Westwood's Parochial Directory for the Counties of Fife and Kinross, 1862

Parish of Auchterderran.

The Parish of Auchterderran is situated in the western part of the County. It is bounded by Beath and Ballingry on the west, Abbotshall and Auchtertool on the south and south-east, Dysart on the east, and Kinglassie and Portmoak on the north. It has an irregular outline, and is about five miles long from north to south, and about three miles broad. It comprises part of a valley screened on the southeast and west by rising grounds, which are of sufficient elevation to exclude the view of the Firth of Forth, although they are cultivated to the top. The water of Orr flows from west to east; it is a slow running stream, rising in the north-west corner of the County, flowing through Loch Fetty [sic], and falls into the Leven about three miles from the sea. On the southern border of the Parish is a sheet of water called Lochgelly, which discharges its waters by a small rivulet into the Orr.

About three-fourths of the land is under cultivation, and the remainder is in pasture and wood. Though the soil is only moderately fertile, everything connected with agriculture has made great progress during the last ten or twelve years. A considerable bed of coal and iron-stone traverses the Parish; the former has long been celebrated for its fine qualities, and extensively wrought. The latter, which is of the black-band variety, has been wrought for a number of years, and there are four furnaces for smelting it at Lochgelly Station; but for some years, owing to a dulness in the iron trade, never more than one has been in operation, and sometimes all the four have been blown out, which has caused business to be generally flat throughout the district.

The Dunfermline branch of the E. P. & D. Railway runs through the northern part of the Parish, and there are stations both at Cardenden and Lochgelly.

The principal village in the Parish is Lochgelly, in which more than half of the inhabitants reside. It is about equidistant - eight miles - from Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Thornton, Leslie, and Kinross. The three parishes of Auchterderran, Beath, and Ballingry, meet at the west end of the village, a small portion of it being also in each of the two latter parishes. The population of Lochgelly, Cardenden, Clunie, &c, are either engaged as miners, or are employed as shopkeepers and tradesmen, in supplying the wants of the mining population. In the other districts of the Parish the inhabitants are almost all employed in agricultural operations. The Parish Church is at the hamlet of Auchterderran, about two miles from Lochgelly, and was built in 1789. At Lochgelly there is a Chapel of Ease in connection with the Established Church, a Free Church, and a United Presbyterian Church. In the same village there are also a number of Roman Catholics who meet fortnightly in Littlejohn's Hall, public worship being conducted by the Rev. John Stuart, Dunfermline. A small number of Mormons also worship in the same place.

POST TOWN, Lochgelly, James Bethune, Post Master. - Mails from Dunfermline and the west arrive at about half-past seven a.m., and four p.m. From Dundee, Perth, Cupar, and the east, at about half-past eight A.M., and five p.m., and are despatched to the east at 6.55 a.m. and 3.25 p.m., and to the west at 7.50 a.m. and 4.25 p.m. Letters are delivered twice a day, Sundays excepted, in the village of Lochgelly, as soon as possible after the arrival of the Mails; and in the forenoon by letter carriers in the country districts.

Cook, James, Lochgelly
Bethune, John, do
Hunter, Thomas, do
Lochgelly Bread Society, Wm. Primrose, Manager

Addison, John, Lochgelly.
Downie, David, Charleston, by Auchterderran
Knight, Robert, Lochgelly
Wishart, John, Auchterderran

Buist, Andrew, Lochgelly
Campbell, Thomas, do
Christie, Thomas, do
Hunter, Henry, do
Kinnell, James, do
Moncur, John, do
Sime, Robert, do
Wilson, David, do

E. P. & D. Railway, Stations at Cardenden and Lochgelly
Wilson, Mrs John, Lochgelly, to Kirkcaldy, daily

Birrell, Robert, Lochgelly
Campbell, Peter, do
Collier, Andrew, Dundonald
Donaldson, Robert, Lochgelly
Gilbert, John, do
Hunter, John, do
Pryde, David, do
Ramsay, Robert, do
Reid, John, do
Shand, George, Muirhead
Thomson, James, Lochgelly
Williamson, George, do
Wishart, Thomas, do

Grant, P. M,. A.M., Parish Church, Auchterderran
Reid, William, U. P. Church, Lochgelly
Wilson, Andrew, A. M., Chapel of Ease, do

Barclay, William, Lochgelly
Black, Mrs James, do

Capeldrae & Balgreggie, Messrs Crombie & Anderson
Cardenden, James Goodall
Clunie, Alexander Goodall
Dundonald, Grieve & Nasmyth
Lochgelly Iron Co., Russell & Kinnaird (A. Landale, Manager)

Bethune, James, Lochgelly
Douglas, Thomas, do
Gillespie, George, do
Gilmour & Son, do

Those marked thus * are also Milliners.

Chisholm, Betsy, Lochgelly
Dick, Elizabeth, do
*Knight, Helen, do
*Williamson, Margaret, do

Abercrombie, Miss Isabella, Powguild
Bogie, David, North Dundonald
Bogie, Alex., South Pitkinney
Bennet, Alex., Bogside
Burnet, James, Glenniston
Cramond, Wm., Denend
Duncan, David, Carden Mill
Elder, Robert, Wellsgreen
Elder, John, North Strathruddie
Fernie, Jobson, Powguild Mill
Finlay, John, New Farm
Glass, Robert, Little Balgonie
Henderson, Adam, Harestanes
Hill, James L., Begg
Hogg, Alex., Inglis Hall
Inglis, William, Silverton
Inglis, William, Little Raith
Johnston, John, Knabbs
Kinninmont, David, Wester Colquhally

Kinninmont, George, Cartmore
Lochgelly Iron Co., Easter Colquhally
Martin, William, & Son, Kirkshotts
Martin, William, & Thomas, Westfield
Miller, Robert, Parson's Mill
Mitchell, William, Capeldrae
Moyes, Robert, Little Glenniston
Nicholson, Alex., Carden
Robertson, James, Brickwork, East Colquhally
Ramsay, B.W., South Dundonald
Royds, R. W., Esq., Balgreggie
Russell, John, Westertown
Scott, D. G., & A., Easter Bowhull
Scott, Robert, Spittal
Scott, George, Cardenbarns
Seath, Henry, Shaw's Mill
Shand, Alex., Muirhead
Shand, David, Newtown
Simpson, James, Dothan
Steele, Andrew, Bowhull
Steele, Andrew, Redhouse
Waite, Mrs, Pitcairn
Wemyss, A. W., Pitkinny (non-resident)
Westie, David, Thornton
Winter, Mrs H., Balgonie

Dick, Robert, Lochgelly
Scott, Hugh, do
Wilson, Robert, do

Goodall, Thomas, Craigderran
Goodall, James, Woodbine Cottage
Minto, Earl of, Minto Cottage (occasionally resident)
Nasmyth, A., Esq., Dundonald
Royds, R. W., Esq., Balgreggie
Wishart, Miss Catherine, Auchterderran

Those marked thus* are also Spirit Dealers.
Addison, John, Lochgelly
*Arnot, James, do
Campbell, Peter, do
Cook, Archibald, do
*Couper, John, do
Cramond, John, Denend
Dick, Helen, Lochgelly
Dick, Thomas, do
*Douglas, Thomas, do
Dryburgh, Walter, do
*Hugh, Thomas, do
*Lamond, Jane, do
*Mitchell, James, & Son, Dundonald
*Philp, Mrs, Lochgelly
Suttie, Alex., do

Dowie, G., Builder, Lochgelly, Royal Fire & Life
Waite, D., Pitcairn, Agriculturist
Wilson, David, Joiner, Lochgelly, United Kingdom Provident
Wright, John, Lochgelly, Union Bank, Norfolk Farmers' Cattle

Collier, James, Lochgelly
Cook, David, do
Thomson, James, do
Wilson, D. & J., do

Johnston, George, Lochgelly
Lowe, W. B., Auchterderran

Dowie, George, Lochgelly
M’Kee, Thomas, do
Robertson, James, do

Gellatly, J., Lochgelly
Malcolm, M., do
Nelson, W.D., do

M'Gregor, Alexander, Lochgelly
Schoolbred, Henry, do

Dall, James, Cardenden
Honeyman, Robert, Lochgelly

Auchterderran Hearse Society, Henry Shand, Lochgelly Mains, Sec.
Lochgelly Temperance Society, A. Roxburgh, Sec.
Lochgelly Funeral Society, Thomas Brand, Lochgelly, Sec.
Lochgelly Iron Co.'s Sick & Funeral Society, Dr. Nelson, Sec.
Lochgelly Curling Club, Wm. D. Nelson, Sec.
Lochgelly Deposit Society, G. Johnston, Sec.
Minto Freemasons Lodge, No. 385, Lochgelly, Andrew Galloway, R.W.M .

SLATERS, See Plasterers.

Those marked thus * are also Clothiers.
*Douglas, John, Lochgelly
Erskine, William, do
*Henderson, Robert, do
M'Gregor, Stuart, Lochgelly
Trail, Thomas, do

Ewing, John, Adventure School, Lochgelly
Fairley, John, Subscription School, Clunie
Johnstone, George, Subscription School, Lochgelly
Lowe, W. B., Parish School, Auchterderran
M'Pherson, Miss, Mrs Royd's School, Colinton, by Auchterderran
Ogilvie, P. B., M.A., Iron Co.'s School, Lochgelly
Shepherd, Miss, Female Department, Iron Co.'s School, Lochgelly
Reid, Miss, Ladies' School, Lochgelly

Barclay, W., Lochgelly
Leitch, Thomas, do
Wilson, Grace, do

Chisholm, Henry, Lochgelly
Cook, James, do
Hugh, Mrs James, do
Hugh, Thomas, do
Littlejohn, Alex., do
Morris, John, do

WRIGHTS, See Joiners.

Bain, J., Bookseller & Stationer, Lochgelly
Cairns & Brown, Limeburners, Lochend
Devlin, Peter, Broker, Lochgelly
Duncan, David, Corn Miller, Carden Mill
Fowler, Samuel, Cartmore, Inspector of Nuisances for Parish
Galloway, Andrew, Salesman, Lochgelly Collieries
Goodall, Thomas, Esq.,Craigderran, Factor for Miss & Messrs Ayton, Inchdarnie
Leitch, Andrew, Proprietor, Lochgelly Gas-Works
Lochgelly Iron Co., A. Landale, Esq., Factor
Lowe, W. B., Inspector of Poor, and Registrar for Parish of Auchterderran
Mackie, John, Saddler, Lochgelly
Wright, John, Agent, Union Bank, & Savings' Bank, Lochgelly