Forth & Haywood War Memorials

Forth War Memorial



Erected to the memory of the men of
Forth and District who fell in the Great War 

First World War
Pte. A. Cunningham H.L.I.
Pte. J. Dick H.L.I.
Pte. H. Fleming H.L.I.
Corpl. T. Jackson H.L.I.
Sergt. J. McGraw H.L.I.
L.Cpl. A.H. Moffat H.L.I.
Pte. J. Tracey H.L.I.
L.Cpl. D. Waddell H.L.I.
Pte. J. Weir H.L.I.
Pte. A.S. Young H.L.I.
Pte. A. Clarkson A. & S.H.
Pte. P. Wingate A. & S.H.
L.Cpl. W. McCormack R.E.
Corpl. G. Gilchrist Scots Gds.

Sergt. R. Gordon Scots Gds.
Pte. J. Gorman Scots Gds.
Pte. J. McGee Scots Gds.
Pte. R. Martin Gordon Hrs.
Pte. A. Stewart Gordon Hrs.
Pte. S. Stewart Gordon Hrs.
Pte. H. Sommerville Tybe Scott.
Pte. R. Sommerville Cam. Hrs.
Pte. J. Wilson K.O.S.B.
Pte. T. Carruthers R.S.F
Tpr. A. Morton Lanark Yeo.
Pte. T.C. Waddell N.Staffs.
Pte. A. Allan T.M. Btry
Pte. J. Walker T.M. Btry
L.Cpl. A. Allan Canadians
L.Cpl. G. McCulloch A.I.F.
Pte. J. Orr A.I.F.
Pte. H. Pillans A.I.F.
Pte. A. Allan Royal Scots
Pte. J. Allan Royal Scots
Pte. R. Davidson Royal Scots
L.Cpl. W. Fleming Royal Scots
Corpl. J. Nimmo Royal Scots
Pte. D. Stewart Royal Scots
Pte. J. Tennant Royal Scots
Pte. W. Watson Royal Scots
Corpl. T. Weir Royal Scots
Pte. J. Chapman Scottish Rifles
Pte. D. Orr Scottish Rifles
Pte. A. Young Scottish Rifles
Pte. W. McCormack Dublin Fus.

Second World War
James V Barrie Cpl. Royal Fusiliers
George J. Dickson Pte. Royal Scots
George T. Howie Sgt. Royal Air Force
Walter Lindsay Pte. Kings Own Scottish Bords.
James Little Pte. Seaforth Highlanders
Harry McGrath Sgt. Parachute Regiment
Philip McKendrick Pte. Royal Scots
Alexr. McMillan Pte. Seaforth Highlanders
Ferguson Nelson Pte. Scots Guards
Archibald Orr Sgt. Royal Air Force
Gavin W.S. Purdie Fusilier Royal Fusiliers
John T. Walkinshaw Sgt. Royal Air Force
Hugh Yuill Pte. Gordon Highlanders
James S. Fleck Pte. Seaforth Highlanders

Haywood War Memorial


In loving memory of men from the village
of Haywood who sacrificed their lives
in the Great War 1914-1919

Pte. Alex Allan Royal Scots
Pte. Jas Ashwood H.L.I.
Pte. Alex Brown Northumb. Fus.
Gun. Peter Burnside R.F.A.
Pte. Thos Carruthers Royl. Scot. Fus.
Pte. Alex Davidson H.L.I.
Gun. Hugh Dunn R.F.A.
Pte. David Morrison H.L.I.
Corp. David Thomson H.L.I.
Pte. Alex Waddell Royal Scots
Pte. Jas Whigham Cameron Highs.

"They died that we might live"

Pte. James Little Seaforth Hdrs.
Cpl. James Barrie Royal Fus.
Sgt. John Walkingshaw R.A.F.