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Fatal Accidents 1939
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If the name of the pit is not stated in records, we have recorded this as NK with the miner's usual residence added as an approximate indicator of area

Currently this page lists 129 fatalities 
YearMonthDayCollieryDistrictFirst NameSurnameAgeOccupationCause Extra information/ Source
1939January23FrancesFifeDavidRobertson35ElectricianFall after electric shockNewspaper report - Fife pages
1939 January 23 Bowhill Fife George Wilson 31 Coal miner (packer) Fall of stone from roof Headstone & death certificate
1939 February 1 Rosie Colliery Fife David Ferguson Shaw 27 Coal miner Multiple fractures of ribs Traumatic asphyxiaFAI list and death cert
1939February1RosehallLanarkshireJamesClifford25  Crushed by hutchesNewspaper report - Old Monkland pages
1939February 3Woodhall LanarkshireGeorge Rafferty17 oncost workermultiple fracturesFAI list and death cert
1939 February 4 Mid Breich Lothian Edward Sharkie   Shale miner Fall of shale NAS catalogue - FAI "Edward Sharkie, shale miner, 20 Main Street, Livingston Station, died on 4 February 1939 in Mid Breich Shale Pit, Livingston Parish, when a piece of shale fell from the roof on him"
1939February18Spoutcroft Mine, ClelandLanarkshireAlexanderWatchman29  Knocked down by hutchNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1939February27No 2 MintoFifeWilliamScott39coal miner (stripper)Fall from roof[see reference in report on 10 August 1939 accident]
1939March 2Lord Bruce Pit FifeGeorge Hoggan37  Injuries received 1 Dec 1936 by fall of material from roof 
1939March7MintoFifeAlex.Cook75Pithead workerKilled by winding machineryNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1939 March 13 BlantyrefermeLanarkshire WilliamBurt 63Colliery engine keeper Natural causesDeath cert
1939 March 14 Stravenhouse Mine Lanarkshire Edward Power 51 Pit sinker Asphyxia FAI list and death cert
1939March16WellesleyFifePeterBrown36MinerFall of coalNewspaper report - Fife pages
1939March16PrestongrangeEast LothianAndrewCross33  Fall of roofNewspaper report - Lothian pages
1939March17OxenfordEast LothianRobertDickson    Fall of stoneNewspaper report - Lothian pages
1939March20Roman CampLothianAlexanderMcCallum  Shale minerFall of roofNewspaper report - Lothian pages
NAS: Fatal Accident Inquiry: Alexander McCallum, shale miner, 12 Hawthorn Place, Uphall, died on 20 March 1939 at Newbridge, Midlothian, from injuries sustained earlier that day in No. 6 Roman Camp Mine, Broxburn, when material fell from the roof on him
1939March21AitkenFifeThomasCrawford  Coal stripperStruck by hutchNewspaper report - Beath pages
The Glasgow Herald - Apr 11, 1939 p7, col7
1939March21BowhillFifeJamesAddisonNKNKElectrocutionNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1939 March 25 No 3 Pit, Michael Fife William Murray 32 coal miner Electric shock FAI list and death cert
1939March30CalderheadLanarkshireHenryScroggie34MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1939March31ParkneukLanarkshireJamesGrier26MinerRun over by hutchNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1939 April 1 Lady Victoria Pit, Newtongrange Lothian Peter Simpson 29 coal miner Lobar pneumonia induced by internal injuries caused by being crushed between side of haulage road and rake of hutches NAS catalogue - FAI and DC
1939April 4Wellesley Colliery FifeWilliam Carr50 coal minerAsphyxia NAS catalogue - FAI and DC
1939April 14Kingshill Pit Lanarkshire RobertMcMorran 16coal miner AccidentFAI list and death cert
1939April22NellieFifeHenryPenman30MinerCrushed by stoneNewspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1939April 25Wellesley CollieryFife Thomas Dunsire 15 coal miner Fractured skull NAS catalogue - FAI and DC
1939 April 26 Faudhouse Lothian Matthew Reid   Coal miner From injuries sustained when he was drawing a tub and overtaxed himself NAS catalogue - FAI " Matthew Reid Junior, coal miner, 7 Braeside Terrace, Fauldhouse, died on 26 April 1939 at home from injuries sustained on 25 April 1939 in Fauldhouse Colliery, Fauldhouse, when he was drawing a tub and overtaxed himself"
1939May 9 Dykehead Lanarkshire Alexander Stewart 36 colliery oncost worker Multiple injuries Death cert.
1939May14RosehallLanarkshireLouisSmith26  Struck by haulage chain
Newspaper report - Bothwell pages
NB Real name was Julius Dapkiavicus
1939 May 15 NK Douglas area Lanarkshire Andrew Wright Ramage 30 underground fireman Fractured skull after head hit roof while riding on hutchNAS catalogue - FAI and DC
1939 May 16 Wellesley Fife Peter Brown 36 coal miner NK - fractured skullFAI list and death cert
1939May20FauldheadDumfriesJamesHunter31minerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1939May23EastonLothianJohnCairns  Coal minerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Lothian pages
1939May27ValleyfieldFifeCharlesIrvine19  Fell from gangwayNewspaper report - Fife pages
1939May27 NK (Usual residence Harthill) LanarkshireRobert Nisbet Sommerville37 coal miner (machineman)Injuries sustained 1 Sept 1938 by stone falling from roofFAI list and death cert
1939 May 29 Roslin Midlothian Thomas William Delaney 54 Coal miner Fall of stone from roof FAI notice Scotsman 1 July 1939 & DC
1939 June 7 Hamilton Palace Lanarkshire Peter McLeod 53 Coal miner Fall of stone from roof Death cert
1939 June 8 Minto Fife Joe McCulloch 56 NK Accident (source - gravestone) Gravestone
1939 June 11 Roslin Midlothian John Barbour 49 Coal miner Fall of stone from roof FAI notice Scotsman 1 July 1939 & DC
1939 June 13 Lindsay Fife Robert Eadie Campbell 39 Coal miner Fall of material from roof  
1939June21PolmaiseStirlingshirePeterHunt39Coal stripperPinned beneath stoneNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1939 June 30 No 3 Pit Michael Colliery Fife David Reid 49 coal miner Multiple injuries FAI list and death cert
1939July5SouthfieldLanarkshireRobertWalker45MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1939 July 13 Braehead Lothian William Graham   Pit bottomer Caught and crushed by an ascending cage NAS catalogue - FAI "William Graham, colliery pit bottomer, 25 Portland Terrace, Fauldhouse, died on 13 July 1939 at the pit bottom or Braehead Colliery, Fauldhouse, when he was caught and crushed by an ascending cage"
1939 July 14Bowhill Colliery FifeJohn Tinney36 coal minerFall of stone on 29 September 1939 
1939 July 16NK Methil area FifePatrick Currie46 coal minerSepsis following injury to handFAI list and death cert
1939July25Hirstrigg CollieryLanarkshireWalterWilson      Newspaper report - Shotts pages
1939July27Dam MineAyrJohnSharpNKMinerExplosionNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1939July31Priory CollieryLanarkshireMichaelCarey51  Struck by falling girderNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1939July31 Dullatur CollieryDunbartonshire JohnBarrie 16  Caught by a wire rope and dragged on to a pulley Newspaper report - Dunbartonshire pages
1939August 3 Bowhill CollieryFife ThomasSmith 40coal miner Struck by material from shot firing  
1939August10Minto CollieryFifeAndrewNeilson    Runaway hutch

Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages

The Glasgow Herald - Aug 11, 1939 p11, column 4

1939August14GilmertonMidlothianWalterTrench21DrawerFell 168 feetNewspaper report - Lothian pages
1939August22Aitken CollieryFifeAlexanderCampbell  MinerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Beath pages
1939 August 30 Mauchline Colliery Ayrshire William Grant 20 coal miner Fall of stone FAI list and death cert
1939 August 30 Rosie Fife Adam Scott 62 colliery surface worker NK - fractured neck FAI list and death cert
1939 August 30 No 2, Bowhill Colliery Fife Richard Robertson McKechnie Hogg 19 coal miner oncost Struck by runaway hutch Headstone & death cert
1939September 1 Wellesley Fife John Milne 36 coal miner NK - fractured spine FAI list and death cert
1939September11WhitriggLothianHughHannan46Coal minerNatural causes Midlothian Advertiser 15 September 1939
1939September 12Minto FifePatrick Kelly55 coal minerFall of material from roof  
1939September13Douglas CollieryLanarkshireAlexanderBrown39  Fall of roofNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1939 September 18Dalserf area LanarkshireJamesMollon 45coalpit brusherKilled on way to workNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1939September22MossideLanarkshireThomasLang      Mosside page
1939 September 23Aitken Colliery FifeGeorge Haldane62 Coal miner - packerStruck by steel strap which sprang from roof 
1939 September 28Minto Colliery FifeFrederick Charles Burke27 Coal minerFall of roof  
1939October6KingshillLanarkshireRobertGordon  Colliery machinemanFall of stoneNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1939October 13Tannochside LanarkshireAdam Smith34 joinerCaught in revolving shaft in screening plantFAI list and death cert
1939October 15Newton LanarkshireRobert Dunn40 brusherFall of stoneNewspaper report - Lanarkshire pages
1939October 16No 2 Millhall StirlingshireWilliam McGarvie41 coal miner (hewer)Fractured skull Death cert only
1939October19ValleyfieldFifeJohnSloan  Under-managerFall of stoneNewspaper report - Fife pages
1939October 21Michael FifeJohn Watters68 coal minerFractured skull as result of accident while at workFAI list and death cert
1939October26SwinhillLanarkshireArchibaldBrown35  ExplosionNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1939October28Valleyfield CollieryFifeArchibaldAnderson46BrusherExplosionValleyfield page
ThomasKerr, jun26Fireman
JamesSpowart, jun29Machineman
1939 November 2 Polkemmet Lothian Martin Ryan   Surface labourer Crushed between a railway wagon and the wall of a hopper NAS catalogue - FAI "Martin Ryan, colliery surface labourer, 11 Academy Street, Bathgate, died on 2 November 1939 in Polkemmet Colliery, Whitburn, West Lothian, when he was crushed between a railway wagon and the wall of a hopper"
1939 November 3 Douglas Colliery Lanarkshire MalcolmDunn 63pit bottomer natural causesDeath certificate
1939 November 13 Cadzow Colliery Lanarkshire Robert McEwan     Natural causes. With thanks to Jean Galloway for this information  
1939November14DumbreckStirlingshireJohnHaggart52MinerPinned by stoneNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1939November18Milnquarter Fireclay PitStirlingshireWilliamWells30Fireclay MinerFall of roofNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
1939 November 26 Easton Lothian Peter Thomson Cooper   Coal miner Steel prop fell from the roof of his working place and struck him on the head NAS catalogue - FAI "Peter Thomson Cooper, coal miner, 29 Harestanes Road, Armadale, died on 26 November 1939 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 23 November 1939 in Easton Colliery, Bathgate, West Lothian, when a steel prop fell from the roof of his working place and struck him on the head"
1939November28Devon CollieryClackmannanRobertMitchell31MinerMachinery fell on himNewspaper report - Clackmannan pages
1939 December 7 Easton Lothian Robert Cook   coal miner Fall of coal NAS catalogue - FAI "Robert Cook, coal miner, 45 Lothian Street, Bathgate, died on 7 December 1939 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 17 October 1938 in No. 1 Pit, Easton, Hopetoun Collieries, Bathgate, West Lothian, when a piece of coal fell from the face of his working place on him"
1939 December 9 Dean Colliery Fife John Gibbons 55 Coal miner Fall of stone from roof Newspaper report - Fife pages
1939December15HassockriggLanarkshireWilliamLeckie47  Pinned beneath stoneNewspaper report - Shotts pages
1939December 16Bowhill Colliery FifeWilliam Hutchison62 Colliery surface workerKnocked down and run over by race of railway waggons  
1939 December 19 Westwood Shale pit Lothian Hugh Hamilton   Repairer Fall of roof NAS catalogue - FAI "Hugh Hamilton, miner (repairer), 18 Whitburn Road, Bathgate, died on 19 December 1939 in Westwood Pit, Blackburn and George Galloway Kerr, miner (repairer), 26 North Street, Livingston Station, died on 20 December 1939 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from injuries sustained on 19 December 1939 in Westwood Pit when a large quantity of material fell from the roof upon them"
George Galloway Kerr   Repairer
1939 December 22 Frances Fife John Buchanan 61 brusher Electrocuted Newspaper report - Fife pages
1939 December 23 Carnbroe Lanarkshire Walter Stark 55 colliery fireman Caught in machinery  
1939December25PolmaiseStirlingshirePeterMorrison42MinerFall of roofNewspaper report - Stirlingshire pages
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