Douglas War Memorial


To the glory of God
and in memory of the
gallant dead from Douglasdale
who laid down their lives in
the great wars 1914-1919 1939-1945.
This cross is dedicated by
Charles Alexander XII Earl of Home
and Maria his wife.
Jesu Mercy

Inscribed around memorial:

Honour the fallen whose names are here recorded.
Honour the 230 comrades from Douglas Dale
who shared in their toil and danger.
Honour those who strove at home by sacrifice labour
and example to further the country's cause




William Aikman Pte. 6th K.O.S.B.
John Archibald Pte. R. Scots
William Black Cpl. 6th Ins. Dgs.
John Blackwood L.Segt. 9th S.R.
John Collins L.Cpl. 16th H.L.I.
Alexr. Cleland Pte. H.L.I.
Thomas Colthart Pte. 2nd R.Scots
William Graham Pte. 21st Can.
Alexr. Hynds, M.M. Pte. H.L.I.
Reginald Haines Pte. 16th H.L.I.
James Hall Pte. 9th S.Rifles
Tom Ireland Pte. C.L.I.
Andrew Johnston Pte. 2nd R.Scots
Alison Kerr Pte. R. Scots
James Gold Kerr Pte. A.S.C.
Bertie Mitchell Pioneer R.E.
John Clark Moore 2nd Lieut. 1st K.O.S.B.
Edward McMurray Pte. 9th S.Rifles
William MacLeod Pte. R.S.F.
Robert Ostler Pte. 2nd A&SH
Frank Pickering DSO Lt.-Col.
2nd DGS CMDC 9th R.B.
Andrew Prentice Pte. 9th S.Rifles
Charles Park Pte. S. Rifles
Adam Renwick Pte. H.L.I.
James Sloan, MM Sgt. 8th Bl. Watch
Archie D. Scott, MM Pte. 2nd S. Rifles
Andrew Stoddart Pte. 6th S. Rifles
John Smith Pte. 2nd S. G.
Tom Shankland Pte. 6th D.L.I.
James Somerville Sapper R.E.
Alexander Telfer Sgt. A&SH
David Telfer Pte. H.L.I.
William Telfer Pte. H.L.I.
George Turnbull Pte. 11th H.L.I.
George Watson Pte. 1st R. Scots
Robert Watson Sgt. M.G.C.
Thomas Watt Pte. 8th H.L.I.
John Walls Pte. M.G.C.
Alexander Wood Pte. Black Watch
William White Pte. 7th C.H.


Frank Lambert Pte. Royal Scots
John Muir Pte. H.L.I.
James Melvin Pte. Cameron Hrs.
James Tonner Sapper R.E.
William Veitch L.Cpl. S. Rifles


Peter Brown Pte. 7th R. Scots
James Marshall Pte. 8th Gordon Hrs.
Joseph McCormack Pte. 8th H.L.I.
John Russell Pte. 7th R. Scots

Douglas Water

James Brown Pte. A & L.V.B
Alexr. Grant Pte. C.H.
David P. Hart, MC Lieut. 5th L.N.L.
Thomas Inglis Pte. R.A.F.
Robert Kennon Pte. R.S.
John Moffat Pte. S.R.
Edward Russell Pte. 8th H.L.I.
James S. Russell Pte. 1st Can. Scot.
Robert Ramage Pte. 8th H.L.I.
George Turner Pte. 5th S.R.
John R. Waddell L.Sgt. 6th K.O.S.B.
Gavin Wilson
3rd Can D.A.G.

Douglas West

John Henry Pte. 7th H.L.I.
Michael Henry Cpl. 7th H.L.I.
James Laidlaw Pte. Black Watch
Adam Notman Pte. 3rd R.S.
Robert Wilson Pte. 12th R.S.
David Ogilvy Pte. R.S.F.



Hugh Bannatyne LAC RAF
Thomas Blackwood Bdr. R.A,
Hon. George Gospatrick Douglas Home F/O RAF
William Bryson Sgt. Eng. RAF
Andrew Bruce L.Cpl. Scots Guards
John Gedrim Sgt. Scots Guards
Ronald Gill C/O M.N.
James Grant Seaman M.N.
John Harley Sig. R.C. Sigs
Robert Johnston L.Cpl. Cameronians
James Hare A.S. R.N.
A. McL. Murray Capt. Aus. L.I.
John Pearson Sig. R.C. Sigs
William Saul Flt. Sgt. Pilot RAF
James Wilson Sgt. Eng. RAF
James Williamson Cpl. Cameronians

Robert Barbour L.Cpl. R.E.
Don Carroll Driver R.A.S.C.
William Davidson F/O RAF
James Gold Cpl. RAF
George Johnston Pte. Scots Guards
Matthew Muir Paratrooper Para. Regt.
Thomas McInnes Sgt. RAF
James Prentice Sgt. Pilot RAF
George Robertson R.M. Commandos
George Samson Cpl. Gordon Hrs.
Adam Williamson Pte. Cameronians

Malaya 1955
Duncan C Bruce Trooper 15/19 Hussars