Lochgelly War Memorial


Unfortunately some of the photographs of this memorial did not allow the inscription to be deciphered.  We will be rephotographing but please bear in mind that many of the names were difficult to read and may contain errors.

First World War Names

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Royal Navy
GNR John Clark, Invincible
STKR James T Forsyth, Bulwark

Royal Naval Division
A.B. David Battes
A.B. John Cairns
P.O. Andrew Craig
David Gibb
A.B. Alexander Haldane
A.B. John Law
P.O. William Lindsay
A.B. Alexander Mathewson
A.B. Thomas Morgan
O.S. Patrick McCartney
O.S. John McLay
A.B. David McLean
O.S. William D McLean
A.B. David Paterson
A.B. John Plunkett
A.B. James Rolland
A.B. Robert Ross
A.B. James Shand
A.B. Charles Wilson
A.B. Alexander Wright
A.B. James Wright

Royal Field Artillery
GNR Andrew Neilson
DR George Swan

Royal Garrison Artillery
DR William Campbell
GR Peter Goodall
GNR John Wilson

Royal Engineers
SPR Robert Gray
Capt. William Hamilton
L/C Joseph Hynes
SPR Andrew McLean
SPR David Wilson

Royal Army Service Corps
DR John Gillespie
DR Robert Henderson
DR Alexander Laird
DR Robert Little
DR William McCue
Pte Donald McDowall
DR Thomas McLean
DR James Smith

Royal Army Medical Corps
Pte Alexander Buchan
Pte William B Hugh
Pte James Logan
Pte David McGowan
Pte Robert McLean
Pte Joseph O'Hare
Pte James Plunkett
Pte John Roy

Scots Guards
Pte Robert ??
Pte John ??
Sgt Major George Dewar
Pte John Donachie
Pte Robert Heriot
Pte John Suttie
Pte John Swan
Pte Patrick Wilkie
Pte William Wilkie

Royal Scots
Pte Andrew Bell
Pte Peter Cairney
Pte William Cooper
Pte John Crookston
Pte Thomas Gray
Pte Thomas Grimes
Pte James Haldane
Pte Andrew Hugh
Royal Scots
Pte William More
Pte John McKay
Pte William Peden
Pte Thomas Peel
Pte Samuel Robertson
Pte Robert Sinclair
Cpl James Suttie

Scottish Rifles
Pte James Hynes
Pte Thomas Kerr
Pte John Johnstone
Sergt Michael O'Rourke
L/C James McKee

Cameron Highlanders
Pte William Anderson
L/C Robert Bolt
Pte John Glen
Pte Alexander Keddie
L/C James Lees
Pte Michael Lee
Pte Thomas Lees
Pte David Mollison
Pte William Scott
Pte David Smith

Royal Highlanders
Pte Henry Addison
Pte David Aitken
Cpl Andrew Allan
Pte John Anderson
Pte John Anderson
Cpl David Appleby
Pte Walter J Archibald
Sergt Peter Bannigan
Pte James Barnes
Pte Alexander Beveridge
Sergt William Bogie
Pte Donald Bremner
Pte Thomas L Brunton
Cpl George Calligan
Pte Hugh Calligan
Pte Daniel Campbell
Pte Peter Campbell
Pte Robert Cairns
Pte Peter Carrie
Pte John Cook
Pte Robert Davidson
Cpl Robert Dempster
Pte Edward Docherty
Pte George Drummond
Pte Robert Drummond
Pte Thomas Drummond
Pte Hugh Duffy
Cpl John Flannigan
Cpl John Flannigan
Pte Andrew Brown Ford
Pte Murdoch Gair
Pte Annan Galloway
Pte James Geddes
Pte Henry Gildea
Pte James Gillies
Pte John Gordon
L/C David Grierson
Cpl Alexander Haldane
L/C James Henderson
Cpl John Henderson
Pte Alexander Hook
Pte Alexander Hunter
Pte William Hynd
Pte John Jackson
Piper James Johnstone
Pte David Kinnell
Pte John Lawson

Additional Inscriptions
Royal Highlanders
Pte J Cairney
Pte Hugh McLuskie
Pte H Ramage
Pte D Taylor
Pte Andrew Wilson

Royal Scots
Pte Patrick McLuskie

Black Watch
Pte John Boland
Gnr William Scott
Pte William Lithgow
L/C John Menzies
L/C George Millar
Pte John Miller
Pte Thomas Milne
Pte Thomas Milne
Cpl Thomas Mould
Pte Andrew Moyes
Pte Andrew McEwan
L/C James McGhee
Pte Peter McKinlay
Pte William McLaren
Pte Andrew McLean
Cpl Thomas McLean
Pte Edward McQuade
L/C James Naysmith
Pte Archibald Nicol
Pte John Nicol
Cpl Andrew Paterson
Pte Alexander Ritchie
Pte Angus Robertson
L/C David Robertson
Pte John Robertson
Pte Robert Robertson
Pte Alexander Scott
L/C David Scott
Pte David Shand
Pte James Shand
Pte Robert Shand
Pte David Sharp
Pte Henry Shields
Pte James Smith
Pte Andrew Summers
Pte George Swan
Cpl Peter Swan
Cpl John Thomson
Pte Charles Todd
Pte Edward Turner
Pte James Turner
Pte Andrew C Wallace
Cpl David Webster
Pte Alexander Wilson
Pte William Wilson
Cpl Reginald Whyte
Pte Robert Whyte
Pte George Younger

Argyll & Suth. Highlanders
Cpl John Crayton
Pte William Kirk
Pte John Mitchell
Pte Robert Morton

Gordon Highlanders
Cpl Alexander Allardyce
Pte Robert Buist
Pte Andrew Cook
Pte Alexander Duncan
Pte James Hammond
Pte Alexander Hunter
L/C Charles Lawson
Pte John Mitchell
Pte Robert Muir
Pte James McLachlin
Pte William McLay
Cpl Andrew G Neilson
L/C James Pratt
Pte John Rodger
Pte John R Thomson
L/C Joseph Thomson

Seaforth Highlanders
Pte Thomas Hunter
Pte William D E Melville

Additional Inscriptions
Cameron Highlanders
Capt. James M Dewar

A&S Highlanders
Pte G McKenna

Royal Field Artillery
Gnr A Atherly
Pte James McQuade
Pte Robert Porterfield
Pte George Spence
L/C Robert Steel
Pte Thomas Taylor
Pte James Whyte
Pte Thomas Whyte
Pte James Wyllie

King's Own Scot. Bord.
Pte Alexander Bowman
Pte Andrew Clark
Pte Douglas I Couser
Pte John Donaghue
Pte Archibald McKinlay
Pte Henry O'Hare
Pte John Swan

Highland Light Infantry
Pte Frederick Hutt
Pte James Riley

Royal Scottish Fusiliers
Pte John Geddes
Cpl Andrew Robertson
Pte David Smith
Pte James Thomson

Border Regiment
Lt William MacDuff

Pte Robert Colville
Sergt Patrick Smith

Pte John Jardine

Royal Dragoons
Pte Peter Clark

Fife & Forfar Yeomanry
Tr John Baxter

Scottish Horse
Tr Dixon Dunn

Irish Regiments
Pte Bartn Hughes
Pte Feragil McCahill
Pte William Mulligan
Pte Robert Geddes
Pte John Crunie (?)
Pte John Leyden
Pte Charles Potter
Pte Alexander McDowall

Machine Gun Corps
Pte William Bird
Cpl James Cairns
Pte James E Foote
Pte William Gourdie
Pte Henry Miller
Pte James Smith
Pte James Walker

South African Light Horse
Pte James McNeill(?)

Canadian Forces
Pte Richard Boyce
Pte William Cunningham
Pte William Gray
George Young

Royal Defence Corps
Pte William Craigie
Pte John Gibb

Royal Air Force
Pte James Powell

Labour Corps
Pte Robert Paterson
Pte Joseph Smith

Italian Forces
Joe Abbro (?)

Northumberland Fusiliers
Sergt David Morgan

Second World War Names

Royal Navy
A.B. Hugh Carson
O.S. George Cowan
L/Stoker David Hay
A.B. Robert Hunter
Stoker James Kerr
l/Cook James Russell
Cook George Stewart
P.O. Walter Stewart

Merchant Navy
C.E. Andrew D Beveridge
Cadet George Legge
O.S. Atholl Taylor

Pte Andrew Anderson
L/Cpl James H Barclay
Pte Robert Barnes
Pte Shanks Baxter
Pte George S Bell
Pte David Burke
S/Sgt James Campbell
L/Cpl James Connelly
Pte Finlay Cook
L/Cpl John Davidson
Pte William Deas
Dvr Robert Dow
Cpl Keith M Emslie
Pte Charles Faulds
Sgt John Fergus
Pte Thomas Ferguson
Sgt Andrew Forsyth
Gdsmn Robert Forsyth
Sgt William Forsyth
Dvr John B Garmory
Pte David Gibson
Pte John Jackson
Spr John Kinlochin
Tpr John Lawson
Cpl Joseph Maton
Sgt John Matthews
L/Cpl George K Melville
Pte Stuart Millar
2nd Lt David McLean
L/Sgt Thomas Nicol
Sgt John Paterson
Sgt John Raeburn
Pte James Reid
L/Sgt John A Simpson
Pte Ebenezer Sinclair
Spr David F Stewart
Spr Alexander Suttie
Bdr Joseph A Swelnis
Gnr Andrew Thomson
Sgt Nathaniel Turner (?)
Bdr Thomas Webster

Sgt William Archibald
Sgt William Bogie
Sgt Michael Convy
Sgt David W Dewar
W.O. Patrick Foley
Flt/Lt Peter Green
Sgt Robert Hutton
Sgt Andrew B C Love
Flt/Sgt Colin Morrice
Illegible entry
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Illegible entry
Sgt Stanley Patterson
Sgt George ??
Sgt Alex Scott
Richard Sweeney (?)
Illegible entry
Flt/Sgt David S Wilson
Flt/Sgt William Wilson
Archibald Young
James McPherson
John Wilson