Beath War Memorials


Cowdenbeath War Memorial
"In grateful homage to the men of this town who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918
Also in sacred memory of those who fell in the 1939-45 war"
Adams to Ferguson

Ferguson to Lister 
Lockhart to Scott
Scott to Young

Cowdenbeath WW2 Memorial

Hill of Beath

"To commemorate our gallant dead who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914-1918 and the World War 1939-1945"

First World War

Black Watch
L-Cpl Alex Laird
Pte David Aitken
Pte Jas Clark
Pte John Delaney
Pte Peter Glen
Pte Jas Goodwin
Pte Alex Haddow
Pte Geo Hunter
Pte And. Hunter
Pte Wm Lawson
Pte Thos Porteous
Pte Peter Robertson
Pte John Robertson
Pte Peter Reynolds
Pte Matt Rushford
Pte Jas Smith
Pte John Simpson
Pte Alex Vanvick
Pte John Wilson
Pte And. Young

Argyll & Suth. Highlanders
Pte Jas Paton
Pte Wm Hynd

Gordon Highlanders
Pte Robt Connon
Pte Jas MacLauchlan

Dvr Chas Drysdale
Dvr Geo Haldane
Dvr Wm Baxter

R.N. Division
A.B. Hugh Delaney
A.B. Geo Hynd

Scots Guards
Pte Wm Cadogan

Irish Guards
Pte Bernard O'Neil

Royal Engineers
Spr Wm McReadie

Pte Alex Carle 

Second World War

John Allan RAF
Geo Anderson BW
Geo Anthony BW
Wm L Cree BW
Pat Hughes BW
Jas S Duncan BW
Arch T Haddow BW
Arch M Wilson RASC
Wm Young BW
Peter Smith A&SH