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1884 Fatal Accidents

Notes - The information in this page is mainly compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background

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YearMonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwner or CompanyForenameSurnameOccupationAgeCategoryCause of accident and remarks Extra details
1884January3HallhillBailliestonSpringhill Coal Co.Alex.SimpsonManager65In shaftsWas jammed between the door head and the cage at pit-bottom 
1884January14ReddingPolmont, StirlingRedding Colliery CoWm.ThomsonCollier50Falls of roofOn drawing road; long wallNewspaper report
1884January15CarfinBothwell, LanarkCarfin Coal Co--------Driver15Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsFell before hutches 
1884January18BurntislandBurntisland, FifeBurntisland Oil Co LtdJas.StewartMiner--In shale minesWhile charging a shot the powder exploded at his lamp 
1884January24AuchinharvieSaltcoatsMerry & CunninghameSaml.LongriggsLabourer63Above groundFell and was injured by empty waggons 
1884January24Gartshore No 2KilsythWm. Baird & Co.TerenceCosgroveCollier48Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof whilst engaged taking down coal 
1884January26CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoJohnSimpsonRoadsman25Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesCrushed by a runaway hutch while repairing a screen on an inclineNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1884February1BenharWhitburnRobt. Addie & SonsMosesDavidsonMiner61In ironstone minesFall of roof at faceNewspaper Report
1884February4TownhillDunfermlineTownhill Coal CoJno.McIntoshCollier--Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wall 
1884February4WoodsideDalserf, LanarkWoodside Coal CoPeterMuirCollier--Falls of roofAt face; removing stoops 
1884February8WheatyfauldsBeithMerry & CunninghameStevenDallasLabourer46Above groundBy part of a chimney stalk falling upon him whilst in the act of taking it down 
1884February19RoughcraigAirdrie, LanarkRoughcraig Coal Co.Wm.KennedyCollier--Falls of roofAt face; long wallNewspaper report
1884February21LevenWemyss, FifeFife Coal Co LtdHughRossBrusher32Falls of roofWhile taking down “brushing;” long wall Newspaper report - Fife pages
1884February22Drumpeller No 4CoatbridgeDrumpeller Coal CoWm.McCavenyPumper23Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884February28RoughcraigAirdrie, LanarkRoughcraig Coal Co.JohnCarruthersManager30Explosions of fire damp See report

From Main body of report: Occurred at Roughcraig Colliery, near Airdrie, on 28th February, to the manager, by his going into a disused place for some machinery, and igniting firedamp lying there with his naked light. The place had been standing some months without any ventilation, and he knew that it had not been examined by the fireman. He was burned severely, and died a week afterwards. The accident was entirely caused by his own neglect.
Newspaper report
1884March4HopetounBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodHughBeattieCollier18Falls of roofNear face of room 
1884March6StanriggAirdrie, LanarkWm Black & SonsDavidBarrCollier--Falls of roofWhile “brushing” the road; long wallNewspaper report
1884March7Gartshore    JamesMaxwell      Death not listed in Inspectors reportNewspaper Report - Dunbartonshire accidents
1884March11EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonRobt.LattaCollier45Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowder &c.It was supposed that he lighted the squib instead of the match while firing a shot in the coalNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884March12ArnlossSlamannan, StirlingWm Wilkie--------Collier--Falls of roofAt face; long wallNamed as Thomas Anderson in Newspaper report
1884March20Burnt BroomTollcrossDunn BrothersRobertO'NeilCollier20In shaftsWhilst in the act of drawing off a loaded hutch at a low scaffold, the cage was moved upwards and the hutch falling back drew the deceased into the shaft with it. 
1884March21BogLarkhall, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoChas.BarnsCollier--Falls of roofAt face; stoop and room 
1884March29AddiewellWest Calder, EdinburghYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdJas.WallaceMiner17In shale minesFall of shale while holing 
1884March30Elgin, Derby PitDunfermline, FifeThos. Spowart & Co.And.BeveridgeOversman35Miscellaneous underground- suffocation by gases Suffocated by smoke and fumes while endeavouring to reach, by the return air course, the seat of a fire at an underground engine

From Main body of report: The accident at Elgin Colliery was also a melancholy one. It was due to the foolhardiness or ignorance of the man in charge. Something left burning at an underground engine had set fire to the wood-work, and deceased, who was an overman, and some others, were trying to extinguish the fire before the arrival of the manager. It seems to have occurred to him that if he opened a door leading into the air-course beyond the engine-house that a greater current of air would pass, and, failing to reach it from where they stood, he and other two went to the shaft, and passed along the return air-course to it. When they reached the door and opened it the smoke overpowered them, and they died before assistance was got. When the manager arrived, about two hours afterwards, the fire, which was of trifling importance, was put out, and a search made for their bodies, which were found at various points on the road. It is seldom that so much ignorance is displayed by an overman.
Newspaper report
1884March31CornsillochDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoJas.GallowayScreen boy14Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between the buffers of two waggonsNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1884April4DrumpellerCoatbridgeSummerlee Iron CoJohnRoseCollier50Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1884April8Cults LimestoneLadybank, FifeJames MartinJohnDownieMiner--In metalliferous minesFall of limestone 
1884April8GreenfieldHamilton, LanarkArchd. RussellPeterDownieRoadsman28Falls of roofWhile repairing main road; stoop and roomNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884April9MillAirdrie, LanarkJohn Robertson & SonJohnMcGintyCollier32Explosions of fire damp See report

From Main body of report: Occurred at Mill Colliery Airdrie, on 9th April. In this accident the deceased, a miner, and his neighbour, went to begin work in a new place which had not been examined by the fireman, and found gas in it, which kindled at their naked lights and burned them. They had been told by the fireman that the place was all right. The accident was thus caused by his direct violation of the general and special rules. The fireman was charged and convicted for infringing the 35th Special Rule.
1884April12CadzowHamilton, LanarkCadzow Coal Co LtdHenryEdgarCollier40Falls of roofAt face; removing stoopsNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884April28Blair No 9DalryEglinton Iron CoWm.CouplesFireman55Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp, injured on the 21st, died on the 28th

From Main body of report: Happened to a fireman who encountered some gas whilst making his ordinary round of inspection previous to admitting the workmen employed on the “day” shift. He being alone at the time, no one can say definitely how the accident was produced, but after the explosion both the safety lamp and open lamp of the deceased were found near to the place where the explosion happened, the former being uninjured. The inference is that the deceased was carrying his naked light, and meeting firedamp unexpectedly it was ignited.
1884April29MuirbeathDunfermline, FifeDunfermline Coal Co----RussellPitheadman--Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesCrushed between hutch and roof while riding up an inclineSee Newspaper Report - actually John Russell
1884May1CardendenLochgelly, FifeJas Goodall and SonsJas.CampbellCollier57Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wall 
1884May2Sundrum No 3AyrGeo. Taylor & Co.Wm.DykesEngineer25Above groundCrushed by a log of wood falling upon him whilst disloading machinery 
1884May3West DrumgrayAirdrie, LanarkJohn Young & SonsPat.CarrolBrusher49Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowder &c.He had cut the patent squib to make it quicker, and the shot went off while he was passing below the “brushing” to get out of harms way.Newspaper report
1884May5BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdWm.RedmanDrawer17Falls of roofOn road near face; long wall 
1884May5EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonHughMcCartneyCollier21Falls of sidesWhile removing stoops; head coalNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884May5MilnwoodBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdPat.DuffyWaggon shifter56Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed by waggonsNewspaper report- Bothwell pages
1884May6FenceLesmahagow, LanarkNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal CoWilliamWattDrawer14Sundries undergroundStruck on the head by the lever of a signal-wire 
1884May6Heathery KnoweBailliestonJ. McNaughton & SonEdwd.MaloneyCollier17Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal and roof 
1884May15MauricewoodPenicuik, EdinburghShotts Iron CoWm.PorteousFireman43In ironstone minesRun over by carriage on mine 
1884May16GlengarnockKilbirnieMerry & CunninghameRobertCrabbeLabourer54In shaftsFell into a sinking pit 35 feet deep 
1884May21LinriggHolytown, LanarkLinrigg Coal Co LtdRobt.AddieCollier34Falls of roofAt face; long wall. He was taking down coal which had been “holed” by coal-cutting machineNewspaper report
1884May22CollyshotCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdArchd.McAllisterCollier18Falls of sidesWhile holing; stoop and roomNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1884May24Niddrie No 7 minePortobello, EdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co Ltd--------  --Miscellaneous underground- suffocation by gases Suffocated by smoke from an underground fire

From Main body of report: A singular accident, involving the death of seven persons, occurred at Niddrie. About 5 o'clock in the morning, while eight men were descending No 7 mine, one of them saw some signs of burning, as if the friction of the dry rods had set the wood on fire. On reaching the landing he mentioned this to the man on the same side of the cage, who had also noticed it. None of the others had observed it, but it was decided that he ought to ascend and acquaint the officials while they would go to their working places. He at once ascended, but although only ten minutes had elapsed it was with difficulty that he passed through the flames, and when the officials tried to go from the surface to the burning they could not reach the place at all. No 7 mine is the downcast, and so it was that the smoke from the fire was carried downward, and passed some miners on its way to the upcast. Whenever they felt the smoke most of them escaped by No 12, which is within 20 yards, but 16 of them were not so fortunate. These ascended to the rise workings, which they thought were cooler, and after making one or two ineffectual efforts to get out, they went back about 22 yards from the shaft, and remained there with their lights burning for about 10 hours, unfortunately without making further effort to escape. When they were reached at the end of the 10 hours it was found that seven of them had succumbed to the effects of the smoke and stythe. It turned out, as might have been expected, that the smoke had not gone into the workings for more than an hour, because, after the fire in No. 7 mine had been burning some time, that mine became an upcast, and no more smoke reached the imprisoned men. Had they persevered in their attempts to reach the shaft I think it is highly probable that they would all have escaped.
NB The men are not named in the Inspector report but they were: William Hamilton, George Hill, David Kerr, John Middleton, Neil Paton, Michael Scanlan, and David Smith - Newspaper report - Niddrie page
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1884May26BarbauchlawBathgateJames WoodWm,ForresterCollier40Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wall 
1884May27BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJosephLoudenBrusher25Falls of roofWhile putting in a building; long wallNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1884May27Pennyvenie No1DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoIsaacMcLachlawCollier55Falls of roof & sidesFall of roofNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1884May28BurnbankGalstonBoyd, Gilmour & Co.JohnLaurieCollier33Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1884May29PumpherstonUphall, LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdJohnMcCormackMiner32In shale minesBy runaway hutches 
1884May30Gateside No 2CambuslangFlemington Coal CoWm.JamiesonCollier21Miscellaneous undergroundWas struck by a runaway hutchNewspaper Report - Blantyre pages
1884May31BlackhillBishopbriggsSummerlee Iron CoAlex.MullenMiner30Miscellaneous undergroundWhilst charging a shot by the powder exploding 
1884June2InkermanPaisleyWalkinshaw Oil CoJamesFrameMiner26Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884June5AitkenheadMount FloridaG. Crookston & SonHenryKerrEngineman57Above groundGot entangled with the fan whilst in motion 
1884June7MotherwellHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonJas.WalkerCollier35Falls of roofAt face; stoop and room 
1884June16GlenbuckMuirkirkGlenbuck Coal Co.ThomasHaughEngineman21Above groundGot entangled with pumping machineryNewspaper Report - Muirkirk pages
1884June16PumpherstonUphall, LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdAlex.InnesMiner28In shale minesExplosion of a shot which he thought had missed fire 
1884June18EldinBonnyrigg, EdinburghEldin Colliery CoJas.McLeanFireman20Miscellaneous on surfaceScalded by steam. A steam pipe burst in engine-house 
1884June19ShawfieldCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonThosDudgeonCollier40Falls of sidesWhile removing stoops 
1884June19WestfieldLochgelly, FifeWestfield Oil Co LtdWm.YoungMiner50In shale minesFall of roof NB Actually William Young, 46 and Alexander Young, 18 - Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1884June20AlloaAlloaAlloa Coal CoAnd.SneddonCollier31Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1884June20MauricewoodPenicuik, EdinburghShotts Iron CoPat.SheaPitheadman45In ironstone minesCrushed by haulage machinery on surface 
1884June21PolkemmetHarthillColtness Iron CoWm.ElliotMiner45In ironstone minesFall of stone at face while redding a road through waste 
1884June25BurntislandBurntisland, FifeBurntisland Oil Co LtdSam.LaffertyMiner--In shale minesExplosion of a shot which he thought had missed fire 
1884June26BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoJas.DochertyForeman brusher50Falls of roofAt face; while taking down “brushing” Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1884July3CleughCarnwath, LanarkWm. Darling's TrusteesThos.RussellCollier37Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1884July4WalkinshawPaisleyWalkinshaw Oil CoWm.StephenMiner34In shaftsFell down the shaft, by the crane by which he was being lowered getting out of gear. 
1884July10BredisholmBothwell, LanarkProvanhall Coal CoBernardO'NeilBrusher25Explosions of fire damp See report

From Main body of report: Took place at No 1 Pit, Bredisholm, on 10th July, by the deceased, a brusher, taking down a hurdle screen in order to prepare a shot in the brushing. He and his neighbour continued to work with the screen down for half an hour, and during this time gas accumulated from a feeder and kindled at their naked lights.
1884July11BalornockBishopbriggsJas. Dunlop & Co.JamesGordonMiner33Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp, injured on the 7th

From Main body of report: Took place during a night shift to two miners or jobbing contractors. It appears that they had for some time prior to the accident been driving a stone mine for the purpose of reaching the ironstone beyond a dislocation, but for four days previous to the explosion, the mine was stopped to admit of some mason work required for ventilating purposes, and during these days they had been engaged making repairs upon one of the main roads. On the morning of the accident, and shortly after commencing work, it is reported that they had gone into the stone mine referred to with an open light, for the purpose of obtaining some picks or other tools which they had left in it, when some firedamp which had collected, probably through a displacement of “brattice” was ignited; they were both burned, and one of them died three days after the accident.
1884July14Bankhead, No 2HurlfordEglinton Iron CoJamesBarlasPony driver15Falls of roof & sidesWas run over by hutches 
1884July14Loudon, No 1HurlfordEglinton Iron CoJamesBrownCollier42Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal at face 
1884July16ArnistonNewbattle, EdinburghArniston Coal Co LtdPat.RaffertyCollier40Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wall 
1884July17EarnockHamilton, LanarkJohn WatsonTerranceMurrayCollier36Falls of roofAt face; while removing stoopsNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884July25BarbluesAirdrie, LanarkA & G AndersonBerd.McFauldsSinker45In shafts – ropes and chains breakingRope broke at hose while he was ascending. It was an old rope, put on the day before

From Main body of report: A sinker was killed by a rope breaking. He was ascending the pit on a kettle and just a s he was about to step off, the rope broke, and he fell to the bottom, about 28 fathoms, and was killed. The rope had been at work at another pit, and then laid aside for some months. It was put on this pit the previous evening. On examination after the accident, it was found that nearly all the wires had been rusted through at the neck of the hose or coupling. It appeared to have been put on without being properly examined. It is very bad policy to put an old rope on a sinking pit, or indeed on any pit where men's lives are at stake, but in all cases the hose should be cut off and riveted on anew.
1884July30Bartonshill No 1CoatbridgeWm. Baird & Co.JohnMcVeyCollier19Miscellaneous undergroundFall of roof 
1884August2Barrwood No 2KilsythWm. Baird & Co.Andw.DuncanCollier26Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884August5MillburnDalserf, LanarkCornsilloch Coal CoJohnReidCollier--Falls of roofAt face; while removing stoops 
1884August11CallendarFalkirk, StirlingCallendar Coal CoWm.ReidCollier26Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1884August15Poniel LimestoneLesmahagow, LanarkJno. Hamilton & CoSamMurrayMiner60In metalliferous minesFall of limestone while holing 
1884August19LongriggNew Monkland, LanarkJas. Nimmo & Co.DavidTroupTrimmer18Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggon while shifting it at screens 
1884August20MiskKilwinningEglinton Iron CoJohnMurdochCollier35Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof; injured on 5th, died on 20th 
1884August20SwinhillDalserf, LanarkGeorge MillerRichd.PollardCollier--Falls of roofWhile setting props; stoop and roomNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1884August22AllanshawHamilton, LanarkAllanshaw Coal CoRobt.McGuireRoadsman27Falls of roofWhile preparing a new “lift” at the pillar workingNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884August23Airdrie HouseAirdrie, LanarkAirdrie Coal Co.Wm.KinlochCollier36Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wallNewspaper report
1884August28GilbertfieldCambuslangCambuslang Coal CoDavidDuncanBoy15In shaftsFell of the cage at surface into shaft 
1884August30DaldowieBroomhouseDunn BrothersPat.McCabeCollier40Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at face whilst in the act of taking out a prop 
1884September5LawCarluke, LanarkJohn WilsonAndrewGibbCollier18Falls of sidesWhile removing stoopsNewspaper Report
1884September6Douglas No 2PaisleyWalkinshaw Oil CoIsaacGoodwinMiner56Explosion of fire dampExplosion of firedamp, injured 29th Aug.

From Main body of report: Occurred in a limited section of work during the ordinary shift by some partial derangement of the ventilation, caused by a fall of roof and the breakage of a trap door. This led to a cessation of work, and while information was being sent to the oversman some one had partially repaired the door, the result of which was to restore the air current along the “face,” and to dislodge some firedamp which had collected during the time the door was deranged, and carrying it forward to where the open lights were exposed an explosion was produced, by which the deceased was injured, and he died from the effects of it a week after.
1884September11Garrion GillWishaw, LanarkColtness Iron CoRich.McLeanCollier44Falls of sidesWhile holing; long wallNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1884September12Home FarmHamilton, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoJohnNeilsonStone-picker14Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by waggon which he was attempting to stop by snibblingNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884September13KirkwoodCoatbridgeSummerlee Iron CoLewisDavidsonPitheadman45Above groundWas jammed between two loaded waggons whilst in the act of shifting them 
1884September19Newton No 2CambuslangJas. Dunlop & Co.JamesMurphyBrusher32Falls of roof & sidesFall of stone whilst engaged taking it down 
1884September20RochsolesAirdrie, LanarkJohn A. McCallumChas.FerrieDrawer--Falls of roofWhile “brushing”; long wall 
1884October2StonecraigsCambusnethan, LanarkColtness Iron Co LtdDavidBairdCollier15In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryCrushed by cage at door-heads while stepping on to ascend. Confusion as to signals 
1884October2ThankertonBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdPeterMullenBrusher31Miscellaneous underground – explosions of gunpowder &c.Struck by a stone from a shot while running away from it. 
1884October3GreenfieldHamilton, LanarkArchd. RussellAlexJenkinsCollier22Falls of sidesWhile removing stoops; head coalNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884October5Tannochside    AndrewMcGeoch       Death not listed in Inspectors reportSee entry under 24 October 1884
1884October7AllanshawHamilton, LanarkAllanshaw Coal CoNeilReillyCollier33Falls of sidesWhile removing stoops; head coalNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884October7PrestonlinksPrestonpans, HaddingtonJ & C GrieveJas.MeekCollier--Falls of sidesWhile taking down head coal 
1884October8BallochmyleAuchinleckWm. WalkerDavidSmithPony driver14Miscellaneous undergroundFell before the race of hutches he was removing 
1884October15KamesMuirkirkEglinton Iron CoThomasLindsayCollier36Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884October16BlantyreBlantyre, LanarkWm Dixon LtdJas.BellDriver16Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsRun over by loaded hutches 
1884October24DevonAlloaAlloa Coal CoWalterRobertsonBottomer33Miscellaneous in shaftsCrushed by cage while drawing off the second hutch after signalling for the ascent of men, and before getting the return signal. 
1884October24TannochsideBothwell, LanarkMonkland Iron Co LtdAnd.McGeochHanger-on52Miscellaneous underground – on inclined planesStruck by a runaway hutch at the bottom of a self-acting incline

Newspaper report- Bothwell pages

NB Date wrong - accident occured on 5 October

1884October28CowdenbeathBeath, FifeCowdenbeath Coal CoWm.MiollisonLoco. Shunter16Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by locomotive; it was supposed he was blown off by a gust of wind 
1884October29Ayr CollieryAyrGeo. Taylor & Co.JohnO'HaraCollier56Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1884October31BogHamilton, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoThos.BullochWaggon shifter14Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between waggon and ladder at screens 
1884October31Grougar No 4HurlfordEglinton Iron CoJohnScottCollier20Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal and roofNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1884November1MeadowheadDalzell, LanarkGlasgow Iron CoAdamJacksonCollier13Miscellaneous underground – by tubs and tramsOverpowered by an empty hutch which he was taking into his father's working place 
1884November8QuarterHamilton, LanarkColin Dunlop & Co.JohnKeithLabourer36Miscellaneous on surfaceSuffocated by falling into a hutch of manure which he was emptyingNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1884November8WilsontownCarnwath, LanarkWm Dixon LtdRobt.MoffatCollier30Falls of roofAt face; long wall 
1884November11GlenboigGlenboig, LanarkGlenboig Union Fireclay Co LtdJohnMcCourtMiner--In fire clay minesFall of roof 
1884November13Grange No 2KilmarnockGrange Coal Co.CharlesWeirCollier27Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof at faceNewspaper report - Ayrshire pages
1884November15DrumpellerCoatbridgeDrumpeller Coal CoSaml.SavageCollier21Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884November15EnterkineAyrGeo. Taylor & Co.HughWatsonBottomer28In shaftsWas struck by a piece of coal which fell of a hutch at the surface 
1884November18BogHamilton, LanarkHamilton McCulloch & CoWm.MoffatCollier26Falls of roofAt face; while starting a “lift” at stoopsNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1884November22NewlistonLinlithgowYoung's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co LtdSam.StirlingMiner25In shale minesFall of roof at face 
1884November25Barrwood No 2AyrW. Baird & Co.JohnDailyBrusher23Falls of roof & sidesFall of roof 
1884November25PumpherstonUphall, LinlithgowPumpherston Oil Co LtdThos.NicollRoadsman57In shale minesA stone fell from the roof, rolled down the incline, and struck him 
1884December1DysartDysart, FifeEarl of RosslynH.CunninghamCollier22Falls of sidesWhile filling a tub beneath head coal already “shorn” and unsafe; stoop and roomNewspaper report
Name on Frances Colliery Memorial but wrongly given as William not Henry Cunningham
1884December4MuirbeathDunfermline, FifeDunfermline Coal CoJamesStobiePitheadman50In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceHe pushed a bogie, with an empty kettle upon it, into the shaft and fell after it, forgetting that he had left the shaft openNewspaper report
1884December10BalgonieMarkinch, FifeChas. B. BalfourMich.HollandSinker33In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryFell out of “kettle” while ascending 
1884December11DunmoreBannockburnPeter MurrayWm.JohnstoneCollier45Falls of roof & sidesFall of coal 
1884December11Niddrie, Drum Engine PitPortobello, EdinburghNiddrie & Benhar Coal Co LtdThos.RussellMiner30Miscellaneous underground- suffocation by gasesWhile descending in a kettle they were overpowered with choke damp and fell outFrom Main body of report: Another accident at Niddrie led to the suffocation of two men. An old pit had been cleared out some weeks before, and a great deal of choke-damp came from the old workings; There was a brattice put in the shaft, and it required 60 revolutions of the fan to keep the pit clear of choke-damp. The two men had come up for their supper, and had remained there for an hour. During this time the engineman had neglected to keep up the speed of the ventilating fan, for when they descended they were overpowered with the choke-damp, and both died. I made some experiments with the fan afterwards. At 60 revolutions the air was good. At 30 revolutions in three minutes a light was put out at the bottom of the shaft. The fan was continued at this speed for other 12 minutes and the choke-damp had accumulated so that it put out a light 15 feet up the shaft. The fan was stopped for 12 minutes, and a lamp was extinguished 12 feet higher up the shaft. Newspaper report [NB Name is actually Thomas Ross]
1884December17Cadder No 15BishopbriggsCarron Iron CoPeterMcCannMiner55Falls of roof & sidesFall of ironstone 
1884December21BlairhallEastgrangeColtness Iron CoJohnHanlonDrawer17In ironstone minesJammed by back balance on incline, the rope having broken while he was bringing a loaded tub down 
1884December23AshgillDalserf, LanarkBrand & Co--------Fireman--Miscellaneous underground- suffocation by gasesSuffocated by the fumes of an underground fire while making the morning inspection of the workingsActually Archibald Wood - not named in report. Newspaper report - Dalserf pages
1884December23LeavenseatWest Calder, EdinburghJ & T ThorntonJohnCullenMiner52In shale minesFall of shale at face 
1884December30Bothwell CastleBothwell, LanarkWm Baird & CoJas.ScullionRoadsman--Falls of roofOn main road, while repairing roof 
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