some means he fell on the rail and the last wheel rested on his body. 
1907October15ManuelriggStirlingUnited Collieries LtdJohn Montague47Waggon-trimmerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysThe colliery manager went to the siding where empty waggons were collected, and after putting down the brakes of four waggons, began to run five down toward the coal screen ; the train ran away and collided with three waggons under the screen and sent them forward. Deceased, who was having a meal, at once rose, and running towards the three moving waggons, tried to stop them with a "trig," but fell before them and was run over. The pitheadman ran to his aid and had just time to lift him into the four-foot way and lie down beside him when the runaway train passed over them. 
1907October15Broxburn (Oil shale)LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdJohn McVey42MinerFalls of roofDeceased was pinching off bottom shale, when the roof suddenly collapsed and buried him. 
1907October18Haugh No 1StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdHenry Stirling65FiremanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhilst going up a haulage road he was caught by empty hutches released by the rope getting detached from the jiggers. 
1907October21DunnikierFifeWalter Herd & Son LtdWilliam Bowman55RepairerFalls of sideA room was being made for a motor, in an old roadway, which had fallen a considerable height, and while deceased was filling a tub with debris, a small stone fell off the side and struck him. The injuries were considered very slight, but he succumbed from the effects 16 days later. 
1907October23Dechmont No 2LanarkArchd. Russell LtdRobert Anderson17MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen travelling down a self-acting incline he was overtaken by the full race and run over. 
1907October24DysartFifeEarl of RosslynAlexander Eadie19MinerFalls of roofDeceased was at work in the first working of the Dysart Main Coal Seam, when the roof coal fell over a large area, and part fell on him and crushed him against a tub, which he was filling at the time. 
1907October27Douglas ParkLanarkWilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdJohn Murdoch50BrusherFalls of sideFall of roof on road while repairing it. 
1907October30Clyde Colliery, Backmuir No 2  Wilson's & Clyde Coal Co LtdThos. Scholes53Roads manFalls of sideFall of roof on road while repairing it. 
1907October30CowdenbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdJames Dougray45MinerShaft accidents - falling from part way downDeceased worked on the back shift, in a level of a seam being opened out mid-way in the shaft. There were no gates to fence the opening, but a bar was placed across during the fore shift, when no one was in the seam, and the bar was taken off when the back shift commenced and left off during the whole time the shift was at work. At stopping time deceased came from the face with a loaded tub, and evidently thinking the cage was there pushed it into the open shaft, and he and it were precipitated to the bottom a distance of 67 fathoms.

From Main body of report:One man was killed by falling from a mid-working : a seam had been broken off from the side of the shaft, and the opening was sufficiently far in to allow of a gate being fixed in position, with indicator to engine-house on surface ; instead of this a bar was placed across the entrance, which was removed at the beginning of the shift and not replaced until the shift was finished, the result being that deceased pushed a loaded tub into the open shaft, and he and it fell to the bottom. 
1907November2ReddingStirlingJames Nimmo & Co LtdJames Smith40Machineman for Coal CutterFalls of roofA brushing shot had been fired at the roadhead, which brought down the roof for some distance on one side of the wall; after the debris thus brought down, had been cleared to allow the coal cutter to pass, cutting was again commenced, and shortly after the roof fell upon deceased killing him instantly. The charge of the shot was too heavy and broke the roof across the face, and the fall was due to this cause. 
1907November6Hopetoun (oil shale)LinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co LtdJohn Gow60MinerHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsThe rope of a short "cuddie brae" dipping 1 in 1 1/2 in use for deceased's working place broke, and deceased, instead of waiting until a rope was supplied, attempted to lower a loaded tub to the level by hand, he going in front and his drawer holding on behind ; as might have been expected the tub overpowered them, and ran forward on deceased injuring him so severely that he died three days later. In going in front of the tub deceased contravened one of the Additional Special Rules. 
1907November6Polmaise No 3 & 4StirlingArchd. Russell LtdGeorge Davidson35MinerFalls of sideFall of roof at working face of a machine wall. 
1907November7BlairadamFifeFife Coal Co LtdWilliam Ford16Pony DriverOther haulage accidentsDeceased was riding on a loaded rake of tubs coming up an engine haulage dook, and at a low part of the roadway his head came in contact with the roof. 
1907November7Earnock No 1LanarkJohn Watson LtdJohn Hunter27BencherHaulage – ropes or chains breakingHe was at the bottom of a self-acting incline when the rope broke and he was caught by the runaway full hutches. The rope which had newly been put on was so worn and corroded that it was unfit for use. 
1907November11LochoreFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn McCabe42RepairerFalls of sideDeceased was laying rails on main dook road, when a piece of ironstone from the side fell, and striking his head, killed him instantly. 
1907November13AitkenFifeFife Coal Co LtdJohn Hunter40FiremanMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased was the shot firer, and went to a coal face to fire two shots. The explosive used was Saxonite fired by Bickford's safety igniters. One igniter missed, and it is supposed he attempted to light the fuse by means of a red-hot wire heated at the light of the Davy safety lamp, after he had cut the igniter off the end of fuse, this caused delay, and the other shot which had previously been lighted exploded on him. 
1907November14DalbeathFifeFife Coal Co LtdRobert Adamson26BrusherFalls of roofA pump room was being made, and deceased was engaged removing debris in tubs from inside a brick arch, when the arch collapsed, and falling on deceased he was killed instantly. 
1907November15HopetounLinlithgowWm Baird & Co LtdAndrew Agnew46MinerFalls of roofDeceased was shovelling coal which he had just taken down from the face, when the roof suddenly fell upon him. He died from his injuries nine months after the accident. 
1907November15WilsontownLanarkWilliam Dixon LtdJohn Davidson56RepairerFalls of sideDeceased and some other workmen were engaged making a recess for the frame of a wheel in connection with haulage, when a large stone fell away from the side and struck him, causing fatal injuries. 
1907November16Blackhill No 9 (ironstone)LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdHugh Gibbin22Road repairerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesWhile handling gelignite and a detonator, in some unexplained manner they exploded. 
1907November18KepplehillLanarkKepplehill Coal Co LtdJohn Mulvey30MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesThree shots were charged, and deceased was left to light the fuses : he had lighted two, and apparently was delayed in lighting the third, and the two shots exploded on him before he got out of harm's way. The fuse of the third shot had the appearance as if an attempt had been made to light it: deceased's lamp was found near to the shot, and it seems as if the spitting of the fuse had extinguished his light, and he had stopped the fuse burning with his fingers, and was then moving away in the dark when shots exploded. 
1907November18Govan No 6LanarkWm Dixon LtdErnest Wales18LabourerOn surface – by machineryWhile shovelling coal into conveyer below the pithead scaffold he got caught by unfenced machinery. 
1907November19Auchingeich No 2LanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdTerrence Cogger30SinkerShaft accidents - falling from part way downA bolt, suspending to a rope a scaffold on which he was perched, broke, leaving him suspended to the rope. Being unable to hold on he dropped down the shaft. 
1907November19HighhouseAyrWm Baird & Co LtdJohn Munro14Stone pickerOn surface – railways, sidings or tramwaysWhen crossing the rails at the screens he was crushed between waggons. 
1907November22LongriggLanarkJames Nimmo & Co LtdJohn Brown29MinerFalls of sideWhile engaged at the coal face some pieces of " fallen " and coal came away and striking his left leg injured the knee; the injury was thought to be trifling, but serious symptoms came on, and he died eleven days after the accident. 
1907November25CoursingtonLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdJohn Conlin14Dirt-pickerOn surface – by machineryIn order to take away the dirt picked off the travelling tables, a conveyer runs under the floor at right angles to the tables, and a hole 11 1/2 inches by 8 inches is made between the tables, into which the dirt is thrown ; around this hole is fence 9 inches high to protect anyone from getting into the conveyer. Deceased wanted to get a shovel, and instead of going round for it, he reached across the opening and, stumbling, his right foot went down and was caught by the conveyer. 
1907December2NewbattleEdinburghLothian Coal Co LtdWilliam McLuskie (Pole)23BrusherMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesDeceased and his neighbour were charging a hole with compressed gunpowder in pellets, and while doing so, a spark from his neighbour's lamp, which was in his cap, fell on a pellet as it was being handed to deceased to put into the hole. 
1907December2Neilston No 3StirlingUnited Collieries LtdGeorge Bowe44Night firemanHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhilst acting as a chain runner he was sitting in front of a full race being drawn up an incline to the surface when he was apparently caught by a very low crown, thrown off and run over by the hutches. 
1907December9Dalzell & BroomsideLanarkWishaw Coal Co LtdHerbert Williams37MinerFalls of roofA shot was fired in the fast corner, which threw out a large block of coal, and in its course to the waste, it carried away some props supporting the roof. About two hours later deceased went under the roof to examine it, when a fall took place and he was killed instantly. 
1907December12WoodmuirEdinburghUnited Collieries LtdWilliam Thornton15Dirt-pickerOn surface – by machineryThis boy crossed a fence, and his clothing got caught by the shaft of the coal cleaning machinery, and he was fatally injured. 
1907December12WoolmetEdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdJames Beveridge31BrusherFalls of sideThe roadway was being widened close to the shaft bottom to make room for a brick wall, when a piece of coal fell off the side upon deceased. 
1907December13BowhillFifeBowhill Coal Co LtdAndrew Ritchie39Pump motormanMiscellaneous underground - electricitySee Report

From Main body of report:An accident due to this cause [electricity] occurred at Bowhill Colliery, Fife. The system is alternating, with voltage of 500, three phase, and the cable is armoured. In the Lochgelly Splint Coal dook a three throw pump had just been placed, 1,100 yards inbye, and only a few days started prior to the accident. No one saw the accident, and when deceased was discovered he appeared to have been dead for some considerable time. He lay across the sole plate of the motor, and partly under it, and beside him was a piece of iron 18 inches long by 1 1/2 inches broad by 1/2 inch thick ragged and sharp at one end, and on examining the cable at the junction where the separate cores leave the armoured part to join the stator coils of the motor, a puncture was discovered right through the insulation to the upper core, while near the cable was a piece of wooden flooring. It appears that while the motor was in motion deceased attempted to put in some flooring under the cable, and in order to get the flooring in position he had to raise the cable, and for this purpose he took the piece of iron to lever it up, with the result that the sharp end cut through the insulation, making the piece of iron "live" and causing the full current to pass right through him. The motor was properly "earthed" by a separate wire carried back to the armouring on the cable, which cable in turn was " earthed " at various parts between the pump and the shaft.
1907December16LochheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdRobert Duff62MinerFalls of sideWhile deceased was holing, a piece of coal fell away between two sprags and, striking him on the chest, caused internal injuries from which he died five days afterwards. 
1907December16Haugh No 1StirlingWm Baird & Co LtdJames Linn14MinerFalls of sideFall of roof in working place. 
1907December17Kames No 1AyrWm Baird & Co LtdDaniel McVey42MinerFalls of sideFall of side on road while enlarging it. He failed to support it with sprags while holing. 
1907December18South Longriggend No 2LanarkJames GemmellWilliam Dalziel30MinerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesAfter firing three shots of gelignite with fuse he went back, when a fourth shot, the fuse of which was said not to have kindled, went off on him. It is supposed that the fuse had been kindled by the flame from one of the other shots. 
1907December19Blackhill No 9 (ironstone)LanarkSummerlee Iron Co LtdCharles Connolly22DrawerMiscellaneous underground – by explosivesWhen opening a canister containing gunpowder, a spark from his lamp which, contrary to the regulations, he had on his cap, ignited the contents. 
1907December19Polmaise No 4StirlingArchd. Russell LtdWilliam Smith19Haulage enginemanMiscellaneous underground - electricityOn taking hold of a switch handle he got a shook of electricity. Apparently the casing had become live.

From Main body of report:One man was killed by an electrical shock in Polmaise No. 4 pit. The shaft bottom was lighted by electric incandescent lamps arranged two in series, the current being taken from the power cable, and the conductors were placed inside iron tubes earthed by being connected to the armour of the shaft cable which in turn was connected to the sole-plate of the dynamo on the surface. The electrical supply is alternating, with a voltage of 500 and a periodicity of 50. The deceased and other two men were alone at the pit bottom when they observed electric sparks passing between the tube containing the lamp leads and an iron beam with which it was in contact. Upon observing this, the deceased went to the switch close at hand to cut off the current, and, on touching it, received a shock which caused his death in about 15 minutes. Apparently the iron tube in which the leads were enclosed had become temporarily live, but what caused this, and how the previous state of matters was restored, have not been ascertained. Owing to alterations being carried out at the shaft bottom, the tubing in which the leads were enclosed was not joined directly to the armour of the shaft cable, but was temporarily connected with it by a piece of steel rope. It is evident that there must have been some defect in the earthing arrangement, otherwise the deceased would not have got the shock which caused his death.
1907December25Lanemark Colliery, Rigfoot pitAyrLanemark Coal Co LtdAlexr. Mathieson21DrawerFalls of sideFall of roof on road while clearing away a fall. 
1907December28Gartshore No 11DumbartonWm Baird & Co LtdDavid Liddell19Bogie manHaulage – run over or crushed by trams & tubsWhen walking down haulage road in front of a race of empty hutches he was run over by five of the hutches which got uncoupled.Newspaper Report - Dunbartonshire accidents
1907December29LochheadFifeWemyss Coal Co LtdAndrew Morris49FiremanMiscellaneous underground – by underground fires

See Report


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William Scott52Pitwright.
John Kilpatrick44Fireman
1907December31LumphinnansFifeFife Coal Co LtdWalter Scott56CarterOn surface – miscellaneousDeceased were filling burning ashes into carts from an ash bing at the colliery, when a slide took place and both were severely burned, and subsequently died.

From Main body of report:In one case two men were filling hot ashes into a cart at an ash bin, when a slip took place and both were so badly burned that death resulted in a few days afterwards. [NB Extra details from 1908 report]
Patrick Hanley62Labourer

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