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Fatal Accidents 1931
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If the name of the pit is not stated in records, we have recorded this as NK with the miner's usual residence added as an approximate indicator of area

Statistics for 1931 - from the Report of the HM Inspector of Mines for 1932 - Scottish Division
Total 115 accidents resulting in 132 deaths
Explosions of firedamp or coal dust – 3 accidents/ 17 deaths
Falls of side & roof – 62 accidents/ 65 deaths
Shaft accidents – 5 accidents/ 5 deaths
Underground haulage accidents – 19 accidents/ 19 deaths
Misc. Underground accident – 15 accidents/ 15 deaths
On surface – 11 accidents/ 11 deaths

Currently this page lists 108 fatalities 
YearMonthDayName of CollieryFirst NameSurname Extra information/ Source
1931January5LindsayDavidSinclairNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931January10PrioryWilliam DickHillNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1931January 16Kenmuir Colliery Edward Queen Fall of stone from roof
1931January19Woolmet CollieryJohnWright  Newspaper report - Lothians pages Thanks to Tony Wright for supplying the name of this casualty
1931January22AuchengeichRobertGrayNewspaper report - Auchengeich 1931
1931January27HassockridgeJohnSwanNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1931January 30Polton Colliery AndrewSinclair Natural causes
1931January31BraidhurstRobertPatonNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1931February2Kames, MuirkirkOwenMcGarryNewspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1931February 3Gore Pit, Arniston Colliery JohnAitchison Fall of stone from roof
1931February7WhitriggAlexanderCarrNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931February13RimmonAndrewBrittonNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1931February19FurnaceyardEdwardDownieNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931February21ViewparkJohnAndersonNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1931February21 Moat Colliery, RoslinAlexander Henderson Accidental explosion of gelignite
1931February 22Dewshill Colliery BenjaminMurphy Fall of coal
1931February24LassodieThomasWoodrowNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931February27Shawfield CollieryAndrewSteinNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1931February28BroomhousePatrickCarrollNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1931March8WoolmetJamesPorteousNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931March 10Burghlee Colliery GeorgeCairns Fall of stone
1931March 10Ardenrigg JosephMcLaughlin Injuries sustained 22 Nov 1927 by inhaling gelignite fumes following shot
1931March 11Swinhill Colliery ThomasHamilton Fall of stone. Headstone & death cert.
1931March16MossbeathWilliamBurtNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931March18WellsgreenThomasGilbertNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931March21OldhallArchibaldCook Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1931March24GlencraigHenryHutchisonNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1931March26AuchengeichAlexanderRyanNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1931 March 27 Shaws Coal Depot George West Crushed by coal waggon
1931March31DuddingstonJohn Cunningham MarshallRobertsFAI record - NAS " John Cunningham Marshall Roberts, shale miner, 9 Hillwood Place, South Queensferry, West Lothian, died on 31 March 1931 at his house, from injuries sustained on 2 June 1930 in No. 1 Shale Mine, Duddingston, when shale fell upon him"
1931 April 3 Millhall Robert Paterson Fraser Death cert only
1931 April 4 Broomhouse Colliery John Jack Injuries sustained on 25 March 1931 when crushed between loaded hutch and roof
1931April16AitkenThomas WatsonHunterNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931April23BowhillJohnGormleyNewspaper report of FAI (only partly legible)
1931May2Mary PitJohnCopelandNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1931May6GreenriggAndrewBlairFAI record - NAS " Andrew Blair, shot firer, 3 Minthill Place, Eastfield, Harthill, died on 6 May 1931 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 1 May 1931 in No. 1 Pit, Greenrigg Colliery, Whitburn Parish, West Lothian, when gunpowder which he was carrying in his hands ignited"
1931May14LumphinnansCharlesConwayNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931May14GlencraigPatrickWheelanNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1931May15GlencraigJamesDonachieNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1931May31LumphinnansJohnWallaceNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931June3KirkfordDavid CookGallowayNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931June 9NK - Loanhead area James MunroRussell Fall of stone
1931June15WhitriggDonaldRossNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931June16AitkenAndrewRennieNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931June 17Prestonlinks JamesFoley Struck by bar that fell from roof
1931June18BroraBenjaminBrydenNewspaper report - Other areas
1931June18 GartshoreHugh Fitzsimmons Newspaper report - Dunbartonshire pages
1931June24BannockburnJamesMcQuirterNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1931July5CarberryAlexander SalkeldBrownNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931July 8Shettleston DanielDoherty Fractured spine on 24 June 1924 by fall of stone from roof
1931July11ValleyfieldDavidStrathieNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931July15FauldheadDavidBlack Kirkconnel Miners memorial and death certificate
1931July 16NK - Hamilton area William RichmondGray Death cert & RCE - Fall of stone from roof
1931July27FauldheadRobertStewartNewspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1931July 28No 3 pit Sundrum JohnWagstaff With thanks to the anonymous contributor of this information
1931August 1Nk (Stirling area) ThomasHamilton Death cert & RCE
1931August 3Douglas Castle RichardGibson FAI record - NAS & death cert.
1931August 22Prestonlinks Colliery David MitchellGordon Knocked down by hutches
1931August28Mary PitJosephGarrityNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1931August30PolmaiseWilliamHuttonNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1931August19CardowanAlexanderMorrisonNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1931September1RandolphAlexanderAdamsonNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931September2NewtongrangeThomasRobertsonNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931 September9FoulfordJohnSimpsonNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931 September9 NK Wilsontown areaGeorge CookFAI record - NAS & death cert.
1931September12WellesleyBlythDavidsonNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931September15LochoreGavinCurrieNewspaper report - Ballingry pages
1931September28AitkenThomasMooreNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931September31CarberryThomasStorrieNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931October18CarridenGeorgeMorganNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931October 22Dewshill Colliery AlexanderMcLeod Crushed by rake of hutches
1931October29BroxburnHenrySneddonNewspaper report - Lothians pages
NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Henry Sneddon, miner, Kirkhill Park, Broxburn, died on 29 October 1931 in No. 35 Shale Mine, Threemiletown, Ecclesmachen Parish, when a quantity of shale fell upon him
1931October29MossbeathJohnMcHaleNewspaper report - Beath pages
1931October30BlairhallJohnCookNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931October 31Arniston PeterToole With thanks to an anonymous contributor for this information
1931October31BowhillJames MartinAnderson (formerly Cairns)Newspaper report - Bowhill page
William BruceDodds
John RattrayDonaldson
Charles BaxterFernie
James DrummondPaterson
1931November3TannochsideJamesFrewNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
John StarkReid
1931November6AnnbankThomas ClarkBowman Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1931November 8No 2 Greenfield Colliery Archibald WilsonArchibald Death cert - Fall of rock
1931November9LoganleaJohnRichmondWith thanks to Davina Owen for this information
1931November11Dundonald, FifeWilliamGrayNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1931November11FurnaceyardJamesSneddonNewspaper report - Lothians pages
1931November18LochheadThomasAndersonNewspaper report - Fife pages
1931November19Deans Shale PitAlexander GibbSutherlandFAI record - NAS "Alexander Gibb Sutherland, shale miner, Deans Farm, Bathgate, died on 19 November 1931 in No. 4 Mine Deans, Bathgate, West Lothian, when a piece of shale fell from the roof upon him"
1931November24Manor PowisRobertBeggNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1931December7BlantyrefermeGeorgeMcMichaelNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1931December10RosehallFrankMillarNewspaper report - Bothwell pages
1931December 17Thankerton Colliery James McFadyenDoyle Fall of coal. FAI record - NAS & death cert.
1931December19WhistleberryJohnGardnerNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1931December21DrumleyWilliamBlack Newspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1931December 29Nellie Colliery AlexanderSinclair Death cert and headstone
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