Old Monkland Area Housing

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Rosehall Colliery Rows, Whifflet

These rows are the property of Addie & Company, coalmasters. They are a wilderness of single- and double-(mostly single-) roomed houses. They cannot be described justly, and to do so unjustly would flatter the owners. They consist of four long parallel rows of single-storey hovels; most of them have not even rhones to carry the rain from the roofs. Rain-water simply runs down the roof and then runs down the walls, or falls off as chance or the wind decides. There are no coal-cellars; coals are kept below the beds. There are no washhouses. Water is supplied from stands in the alleys. The closet accommodation is hideous. A number of these hovels are built back to back. Rents for single apartment, 3s. 9d. per fortnight, deducted at the office of the colliery. The whole place is an eyesore, and positively disgraceful. Surely the Commission can find time to see this place. [Evidence presented to Royal Commission, 25th March 1914]

4 March 1924
Rosehall Clearance Scheme - In connection with the Rosehall clearance scheme, the Board of Health have informed the Coatbridge Town Council that the 200 new houses to be erected must be in accordance with the housing standard, as recently decreed. To meet the wishes of the working-class clement, the Coatbridge Town Council prepared plans with bed recess accommodation to bring the houses within the reach of people with large families and whose circumstances would not permit the renting of three-apartment houses. The Coatbridge request will now be brought to the notice of Mr Wheatley, M.P. [Scotsman 4 March 1924]

M'Farlane's Land and M'Innes' Land, Baillieston

These premises were inspected by the Medical Officer and found to have many sanitary defects. The Sanitary Inspector is at present negotiating with the owners. [1907 Annual Report of the County & District Medical Officer]

Tenement property in Baillieston, known as M'Farlane's Land, and another known as M'Innes Land, where the sanitary conveniences were objectionable, are still subjects of negotiation by the Sanitary Inspector. [1908 Annual Report of the County & District Medical Officer]

The tenement properties in Baillieston, known as M'Farlane's Land and M'Innes' Land, which were referred to in last year's report as having objectionable sanitary conveniences, are still the subject of negotiation. [1909 Annual Report of the County & District Medical Officer]


Colliers Houses
The Messrs Bairds of Gartsherrie are erecting workmens houses of a better kind - They consist each of three distinct apartments viz, a large kitchen ,a small bedroom, and a scullery. There are two beds in each house - one in the room and one in the kitchen; the one in the kitchen is so judiciously placed as to be almost concealed, and still to have all the advantages from ventilation which the kitchen gives. There are two fireplaces - one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom; and the water for family use is to be introduced into the scullery. There is a fine free open space before the door; and there are in front, at convenient distances, erected neat and substantial dungsteads and privies, with a very neat and serviceable gutter running along the whole distance, which may, with ease, be kept clean and tidy. Altogether the arrangement is far in advance of anything we have seen under similar circumstances, that we have been induced thus to mention it, so that others may go and do likewise. We learn from an occupant that the rent is only 8s. per month. [Hamilton Advertiser January 31 1857]

Erection of Miners Houses at Baillieston - With a view to accommodate the miners employed at Kenmuirhill Colliery, Baillieston. which is at present being opened up, and owned by Dunn Bros., the Company has resolved to erect 100 miners' houses, contiguous to the Carmyle Road, near to the works. The colliery, when fully developed, is expected to have a daily output of 1500 tons' of coal, and will shortly give work to hundreds of more miners. The houses will consist of two apartments, with all the latest appliances so far as excellent sanitary arrangements and accommodation are requisite. Mr Gibb. builder, Coatbridge, has secured the contract. The same contractor has recently finished a two-storied block of houses at Mount Vernon for under managers and other officials at Kenmuirhill Colliery. The foundation of new houses is nearly completed. [Dundee Courier 27 May 1897]

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