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1882 Deaths listed in Mine Inspectors Report
This table is compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Year MonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwner or CompanyPerson(s) killedSurnameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident and remarksExtra details
1882January1ParkheadDalziel, LanarkGlasgow Iron CoRobertHendrySinker43In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryWhile riding on the scaffold they came in contact with a cross-beam at the surface and were knocked off 
1882January10LoanheadLasswade, MidlothianShotts Iron CoThomasJardineBottomer18Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesStruck by a piece of stone while descending an incline. Edge seam. 
1882January13MiskKilwinningEg. Iron Co.JohnBairdBoy14Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp

From Main body of report:
The single case [of firedamp explosion] which falls to be noticed should not have happened with ordinary care and attention. The deceased, a young lad, had on the day of the accident been engaged with his father, who was a roadsman, laying rails in one of the ordinary roadways. He, the deceased, had been sent to an abandoned road for rails, which were known to be lying there, and on his way to it, he ignited with his naked light some firedamp by which he was fatally injured. The abandoned place was not fenced as required by general rule 4, and special rule 38, and if not an abandoned place it ought to have been examined by the fireman in terms of general rule 2. Under the circumstances the oversman and fireman were charged with failing to observe general rule 4, which provides that “ all entrances to any place not in actual course of working and extension shall be properly fenced. After proof before the sheriff they were convicted and fined 40s each or suffer one month's imprisonment.
1882January24EddlewoodHamilton, LanarkEddlewood Coal Co LtdJas.HarperSinker40In shafts – things falling from part way downStruck by a stone which fell from the side of shaft.Newspaper report - Hamilton pages
1882January31Bothwell CastleBothwell, LanarkWilliam Baird & CoJamesDochertyFireman40Explosion of fire dampA door at the foot of a room had been left open. When the fireman shut it the current brought the gas out on his naked light. Died 11th Feb.Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
1882February1ClackmannanClackmannanClackmannan Coal CoAlex. M.HunterBottomer49Miscellaneous in shaftsCrushed by cage, which he appeared to have allowed to descend upon him. 
1882February1GreenfieldHamilton, LanarkHamilton Coal CoDavidLeesCollier31Falls of roofAt face; stooping 
1882February1WellshotCambuslangJames DunnJohnMorrisonMiner35Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882February3BroraBrora, SutherlandJohn CroweJamesMurrayCollier19Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1882February12NitshillNitshillEg. Iron Co.SamuelKerrJoiner31In ironstone/fire clay minesCut his foot when cutting or fitting a plank on the 24th January

From Main body of report:
A joiner got his foot injured whilst cutting or fitting a plank upon a scaffold which he was in the act of erecting. The injury at the time was not considered serious, but he died from the effects therof three weeks after.
1882February15EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WilsonJohnMcClementsBrass picker20Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between two empty waggonsNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1882February17MillburnDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoGeorgeMcEwanCollier38Falls of roofOn horse road; hutches got off rails and knocked out a prop; stoop and room 
1882February24SouthhookKilmaursMerry & CunninghameJos.McCluskieMiner45In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1882February25BarbauchlawBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodJohnBrownCollier47Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1882February27ShieldsDalzeil, LanarkJames WoodJohnBullockJoiner22Miscellaneous on surfaceIn jumping into a waggon he landed on a nail, which pierced his foot; died 12th March 
1882March1NewtonCambuslangJas. Dunlop & Co.WilliamSamsonCollier38Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882March1PennyvenieDalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoWilliamNaylorCollier30Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Injured on 27th Jan 
1882March4KersePatnaMerry & CunninghameHenrySibbaldBottomer38In shaftsWas caught by the cage when removing a piece of coal from the cage seat

From Main body of report:
Happened through neglect or a misapprehension of signals, and resulted in the death of a bottomer, who was crushed by the cage while in the act of removing a piece of coal which had fallen from the “cage seat”. The engineman was charged with neglect of the special rules, he pled guilty, and was fined two pounds with the alternative of one months imprisonment.
1882March6BalbardieBathgate, LinlithgowHenry WalkerPat.TinneyCollier47Falls of sidesAt stooping while holing without sprags 
1882March6BartonshillBailliestonWm Baird & CoJohnOwensOversman36In shaftsSupposed to have got in contact with the shaft fittings while being lowered

From Main body of report:
The deceased, who was the overman, a careful and experienced official, was at the time of the accident being lowered down the shaft. When about 40 fathoms from the surface, it appears that the engineman felt a sudden jerk or vibration of the rope, and he immediately stopped the engine. Those at the bottom of the shaft suspected that some mishap had occurred, and after a time two of them climbed up the shaft, by the buntons, to the cage, where they found the deceased lying upon it severely injured; he was raised to the surface but died soon after. As to the cause of the accident, there were no marks on the guides or shaft fittings to indicate how it had taken place.
Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1882March10SpringsideKilmarnockA Kenneth & SonsHughSpenceCollier25Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof whilst engaged putting in a building 
1882March13Cleland TownheadBothwell, LanarkP & R Wyper & CoJamesMcLargBottomer51Miscellaneous in shaftsWhile lifting coals from the cage seat he allowed the cage to come down upon him. 
1882March16CampDalziel, LanarkJ Williams & CoMathiesonRennieDrawer17In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryThe cage was raised about 8 feet above the landing. While hurriedly jumping off the deceased's foot got entangled with the cage and he fell back into the shaft.Newspaper Report
1882March22HaughKilsythWm Baird & CoGeorgeShawRoadsman47Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Injured on the 13th 
1882March29WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdMich.McLeanBricklayer23Miscellaneous on surfaceA gust of wind blew down a wall and scaffold, and he was buried in the debris. 
1882March30GilmertonLiberton, MidlothianGlasgow Iron CoJohnHutchesonDookhead man45Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesFell off the carriage while descending an incline at an angle of 50 degreesNewspaper report
1882April4BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoJohnDonaldsonLabourer40Miscellaneous on surfaceFell over the scaffold while emptying a hutch of stones over screen.Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1882April11BalbardieBathgate, LinlithgowHenry WalkerPeterAndersonSinker33On surface – by machineryStruck by handle of crane which had run amain 
1882April14NappyfauldsSlamannan, StirlingA & G AndersonGeorgeGrahamEngineman--In shafts – falling from part way downFell of a ladder while descending a shaft 12 fathoms deep 
1882April15MerrytonHamilton, LanarkMerryton Coal Co.GeorgeShawBogie boy13Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFell off bogie and was run over by loaded hutches. The train had just started and it is supposed the jerk had caused him to fall off. 
1882April17UdstonHamilton, LanarkUdston Coal Co LtdSimonTaylorCollier26Falls of sidesA piece of coal burst off side while filling a hutch. At stooping. Died 3rd May 
1882April19TownhillDunfermline, FifeTownhill Coal CoWilliamAllanCollier53Falls of sidesAt face; long wall 
1882April21CrindledykeCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdDavidGrayBrusher52Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall. Died 7th May 
1882April22AuchinraithBlantyre, LanarkMerry & CunninghameJohnConellyDriver16Falls of roofOn main road; long wall 
1882April24GrougarHurlfordEg. Iron Co.JamesJonesCollier51Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal whilst engaged taking it down 
1882April29HopetounKirkliston, LinlithgowUphall Coal Co LtdDan.DouganMiner27In shale minesFall of shale while holing. Stooping 
1882 May 2 Skerrington Ayrshire   Joseph McKillop       Death not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper Report
1882May6CarronhallBothkennar, StirlingCarron CoAlexr.WilisonBrusher27Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall 
1882May9WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdJamesKerrCollier33Falls of roofAt face; long wall. Died 21st May 
1882May13GovanGlasgowW S Dixon & CoSaml.WilsonScreenman21Above groundGot crushed between railway waggons 
1882May15UdstonHamilton, LanarkUdston Coal Co LtdWilliamArchibaldManager52Explosion of fire dampThe manager holed on a place containing gas while the men were in the pitNewspaper reports - Udston 1882 page
WilliamMorrisonCollier's boy14
1882May16GlenclellandDalziel, LanarkKerr & MitchellEdwardRussellRoadsman57Falls of roofOn road while redding a fall; stoop and room 
1882May18Home FarmHamilton, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoJamesCowanCollier boy13Miscellaneous underground – by machinery undergroundCrushed by wheel at end of endless rope. The wheel was fenced and he must have gone through it. No person saw the accident. 
1882May18Lady PitGlenbuckCairntable Gas Coal CoJohnHutchisonCollier22Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1882May20HaughheadHamilton, LanarkJohn MacdonaldJamesBlackBrusher23Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall. Died 2nd June 
1882May27BlairDalryEg. Iron Co.ThomasMcAweRoadsman19In ironstone/fire clay minesFall from the side whilst engaged reddingNewspaper report
1882June1GovanGlasgowW S Dixon & CoJamesHannaBoy14Above groundWas run over by waggons whilst engaged shifting them 
1882June2WellshotCambuslangJames DunnJohnMcGorganCollier23Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1882June5NewbattleNewbattle, MidlothianMarquis of LothianAlexr.AllanCollier58Falls of roofAt face; long wallNewspaper report
1882June14KirkwoodCoatbridgeSummerlee Iron CoNeilMcMillanWaggon shifter36Above groundWas crushed between railway waggons whilst engaged coupling themNewspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1882June21GlespinDouglas, LanarkJames SwannHughRodgerCollier34Falls of sidesAt face of stooping while filling a hutch 9 feet seam 
1882June29CornsillochDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoJamesMathieCollier27Explosion of fire dampHe went into another man's place for tools. The fireman had stopped the man who worked in it until he had cleared out the gas 
1882June30BankheadGalstonEg. Iron Co.Alex.FinlayCollier27Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882July1CapringstoneDreghornBourtreehill Coal Co.Edw.DochertyCollier35Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face 
1882July1GrangemouthBothkennar, StirlingGrangemouth Coal CoJohnLaingCollier42Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1882July4DunmoreBannockburnMoyes & MurrayJamesThomsonBoy15Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882July19LambhillDollar, PerthshireD. W. AndersonPeterFraserCollier--Falls of sidesAt face; stoop and room 
1882July20BarblueNew Monkland, LanarkA & W WeirJamesTorleyCollier18Falls of roofAt face; long wallNewspaper report
1882July25Bothwell CastleBothwell, LanarkWm Baird & CoPatrickWhyteCollier15Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1882July27StependsCumnockEg. Iron Co.JohnPollockMiner37In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1882July29MaryvilleBothwell, LanarkJohn HendrieRobt.HamiltonDriver16Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFell in front of loaded train and was run over.Newspaper Report
1882August1Fence (? very poor copy)Lesmahagow, LanarkNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal CoJohnWaddellCollier37Falls of roofAt face of stone drift; long wall 
1882August4BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoPeterBuchanBrusher29Falls of roofAt face of brushing; long wall 
1882August6NewbattleNewbattle, MidlothianMarquis of LothianWm.BaxterRoadsman42Falls of roofOn main road while repairing; long wallLothian accidents
1882August12HopetounKirkliston, LinlithgowUphall Coal Co LtdThos.Hasson18  In shale minesBoiler explosion. The boiler was old and unfit for its work. It was to have been taken off in a week.

From Main body of report:
There was one boiler explosion which killed one man and injured two others. A detailed report was sent to you. Many colliery boilers are now insured at one or other of the insurance companies. I think this an excellent precaution, it insures a regular examination of the boiler and fittings by practical boiler makers, when defects are pointed out. Some of the larger iron companies have a boiler inspector of their own, who goes systematically through the boilers without the responsibility of doing the work of repairs, and acts in every way as that of an inspector of the company.
1882August13QuarterDennyWm Baird & CoJohnFagganPony driver18Miscellaneous undergroundWas run over by hutches

From Main body of report:
Happened upon the main roadway of the mine. In this particular case it was the business of the deceased to haul the coal from a given landing upon the horse road to the pit bottom. Between this landing and the pit bottom there is a declivity in this roadway, and it it the practice on approaching it to unyoke the pony and allow the load or “race” to move on uncontrolled to the foot of the incline, where the pony is again yoked and the load is drawn to the pit bottom. As to the cause of the accident, no one saw it happen, but it is conjectured that deceased was taking out a loaded race from the landing described, and when nearing the head of the incline, where the pony should have been unyoked, he in some way failed to undo the coupling, and in endeavouring to relieve the pony, got entangled with the “tail chain” by which he was thrown down in front of the “race” and partly run over by it. Some time after, probably ten minutes, when one of the workmen was passing out towards the pit bottom he found the deceased lying under the foremost hutch of the “race” dead.
1882August14CommonLugarEg. Iron Co.Wm.CaldwellMiner27In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1882August15EnterkineAyrGeo. Taylor & Co.Robt.McCrookinPony driver16Miscellaneous undergroundWas run over by hutches

From Main body of report:
Took place whilst the deceased was drawing a loaded hutch out of one of the ordinary working places. Owing to the inclination of the seam it is necessary to “snibble” the full hutches before removing them. I understand that after having attached the pony's “tail chain” to the full hutch, the hind wheels of which were over the ends of the rails, he, the deceased, was in the act of stretching round from the front of the hutch to insert a “snibble” in the hind wheel, when before he got this done the pony suddenly started to go down the road. It appears that deceased in following kept in front of the hutch for a distance of 20 yards when he tripped over a “sleeper” and fell, and the hutch was drawn over him, injuring him so severely that he died a few hours after.
1882August19BankheadSanquharMisses WighamRobertTurnerCollier25Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof Newspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1882August22NetherhouseBailliestonJohn Young & SonsAdamStevenCollier56Falls of roof & sidesFall of roofNewspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1882August23Broxburn, Hayscraig mineUphall, LinlithgowBroxburn Oil Co LtdFrancisDanksOverman48In shale minesExplosion of firedamp. Danks and Neil, without thought, went with naked lights into a place which they knew was unventilated. They all lived more than a week after the accident, and could explain how it happened.Newspaper report
1882August25DevonClackmannanAlloa Coal CoJamesCookStone miner31Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowder &c.Struck by stones from a shot which he thought had missed fire. 
1882August29MillburnDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoJamesRobertsonCollier26Falls of roofAt stooping, while drawing timberNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1882September1CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoJas.BorthwickLabourer55Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggons 
1882September8DrumsmuddenDalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoThomasMilroySinker40Miscellaneous undergroundWere precipitated from a scaffold by the kettle being lowered upon them

From Main body of report:
Happened in a shaft upwards of 400 yards deep which had just been completed. It appears that on the day of the accident the oversman and three sinkers were engaged upon a fixed scaffold near midshaft, taking out a beam of wood which had been temporarily placed there whilst the pit was being sunk. The work had been carried on safely, the kettle being lowered to, and raised from the scaffold when required till about midday, when the kettle, which was being lowered by the engineman from the surface, instead of being stopped when it reached the scaffold was unaccountably lowered with such violence that in its descent it carried away part of the scaffold, and two of the workmen who were engaged upon it were precipitated to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of 200 yards, and when reached, life was found to be extinct. The other two, who held on by what remained of the scaffold, were rescued uninjured. This accident was occasioned by neglect or want of care on the part of the engineman, in failing to stop the kettle at the fixed scaffold. He was charged with cuplable homicide and tried at Ayr by Sheriff Paterson and a jury, when he was found guilty, but recommended on account of previous good character to the leniency of the court, and the Sheriff taking into consideration the recommendation, sentenced him to one month's imprisonment.
1882September11BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoJas.SomervilleOstler59Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesRun over by a bogie 
1882September13GlenboigNew Monkland, LanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co LtdJohnMcAvoyMiner--In fire clay minesFall of side. Stoop and roomNewspaper report
1882September18CommonLugarEg. Iron Co.ThomasLockhartCollier26Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal at face 
1882September27BankheadHurlfordEg. Iron Co.ThomasFairCollier50Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882October9LargowardKilconquhar, FifeThos. Brown & SonsJamesPrydeEngineman--In shafts – falling from part way downKnocked off a platform by a pump rope 
1882October10SolesgirthKirkintillochKilsyth Coal Co.JohnFordCollier41Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882October11CraigheadBlantyre, LanarkWilliam Baird & CoAlexr.DobbinsCollier45Explosion of fire dampThe fireman in passing along a road, kindled gas lying in a hole above the air currentNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1882October13NewbattleNewbattle, MidlothianMarquis of LothianJamesReidLabourer63On surface – by machineryCage of hydraulic hoist came down on him.Newspaper report
1882October13WhitehillLasswade, MidlothianArchibald HoodJohnCoole (? very poor copy)Collier34Falls of roofAt face of stoopingNewspaper report
1882October14West GartshoreKirkintillochJ & J WallaceJohnMcGuiganAssistant pitheadman18Above groundGot jammed between a waggon and the pithead scaffoldNewspaper Report - Dunbartonshire accidents
1882October16West LongriggNew Monkland, LanarkJames GemmellRobt.MartinBottomer31In shafts – falling from part way downHe pushed a loaded hutch, and fell after it into the shaft while the cage was at the surface. There was a gate, but he had neglected it.Newspaper report
1882October18MuiravonsideMuiravonside, StirlingJas. Nimmo & Co.Thos.FraterCollier14Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesRun over by a hutch on dook. The hook at end of rope was attached to the drawbar of hutch and it slipped off. 
1882October21West BurnCambuslangR ForresterEdw.CunninghamPony driver18Miscellaneous undergroundRun over by a hutch

From Main body of report:
Happened in a similar way to the first [Aug 13 Quarter]. The deceased at the time of the accident was proceeding with a “race” of loaded hutches, five in number, on one of the main roadways. The race appeared to have been nearing a point on the roadway where the snibbles used to control it were taken out. No one witnesses the accident, and what occasioned it can only be guessed at. The sufferer when discovered was found lifeless under the second hutch; his cap and lamp lying 15 feet behind, and the first hutch of the “race” which had got disconnected was a few feet on advance, with the pony attached to it. The theory is that the deceased's light had accidentally gone out., and that whilst moving in the dark he had stumbled and fallen before the “race” in motion, and the pony advancing had drawn the first hutch over him, and the resistance which his body presented had in some way been the cause of the “race” getting disconnected.
1882October25EglintonIrvineEg. Iron Co.JohnMilloySinker28In shaftsFell out of the kettle while being lowered

From Main body of report:
Took place at a shaft in the process of being sunk. Owing to the nature of the surface a considerable width had to be cleared away before a safe foundation for the masonry could be obtained. Below this foundation the shaft was continued at a reduced size, and barred with wood in the ordinary way. I understand that the deceased was at the time of the accident being lowered by a windlass in a kettle, and when about 25 feet from the surface, he fell from it to the bottom, a distance of 6 fathoms or thereby. Though no one could state with certainty how the accident happened, it appeared to me to have been occasioned by the kettle striking against the midwall or side of the shaft where the contraction commenced.
1882October25WoodendTorphichen, LinlithgowColtness Iron Co LtdJohnArmourCollier20Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1882October27WhitehillLasswade, EdinburghArchibald HoodJohnTaitRoadsman60Falls of roofOn main road; stoop and room. Died 23rd Dec 
1882November2CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoAndrewMcGillBrusher42Falls of roofWhile repairing level road; long wallNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1882November3Enterkine No 9AyrGeo. Taylor & Co.WilliamLittleDrawer24Miscellaneous undergroundSupposed to have come in contact with a prop or the roof

From Main body of report:
Happened to a drawer, and apparently was occasioned by a want of “snibbles”. The road upon which he was drawing was at one part so steep as to require a “snibble” in each wheel of a loaded hutch. It is doubtful as to whether the necessary preparation had been taken in this case: it was stated however by a boy who was near to the deceased at the time, that he saw him insert a “snibble,”and afterwards go in front of the hutch and proceed down the road with it, but he had not gone far when he heard him cry out and his light disappeared. Two neighbouring workmen went immediately to his assistance when they found him lying with his skull fractured. It is supposed that when his light went out he had struck against the roof or a prop on the side of the road.
1882November8HopetounBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodJamesStrangFireman48In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed an empty hutch into the shaft when the cage was not there, and fell after it. He had left the gate open a few minutes before. 
1882November10GarscaddenBearsdenMerry & CunninghameJohnCurransMiner37In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1882November13ClydesideBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoMich.McGuireBrusher--Falls of roofAt face, while putting in a building; long wall 
1882November14FerniegareHamilton, LanarkArch. RussellAlexAitkenShaftsman38In shafts – falling from part way downWhile repairing the cage slides he rested his foot on a bunton which fell away with himNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1882November21BogHamilton, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoRobt.NesbitCollier20In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryFell down the pit. The rope slipped off the drum and the cage fell 30 feet.Newspaper report - Dalserf pages
1882November22Bothwell CastleBothwell, LanarkWm Baird & CoDanielMcAuleyWagon shifter15Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggon while attempting to sprag it. 
1882November22Enterkine No 10AyrGeo. Taylor & Co.JohnWilsonCollier34Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1882November23BartonshillBailliestonW Baird & CoJohnDouganCollier40Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1882December1Easter MoffatShotts, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdPeterConnachieBrusher56In ironstone minesFall of roof which he was preparing to take downNewspaper report
1882December2LimeriggSlamannan, StirlingLimerigg Coal Co LtdThomasHeapsCollier24In shafts – falling from part way downFell from a mid-working. Instead of going round the shaft he attempted to cross it with an empty hutch when the cage was not there. It was said he had opened the gate.Newspaper report
1882December6CronberryLugarEg. Iron Co.JohnCollinsDrawer15In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1882December8GartshoreKilsythW Baird & CoJohnMcDadeCollier54Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof. Injured 4th November 
1882December13NewlandsBothwell, LanarkDunn BrothersJohnMcKinlayReddsman42Miscellaneous underground- suffocation by gasesWhile taking pipes out of an old dook he ventured in amongst some choke damp and fell 
1882December20BraidhurstDalziel, LanarkGavin, Addie & SonThomasSpenceDrawer18Explosion of fire dampHe kindled gas lying in the face of the brushing 
1882December20TillicoultryTillicoultry, ClackmannanAlloa Coal CoRobt.AllanHaulageman36Falls of roofOn engine-plane, while riding on the train. Stoop and roomNewspaper Report
1882December21BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJamesClarkCollier27Falls of sidesWhile holing at stooping 
1882December21Glencrieff mineWanlockheadDuke of BuccleuchThomasRussellMiner36In metalliferous minesFall of roof 
1882December26GrougarHurlfordEg. Iron Co.Wm.HillhouseCollier21Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1882December28CommonLugarEg. Iron Co.WalterGreenshieldsEngineman42In ironstone/fire clay minesCaught by machinery whilst oiling it

From Main body of report:
An engineman employed on a night shift pumping water, whilst engaged oiling the machinery, in motion, got caught between the crosshead on the end of the piston rod and the stuffing box of the cylinder. His leg was broken. At the time no serious result was anticipated, but he died from the effects of his injury five weeks after.


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