Robroyston Colliery 28 March 1924

5 men died as a result of a cage accident

  • Kazimiras Yutinskis, coalminer, single, age 39, 3 Canning Street, Glasgow, died on 28 March 1924
  • Francis McGeoch, coal miner, married age 35, Dunn's Land, Millerston, died on 28 March 1924 (dead on arrival at Royal Infirmary)
  • Robert Woolley, electric motor attendant, single, age 18, Hamilton's Land, Millerston, died on 31 March 1924 at Royal Infirmary
  • Francis Henry, coal miner, married, age 38, Mossview Cottage, Station Road, Garnkirk, died on 3 April 1924
  • Antanas Stuksis, coalminer, married, age 39, 64 Rose Street, South, Glasgow

Newspaper Reports

Glasgow Pit Accident - 2 Men Killed; 13 Injured
An alarming accident took place last night at Robroyston. Colliery, near Glasgow, belonging to John Watson (Ltd.) One man. a Pole was killed and 13 other miners were injured, more or less seriously. One of the injured died on the way to the infirmary. The accident occurred about 10.15, when the men on the back shift were coming off work.

Miners who were at the pithead at the time of the accident, in conversation with a representative of The Scotsman stated that the mishap took place in the pit shaft when several miner's were being raised to the surface and others were descending.

Eight men, including the Pole, were in the ascending cage, while in the other were six men who were descending to take up work for the night.

Something went wrong and the ascending cage was seen to rush up into the heavy beams at the pithead, while the other cage crashed with great force to the bottom. The occupants of both cages were injured.

Five ambulance waggons were quickly on the scene, and the commotion attracted a deal of attention. Soon after large crowds of people were flocking to the pithead.

After the arrival of one of the ambulance waggons it was found that Francis M'Geoch. who resided at Dunn's Land, Millerston, had expired, This makes two deaths.

Names of Injured

  • Thomas Gormley, Riddrie Terrace, Riddrie
  • Frank Hendry, address unknown.
  • Bennet Gorman, a Pole, 122 Main Street, Bridgeton
  • Anthony Stuksis, a Pole, 64 Rose Street, South Side, Glasgow.
  • Joseph Meikelaites, a Pole, 69 Adelphi Street, South Side, Glasgow
  • Joseph Kerr, care of Adams, 199 Reidvale Street.
  • Edward Mellon, address unknown.'
  • Jeffrey Johnston, 8 Mark Street, Shettleston
  • William Harrow, address unknown
  • Edward Millar, 3 Reid Street, Springburn
  • William M'Ginnis, address unknown
  • William Chalmers, 618 Gallowgate
  • William Kelly, 26 Provanhill Street

[Scotsman 29 March 1924]


Pit Cage Accident - Due to Overwinding
It is now stated that the serious accident at the Robroyston Colliery of Messrs John Watson (Ltd.) on Friday night was due to overwinding. The latest information is that 14 men were involved, two of whom - a Pole named Kazi Jutinski, and Francis M'Geoch - succumbed shortly afterwards, while the 12 others were seriously injured.

The injured men were distributed in the ascending and descending cages, which are operated by the one machine. Eight men, who completed the back shift, were corning to the surface, and the six others were being lowered to take up work with the night shift. Instead of stopping at the surface the ascending cage rushed on upwards, crashing into the heavy beams where the winding rope is carried. The other cage fell with great force into the sump at the bottom of tile shaft.

The men coming up were badly jerked when the cage struck the woodwork, and also when it fell back on to the safety device, which prevented it from rushing back down the shaft. These men suffered mainly from injuries to the upper parts of the body, and the Pole, who was of their number, was badly crushed about the head and chest. As the cage remained suspended about 15 to 20 feet from the ground, the miners, who were standing at the pithead preparatory to going down, had to requisition a ladder to reach the unfortunate victims, and they had great difficulty in releasing them, A party of miners went down the upcast shaft to rescue the men at the bottom of the down-cast shaft, and found them suffering from leg injuries and hurts to the lower part of the body.

About thirty minutes after the accident five ambulance wagons, under the direction of Mr Henderson, assistant secretary of the St Andrew's Association, had the thirteen men conveyed to the Royal Infirmary, more than three miles distant. It was found, on arrival, that M'Geoch had expired.

On inquiry at the Infirmary during the weekend it was learned that the condition of the majority of the men was still serious. Woolley, who was one of the worst cases, was stated to be in a critical condition.

On inquiry at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, late last night it was ascertained that the condition of Woolley was still critical, but that the other injured men were progressing as well as could be expected. [Scotsman 31 March 1924]

Robroyston Pit Mishap - a Third Death
Another death has taken place - bringing the total death roll up to three - in connection with the winding accident which occurred on Friday night at Robroyston Colliery, near Glasgow. Robert Woolley (18), who resided at Hamilton Land, Millerston, and whose condition all along was reported as critical, succumbed to his injuries in the Royal Infirmary Glasgow, during the early hours of yesterday morning. There are still eleven of the injured in the infirmary, some of whom are stated to be very ill, while others continue to show satisfactory progress towards recovery. [Scotsman 1 April 1924]

Robroyston Pit Accident - Fifth Death - As a result of the accident at Robroyston Colliery a week ago, Antonio Stuksis, 64 Rose Street, Glasgow, South Side, died in the Royal Infirmary on Saturday. This is the fifth death in connection with the accident. [Scotsman 7 April 1924]

Robroyston Pit Disaster - Engineman Arrested
A sensational development took place yesterday in. connection, with the Robroyston Colliery disaster, a winding engineman, named Alfred Gillespie, having been arrested on a Sheriff's warrant at his home in Springburn, Glasgow. The arrest was carried out by the Lanarkshire Police. The prisoner was conveyed to the County Buildings, and in the course of the forenoon he appeared before Sheriff Lyell in the Summary Court on petition. The charge is one of culpable homicide. There was no declaration, and bail was fixed at £50, So far there have been five deaths, and nine persons injured, as a result of the accident, which occurred on 28th March. [Scotsman 8 April 1924]