John & Henry Brownlie

The collieries at Lassodie were owned by Thomas Spowart & Co.  The general manager was Mr John Brownlie whose son Henry later also became manager

15 Dec 1909 The Late Mr John Brownlie, Lassodie
At the age of 79 years, one who has taken an important part in the development and management of coal mining in Fife has passed away in the person of Mr John Brownlie, Lassodie House. It is more than 50 years since Mr Brownlie appeared in Fife. He knew about coal and how it should be produced. Although he was not a founder of the firm of Messrs Thomas Spowart & Company (Limited) who still work the well known Elgin and Wellwood Collieries, he had an important part in the management of that large industrial concern. Totally blind though he was during recent years, Mr Brownlie maintained a thorough grasp of business affairs, and took an active part in the management of the collieries.

9 Aug 1941- Death of Mr Henry M. Brownlie
The death occurred in a Dunfermline nursing home yesterday of Mr Henry M Brownlie, a member of a family long connected with the coal industry in Fife. As a young man he succeeded his father, the late Mr John Brownlie, as a director of Thomas Spowart & Co Ltd, Lassodie, Elgin and Wellwood Collieries, his special care being the supervision of the Lassodie Colliery, the seams of which became exhausted some years ago, when he retired and took up residence at 14 Midmar gardens Edinburgh.

As a member of the Board of Management of the Dunfermline and West Fife Hospital, he rendered conspicuous service for a period of over 30 years. It was due largely to his untiring efforts that while chairman of the manager, funds were voluntarily raised for a great extension of the hospital buildings and the installation of modern appliances in the institution. The extension and appliances involved an expenditure of £50, 000. The ceremony of laying the foundation stone was performed by the Queen, then Duchess of York, on August 11 1928, and Mr Brownlie presided at the ceremony.

Mr Brownlie was between 70 and 80 years of age.

Death Certificate Dist 424 No 175
Henry Morrison Brownlie, coal master retired (single) 1941 August 8th 2.45am at Buchannan Street Dunfermline (Usual residence Midmar Gardens, Edinburgh) age 75 Parents John Brownlie coalmaster dec & Elizabeth Brownlie MS Morrison dec. Cause - epithelioma of face, bronchopneumonia. Registered by P M Inglis cousin.

27 Dec 1941 - £4000 Bequest to Hospital
Mr Henry Morrison Brownlie, retired coalmaster Lassodie, Fife who died on August 8th, bequeathed £400 to Dunfermline and West Fife Hospital for the endowment of 2 beds, one of them to be in memory of his father and mother. Mr Brownlie had been a manager of the hospital for many years and was honorary president for several terms.